Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 3

It looks like a few forced trades are on the cards this week with the likes of Rocky, Rich, Sheridan, Barlow and Duncan all having question marks on them, if not ruled out already! This week I am going to mention my pick of the bunch from the defenders, mids and forwards.

Defender:  I am a huge fan of Jason Johannisen (DEF, $470,000), but I can’t talk about him every week, so Rory Laird (DEF, $506,000) is my boy in the back line. Coming off a sensational break-out last year, he has hit the ground running with scores of 90 and a whopping 136 from 33 touches, 12 marks and a goal. He is certainly in the mix to be the highest scoring defender at the end of the year, yet is currently only owned by 15 % of the competition. He is currently ranked 13th in the competition for points and has a break-even of 60 leading into his game against the Tigers.

Mid: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am going to sound like a broken record because I thinks it’s in everybody’s best interest… Well everybody who doesn’t currently own him. I was in love with Lachie Hunter (MID, $473,000) all pre season, and he has not disappointed the 7% of coaches that snapped him up from the beginning. He started the season with an impressive 108 and backed it up against the Saints with a game high 130 from 35 touches, 10 marks and a goal and his work in 4th quarter junk time was something to behold. He is currently the 8th ranked player in the competition and has a break-even of just 38, which makes it an easy decision to bring him in.

Forward: Aaron Hall (FWD/MID, $476,000) is the obvious choice for the 67% of coaches that don’t own him but I have to show young Bomber Zach Merrett (FWD/MID, $537,000) a bit here after an amazing start to the season which has resulted in an average of 128 over the first two games. He is nice and unique with an ownership of just 3%, mainly because people were scared of the scoring potential of the Bombers and although they have had a soft draw, they are scoring well (3rd highest in the competition). He has a break even of 56, which shouldn’t be an issue based on his most recent performance which consisted of 32 touches, 8 tackles and two goals for 136.

Rookie: The must have rookie is Marcus Adams (DEF/FWD, $216,000). Even after increasing in price by $61,000, Adams value is almost immeasurable given his seamless transition to the top level and the consolidation of his spot in the high scoring Dogs backline. He has a break-even of -25 and has a high ceiling as we witnessed with his maiden ton on the weekend which included 24 touches, 5 marks and 5 tackles.

Discuss all you trade ideas in the comments below! It’s the best place to throw your ideas off other coaches! Happy trading,

@RoyDT the coach of destROY



  • JJ and Steven/Lewis


    Dusty and Fyfe/Adams ?

  • Rocky and Barlow out for me, to bring in Mitchell and either Parish or Hewett, and leaves me with $350k for future upgrades. Which would be your pick of the two? Or get them both for the increase and Titch later?

    • Titch is a gun, get him in now. I’m falling in love with Parish so I’d get him in. (BTW I’m not a Bombers supporter or Parish owner, I just love the kid).

  • Zaharakis deserves a mention too, 125.5avg so far. Gone with a double bombers trade in

    Rocky – Zaha
    Barlow – Z Merrett

    • Coming into round 1 I saw Bombers players as value.
      After R1 I saw Bombers players as poison.
      Now Bombers players are back in.

      Fantasy is a funny game. I’ll probably change my mind about Bombers players after this round too.

    • they’re my current trades, too.

  • Rocky and Oliver out for me. Bringing in Hunter and Parish,

    • I’m jealous of you being able to get Parish in. I wish I chose to get Parish over Oliver last week, but money was a factor (would have left me with only 7k, but I see now that it would have been worth it).

  • What’s the matter with Sheridan? Don’t tell me I can’t get rid of Harwood now?!

  • Hunter or Z.Merrett?

    • I’m a bigger fan of Zach Merrett. I’ve had my eyes on him for the past year and was going to start with him this year, but things didn’t pan out that way.

      It’s a tough call, but if it was me I would go Merrett. I think he’s a real leader at the Bombers.

    • Zachy Merrett for sure

  • What trades are people making in RDT? Rocky? Barlow? Harwood? It’s hard to know what’s a knee jerk and what’s good team management… particularly with price changes this week.

    Will be interesting to see the teams on Thurs and how coaches manage their limited trades…

    • Rocky to Parish is what I’m doing in RDT.

      Unsure whether to use a second on Harwood just yet as I have around 500k in the bank.

      • That’s a lot to have in the bank… I know you’re in the DT Avatar league, but if coughing up your strategy won’t compromise your plans too much I’d love to know why.

        I’m considering Barlow to Papley just for the cash flow turnaround alone, but I guess having that coin will really help turn guys like Libba and Brouch into Hannebery and Danger in a couple of weeks.

        I traded hard to keep up with the opposition last year and made the GF, only to have about 6 guys ‘rested’ and get belted by about 400pts. It’s a balancing act, no doubt!

    • Never touched Barlow and his scores backed me up well, but I do have Harwood & Rocky. Most likely Rocky to Hall and Harwood to JJ/Hunter via DPP.

      • Barlow just doesn’t give owners the option of buying low and selling high any more… so I envy you! I do have Hall though, so maybe those two cancel each other out?

        Would probably go Barlow to Hunter myself, but can’t swing it… no DPP magic in the mids :(

    • I burnt an RDT trade last week when Steele was dropped. Two more this week…Barlow and Rocky out for Parish and Titch, leaving $320k in bank for future upgrades. Hopefully can get through 1-2 weeks with NO trades.

      • Maybe not, at that rate! ;)

      • It must suck for Barlow owners ATM. Everyone is trading him,Freo getting flogged must mean Ross HAS to play him in the mid now.What a waste of talent watching the game from the fwd line! Trade him to hawthorn Ross !! We will put him in the coal face where he belongs.

        • Totally agree. Everyone thinks he’ll get dropped. I think the complete opposite: that he’ll get a key role in that Dockers midfield.

    • Prob need to wait till teams. But jumping on missed rookies would be ideal.

    • I figure week 3 is virtually the best week to use 2 trades (in limited trades). Then again, I got 1750 on the weekend, so I prob should just shut up.

  • If you have 3 trades you want to deal with and leave one sitting on the bench, that one player does not loose any value and can be dealt with the week after. That is what I am doing with Harwood. In any case I am looking for a 125k downgrade option in my defense

    • A player will still lose or gain value if they are on you bench anyway, as long as they play. If they dont, then youre on the right track.

  • Who to trade in for Barlow:
    Lambert price $406k, Av 107.5, BE 31 or
    Johnson price $489k, Av 102, BE 70 or
    ZMerrett price $537k, Av 127, BE 56 or
    Laird price $506k, Av 113, BE 60 (by moving Adams)?
    I’m leaning towards Laird as I suspect there is better chance of consistency. Many thanks.

    • Merrett or Laird IMO. Merrett just gets over the line for me. I own Laird and can see him being a top 6 defender, but from a scoring point it’s Merrertt for me.

    • Merrett is a young bull get on board

  • Rocky and papley to titch and Papley with 200k or Zaha and Merret. No money.
    Thinking because I have Noone good in leagues this week I will take the case then upgrade Harwood next week?

  • Who should I trade in for rocky. Fyfe, zaha or hunter?

    • Very hard call. Can Fyfe get that R1 out of the way? and can Zaha and Hunter continue?

      Hmm, Hunter. Can score and make money, that’s why I’d go with him.

    • From those 3 I would go Zharakis if it was me I’d go Zac Merrett with his dpp can use to get rid of Barlow later and bring another mid. Boy is young bull

  • Rocky/Barlow to Hunter/Hall
    Leaves a decent bit of coin for future upgrades too

  • What’s better
    Rocky to Parker
    Barlow to Hall
    Rocky to Zaha/Hunter
    Barlow to Z.Merrett?

  • Who would you trade out? Jelwood or Barlow?… Cheers.

    • Barlow. His scores are dropping quicker than a slack-jawed tart at a bl0w job party and no signs from the coach that he’ll be thrown into the guts. At least Selwood’s staring at centre bounces and in theory has the opportunity to rack them up.

      I have both and they’re sh!tting me no end as well!

    • Barlow

    • What’s the break evens? Jelwood has Brisbane at home and Barlow west coast at domain – would expect Jelwood to go better. Other thought though after Freo losing all games thus far Lyon may actually throw Barlow in mids like he said – I believe Barlow b/e is 116 off top of my head predict to get 90 if he got that he only loses 12k but is big if – that said he could get the 116.

  • 1st trade: Barlow -> Johannisen (Adams DPP)
    2nd trade: Rocky -> Hunter/R Gray

    Who’s the better option for 2nd trade?

    Gray seems to be going under the radar and hopefully could get DPP, but Hunter will save a bit of cash..

    • Hunter. For scoring and cash saving/making reasons.

    • These look to be my exact trades. At the moment leaning towards Gray just because I think he could go huge against Essendon. At the same time I don’t want to miss out on the Hunter train

  • How can Barlow have a projected score vs the Eagles when his last 3 games 19,55 and 96… Avg is 79.7 and past 3 round avg 56.7
    Has to go

  • Trying to work out my trade priorities this week. Currently sitting with Rocky and Barlow whod i love to toss both and invest else where yet i have the dilemma of investing in Papley from the swans before its too late. I am currently sitting without Hall who is a must !! along with the likes of Merrett and Sam mitchell in my team.
    I’m thinking maybe Rocky to Sam Mitchell and Barlow to Hall, but at the same time i want Kommer to Papley before its too late.

    Which two trades do you think are most important?

    • Rocky b/e 151 if don’t play don’t matter but when he dies his price will fall you will get him in 3 weeks for like at least $50k less so depends on your priority and cash structure

      • Lol when he does play not dies

      • playing the RDT format so need to save my trades as much as i can so not really interested in sideways trading rocky to make 50k down the track. if he suits up this week he is staying

  • Do people think Adams can score like that every week? Is he a better player to get than Dea for Harwood?

    • No, I don’t think he will like that every week, but yes, he is a better option than Dea.

      • *score like that

      • Any reasons? Or just because he scored more than Dea?

        • Don’t want to steal mbrucie’s thunder or speak on his behalf, but here’s 2 reasons I can think of:

          1) Leigh Matthews said of all the teams in the AFL he’d like to coach the Doggies the most.

          2) Dea was delisted by 9thmond at the end of last year.

  • Options for my two trades

    Barlow to Zach M (had Zach all pre-season till Lyon said more midfield time :()
    Rocky to Titchell
    Greesham to Parish

    Was thinking holding Rocky and jumping all over Parish and Zach in RDT

  • Currently my trades are:
    1) rocky to Zach M

    options for second trade are:

    harwood to hartley (leaves 92k for next week)

    Gawn to either Nic Nat of Tippett

  • Barlow stays for me. Apart from having to fix up issues elsewhere, I’d rather get a 60-90 from him than a 16-50 from a dud backline rookie.

  • I’d give Barlow one more week. Yes, his role hasn’t been fantastic, but after a 0-2 start, and the derby this weekend I expect Ross to go to experienced guys in the guts. If he can’t ton up against west coast he won’t ton up this year

  • If Sheridan is out for a week and Barlow is playing who should we trade? Barlow still has a shocking role, high BE and Sheridan’s BE isn’t too bad and I’d be happy playing a rookie on field for one week

  • Zaha or hunter and why

    • zaha easy choice going to rack up

    • Hunter, had him since the start and has payed off so far, still has 9 of his next 11 at Etihad so get on board.

      If you have some doubt over zaha and Essendon it’s probably warranted ?

      • I had hunter all pre season then last second took him out, was a massive pod for me last year. But just looking that most people are gonna get on board with him and zaha could be a good pod since they have no one in their team to do anything really, he racks it up

  • Anyone know if jelwood is carrying an injury,being tagged? One more week because of an easy match up or he is Fired!!

    • I’ve got him as well, maybe being tagged – seems to be around a lot of the contests but just not getting the ball

  • With no forced trades should Adams & Hartley be my priorities this week ?

    For my two worst performing rookies Gresham & Kent ? DPP with menadue and tippa

    Without enough cash to upgrade anywhere on my field to a top 6 player I’m thinking this is my best move

    • Definitely man, great moves.

      • If you had to choose between: Adams, Hartley & Parish which 2 are best?
        i guess mostly for cash generation i mean.
        im leaning to Adams and Parish?!

  • Who goes fellas?

    Harwood, Rocky or Barlow?

    Currently don’t have Tippa so Harwood > Tippa, Cameron or Hartley is tempting.

    Barlow to Merrett or Rocky to Titchell is a need as well, what to do?!

  • Barlow to Johannisen or Zorko ?

  • Thoughts on Gibson or was last week.just a flash in the pan, Laird same boat ?

    • Someone on Fox Footy explained that Wet Toast moved a forward into the middle, hence freeing up Gibbo. If rival coaches are smart they won’t let that happen again so it’s probably flash in the pan.

      Laird on the other hand is a legitimate contender for that #1 defender spot in Fantasy this year I reckon, get him in if you can.

  • Zaharakis or Jason J?

  • Rock to Sam Mitchell or Tom Mitchell?

    Barlow to Hall or Kerridge?

    • Rock to Hall and Barlow to Kerridge maybe? Admittedly I love DPP links though.

  • Will Robbie Gray get dual position status this season?

  • Do people think think Biggs will continue his good scores and what do people think he will avg?

    Also do people think this year will see more of Nick Rewoilts round 1 scores (55) or more of his round 2 scores (119)?

    Thanks guys

  • Is it possible to search for a fantasy team by name?
    I seem to remember being able to do it last year.
    Cheers fellas.

  • hey guys got a couple of trade options for this week what do you guys reckon

    rockliff and harwood for JJ and L.Hunter or Titchell and M.Adams

  • Downgrade rocky to Parish and leave 200k for next week to upgrade crouch Bartel or Barlow or downgrade rocky to hunter or zaha??

  • How’s more important to trade out Harwood or Barlow?

  • What do you guys think of,

    Barlow – Adams
    Rocky – T. Mich
    Harwood – Adams
    Rocky – Parish or Hunter

  • Rocky to R Gray
    Barlow to Z Merrett

    Others I want out include Gawn (why did everyone go nuts over this guy just because he beat up on a horribly out of form Lobbe in a practice game?)

    Jess Lonergan…..wish i had stuck with JJ

  • I completely regret my trading strategy in AF.

    Many would argue that Robbo>Hall and Sidebum> Danger are solid 1st round trades.

    But I missed the boat on a few rookie bolters whom will make a tonne of cash…and rookie bolters will be rare as hen teeth this year.

    Im now thinking a double downgrade (i know in hindsight) would have been the way to go.

    Grab those rookies from start of year (rookies who start round 1 on average have higher Job security) priority over points.

    I did this last year, and dont know why Indidnt again.