Roy’s Trade Talk – Grand Finals

It’s finally here and if you are reading this, you are likely in the Big Dance like me! Now my biggest issuse at the moment will be much like many of you, Swanny is Max Gawn this week and it is highly likely that David Mundy will be rested making two forced trades where correct selection could get you the win.

Top three Swanny Replacements (Assuming you have Rocky if you are in the GF)

Pardon the pun, but I am going like for like and Swapping Swan with a Swan based on form and fixture as Sydney face the Suns this week in what should be a Fantasy feast.

  • Dan Hannebery (MID, $580,000) is having a magnificent season with an average of 110 on the back of his round 22 score of 133. He now has a three round average of 112 and his recent history against the Suns is impressive with a score of 133 in their hit out earlier this season. The best this about Hanners is his high ceiling with 6 scores over 130 and the fact he is in the Brownlow mix guarantees he will have a dip.
  • Like Hanners, Josh Kennedy (MID, $587,000) is also in the Brownlow mix on the back of a sensational second half of the season where he has not dropped under 90 since round 10. Ironically, that game he scored just 60, which is his worst game of the season and it was against the Suns which is why he dropped down to option two. Having said that, he will be huge again this week, continuing his hot form where he has not dropped under 120 in the last three weeks for an average of 126 in that time.
  • Pig in waiting and Piglet Tom Mitchell (MID, $529,000) is your number one option if you are unable to trade Swan in the midfield. The young star is finally being given a consistent run at it from the coach with tagging duties and vest concerns seemingly lifted on the back of his outstanding form. Titch has a three game average of 123 with scores of 138 and 142 in his last two. In fact, he has three scores over 130 in his last four hit outs which basically makes him a must have, maybe even worthy of being handed the big C!

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The writing is on the wall that we will be playing the GF without reliable defender David Mundy who has played every game this season as he will likely be rested in what is a dead rubber for the selfish Dockers.

  • Despite not intentionally following the Swans theme, Jarrod McVeigh (DEF, $512,000) tops my list of replacements down back. He has been in sensational form with a three game average of 110 and within the last five weeks he has pumped out potential match winning scores of 112, 125 and 131. When they met earlier this year, McVeigh had a field day with 131 and should do that again without breaking a sweat.
  • Matthew Boyd (DEF/MID, $533,000) looked fresh on the weekend following his rest the week prior. He is an absolute gun and has a three game average of 109 on the back of his 110 against the Roos. When he met the Lions earlier this year, he pumped out 91 but I can’t see him scoring less that a ton this week as he rolls the legs over and takes up to 10 uncontested marks.
  • Recent form may suggest that Rory Laid (DEF, $495,000) is the way to go as he is one of the form defenders of the competition with a three game average of 105 and he has not dropped under 92 in the last month. Although very impressive, especially given the Pies absolutely feasted on his upcoming opponent the Cats, I am backing in Liam Picken (DEF, $551,000). Despite only averaging 87 in his last three games and going a month without reaching triple figures, I think his score this week will reflect his impressive season average of 103. When he met the Lions earlier this year he had 104 and he should reach that mark again with ease


Twitter Time

This would smash me! Easy replacement is obviously Martin.

Always humble mate.

Kennedy a great option, so is Adams… will go 120 min.

I’m in trouble as well! But yes, Port should have a field day.

Macrae for me.

I think Boak will be huge, Hall also very solid.

Cheers guys, with all these outs it’s going to be a scramble to 18 this week!

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  • Thanks for the mention but might have to trade Mundy and field lambert instead of trading swan. So thinking laird or shaw

  • What do people think of Swan – Mitch Robbo and Lamber – Sam Gray?

  • Swan> Hanners and Mundy> Shaw

    Shaw for a big week or is Boyd a better option

  • Which option?

    1. get adams and hanners means i play barass

    2. Get picken and hanners means i play lambert.

    My thinking is 1 as adams and hanners should both go 130 each, barass should get 50.
    Picken will probs go 105-110 and lambert 70.

  • Sadly I was that-guy-who-still-has-Griffen, so I’m down Mundy and him with Hamling as cover, so I have no choice to hold Neale and Swanny with Amon and Lambert Fielded. I have all 4 of the named defenders, so Shaw stands out as the obvious Mundy swap, any idea who to go for Griffen? Have 474k to play with since injuries have a pain the last fortnight, I’ve had Nankervis sitting there with 90k taunting me, unable to be freed up.

    Given my limited funds, I’m thinking about picking based on opponents, so while I could get a KK, Newnes, Hooker, Kelly, Mackie or Higgins, I’m leaning towards:

    Hawks vs Blues – Gibbo (112 in r15), Birchall (On my never again list, average form but tempted), Simmo (Also on my never again list, but opponent has him and Hawks don’t care about loose players on half back, if left unique could be the difference if he goes 60 or 110), Burgoyne (Liked not having Hodge around last week, yet another never again list, but could be big), Suckling (Poor form), Duryea (Had him in Elite, seems an alright sort)

    Dogs vs Lions – Murphy (90 last time, solid form), Johannisen (No ceiling, but in good form)

    Pies vs Dons – Williams (Has Ceiling, but terrible lows)

    Port vs Breo – Broadbent (Purely based on no opponents), Pittard (Insane gambling, but I actually like him. Good ceiling and assuming Port absolutely cut freo to shreds his breaking off half back could be massive.

    Crows vs Cats – Smith (Pretty good form, cats have been skinned)

    WCE vs Stk – Rosa (coming off a 90)

    No one else has taken my fancy, currently leaning towards Gibbo, Simmo, Birch, Pittard and Rosa out of those, with KK my pick of the non-roughies, but if anyone has any ideas, feel free to pitch.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Matt
    Thanks for your articles throughout the year – the Weekend Wash-up is always fun reading!
    How apt This Game Sh*ts Me applies this week with so much carnage already maybe more to come?
    A little left field but what about Hooker ($460k) with scores of 104-108-87-84-91-81-90 over the past weeks (very consistent year)
    Also round 4 had a score of 104 against the Pies playing more forward lately
    Strong mark woeful kick for goal but if improves that area of game could potential go BIG!!!
    The game will be bruised free and could open up to BIG scores
    Good luck for the finals

    • Assuming that’s for me, I’m just a random Matt, not the genius from the weekend washup haha.

      Hooker is tempting, but I really don’t like KPP forwards and he scares me for that reason, plus I don’t think the pies have let too many big forward scores go (Hawkins 36, Walker 24, Vardy 40 for instance). He’s in consideration but I’m not hugely sold. Also, low ceiling, I lost to the person I’m against by over 130 last week, and that’s before I had to field Amon and Lambert while she doesn’t, so I kinda need to gamble and not just back in an 80.

  • Thoughts on Wingard this week as cheaper option? Usually smashes the Dockers and in great form, all on top of their mass restings

  • Swan – Mitch Robbo and Mundy to Shaw or Laird?

  • Trealor or stanton.

  • Hannerbery or JPK?