Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 3

It looks like a few forced trades are on the cards this week with the likes of Rocky, Rich, Sheridan, Barlow and Duncan all having question marks on them, if not ruled out already! This week I am going to mention my pick of the bunch from the defenders, mids and forwards.

Defender:  I am a huge fan of Jason Johannisen (DEF, $470,000), but I can’t talk about him every week, so Rory Laird (DEF, $506,000) is my boy in the back line. Coming off a sensational break-out last year, he has hit the ground running with scores of 90 and a whopping 136 from 33 touches, 12 marks and a goal. He is certainly in the mix to be the highest scoring defender at the end of the year, yet is currently only owned by 15 % of the competition. He is currently ranked 13th in the competition for points and has a break-even of 60 leading into his game against the Tigers.

Mid: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am going to sound like a broken record because I thinks it’s in everybody’s best interest… Well everybody who doesn’t currently own him. I was in love with Lachie Hunter (MID, $473,000) all pre season, and he has not disappointed the 7% of coaches that snapped him up from the beginning. He started the season with an impressive 108 and backed it up against the Saints with a game high 130 from 35 touches, 10 marks and a goal and his work in 4th quarter junk time was something to behold. He is currently the 8th ranked player in the competition and has a break-even of just 38, which makes it an easy decision to bring him in.

Forward: Aaron Hall (FWD/MID, $476,000) is the obvious choice for the 67% of coaches that don’t own him but I have to show young Bomber Zach Merrett (FWD/MID, $537,000) a bit here after an amazing start to the season which has resulted in an average of 128 over the first two games. He is nice and unique with an ownership of just 3%, mainly because people were scared of the scoring potential of the Bombers and although they have had a soft draw, they are scoring well (3rd highest in the competition). He has a break even of 56, which shouldn’t be an issue based on his most recent performance which consisted of 32 touches, 8 tackles and two goals for 136.

Rookie: The must have rookie is Marcus Adams (DEF/FWD, $216,000). Even after increasing in price by $61,000, Adams value is almost immeasurable given his seamless transition to the top level and the consolidation of his spot in the high scoring Dogs backline. He has a break-even of -25 and has a high ceiling as we witnessed with his maiden ton on the weekend which included 24 touches, 5 marks and 5 tackles.

Discuss all you trade ideas in the comments below! It’s the best place to throw your ideas off other coaches! Happy trading,

@RoyDT the coach of destROY



  • Barlow to Merrett or Barlow to Papley ???

  • Started with all 3 of Laird, Hunter and Hall. My 3 shining lights

  • Hunter or Zaha in RDT and why?

  • 1st or 2nd?

    Rocky > Hunter
    Harwood > Johannisen (Adams D8, Dea and Tippa on bench)
    +11k in bank


    Rocky > Tom Mitchell
    Harwood > Hartley (Adams D7, Tippa D8, Dea and Hartley on bench)
    +187k in bank

    • D7 and D8 and then two backline rookies, what the?

    • For immediate scoring option 1 so depends on your overall team and its firepower. If rest team is shit hot and you want cash the option 2. These are totally different options you present us

  • 1st or 2nd?

    Rocky > Hunter
    Harwood > Johannisen (Adams D6, Dea and Tippa on bench)
    +11k in bank


    Rocky > Tom Mitchell
    Harwood > Hartley (Adams D5, Tippa D6, Dea and Hartley on bench)
    +187k in bank

    • 1st for points.

      I like having money in teh bank doe

    • Like Number 2. Mitchell a beast and Hartley will make a little bit of $ but $ in the bank for future issues

  • Thinking I’ll ditch Rocky for Wines, but not sure with the second trade in fantasy. I’ve got Barlow but keen to give him, at least, another week.

    Is there someone I should aim to get or should I cut my losses and swap Barlow for A.Hall.


  • Someone know one is mentioning is Will Langford. Break even of 40, 427k. In the Hawks midfield and averaging over a hundred first two games..

  • Hartley or Tippa in?

  • Dont think Hunter is the smartest option this week coming up against Hawks, bulldogs gonna find it a bit tougher to score against a premiership side compared to a dismal Freo and St Kilda.. just a thought

  • Is downgrading with rocky to parish smart? as it would free up a lot of cash 235K in fact

    Also thinking of selecting wangford

    • Yes I’m really thinking of the same downgrade but I made Rocky Captain last week. Happy though to get 1825 as I also had Barlow and Harwood.

  • rocky to hunter or zahrakis?
    and is barlow to lambert a good trade?

  • D: Shaw, Laird, Jahannisen, Lonergan, Dea, Adams (C.Cameron, Hartley)
    M: Titch, Danger, Hanners, Ablett, Hunter, De Goey, Mills, Hewett (Gresham, Davis)
    R: Martin, Gawn (Currie, Cox)
    F: Martin, Hall, Kerridge, Wells, Papley, Tippa (Menadue, McCarthy)

    Trades were:
    Harwood -> Hartley
    Rocky -> Johannisen via De Goey (Fwd-Mid)& Tippa (def-Fwd) DPP

    In my opinion, I really had no pressing trades other than Harwood -> Hartley. Rocky to Johannisen was more just to get JJ on board given he’s been tearing it up. Probably a bit exposed in fwd line but Kerridge & Wells scoring ok at F3/F4 and Papley going well. Tippa/Menadue/McCarthy is flip a coin for F6.

    Leaves me with $134k for next week.


  • In a bit of a dilemma here guys!!
    Who to trade out of these guys:
    1. M. Barlow
    2. R. Harwood
    3. T. Cutler

    First trade was Rockliff to Parish!

    • Upgrade Cutler and Bench Harwood. Hold Barlow for one more week. Slip an extra premium in.

  • Changes to make to this team obviously want to get Rocky out for someone.

    Def- Shaw, Houli, Yeo, Sheridan, Howe, Dea, McDonald, Brown
    Mids- Titchell, Dangerfield, Rocky, Liberatore, B.Crouch, Wines, Parish, Hewett, Gresham, Davis
    Fwds- Dusty, Barlow, Hall, Kerridge, Wells, Papley, Kommer, Menadue
    Rucks- Lobbe, Leuenberger, Currie, Cox

    Was thinking of trading Sheridan down to Adams and trading out Rocky for a premium.

    Let me know what you think of that or if you have any better ideas!

    Cheers :)

    • Yeo????

      • He will play this week though, can’t afford to use a trade on someone that is going to play, Sheridan is doubtful with he’s hamstring

        • Sheridan wasn’t named on the injury list, nor was anything said in the article about Pav being right to play this week. I think Tom will be out there this week

          • Thanks heaps it was questionable so I wasn’t sure. Do you have any ideas on what to do with my team?

          • I think Adams is a must, I’d even look at doing Mitch Brown to him as Adams will make a lot more money in the long run. Depending on your cash situation Hanners and Ablett are your best bets for Rocky. If you need to go a little cheaper guys like Fyfe and Parker are decent alternatives

          • You really need to get yourself a good solid premo Ruck pretty quick too

  • Rocky – Parish
    Harwood – Adams
    $260 000+ in bank
    Rocky – Merret (future forward)
    Harwood – Adams
    $49000 in bank
    Use advance trade
    Barlow – Adams (Then swap with Ati)
    Rocky to – Parish or Merret or Hunter
    $560 000 – $342 000 – $406 000 Ready for future

  • 1 or 2 Thoughts?

    Option 1 Rocky to Parish and Harwood to JJ and keep Barlow

    Option 2 Rocky to Hunter and Barlow to Merrett and put Harwood on the bench and field Hartley.

    • Option 1, feel like Hunter won’t have as good of a week this week because they are playing the Hawks

    • I love the idea of Hunter. Had him since R15 last year and now this, and he’s served me well since! Don’t base your ideas around one game. Hunter is shaping to be a keeper, as is Merrett. Option 2 is what I would go IMO.

      • Totally agree about Hunter being a keeper. I don’t think a 105 average is out of the question

  • Wondering for ideas of who to trade Rocky to?

    Have the bank to get anyone, with Pendles, Fyfe and Taylor Adams already in my Midfield.

    Was thinking T Mitchell but worried he is now overpriced.


    • Trade if to the new pig if you have the cash to do so. Titch is a C option every week! 130+!

      • Titch or Sam Mitchell? Do you think Titch is overpriced? or you think he will keep going up?

        • Get Titch, he’s the new pig. If you can afford him don’t say no. Definitely not overpriced considering his potential.

  • Already have titch,hewett,mills but is getting in parker too swan heavy ?

    • I would’nt think so, although I’m not a fan of it. No more Swans though :P

  • Thinking Rockliff to Parish and Barlow to Papley assuming both are playing? Ok trades?

    • Yep, although I’m not a fan of losing two “premiums” for two midpriced/rookie players. As long as the extra cash allows you to upgrade to premiums elsewhere, go for it.

  • rocky to hanners
    harwood to hartly
    rocky to hunter
    harwood to weitering??

  • Is Barlow to Zac Dawson via DPP classed as an upgrade haha

  • Bit stuck on what trades to do this week already going

    For 2nd one should I go
    Gawn-Natanui/ Bliscavs 59k left
    Barlow/Hunter 106k left
    M Crouch/Hunter 35k left
    Barlow/-Fyfe/Priddis/Gray 10k left

    Any suggestions welcome cheers

  • Best mid for 573k or under ??
    Already have Ablett Hanners and Adams ??

  • rocky to zaha or merrett?

    zaha is alot cheaper atm which gives me money to upgrade somewhere else or do i go with merrett who looks like averaging 100+ this year?

  • tom rockliff – tom mitchell
    michael barlow – jack martin


    tom rockliff – shane biggs with jesse longernan in the middle
    michael barlow – zach merrett

  • Should I trade out Barlow (F2) or Bartel (D1 >_ Shaw/k.simpson/JJ/suckling

    2. Barlow – Z.Merrett/dahlhaus/stevie.j/buddy/suckling. Was keen on robinson if he’s fit.

  • ummm not sure what happened to the comment above, a whole bunch of text has gone missing…

    Should I trade out Barlow (F2) or Bartel (D1) this week? Already trading out Rocky, but not finalised my second trade. Was leaning towards Bartel as some of the higher end value picks in the backline are going to be pricey next week, and he will be worth south of 450 with another shit performance.

    options are probably

    1. Bartel – Shaw/k.simpson/JJ/suckling

    2. Barlow – Z.Merrett/dahlhaus/stevie.j/buddy/suckling. Was keen on robinson if he’s fit.

    • Get rid of Bartel. Barlow played the two teams R1&2 that he averages worst in his career. Not saying he will be any better this week, but I think you can afford to hold him rn.

  • Are people considering Jack Martin in their potential trade plans? 101.5avg after 2 rounds, playing Carlton (at metricon) & Brisbane (gabba) in the next 2 weeks. Rodney Eade signaled a possible move into the midfield mid season too.. I’m really tempted.

  • Rockliff, Barlow and Kent.

    Current options:
    1) Rockliff to Ablett, Barlow to Aaron Hall 57k left over

    2) Rockliff to Aaron Hall, Dean Kent to Michael Hartley using dpp, 203k left over

    Leaning towards option 1 for a quick fix and trying to trade in hartley next week if its not too late.

  • Not sure who to trade out of Crouch or Duncan to Parish?

  • Quick question for league commissioners, bye rounds are automatically set for off so do most people leave them or have them on. I know its personal preference but i guess some people just don’t like the added headaches so dont wanna ruffle any feathers ! But who doesn’t like a challenge hey

  • Have exactly 100,000. Going by hopefully Harwood not playing.

    a. Rocky > Titchell and Viney > Hunter bench Harwood and $16,000

    b. Rocky > Titchell and Harwood > Hartley and $64,000

    c. Rocky > Hunter and Barlow > Merret and 114,000 and bench Harwood.

  • rocky to hunter , merret or zaha