Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 16

There were some massive scores, some massive flops and some huge suspensions this week which leave our trade options wide open. I still think the best strategy is to hold under-performing premiums in order to remove all ‘rookie’ players, but I understand why some coaches are pulling the trigger and sending a message to the likes of Ebert. As we coming off a cash cow drought, upgrading our teams with under-priced players is vital, here a few I budget upgrades to consider.

Attack Dog

Ryan Griffen (MID, $446,000) has finally found his feet at the Giants and unexpectedly it is in a role across half back, commonly playing loose. He has a three round average of 108, with two impressive scores over 110 and a low of 103 in that time leading into his game against the Suns. He has dropped 39K since the start of the season and his price is well and truly on the way back up with a break-even of 43. The beauty of this trade will be Griff is a huge chance to gain defender status.


If you ignored me last week, Tom Rockliff (MID, $510,000) has to be your highest priority. The Pig was back last week and certainly took no time getting back to his dominant best with a score of 128. He is easily the biggest bargain of the year after dropping $253K since the start of the year, despite rising $25K this week. He has a break-even of just 63, so if you snooze on this one you will lose because he will be top dollar again in no time.

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Stop! Gazza Time

While discussing bargains, it’s hard to ignore one of the best players ever in Gary Ablett (MID, $566,000). Gaz is an absolute bargain after dropping $109K since the start of the year due to an attempt to return before his body was ready. By the look of things, it is ready now after watching Gaz dominate the last two weeks with back to back scores of 119. This gives him a break-even of 112 leading into his game against the Giants who he has scores of 131, 132 and 122 in his last three.


Ok, I feel like I am beating my head against a brick wall. If you continue to ignore how good Kolo is, you missed out on another massive game. That is all.

Twitter Time

I would be reluctant to trade either of them, but if they are your biggest issues I would trade Neale as I think Smith is more consistent.

Yes, bring in Lewis, at their best Lewis is superior.

The best player and best value is Rockliff. Oink.

I think he is great value and a worthy selection for that price.

The trade in question was Luke offering his Scotty Thompson for my Bont. It just so happened, the minute the offer came through, I had just verbally agreed to trade Bont to Ryan Griffen. My reason is because my elite team is only weak in one position, I have one weak defender spot up for grabs. My thoughts are Griff will be a defender by Elite finals. My verbal agreements are stronger than Deandre Jordan.

I would trade him into a superstar like Ablett or Rocky.

Yep, get him early!

I would trade Cripps

Great question and both awesome options. Rocky and Picken for me because they are both capable of 150.



MB-Guaranteed-Prize-Pool A F $1.5K


  • edwards to bartel and saad or thurlow to b.smith thoughts??

  • Last week made the call of Cripps to J, Kennedy and this week thinking Rocky in for Wallis

    Only got one worry and the is Steele/McKernan on the forward line F6 and only 30k

    • I’m playing McKernan as f6 at present. You need to have other rookies making cash so he can be upgraded later.

  • Fantasy

    Trade #1: Wallis/ Cripps to Rocky (erring towards Cripps to remove 2nd last rookie & unlikely to score well at Freo) – need to ‘downgrade’ to create missing ~+$35k from Trade 2 to make this happen

    Trade #2:
    Option A – Ox or Harry T out for Malceski (leaves $0k) or Z Williams (leaves~$75k).
    Option B – Non-playing D8 or M10 bench rookie (Dumont/ Schade/ (Colq)/ (Amon)) down to R Knights or Fields (or other based on Jeppa’s views tomorrow) – leaves +$30-40k

    Currently sitting with:
    Trade 1: Cripps –> Rocky
    Trade 2: Oxley –> Z Williams

    • By the way Freo are going, Cripps could crack a ton I reckon. Get rid of Wallis for Rocky. Harry Taylor is doing a hell of a lot so would get rid of him. Ox has more chance to score big. I would bring in Malceski if you are chasing points

      • Thanks Sarge.
        Not really chasing points – sitting top 3 in most leagues and ranked ~2250 so only pride at stake there – keen to get some new some rookies for $$$ in 2-4 weeks for finals upgrades.
        I think it will come down to a coin toss for Wallis/ Cripps but still erring on Z Williams who has been scoring as well/ better than Eski. That leaves me enough cash to get Ox/ Harry T up to $525k+ defender next week with another downgrade!

        (I am a Freo fan and I hear you regards Cripps – Ross will sort out the boys soon – you don’t become bad overnight (or over 6 games) – although Port trying to prove you can too.)

        • I feel your pain gogs, im a freo fan too. Ross will whip them intop shape for sure. Need to keep the cash coming in so Williams could be good. I never heard of him til you mentioned it on your post. I’m bringing in Knight for Dumont to allow me to get Rocky for Wallis

  • ablett, Hannebury, Steven, Montagna, Pendles, Beams or Fyfe????? can afford all whos best pick???

  • Hodge or Ablett?

    • im getting hodge this week, hodge is more likely to increase more in price than ablett.

  • I would like to get Rich to Malceski and also upgrade Wallis to Rocky. But I have $0 in the bank at the moment so won’t be able to do a direct swap. Should I hold Rich and upgrade Wallis to Rocky (by way of DG Dumont to Knight).
    Or another option I am looking at is either trade out Ziebell (or Reiwoldt if injured), DPP Dusty to FWD and bring Rocky in, which will allow me to trade Rich to Malceski but leaving Wallis in the midfield. Am I giving up too much here to get in Rockliff and Malceski

    • Probably 1. Would do 2 and trade Riewoldt if he is out. A calf injury does not heal overnight.

    • Roo has been great but he has well documented old man calf injuries. I really like your option with trading out Roo to get in Malceski and Rocky, if he is injured.

      If not… Have you considered Rich to Z Williams (hot tip above), that way you can still go Wallis to Rocky I think? Still, nothing wrong with Dumont to Knight – it will make you cash, but obviously net you less points.

      Meanwhile, devastated I traded Cripps out instead. Anyway…

      • +1
        NRoo out if injured…feel free to follow my lead with Z Williams in if not…gets you cash and points…I hope!

        • Thanks guys for the Z WIlliams option. I haven’t noticed him in the GWS team. Will leave my defence little vulnarable but could b worth a punt. Will leave William at D5 and eaither Maynard, Calquhoun or S Edwaards at D6

  • hi community.
    pushing for a top 10 finish and have 8 trades left. Have full premo side if you consider Maric and Motlop as premo’s?
    Anyway, my question is, ‘should i try to bring Rocky in?
    My mids are:
    Pendles Priddis Mundy Montagna Barlow Wines Lewis Sidey
    Would love to hear your thoughts

    • I would trade Barlow, if you were going to trade any of them.

      • Cheers Grey, just read big Nick will the fitness test on Thursday and see how it pulls up on Friday. I might stick with option 1, then DPP Knight to FWD bench to cover for Nick if he is named and is a late change.

  • Looking to upgrade my last on field rookie in Oxley this week.
    Also have to trade out Adams.
    Currently looking at three different scenarios.

    1 – Adams to Bartel giving me enough money to go Oxley to Mcveigh/KK (which one?) Leaves me with only $2,000.
    2 – Adams to Gray/Mitchell (which one?) and Oxley to Higgins.
    Leaves me with only $2,000.
    3 – Adams to Bartel and Oxley to Malceski which leaves me with about $141,000 to upgrade Wallis to a Rocky next week.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.
    In a must win game to make league finals.

    • Adams to Bartel and Wallis to Rocky this week. He will go up another 30K at least this week. Then Ox to KK next week

      • I’m looking at it from purely a points point of view this week.
        Do you think Rocky and Oxley will outscore or equal the points output of Mcveigh/KK and Wallis?

        • That is tough – Ox is high risk, high reward. At their best, Rocky/Ox have better potential. Likely outcome is that McV and Wallis do better and Ox gets you a 60… unless you trade him out, in which case he will get a 130.

        • There’s always the C you can pt on Rockliff as well to get extra points

          • Bartel has 121 BE so you could wait a week for him.
            Is Adams locked in your FWD line with no DPP to MID? If so then that limits your options.
            Is there any DPP between MID & DEF? If yes, would this work…
            Adams –> Higgins (FWD) & Oxley —> Rocky via DPP

  • KK or McVeigh?

    KK recent scores higher versus McVeigh, has a lower average though.

  • Has to wait until next week but hows this trade sound.
    Cripps and Amon> Steele and a mid for around 500k.

    Or is it a better idea to bring in Knight or another cheap rookie instead of Steele

    • steel will be even more expensive next week. We are almost missing the train as it is, but im jumping on steel this week anyhow. Doing wallis down to Steele gives me cash for about a similar average score output.

  • ok im stuck between a rock and a hard spot here..

    Cripps or Wallis -> Rocky..

    both have tough games away to Fremantle and Geelong so im not sure :-/

  • Has to wait until next week but hows this trade sound.
    Cripps and Amon> Steele and a mid for around 500k.

    Or is it a better idea to bring in Knight or another cheap rookie instead of Steele?

  • Id go the mid around 500k and try get sideass

  • Should I get rid of CRIPPS/Wallis-steven or ablett OR get rid of OX to mcveigh
    Cheers much appreciated

  • What to do with Devon Smith, playing RDT sitting nicely in the top 50 with 1 rookie (lever) on field. Only have 7 trades left but he is starting to irk me. FWD line Swan Gray Mitchell Bont Martin Smith (Hogan McLean).
    Would finishing my team be a priority before dealing with him.

  • Trades for this week:
    T. Adams -> Ablett
    Wallis -> Picken

    This is safe. Not sure how to go from there, got 21k left and only rooks on the bench..
    Clurey, J Kelly, Kav, Dumont, Fantasia, C Byrne

    Which of these would you trade out and for whom?


    • answer me friends

      • Good trades – but Picken is now top $$$
        If you are tight for cash then look elsewhere for some value or POD: Mundy; K Kolo; Roberton; Shaw; McVeigh…

        Rookies…I would offload in this order (re-assess versus named):

        Fantasia (listed as 1-2 weeks)
        J Kelly (dump if named – 90 BE)
        Kav (see if named)
        Clurey (may keep his spot but not high scorer)
        Dumont (moves up list if not named this week)
        Byrne (he should get a game this week or next)

      • great advice thanks guys

    • I like those trades…. Next week maybe sideways one of your non-playing rookies for another rookie who will make you money…. I know it’s late in the season but trust me! You’re going to want more money so you can afford decent backup on your bench

    • I’d be looking to make cash mate.
      Your current bench isn’t making you cash which will make it hard to improve your team in coming weeks.

      Riley Knight, Nick O’Brien and Kane Lambert are all decent options for bench cover in the MID’s and FWD’s.

      Perhaps look at doing one rookie trade along with your Adams > Ablett trade.

  • So…
    1) Ox => Z Williams, Jelwood => Ablett this week OR
    2) Ox to Kolo, Jelwood => Griffen.
    3) Jelwood => Ablett, Wallis => Griffen (leaves me with only 19K though!)

    Either way, good riddance to bad rubbish Selwood, you spud. Thank god you gave me the reason I needed to dump you.

    Thinking option 1 or 3 at the moment. To be honest, I just want to get the little bald man. Love watching him play! Thoughts?

    • Bring in Gaz…. He just looks in too good of form to ignore! So forget option 2 (Kolo has a 5 round average of 102, however he is owned by 10%, so you’re better off not getting him and hoping he returns to start-of-season form). I’d be getting rid of Wallis before the Ox, why?? Because Ox is a yoyo, and if he plays that free defender role, he could easily ton up against WCE. Wallis has been playing a lot more fwd, and just doesn’t get the possessions he use to get.

      • Thanks GR, I had pencilled that in as the better option. I still have my doubts about Griff, but he should at least be a step up to someone better in a couple of weeks.

        The only issue is missing Knight, but he should still be value next week.

  • Choose a trade option.

    1. Wallis to Malceski, Ebert to Hodge
    2. Wallis to Malceski, Ebert to Goldstein via dpp
    3. Ebert to Hodge, Shade to Z.Jones

    have no cash and no maxed out rookies so sideways trades are only real option.

    • I still wouldn’t trade Ebert…. He’s in a form slump, but how angry would you be if he returned to his best the week you traded him?? Unfortunately, we don’t know what players are thinking, and we don’t know who’s going to turn up each day- going into beast mode!! But Ebert is a beast, he can go huge when he’s on, and he can be consistent (96, 124, 134, 116, 96 during rnds 8-12).

      However if you’ve already made up your mind, I would bring in Hodge as he will be the best defender in the league…. The earlier you bring him in, the better your overall ranking will be! Goldy has been amazing, but I promise you he will not continue that kind of form every single game. He will screw up (maybe this weekend, has a poor record against the bombers). You’re better off waiting for that below par performance- so you can get him in for a better price!

      • Just checked Goldy’s break even…. It’s sitting at 78…. So maybe you won’t get him at a cheaper price??? Tough choice haha, maybe bring in Goldy first

  • Hello guys!!

    Hodge, Mundy, Boyd, McVeigh, Simpson, Yeo (Colquohoun, Hamling)
    Beams, Pendles, Fyfe, Parker, Heppell, Lewis, Wallis, Cripps (Kav, Harmes)
    Goldy, McKernan (Cordy, Holmes)
    Swan, Martin, Mitchell, Gray, Bont, Steele (Krak, Lambert)
    200k remaning….

    I was a spaz, and traded out Nic Nat, and put McKernan into my R2…. He’s obviously going to spud it up this weekend when he comes up against Goldy :(
    My question is this….
    1. Should I trade out Krak and Cordy so I can afford to bring in Martin (and put McKernan as my F7).
    2. Sideways Wallis/Cripps to Rocky and Gablett to have a complete Midfield (to go with my complete defence). This will leave me with a porridge score from McKernan, but it means I have gotten Rocky and Ablett in for decent prices.

    Leaning towards number 2, and just hoping that McKernan can get a few tackles to make up for his lack of hitouts

    • Option 2
      You can hold on to Cripps (will get you 80+), trade Wallis to Rockliff, downgrade Colquohoun and get S.Martin next week.

    • I love Martin (have had him and Goldy since round 1 set and forget), but there is some question mark with him returning with Luey in such good form. He won’t drop much but I’m a little worried that he could drop a couple of sub 100 scores next week or two.

      Go option 2, it’s premium all the way

    • how about trading out wallis, swing steele to mids, mckernan to fwd and bring in martin. that way you can still swing mckernan with cordy in the coming weeks should you need ruck cover. then perhaps cripps to rocky. or possibly kav to rocky if you can swing it. must admit, i haven’t thought this through entirely yet. but it does give you back a fwd/mid in your mids which could be handy in the coming weeks too.

    • Option 2 all the way GR. Bummer about Nic Nat, but McK will keep making you coin and you cannot go wrong with the Rocky/Gablett show. It is a thing of beauty watching them rack up the points.

  • Ta Roy. Happy to say I will not be goin near Ryan Griffen again, having said that this ensures all current owners will get decent scores from him

  • Is there going to be another release of DPP this season?

    If so, when ?

  • Cripps (BE 85) or Wallis (BE 104) for Rockliff?

    • I have the same dilemma – and a few others have asked the same above!
      The jury is split almost 50:50…depedns on your criteria!
      – BE suggests trade Wallis
      – Rd 16 score suggests possibly Cripps
      – Rookie v Established – means keep Wallis
      – Role change – suggestion is that Wallis is playing more forward – haven’t watched him live in recent weeks so not sure how much substance in this – but would tilt things in favor of dumping Wallis

      Not sure that helps you…but for me
      Yesterday –> Wallis out!
      Today —> Cripps out!
      Tomorrow –> ??? (drifting towards keeping Cripps…)
      Friday lock out —> ???

      • don’t think about it too much…
        you’re probably going to trade out both soon anyway

        Cripps away at Freo won’t be easy but more chance of reaching BE

        personally i’m trading Wallis first

    • Many people above are suggesting Wallis out before Cripps. It is a very difficult decision, consider that Wallis does have a better run home and now that Gibbs is out for the season, Cripps may attract a little more attention. I have both as well, but fortunately I have Rocky already. Good luck with your decision. If I have to pick one, I would trade Cripps.

      • Thanks for your input…. Gogs and Dulcify.

        Yesterday I traded Cripps, today I reversed and traded Wallis.
        The BE factor is pretty large. Wallis already lost $12k last week and Cripps is just about to top out.

        The Gibbs factor is also something to think about. However, when Gibbs has missed games this year Cripps has scored 83,94,84 and 79. His season average is 84.

        Another interesting point:
        If you remove Wallis’ lowest score (10 – when he was injured in Round 3) his season average would be 93!

        Food for thought.

        I think I might keep Wallis after looking at those numbers.

        • I’ve trade Wallis > Rocky and will throw the BE dice and grab Griffen for Cripps.

    • MD – I traded Cripps last week instead of Wallis and I regret it.

      Can you get rid of both? They are both stepping stones, and neither will make much more money. For me, assuming you are going to get rid of both in the next couple of weeks, getting rid of Wallis is lower risk.

      • Cheers Yarmo.

        Good point – both of them will be traded soon enough. Although this week my second trade is STRETCH > KNIGHT

  • facing the cripps/wallis to rocky issue as many here are. thinking I should trade out another rookie instead such as McCarthy who is still a lemon in the F6 role. Thoughts?

  • Scotty Thompson > Ablett or Steven
    Greene > Ablett or Steven

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  • This is my team:
    AFL Fantasy

    DEF: Hodge, Mundy, McVeigh, Yeo, Saad, Hamling (Byrne, Flynn)

    MID: Pendles, Fyfe, Parker, Lewis, Heppel, Wallis, Cripps, Knight (Dumont, Amon)

    RUC: Goldy, Mckernan (Nankervis, King)

    FWD: Martin, Swan, Riewolt, Goddard, Gray, Steele, (Fantasia, Lambert)

    160k in the bank…

    I am thinking of going…

    Cripps > Rocky
    Hamling > Fields, leaving 87k for upgrading Saad next week…

    Thoughts on these trades?? And if i need to change them..

    Thanks :)

  • Dahlhaus, Greene or Buddy as an upgrade target for McCarthy?

  • Oxley to Malceski?

    • I’m definitely considering it for next week to rid my backline of rookies and essentially finish it.

      I don’t have Hodge, Boyd or Picken though which is putting me off but am worried they’re getting out of reach price-wise.

  • Going Ellis-Yolmen to Rocky. But not sure whether I should go Oxley to Smith (Which means I can upgrade to Gablett next week) or go straight Wallis to Hodge?

  • B Smith or Malceski???????

  • Selwood or Wallis out?
    Im thinking of holding Selwood?

    • If you’re not tempted to trade selwood this week then might as well keep him for the season…

      Who is your cover?

      • Kane lambert who will take Edwards spot at richmond meaning more time in the guts!!!

        • Lambert is probably good for 60-70 still not great.
          Depends how much upside you think there is keeping selwood

          If it means getting guys like ablett or Rocky then I would trade

  • Kane lambert who will take Edwards spot at richmond meaning more time in the guts!!!