Roy’s Trade Talk – Preliminary Finals

Prelim Finals time and you know what they say… These games are often better than the big dance, so it is vital that you squeeze every possible point into your team this week. Here are some blokes that I think are worthy of consideration to maximise your output and get you through to the GF.

Recent History vs Opp:

I love the look of Andrew Gaff (MID, $554,000) this week, especially due to fact he is under-priced after playing his only poor game for the year a couple of weeks ago against the Dockers. He bounced back on the weekend with 35 touches and 121 and looms a perfect inclusion this week. When the Eagles me the Crows earlier this year he absolutely smashed them 36 touches and three goals for 152. The Crows have been leaking plenty of points and Gaff has only dropped under 100 on two occasions in his last 13 games and one of those scores was 97.

Last time Patrick Dangerfield (MID, $582,000) played the Eagles he was outstanding with 36 possessions, six marks and eight tackles for 142 despite having a tooth knocked out earlier in the game. He is also carrying good form into the game with a five game average of 112 and he has scores 118 or over in three of his last five. He will be very good this week.

Wiley veteran Corey Enright (DEF, $478,000) has thrown himself into contention based on both his recent form, and more impressively his form against the Pies. Enright enters Preliminary Finals week with a three game average of 103 with scores of 94, 105 and 110. What I like the most is about his prospects was his compete domination of the Pies in round 6 where he had 29 touches, 12 marks and 11 tackles for 150. Combine this with the fact that Tigers defenders racked up big time vs the Pies last week eg. Houli 121, Hunt, 118 and Rance 105. Others form players to consider in this price range are Houli, McVeigh, Laird and Gilbert.
Update post Hodge suspension: Straight swap order of inclusion: Boyd, Mundy, Picken. The above guys are good if you need some cash.

Ruck Target

As much as I love Goldy (and he will be huge this week as well), if you are bringing in a ruck this week, it has to be Stefan Martin (RUC, $629,000). With the Matthew Leuenberger hand brake now gone, Martin is back to his dominant best, in fact, his career best form, even by his lofty standards. Over the last three weeks he is averaging 138 and has scores of 134, 138, 124 and 151 in his last four. A huge incentive in selecting Martin is his next two opponents in the Hawks and Dogs who leak plenty of points in the ruck department. He will be huge.

Broken Record

If you need a cheapish forward, I have to talk about Aaron Hall (FWD, $465,000) for the third week in a row. He is still getting it done with a three game average of 116 and his last month of footy rivals the best in the game with scores of 111, 112, 114 and 121. He has the Power and Swans in the last two games of the season with the Port game at Metricon (121 and 111 most recent home games) the Swans leak plenty of points to opposition midfielders. He has embraced the increased opportunities in the midfielder and remains a viable option.

Must Have

If you are one of the 75% of coaches who have completely missed the boat with Tom Rockliff (MID, $585,000) you need to bite the bullet and get it done. He is well and truly back to is best and is once again the safest ‘Got to captain’ in the business on the back of 124, 123, 143 and 140 in his last four. This week he plays down at Aurora and he will have an absolute field day, especially given the Hawks who will likely rest a few key personnel this week.

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Twitter Time

I like them all, but it’s Boyd for me

Very tough call… Barlow was solid on the weekend, but both could go either way. Barlow did attend a few more centre bounces which was promising.

I wouldn’t chase one that hard. I would just go with Enright.

I know I am about 160 and sliding!

If Kruz plays, keep him and trade Malceski. Kruz was apparently pretty sore at the end of the game.

Great trade! I like him, Enright and Laird in that price bracket

If you are in the Prelim, get Jacobs now.

Mitchell no guarantee to play, but I would consider throwing him in the middle and playing both.

I’d prefer Hall, but get the best you can this week. Only two weeks left.

Bartel for me, but if you are the underdog and chasing a big score for this week’s prelim, Gunston could go nuts.

I would be getting rid of Lambert, not sure Stevie would be the best option though. Having said that, Pies leaking plenty of points so should be fine.

If Gilbert keeps playing mid, he looks a safe 90.

Rocky at the pig sty in Launceston

Good Luck in the Prelims

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    1. Shaw and Hunter
    2. Shaw and Zaharakis
    3. Laird and Titchell
    4. Gilbert and Robinson
    5. Gilbert and Dahlhaus
    6. Picken and Suckling

    • Personally I would go 3 as Laird and Titch are guns, but if Titch is out for more than 1 week, go 1, Shaw and Hunter will be great with a good run home.

  • Laird or Enright??

    • I would go Enright as Geelong love to score against the Pies, and Laird plays eagles this week who dont give up a lot of tons.

  • SpagBol

    Shaw and Picken are expensive so save some $$$ and go for Enright
    Collingwood giving up points and his record against them is excellent (see above!!)
    Saves you $80-$100k
    Hunter & Zaharakis are good for 90-100 but Mitchell & Dahlhaus 100+
    Other options are Harvey (good record against next two opponents) or Gunston (against the worst two defending sides in Brisbane and Carlton)


    Enright over Laird
    His record is excellent against Pies (outlined above) also last game at home against Crows (he’s gone big against them in the past)

    Good luck to you both in the upcoming finals

    Also Roy’s left field selections have been pretty spot one of late!!!!

  • SpagBol
    Also Hall (GCS) is on fire so he’s another option!!!

  • Cheers for the help Roy, With your hype around Enright I’ve managed to get Hall in over Zaha!

    Enright and Hall are two people i didnt think id be happy with in a prelim!

  • Knight > r. Gray – happy with first trade
    Now, I have 575k in bank andneed to replace hodge. Would like to keep a little in kitty for the gf if possible. Heppell and fife are my main candidates – Tending to Heppell. Which one. Or is there any even better option. I have rocky Pendles Neale Selwood Sloane Sidebottom Lewis in mids.

  • I know everyone is talking up Enright, but I personally prefer Houli. His form is incredible (better than Shaw’s and Enright’s) and is playing Essendon and North. Only slightly dearer than Enright too, plus without the risk of random general soreness omissions and subs.

    • Houli has been shredding, I was considering putting him in weeks ago and certainly regret it!

    • Not to say Houli isn’t a jet. But I had to laugh the way you lumped North in with the bombers like their easy beats.

      • Quite intentional – Roos still give up an average 3×100’s a week, and even if North dominate, it means Houli should see plenty in the back half.

  • What about Aaron Hall from the Suns for your forward line past few round has score 111 112 114 and 121

    • Worth consideration. It is a grabby better pedigree vs better form, isn’t it. I was favouring the former in a prelim.

  • Of course, ” a grabby” I will claim as sloppy slang for “arguably”.

  • Trading Hodge for Shaw and Higgin to McVeigh due to the Swans’ easy run home. McV a rest risk?

    Also Shawly Heater is a shoe in for Giants’ B&F?

  • Definitely a hard decision to make this week, 156K in the bank thoughts on these trades:
    1 Gibson – Houli and Simpson – Enright
    2 Simpson – Enright and Ebert – Gaff
    3 Knight – Roarke and Amon – Hall. Atkins sitting M8 will be M9 and Hall to F5 via DPP


  • Who to trade out lambert or hibberd, the other goes next week?

    • Id trade Hibberd this week, Lambert vs Essendon should score well and still make money.
      Hibberd will most likely loose cash, 72 vs Gold coast last week isnt good.

      • Cheers,

        Who to ?

        Laird or houli?

        • Id personally go Houli due to him playing Essendon, Laird vs West Coast should do well but saying that the dogs last week didnt get a single 100+ score.

    • Hard one. If you are fielding Lambert I’d be leaning towards trading him first, his score will depend on the time he has in the midfield (part timer). Hibberd has been OK the last 5 matches, but Essendon players are a concern.

  • hey guys at the moment my backline looks like this

    Picken Boyd Shaw Newnes Gibson Hodge

    now hodge has to go and I could get anyone but my conundrum is I want goldy this week so my options are

    Hodge > McVeigh
    Blicavs > goldy leaving Kruzer as 2nd ruck


    Hodge > KK/hibbard someone around that price
    Kruzer > Goldy

    what’s people’s thoughts I’m stuck on what to do

  • Hodge> Shaw
    Ah Chee > Roarke smith
    Leaves 200k

    • Why downgrade Ah Chee? He’s smashed it the last couple of rounds, has a negative breakeven and should comfortably outscore Smith. If nothing else he’s a great M9. It’s not like you need cash to trade Hodge to Shaw.

  • Hi guys I need a little help with last trade.

    I’m playing my son this week so it’s a must win ^_^

    After Hodge goes I have 1 trade left.

    Hogan > Gaff/Heppell/Priddis via dpp > goddard goes to forwards.


    Hogan to Titchall. (If he plays)

    • i think titch can match it with the best when playing on the ball. if he’s named this week i’d bring him in at his price

  • Thoughts on Greenwood?

    • Bit risky. Played only a few games this season, maybe lacking match hardness. Can you get someone else around his price?

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  • Hey guys, have Hodge (580k) and 6k in bank.

    Who to trade along with him:
    1. Lambert (345k)
    2. McEvoy (433k)
    3. Simpson (425k)

    Want to get 2 quality players to go into the prelim. Cheers!

  • Guys any advice on the following trades..

    Hodge and Parker to

    1) Boyd and Steven/Gaff/Pridis
    2) Picken and Titch
    3) Enright and Pendles

  • Laird and Lambert


    Hibberd and Hall

    • Upgrading Lambert is a good idea… but going Laird > Hibberd isn’t really helping your team.

  • Thoughts on Lambert > Ah Chee (on field) to generate cash to upgrade Yeo > Enright?

  • IS it worth getting Hall? (55k left)


    Is it worth getting Titchell? (24k left)

    • they seem to have similar output recently, i just rate titch ahead of hall due to a proven history of massive scores. hoping hall is not a flash in the pan

  • Pick 1

    Dangerfield (WCE, GEEL) $582k
    JPK (STK, GC) $576k
    Pendles (GEEL, ESS) $577k

  • Ebert -> JPK or Hanners?

  • looking at trading hodge and upgrading jack steele (fwd)

    option 1. Enright + Hall
    option 2. gilbert + any FWD up to 530k (bartel/riewoldt/deledio/adams/wingard)

    • Both options are good.
      Enright has been in very good touch lately… and the Hall bandwagon is getting full.

      I think I would go with Gilbert + Bartel/Adams

    • I think Roo might struggle if you get through to the GF. Both options do sound good, I would go Wingard if you went with option 2

  • (1) Enright & Greenwood or (2) Kk & Sloane? At the moment I am leaning toward option (1)…

  • Who is priority to Trade this week: McEvoy (v BL), Simpson (v GWS) or Lambert (v Ess). All on my field

  • Thoughts on Enright and Mark Hutchings for hodge and a rookie with not a lot in bank?

  • Back in your premiums, cull your rooks. You can always trade big boy to stef next week….

  • Boys, I think we have a copyright infringment.

    Recognised the theme song and instantly heard “Hi, we’re the Traders”

    Funny shit

  • Happy Prelim Finals week. Hope ya’s go well.
    Thoughts on these please:
    – DG Lambo to Menzel, Then upgrade Eski to Titch via Higgins DPP
    – DG Lambo to Menzel, Then upgrade Eski to Heath Shaw. Keep Higgins in FWD line
    – DPP Higgins to DEF, trade out Eski to Menzal. Field Lambo and upgrade Kruezer to Stef Martin

  • should i be upgrading Hibberd to Enright/Laird or Bont to Ellis? Hodge to Boyd is my other trade

  • Simpson to boyd
    Lambert to greenwood/hall

  • Fyfe inj fmdt. Lambo survives. 1. Danger & Enright + 50k 2. Gaff & Shaw or 3. Ellis & Picken?


    1. Shaw and Hunter
    2. Enright and Hall
    3. Enright and Titchell
    4. Gilbert and Dahlhaus
    5. Laird and Titchell

    Thanks :D