Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 19

With one round and four trades left until we are into finals, we should be using them to complete our teams. If I can dodge injuries this week, a traditional downgrade/upgrade in the backline will have my team in that position. Here are some guys I think are worth considering this week to finalise your side:

Harley’s revving up

Harley Bennell (FWD/MID, $535,000) has been on fire with a three game average of 122 with scores of 112, 124 and 130 in that time. He has basically played the last two games without Ablett and has embraced the added opportunity and his form looks set to continue after knocking up 130 against the Lions earlier this season. He is only owned by 4% of the competition so he certainly ticks the unique box if that’s what floats your boat.

Shawly Not

In years past, Heath Shaw (DEF, $562,000) has earned his spot on 98% of coaches ‘Never again list’ and for good reason. He strings a few outstanding games together before completely letting coaches down with a ridiculously low score. He is certainly doing his best to trick me into taking him off the list with outstanding form which has resulted in a five game average of 111 and a three game average of 121. He has a huge ceiling, as demonstrated in his last game with 147. His break-even is just 80 and he has a lowest score of 89 in his last seven rounds.

In Case You Mitched It

Tom Mitchell (MID/FWD, $473,000) is heavily under-priced due to copping a couple of vests and being forced to tag a number of times over the past six weeks which forced coaches into the #FreeTich campaign after he started with six out of seven 100’s with a lowest score of 95 in that time when he was given a green light to just play footy. On the weekend we saw him get a free run at it again and he dominated with 37 touches and eight tackles for 132. He has a break-even of 85 and is so cheap for one of the most talented scorers in the competition. Obviously he comes with risk as he seems to have a knack of pissing Horse off during the week at random times and copping bad roles or a vest as a result.

Buy and Selwood

Definitely buy! Joel Selwood (MID, $502,000) looks a sure thing to continue his career trend of finishing the year like a house on fire. As per usual, he had an indifferent start to the year before the byes but has swung it around of late with a three game average of 118 after score of 103, 106 and 146 on the weekend. He has a break-even of 48 leading into this weeks game against Sydney at the Cattery which is basically another guaranteed ton and price rise.



Jarrod Mcveigh (DEF/MID, $484,000) feasted on the Crows for 37 possessions and eight marks to give him a whopping score of 131. The fact he is so cheap and available in defence makes him an absolute bargain and he should be on the radar as he also has good history against his upcoming opponents. He has a break-even of 71 and a three game average of 99m making him the sensible defender upgrade despite the obvious temptation to chase the likes of Liam Picken as the extra $120K will no doubt be handy in the coming weeks.

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Twitter Time

Yeah jump on Pendles

Very tough call… Haus, Bart then Goddard for me

Steele goes first

Sloane to a big dawg

May suit some teams, but I wouldn’t be doing it

Certainly if he is fit! Heavily under-priced

Good luck this week, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @RoyDT


  • Great ideas Roy!
    I’m really needing help with my trades this week. I’ve got 106,000 in the bank and I need to get rid of O’Brien and Knight. I’m thinking of going LeCras > Hunter and then upgrade O’Brien > Gray but my priority is to upgrade Knight but I don’t know how

    DEF: Hodge,Mundy,Laird,Griffen,Eski,Saad (Clurey,Whitecross)

    MID: Macrae,Pendles,Kennedy,Bennell,Fyfe,Heppell,Bont,O’Brien (Glenn,Dumont)

    RUC: Blicavs,Kruezer (Holmes,Cox)

    FOW: Swan,Martin,Bartel,Titch,LeCras,Knight (Fantasia,Reid)

    Any thoughts/suggestions on trades would really help!
    Thanks guys :D

    • O’Brien and Knight both have more money-making left in them. It’s unfortunate that you’re relying on both for scoring, but with the lack of cash generation on your bench I think you’re stuck with them for the moment. There is no quick fix for your problems. Hunter definitely suits your needs, and so does Lambert. I would go Glenn to Lambert and LeCras to Hunter.

    • I’d downgrade a non-playing rookie-priced player (Whitecross or Dumont) and upgrade Fantasia to Hunter so you can bench Knight – leaves you with forward bench cover.

    • downgrade one of your non playing rookies who has made cash (whitecross) to a 120k rook. leaves you with 137k + what you already have to then maybe upgrade LeCras to a premo.

  • Great work Roy. So my deliemma is need to get my second ruck sorted can get the coin to get goldy to sit next to martin or am o better off getting someone with better money value like gawn or Nic Nat and use the saved cash next week to get rid of my playing rookie in defence?

  • Fyfe v Mitchell + 50k??? For last midfield spot

  • DEF: Hodge, Mundy, Mcveigh, Yeo, Malceski, B Smith (Byrne, Flynn)

    MID: Pendles, Lewis, Parker, Rocky, Heppell, J Selwood, Cripps, Lambert (Amon, Prudden)

    RUC: Goldy, Nankervis (Mckernan, King)

    FWD: Swan, Martin, Goddard, Bartel, Gray, Steele (Knight, Fantasia)

    97k in the bank..

    Are these trades good??

    Amon > 120k rookie…
    Mckernan > Gawn…

    Leaving 11k for next week

    Thoughts and suggestions on trades would be great..
    Thanks :D

    • Can’t get better trades then that! Next week look to get Steele off your bench.

  • Asked this in the Weekend Wash-up, but may as well try again here:

    I was hoping for B Smith to McVeigh this week, but am sadly 2k short with any reasonable rookie culling, so my options are

    1) Get McVeigh in for Swallow in M8, pray that no one gets injured/suspended/dropped/rested where I have no cover and bring in Fyfe/Jelwood for Smith next week.
    2) Cash in Caleb Daniel a couple of weeks early so as to afford Smith to McVeigh now, which would score me a bit higher since Swallow should outscore Smith.
    3) Stick my head in the sand, grab Fyfe/Jelwood now, leave finding Smith to McVeigh money up to future me, screw that guy.

    I’m currently taking 2 due to the danger of getting stuck with Smith if I cop injuries this week, as well Daniel having probably 60-80k left to gain, which is expendable and will likely be in smaller increments in a week or two. Thoughts?

    • Are you playing finals already? IF so grab Jelwood now. If you in the finals for next week then build your team and put up with Smith for now. That is what I am forced to do.

      • Last game of league games for me this week. I’m pretty safely in my top 4 even if I lose this week. Not liking the idea of going into finals with Smith still on my team.

  • Ok so my FWD is definitely lacking. I have $107,000 in the bank.

    Any help/thoughts would be appreciated. Right now thinking a bit of sideways trading:
    Yeo > Rockliff via Hodge DPP
    Ebert > Selwood
    Otherwise, I’d maybe like to upgrade McKernan to Dahl but then not sure who else to trade.

    DEF: Boyd,Mundy,KK,Newnes,McVeigh,Yeo (Pearce,Schade)

    MID: Hodge,Pendles,Lewis,Ebert,Heppell,Priddis,Parker,Titchell (Sneeze,Amon)

    RUC: Goldy,Martin (Naismith,Phillips)

    FOW: Swan,Martin,Gray,Lambert,McKernan, Daniel (Knight,Dale)

    • Yeo to Rocky is nice, but surely that forward line has to take precedence? With that said I don’t see much there for bench trades to give you Dahl money. You could plausibly take the punt on Hunter and do the Rocky trade too, would leave you kinda broke for next week though.

    • Why would you sideways trade when you have 3 rookies in your FWD? I suggest downgrading Amon to a 120k rookie and upgrading McKernan to Goddard/Bartel who are underpriced atm.

    • Maybe Ebert –> Selwood and McKernan –> McVeigh via DPP? Just a suggestion that I’m looking to do now. Look to get Rocky next week possibly.

    • What about moving titchell into your forward line and brining Rocky/Selwood into the mids for McKernon?

      • Who would you rather have Dahl or Jelwood or Rocky? Going by Lampe’s article, I’m leaning towards Jelly.

  • Great read as always Roy! Best one of the week! These are my trade options:
    1. McKernan –> 120k rookie and Hogan to Hunter leaving 345k next week to go B.Smith and Saad –> McVeigh and Boyd/Mundy, completing my backline.
    2. McKernan –> 120k rookie and B.Smith –> Hodge leaving 30k to do a down and upgrade next week. Will have to field Saad.
    Leaning towards option 1. Cheers!

  • Who’s the bigger problem to get rid of this week, buddy or Steele? Both are leaking cash.

    • Get rid of the rookie in Steele first, rather have Buddy playing then Steele. Bud might kick 10 who knows. Only trade out Buddy if he misses this week with injury

  • Jelwood or Dahlhaus as my second last upgrade?

    • Both are great options, but with Jelwood’s great finishes over the past few years, you gotta get him!

  • Wallis –> Hunter via DPP
    Malceski –> McVeigh

    Leaves me with 70k in the kitty to upgrade Lambert/O’Brien

    • Sounds good, do that. Definitely look to upgrade lambert/obrien, depends on who you can get. McVeigh is a great choice! :)

  • Neale, Rockliff or Ellis and why????

  • I thin B Smith can bounce back to some solid 80-100’s in the first 2 week of finals with easy fixtures. Looking at him for D6

  • I’m already playing finals. My opponent has Selwood… do I trade in Bartel (as a POD) or go with Selwood?
    Also should I trade in Jamie Elliott or Hunter?

  • Def: Mundy, Yeo, Newnes, Murph, Higgins, Malceski (Hamling, Edwards)

    Mids: Pendles, Heppel, Danger, Armatage, Ellis, Parker, Rocky, Priddis (Lambert, Amon)

    Ruck: Nic Nat, Kruz (McKernon, Cox)

    Fwd: Dahl, Swan, Martin, Titch, Bonti, Daniel (Krak, Byrne)

    92k in the bank

    Thinking Nic Nat to Martin and Krak to Dawson (DDP Lambert) to leave me with 117k next week to either finish off my forward line or upgrade kruz or malceski

  • Finals has started early for my team and have some patching up to do to hopefully survive the elimination.
    Steele and b.smith are the ones in trade consideration and I have a few options….
    1. B.goodes (on bench) down to basement
    Steele to 479k mid/fwd
    2. Steele to basement fwd/mid rookie and feild r.knight or j.harmes
    B.smith to 581k mid via picken (selwood??)
    Any opinions/other thoughts?

  • Def: Hodge, Picken, McVeigh, yeo, laird, smith (Browne, clurey)

    Mid: Lewis, Heppell, ward, parker, Treloar, rocky, Newnes, lambert (stretch, dumont)

    Ruck: Stef, Sauce (Downie, Obrien)

    Fwd: Swan, Gray, Dusty, Dalhuas, Titchell, Daniel (McKernan, Knight)
    30k in bank

    Completely stuck on what to do, not enough money to upgrade Mckernan to a premo so thinking of a double downgrade of Downie and Stretch to allow an upgrade next week?
    But no good downgrade options atm so waiting for Jeppas!!!

    Any other ideas? Priorities are getting Daniel and Lambert off the field followed by Smith

  • Jelwood or Bennell? I know Joel usually does well to end the year but his only 106+ score in the past 5 weeks was last week whereas Bennell has been killing it 120+ the past ~5 weeks

  • DEF: Laird,Newnes,Gibbo,Yeo,Kelly,malcheski (Currey,Edwards)

    MID: Jelwood,Pendles,Lewis,Rocky,danger,Parker,Swan,Trealor (Steele,Amon)

    RUC: Blicavs,Martin (cox,holmes)

    FOW: Bartel,Martin,Gray,Titchell,Bont,Adams(knight,Fantasia)

    Problem ive got is to get rid of who in the backline have enough money $200K to do 2 upgrades or get rid of Malcheski?

    Or is there any other glaring problems i have got?

    Would much appreciate some feedback

  • Tom Boyd (Bench) > Downie
    McKernan> Bennell/Adams/Gunston


    McKernan> Hunter
    Tom Boyd> Lambert (Play Lambert on field as mid via Knight)


  • as much as i don’t want to disagree with @RoyDT, Armitage needs to go.
    only 1 score above 110 in his last 7 – not good enough for me

    leaning towards these trades:

    Armo > Jelwood
    Steele > Bartel


    • Yes I have the same issue thinking of trading Armo > McVeigh already traded in Jelwood last week – best trade in this year. The only downside is it still leaves two short of completing my team with finals starting next week – decisions decisions.

      • Or I can afford Stanton instead of McVeigh BUT would I sleep at night seems he is on the never again list !!

        • haha yeh McVeigh at least you know what to expect…and they have a decent run home
          i’ve already got him in my backline

          Armo could easily be a bit over $500k next week and then forced to keep or spend money so pretty easy decision for me

          Re 2nd trade, i’d rather have lambert as F7 and bring in Bartel then rely on Lambert as F6 with Steele on the bench

          will just need a downgrade option the following week to generate some cash

  • Ellis, Bartel or Ziebel for last mid spot???

  • DEF: Boyd, Kolodjashnij, Yeo, Laird, Newnes, Malceski (J. Kolo, S.Tape)
    MID: Macrae, Danger, Stanton, Ellis, Parker, Rockliff, Selwood, O’brien (Amon, Dumont)
    RUC: Goldy, Blicavs (Nankervis, Holmes)
    FWD: Swan, Dusty, Dahlhaus, Gray, Mitchell, Hunter (Lambert, Byrne)

    Besides O’brien, any noticeable priority trades?

  • Trade Steele to ?? 154k
    Malceski or Smith to McVeigh?

  • Smith to McVeigh
    What position is steele on your field? If he is down fwd Freeman is a solid F8 and Marsh from collingwood could make his debut this week only 120K and has fwd/def status

  • If Wines is out I’m thinking:

    Gaz to Selwood/T Mitchell/Bartel
    Wines to McVeigh

    Next week I’ll switch McVeigh to defence by trading Colquhuon to a mid.

  • Tom Boyd (Bench) > Downie
    McKernan> Bennell/Adams/Gunston


    McKernan> Hunter
    Tom Boyd> Lambert (Play Lambert on field as mid via Knight)


  • Thoughts on Lachie Hunter (Fantasy side) at this point in the season? Thinking I could go Wines to Hunter via a DPP forward to the mids. Gets a bit of cash.

  • Kruz to Stefan
    Yeo to Picken
    Wallis to Taylor Adams

    guy I’m versing this week has Yeo so possibly can keep him for another week.

  • Shaw, McVeigh, Hibbard, Mackie, Malceski, B Smith (Colquhoun, Bryne)

    Hannebery, Lewis, Fyfe, JP Kennedy, Priddis, Rockliff, Bontompelli, Neal bullen (Amon, knight )

    Jacobs, Gawn (Cordy, O’brien)

    Swan, Gray, Zeibell, Franklin, Gunston, Lambert (Membrey, McGuane)

    Number 1 on the ladder is locked away!

    Have $251 cash

    Thinking Amon (can’t see getting another game) -> J Selwood and cordy -> 120 k ruckman leaving 60k cash… Neal bullen onto the bench…, or trade buddy??? a risk and has been terrible lost me so much cash!!!!

    Any other tips? Gotta bit of money sitting on my bench on players that won’t play for the rest of the season is it worth risking downgrading them too 120 k players just for the cash when you know you have 2 premos in that position (Ruck) that you could side trade if injurys occur??

  • Hey guys, the real dreamteam here, 1 trade left. Beams has to be replaced by my last trade?

    Can buy anyone as I have 620k
    Beams – Selwood (looks good)
    Beams – Hannebry (Geel, Coll, St, Gws, Gc)
    Beams – someone else, make or break helpppp

  • Need some help to roll the dice and scrape into finals this week… My team is as follows:
    Hodge, Mundy, Boyd, McVeigh, Ibbotson, Rich (JKol, Fields)
    Beams, Pendles, Rocky, Heppell, Neale, Deledio, Ebert, Lambert (Kavanagh, Amon)
    Goldy, Kreuzer (McKernan, Griffin)
    Martin, Swan, Titch, Bartel, Motlop, Bont (Knight, B Jack)

    Obviously need to get rid of Beams, and of the rest I think Ibbo or Rich would be the first targets.

    Was thinking Beams to Selwood, leaving me up to $439k for a DEF. Best option for this price? Cheers

  • There arent too many great defs around that price…
    Maybe downgrade McKernan and go beams to hannebry leaving you cash for next week.
    If not, Andrew Mackie and James Kelly look okay

    • Thanks mate. I went to Kelly in the end as there might not be a next week…! Fingers crossed.