Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 10

Some huge scores over the weekend, but unfortunately there were also a few ‘premiums’ who appear to be graduates of the Menadue University (majoring in sub 50 scores), resulting in coaches considering culling them before rookies! Good old fashioned rage trades are alive and well!

Most common rages:

Fantasia out- Fair call as well. Just because the guy has had a role change, doesn’t mean the ball has changed shape. Can’t get his hands on it as a forward, has to go.

Save change (And cry tears of happiness)

Stef Martin out- With cash so hard to come by and Currie scoring well on the pine, many are considering a downgrade here. Flirting with danger in my opinion, but does have merit if West is picked again.

Wait until Thurs

Max out- This is why I traded him out the first time! His good is outstanding, his bad makes me feel sick! No one fears the beard anymore… Except Trengove, who Max will absolutely demolish this week.

Reverse trade

Selwood– Another sub par score, and against the Pies of all teams?! Stick with him though.

Reverse Trade

Mitchell– Another bad game from Sammy, but let’s face it, he has been scoring way overs up until then. I would think most teams have bigger concerns and he won’t be tagged that well every week.

Reverse Trade

Mills– Quite a disappointment, only going up 82K, but at least he has been playing each week. Bled cash last week, seeya Cal

Save change

Cash generation is difficult at the moment, so here is a cheap name to look at… risky maybe, but its  a name that has scored ok in the past. I would prefer to look at a decent name and profile picture rather than the likes of Menadue and Fantasia for another week.

Chad Wingard (FWD, $350,000) Wow, I didn’t see that one coming! The expectations of Wingard dropped as quickly as they did for the top 4 projected Power at the start of the season. After averaging 90 last season, with an incredible level of consistency , Chad has had a shocker, managing  just 66 (career second worse) causing a $145K price drop which is the 4th largest of any player.  On the weekend he scored 98 from 20 touches, 5 marks and 3 goals which was his second best of the season. He has a break even of 59 and is an interesting prospect, given he is a gun at his best. Huge risk, nice name but you would have to be desperate.

You Shaw it’s too late?

Heath Shaw (DEF, $614,000) is the fourth most popular player in the competition and if you are one of the poor coaches that don’t own him… I am not sure how you get to a price tag like that without doing silly things to your team. Although we all know the numbers, I will just rub them in. Shaw is averaging 137 in his last five games and is coming off a whopping 176 against the Giants. Old ‘Headache Heath’ is only a headache for non owners. He has a break-even of 65, so is only getting more expensive.

In Form:

As mentioned last week, Stephen Coniglio (MID, $570,000) and Bryce Gibbs (MID, $573,000) both got it done again with scores of 136 and 106 respectively, but today I am chasing form and draw with Lachie Neale (MID, $585,000). We all know he plays even better than usual without Nat Fyfe, as his five game average of 120 justifies, so when you consider he is coming off a season high 149, an upcoming draw of Saints, Bombers, Lions, Power and the Pies could possibly have him ranked number one over this period leading into the byes.

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Left Field:

Scott Lycett (FWD/RUC, $456,000) is having a massive breakout year, averaging 105 after his last three and carrying a break even of just 45 on the back of a massive 136 against the Power. In the last six weeks he has dropped under 90 on just one occasion with 85 and if you like instant reward, he plays the Suns at Domain this week.

Overdue, not Menadue

Long overdue recognition for Seb Ross (MID,$532,000) after pumping out 137 on the weekend which was his 3rd score of 125+ in the last five weeks. If you are one of the 3% of coaches that own him, well done as he is now priced $138K above his initial asking price. He looks set to continue his good form with games against the Dockers, Crows and Blues.

Twitter Time:

Yep, lock it in! BE of 53, 3 tons on the run and a game against the Pies! Slight buyer beware is a possible Greenwood tag.

Looks good getting a run in the mids. Will likely move back once Griffen comes back in, but if you can upgrade a rookie to him, its worth the risk.

Beast Mode Mathieson

Both great options, but Doc

Vince is less likely for a ‘late out’ rest

I think he will play this week mate

Good trades

Certainly under-priced based on potential. More expensive, but also under-priced is Jack Steven and I wouldn’t hesitate bringing him in.

Jeppa is the Pro, but rook options are scarce at the moment and Paine should hang around for his 50s.

Cheers, Discuss your trade ideas in the comments!




  • Hi Roy, I have to say that I think your article is great however I was wondering why Aaron Young wasn’t offered as a possible trading target. He has a 1 round average of 124, the 12th highest out of all players. Surely, as he is priced at only $345,000, he is a viable trading in option. Because if he isn’t I don’t know who is.

    • Its Aaron Young. He will get 40 next week

    • wouldn’t you prefer to keep him unique so just you reap the rewards?

      • Mate I want to help other rookies learn how to play the game

      • And I just want to see Aaron get the recognition he deserves. He has tried incredible hard to make it as an AFL footballer and a successful one but the people on this site refuse to see him as genuine player for our DT

    • Look mate I don’t know who you think you are but you are 100% full of absolute crap. Roy knows exactly what he is talking about, seeing that he is probably 100,000 rankings higher than you champ so pipe the fk down. You can sit there in your little fairy land singing praise to absolute fruit loops like Aaron Young. But seriously this is a website and comment feed for people who actually have the smallest idea of what they’re are doing with their respective fantasy teams and might actually score over 1800. No one here wants to listen to a 12 year old like you talk smack to Roy and rant on about absolute rubbish players who you happen to own like Young. And seeing that Aaron has only tonned once in his 5 year career and who heading into round 9 had a very dismal average of just 66 he is completely irrelevant and it is probably a good thing he is only owned by 4% of teams. So can you plz stop raving on about all the absolute duds you have because you right now are waisting mine and everyone elses time. Good luck to you for what will be a very woeful season coming up and I hope you reach your goal of scoring 1900 so you can tell all your little buddies at primary school.


      • Look “mate”. I’m sorry for voicing my opinion (which is similar to what you’ve just done). At NO POINT have I insulted Roy. But you have insulted me. And to be honest what you said is morally and ethically wrong. So before you go bagging people without any proper context I would think long and hard about what your going to write. So if you don’t mind I’m going to go back to using this amazing sight as a positive participant who often asks advice and gives some. I advise you do so too.
        Thank You

      • leave the kid alone! he goes to school with my 9 year old son and he can believe what he wants to believe its good for everyone to have dreams! you bully pick your on someone your own size

    • look here “aaron young” don’t know who you think you are, but your certainly not the real aaron young, Do you not understand that identity thief is a crime, I’m reporting this and hopefully it gets followed up, you bloody teenagers and your foolish jokes these days, certainly didn’t carry on with any of these shenanigans when I was a young bloke. You need to have a good hard look at your self in the mirror you selfish hooligan, and leave the trade talk to the professionals like myself and the fellas who write these articles, all credit to Roy, great article mate

  • Playing RDT!!

    Need help with trades this week, have 189k in the bank, suggestions on what trades I should look at doing?

    Shaw, Biggs, Birchall, kolo, Wagner, trengrove(dea, Cameron)

    Danger, Pendles, Tmitch, Selwood, Ablett, liba, Rockliff, smith( Gresham, macperson, Davis)

    Goldy, Gawn( grimley)

    Rvolt, Barlow, kerridge, hall, wells, patracca( cox, brown)

  • What will Shaw avg for the rest of the year?
    And what will KK avg for the rest of the year

  • G,day Roy great article mate, really appreciate the time you blokes put in to these, its a great help for me and I’m sure for the other users of this informal site. However I am utterly disgusted and can’t sleep at night due to the fact that every week when I check your article, there is nothing that ever mentions the name Robin Nahas. He is a monumental player and I believe that it if it wasn’t for him, the roos would be no where near where they are today. All these other imposters like waite and ziebell are feeding off of his success, but luckily there are people like me who can recognise real talent when they see it. I have put on $50 for Robin to win the charles Brownlow, and can’t wait to see him succeed in the near future. Your all nincompoops and I can’t believe there is this much stupidity on this site. Think use should get back to basics instead of pretending to be the dream team Gods that you claim to be. You really have no idea what your talking about and should be ashamed of yourselves, its hypocrites like you people that ruin these sites for the rest of us it now deflects on the rest of us respectful people that use these sites for the proper reason they are to be used for. You are causing stereotypes for people like me (stay at home mum) that we have nothing better to do with our life but that is sexist so stop I’m human aswell I have feelings. So good riddance to you all, you all see illl prove you wrong robin nahas will be a brownlow medalist

    • Well this Clearly has to be a joke. Robin Nahas will be lucky to Poll a vote, let alone win the Damn thing.

      • Listen bobby, just because you dont agree with my opinion doesn’t mean you have to disrespect it and have a big rant saying how he won’t poll a vote, in my opinion he will, so don’t judge me just because I’m a women

    • Cheers sherrill, the support means a lot to me and it’s people like you that help me get those 2-3 touches a game. Being one of the favourites for the brownlow, it’s people like these other nickenpoops that put on the extra pressure to succeed during my games. Sherrill don’t stop believing hun, and i’ll get your that charles brownlow

      • Hey Robin, was hoping deep down that you would see this, didn’t like my chances unfortunalty tho :(. BTW I’m your biggest fan and will always support you through thick and thin, rain hail and shine, win lose or draw. Proud to be a Robin nahas fan and a stay at home mum. Lots of love from me and the gang xD :)

  • sherillovescats listen up, how about you go home and take a look in the mirror. You are pathetic. You obviously don’t know anything bout footy and anything about dream team so pipe down. How about you save all the footy stuff to the big men like myself and you get on with the responsibility that come with being a woman and that come with being a mother. And for you information Robin Nahas averages about 15 disposable per game which is no where near par for a typical dream team member. Just like to reinforce my point by saying pipe down because you know nothing

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  • Donateloveshiskids has a really good point

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  • It never happened ruds

  • Who to upgrade first out of Callum mills, Alex fasolo, josh smith or double downgrade and get a rookie for josh smith

  • Simpson, Docherty or Kelly?

  • Well I see some real crap on here at the minute. My Team Reddingsrockets is sitting 1570 overall at the minute and its all because of Zac Dawson.. He was one of my better trades this year and I have built a team around him. If you have doubts you can check my team and you will see. After Heaters 176 last week I traded him out and brought in Dawson as I am sure heater couldn’t do that again so I went for a solid defender in Dawson. Nahas and Young to come in next week for danger and zorko and I should be looking even better..

  • Is Vince petracca Ben Kennedy and Gawn to many Melbourne players to have in your team as I have stated i am in 1570 overall Just traded out Mills to Petracca and Menadue to R Mathieson 2048 last round score. Silly or not i like Kennedy so i had to keep.. Mathieson was a cheap rookie i have 73k in da bank

  • which do I choose:
    1. steven and west
    2. gray and mathieson

    Would ideally like steven and mathieson but just cannot see a way to do it