Round 10 Lockout Chat

Discuss everything AFL Fantasy in the comments over the round.

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Did you have a crack at Moneyball last weekend? The all-new daily fantasy wagering game went great guns with plenty of members of the DT Talk community getting involved.


  • $5,000 Swans vs Kangaroos Special ($10 entry)
  • $6,000 Saturday Slam Special ($15 entry)
  • $6,000 Sunday Funday Special ($15 entry)
  • $2,000 Blues vs Cats Special ($10, entry)
  • $1,000 All Of Round 10 Special ($10 entry)
  •  $1,000 Demons vs Power Special ($10 entry)
  • $1,000 Bombers vs Tigers Special ($10 entry)
  • $1,000 Saturday Specky Special ($10 entry)
  • $1,000 Crows vs Giants Special ($10 entry)
  • $1,000 Eagles vs Saints Special ($10 entry)

It’s very simple and easy to play. Grab Tbetta’s tips here and make sure you listen to our weekly podcast.


MB-AFL-6K-Sat-Slam (1)


  • ffs murphy you had to get injured

  • Sitting on 1773 with JJK (C) and Hall to finish.

    I’m loving those +24s!

  • Finished on 2208 thanks to my midfield. Was ranked 300ish and currently 120ish. So I think if you score 2150+ you will move up

  • Ben Kennedy WTF are you doing.. For the one that put a C on Heater just what were you expecting.. I am a Swans mad supporter and I put the C on Dangerman.. Do you expect heater to get 150 plus every I have had heater since day one. VERY HAPPY WITH HIS SCORING. Danger did ok 244 not to bad at all. Iam 2057 with Josh Kennedy R Davis and Malceski still playing.. BUT I cannot wait to get rid of a couple I tell ya

  • The only way I’m holding S.Martin is if Trent West is dropped this week. That’s a possibility, but Leppitsch is such a hopeless coach it probably won’t happen.

  • Well, half my 22 got 97+ and finished with a 2097. Danged Kennedy’s rather casual point cost me a 2100. Looks like I go up about 2900 pts to go back into the top 20,000.

  • What do we do with Stevan Martin ?!!!

  • Surely Justin Leppitsch is noticing that Martin and the Brisbane Lions are way more better and organised with Trent west out of the side.

    Trent west is ruining martins influence in the game !!

    I’m only holding if west is dropped!!

    • IT’s been obvious for 3 weeks. Leppitsh gets ’em fired up and they give 100%. However as a coach he looks good at full back. And if they have a kicking coach at Brisbane can he please start earning his money. every game they butcher about 12 shots at goal.

  • Any news on darcy macpherson ?

  • Callum Mills – Connor Blakely

    Thoughts ??

  • Is it time to get rid of Kerridge? My initial trades are Menadue & Kerridge to Mathieson & R.Gray.