Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 15

On the back of some good trading last week I enjoyed the fruits of bringing in David Armitage and his contribution helped me to 2362 and an overall rank of 108. So, I am keen to crack the top 100 and that means I have been working extra hard to look for the best trades available and the good news for you is that (unlike Warnie) I share the gold I find.

King Kolo

I will actually start with the reason I am ranked so well rather than someone I am looking to bring in. My best selection at the start of season is one of DTTALK’s favourite players Kade Kolodjashnij (DEF, $477,000). After a slow start to the year that had many coaches crying ‘second year blues’, Kolo rewarded the faithful by turning it on since round five to elevate himself into the ‘must have’ defender category. Now it hurts me to write this because I love the fact he is currently owned by less than 10% of the comp but sharing is caring. Over the last four weeks he has scored three tons, with a lowest score of 85 in that time. The kid is a gun, he has a break-even of just 74 and as much as I don’t want you to trade him in… Do it.

Under-priced Star

Josh Kennedy (MID, $531,000) is an absolute star! If it wasn’t for a score of 16 after an early injury last year, Kennedy would have elevated his game to the elite bracket of averaging 110 for the year. Due to a couple of uncharacteristically quiet games four weeks ago, he is available for a bargain price. If you need convincing that Kennedy has the star power required to justify one of your valuable midfield positions for the run home, his form over the last two weeks should be enough to get it done. He is coming off scores of 114 and 151 which leaves him with a break-even of just 60. He is a ball magnet and tackling machine which is a great combo in every coaches eyes and the icing for me is that he is still unique, owned by less than 7% of the competition.

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Food For Thought

Cash generation and viable downgrade options are going through a lean spell, so it may be time to get creative. Here is an idea that Warnie and I are throwing around in regard to trading out Oxley for in a double upgrade cash grab. Our thoughts are that there are better players than the Ox for up to 50K less, and that could be the money required to upgrade the likes of Cam Ellis-Yolman to a keeper like Tom Rockliff, arguably upgrading your team in both positions. The guys we are looking at:

Nick Malceski (DEF, $356,000) has had a rough start to his time at the Suns but things look to be on the improve. The temptation with this selection is the undeniable upside for such a small outlay. Although he has not hit his straps yet this season, Malceski is coming off a career high average of 92 and is playing what should be a Fantasy friendly role off half back/wing which saw him score over 30 in the first quarter last week before finishing the game on 72. He has dropped $165,000 since the start of the season and looks to have the vests behind him.

Brodie Smith (DEF/MID, $343,000) had a brilliant start to the season with scores of 93 and 111 (injured) before injuries continued to take their toll on the 2014 All Australian, hindering his ability to get back to his best. After putting his injuries behind him, Smith has since strung four games together where he has manage to score 70 or over on all occasions, with a top score of 81 in that time. He has dropped 122k since the start of the year and has a good run over the coming weeks including games against the Eagles and Suns who leak plenty of points. He has a break-even of 49 and at worst could serve as a stepping stone to the like of Mundy or Boyd in the coming weeks.

Twitter Time

I have him in elite. Not worth trading because no one will want him. I’ll bench in the hope he gets it together.

Take a punt getting Colq to save the $$$ and Yep, get Rocky.

Far better options available IMO.

I would hold Smith unless he is out through injury. The trade certainly has merit though… it is similar to the Oxley debate, only on Peptides.

Yep, that works although Bont beware… He plays the Suns this week and might be worth holding for the week.

Ok guys,

Cheers and good luck




  • Hey guys.. Im not sure what i should do for my trades this week, if you could help me that would be great!!

    I have a lot of money in the bank so i should use these trades wisely..

    AFL Fantasy

    DEF: Hodge, Mundy, McVeigh, Yeo, Saad, Hamling (Byrne, Flynn)

    MID: Fyfe, Pendlebury, Parker, Lewis, Heppel, Wallis, Cripps, Dumont (Amon, Knight)

    RUC: Goldstein, Naitanui (Nankervis, King)

    FWD: Martin, Swan, Goddard, Gray, Steele, Fantasia (Lambert, McGuane)

    356k in the bank….

    Cheers :)

    • Id be looking to get Hamling off your field mate, maybe upgrade to premo or Smith/Eski or even Colquhoun to save some cash. Also Fantasia wont be playing for a couple of weeks, maybe upgrade him to McKernan. Both Colquhoun and McKernan should make some cash and get 70+ each week, considered more of the safe rookies to field.

    • +1 to Kingzy
      Your three priorities should be getting Hamling, Fantasia off your field, followed by Dumont.
      Colq-hoon and McKernan are great options, Ah-Chee might be ok in the mids but is high risk, Other option in the mids might be the new midget from the Bulldogs (forget his name).

      I would do something like Dumont to Rocky, + Hamling to Colq-hoon

      • I have a feeling with Norths terrible game last week Dumont might shed the vest this week, also read Port might be axing some people that are under performing so Amon might get a full game to. Hopefully!

      • Would love to be able to grab Caleb Daniel (WB “midget”) if he is named – he looked very good and got really involved – doubt they could green vest him again after his game changing effort!
        Need to use my saved $$$ to boost MID & DEF premo count!


    Have 96k in the bank??!!

    What trades should I be doing this week!! Only have 4 trades left?!?! Need to fix my backline?!? Help??

    Newnes, Oxley, saad, lever, hamling,pittard, clurley, Mckenzie

    Pendles, danger, beams, Parker, Lewis, ebert, treloar, Bont( Amon, kavanagh, freeman)

    Goldy, Martin( gorringe)

    Swan, Gray, buddy, Martin,Mitchell,Schneider, Fantasia, Steele

    • holy shhh, what have you been doing with the trades?!
      the annoying thing is that you can’t create cash from the bench either, so you’re restricted in what you can actually do

      I hope you’re going for league, so you can actually hold for the time being (it sucks, but save the trades for when you need them) – otherwise you’re taking punts on some midpricers/low premos (Docherty, Johannisen, Tuohy all come to mind here)

      • +1. Liam, with only 4 trades left you need to hold and wait for some of those rookies to make some money, even though that may take a few weeks. Like Sam says, wait as long as you can (if you think you can make the league finals, wait until then) so they will give you something to work with.

        • Yeah I just had lots on injuries, I should make the finals in all my leagues, I’ll hold my trades until then! I’ll wait for my bench rookies to make cash then trade! Cheers for all your gelp

  • DEF:Yeo, Simpson, Hibberd, Gibson, Ox, Smith
    FWD:Swan, Titch, Dusty, Dahl, Mccarthy, McKernan.

    Thoughts on these trades:
    Ox to Colqohoun, McCarthy to Reiwoldt.
    Leaving cash in the bank for next week to go either upgrade Gibson if he doesnt perform, or maybe Wallis.

    • Looks pretty good to me – I am getting rid of Ox this week too. Roo looks great, I just can’t afford him. I reckon he is the pick of the forwards to bring in this week.

      • Thanks mate, Ox has to go for sure. I agree Roo is shredding and no one else looks in as good form as him, was going to go Goddard this week but after last week two thumbs down!

  • keep dauhlhaus or get him out?

    • If you can afford a luxury trade then trade him, but if you have rookies/injured players playing on field they are your priorities.

  • If the entire rest of your team is sorted, you could trade him to Roo or something… but surely you have other issues to fix?

  • OK dudes, little bit of cash to spare this week in FF.
    Trade 1
    Ox to Boyd/Mundy/Picken/McVeigh (order of pref, currently going with Boyd)

    Trade 2
    Saad to McVeigh (D6) OR
    Wallis to Rocky (saving Cash) or Beams (spending all cash) OR
    Bailey F’en Dale to Caleb Daniel (getting rid of a non-playing benchwarmer)

    I care about both league and overall.

    Currently leaning toward Ox-Boyd and Wallis to Rocky. I figure I can shove Dale to Fantasia when he comes back in. What do you reckon?

    • Ox-Boyd and Wallis to Rocky would be a great move, both have maxed out in price and Boyd is shredding, should go big this week against GC to. Rocky will be making cash instant reward.

      • ox to boyd for sure..
        possibly Saad to McVeigh as it may bring in more total points than Wallis to Rocky

    • Yeah I think Ox to Boyd or Picken definitely. Saad looked like he was struggling last week. I think Rocky needs 1 week to see what he can produce before getting on board. Maybe look at the Wallis to Rocky )or Ablett) trade next week

  • Def: Newnes, Edwards, Hodge, Yeo, McVeigh, Mundy (Clurey, Goodes)

    Mid: Pendles, Armitage, Rischitelli, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Lewis, Cripps, Kavanagh (Amon, Dumont)

    Ruc: Goldstein, Kruezer(Holmes, Brooksby)

    Fwd: Bont, Steele, Gray, Martin, McCarthy, Titchell(Cox, Honeychurch)

    How did I not get rid of McCarthy this round and put Honeychurch on the field.. What a joke. Well I have $323K to spend. I’m considering having a donut in defence to get Rocky and Riewoldt for Cripps(who I really don’t want to get rid of, but if it’s a double upgrade I have to consider it) and McCarthy? Leaves me with $49K. Then next week getting in Brodie Smith to cover that donut. Thoughts?

    • I would keep Cripps as he’s still scoring well and may possibly have more money to make.

      Have a look if you can upgrade both Edwards and McCarthy this week

    • Sounds like solid trading. If you are happy with a 0 this weekend, then go for it. I would look at getting rid of Edwards this week. Upgrade him to a Kolo or Simpson. Then worry about McCarthy next week

    • You could go Edwards to Colquhoun which will still get decent points and make money, nice stepping stone to premo. And go McCarthy to Deledio who should be a keeper for the rest of the season? Only leave 2k in the bank tho

  • AFL Fantasy

    DEF: Yeo, Newnes, Murphy, Higgins, Hibberd, Saad, (Hamling, Edwards)

    MID: Pendlebury, Danger, Armitage, Ellis, Parker, Heppell, Wallis, Cripps, (Amon, Dumont)

    RUC: Maric, Naitanui (Kruz, Cox)

    FWD: Martin, Swan, Dahl, Titchell, Bont, Krak (Clark, Byrne)

    114k in the bank

    I’m thinking Saad to Mundy and Maric to McKernon to leave 108k in the bank. Kruz on ground.

    Looking to go Clark to Bartel/Goddard and downgrade a rookie next week

  • In RDT Naismith for either Lobb or Downie. Looking to cover Maric or Goldstein for the rest of the year

  • DEF: Mundy, Yeo, Newnes, Docherty, Taylor, Saad (Hamling, Byrne)
    MID: Fyfe, Lewis, Heppell, Treloar, Telli, Barlow, Cripps, Boston (Dumont, Amon)
    RUC: Goldy, Kreuzer (McKernan, Cox)
    FWD: Dusty, Swan, Grey, Titch, Bont, Steele (Fantasia, Lambert)

    $85,000 in the bank

    Thinking of going Saad>Colquhoun and Docherty(heard he is out for 2-3 more weeks)>Hodge

    With $35,000 left


    • Good trades, it’s a good looking team, Boston trade the only other consideration

  • Hey everyone. Looking to sort out my backs this week, hopefully for the rest of the year, or at least until I have brought in the likes of Ablett, Rocky etc. over the coming weeks. It is currently:

    Hodge, Picken, Mundy, Newnes, Oxley, Saad (Clurey, Edwards) 38k in the bank.

    Obviously Oxley and Saad go this week. I’m pretty set on bringing in Colquhoun to sit at D6, who holds the best value down back. This trade leaves me with 160k to upgrade the other.

    Should I splash the cash and bring in Trolojashnij or buy into the value of Brodie Smith? Cheers.

  • Ryan Griffen a good pickup??

    • I wouldn’t, Brodie Smith is better. But if you have Smith already, Zac O’brien is a better pickup if named. But if he isn’t named and you can’t afford more expensive options, I would take Griffen.

      • Ryan Griffins role change makes him very tempting, 2 tons in a row in the new role and more than likely given def status come rd18. Look how well Boyd has gone in a similar role.

    • As an owner who has greatly enjoyed him finally paying his way a little, don’t get him, he’s a nightmare who is as lazy as he is terrible, he will not keep this up, new role or no, it’s not in his nature (his nature is napping on the bench).

  • That some good moves Cody. I did same trades last week. But went McVeigh for Docherty. Though McVeigh did poorly, he should score well in next few rounds. You can’t go wrong with Hodge

  • DEF: Newnes, Hodge, KK, Laird, Simpson, Lever (Brown, Hamling)
    MID: Parker, Treloar, Kennedy, Barlow, Lewis, Watson, Griffen, Boston (Mckenzie, Kav, Amon)
    RUC: Goldy, Sauce
    FWD: Swan, Martin, Daul, Gray, Bont, Riewoldt (Steele, Lambert)

    450K in the bank with 6 trades left.

    Had a horror start with Sidebum, Rocky, Scooter, Sloane (x2) and Bartel. I know it’s good to save trades, but want to improve my midfield.

    Thinking of trading watson for rocky, then next week trade Brown, Boston for Maynard (or smith/malek), Sidebum (or ablet.

    any suggestions would be welcome!

  • Def: Mundy, Shaw, Newnes, Hibberd, Saad, Hamling (Pearce, Edwards)
    Mid: Fyfe, Pendles, Armitage, Ebert, Lewis, Parker, Barlow, Rockliff (Dumont, Kavanagh)
    Ruc: Jacobs, Kreuzer (Clark, O’Brien)
    Fwd: Swan, Martin, Gray, Titchell, Bont, Mckernan (Lambert, Daniel)

    Thinking of downgrading Clark to a downie type and upgrading saad to hodge or Boyd, anything else I should be thinking about?

  • RDT

    DEF: Newnes, Hodge, KK, Laird, Simpson, Lever (Brown, Hamling)
    MID: Parker, Treloar, Kennedy, Barlow, Lewis, Watson, Griffen, Boston (Mcken, Kav, Amon)
    RUC: Goldy, Sauce
    FWD: Swan, Martin, Daul, Gray, Bont, Riewoldt (Steele, Lambert)

    450K in the bank with 6 trades left.

    Had a horror start with Sidebum, Rocky, Scooter, Sloane (x2) and Bartel. I know it’s good to save trades, but want to improve my midfield.

    Thinking of trading watson for rocky, then next week trade Brown, Boston for Maynard (or smith/malek), Sidebum (or ablet.

    any suggestions would be welcome!

  • DEF: Yeo, McVeigh, Mundy, Higgins, Rich, Calquhoun, (Hamling, Edwards)
    MID: Lewis, Danger, Heppell, Neale, Parker, Ward, Wallis, Kavanagh, (Amon, Dumont)
    RUC: Goldy, Kruez (Phillips, Cordy)
    FWD: Martin, Swan, Titch, Ziebz, N Reiwoldt, Grey (Cox, Lambert)
    $17K in the bank

    Looking at DG Cordy to Downey on the ruck bench. Then either UG Rich to a Kolo or Simpson, leaving me buggar all in the bank, or should I go Rich to eitehr Smith or Malceski to leave approx $120K in the bank. Next weeks trades would be to UG Wallis to Gablett or Rocky and then cash in Edwards to Ciaran Byrne on defence bench

  • What y’all think of Wines? Thinking of upgrading him to Armitage as he doesn’t seem to be doing so great and is losing cash. Otherwise I’ll be trading out Wallis, Cripps or Hogan who can probably all hang around for another week.
    With Port swinging the axe is Wines just around the corner from some good form? He’s ok but is taking up premium mid territory. Also have Dumont and Krak but they’re probably good to stay a few more weeks.
    Anyway, in simpe terms: Wines, hold or fold?

    • im holding

    • hold, still racking up good numbers, just needs to convert a few more handballs to kicks!

      • thank you gentlemen, i think i’ll hold too. he better perform now *shakes fist* kidding, of course, i bear all responsibility for my actions.

        so i think i’ll trade wallis instead. better you think? or cripps? been happy to make my own decisions all year but things are getting intense now!

        • btw will, your avatar cracks me up everytime! :)

        • hmmm, i’d probably trade cripps before wallis, mostly because of the injury worries around cripps this week.
          my avatar is me every time one of my spud defenders gets a cheap +6.

          • lol, we can all relate to that.

            wallis is safe now. the axe is hovering over cripps or hogan until selection. think hoges might be good this week though.

  • Cripps>Rocky or Saad>Boyd?

  • zach tuohy anyone?

    • very tempting. but no real fantasy history i’m aware of to back him up and suggest this is more than a flash in the pan. could be a wild ride though. if you’re gonna jump on board, hold on tight!

      go colquouuouon, or maynard.

  • Def: Mundy – McVeigh – Simpson – Newnes – Hibberd – Oxley (Pearce – Clurey)
    Mid: Pendlebury – Parker – Lewis – Boak – Barlow – Wallis – Cripps – Griffen (Dumont – Glenn)
    Ruc: Longer – Kreuzer (Phillips -Holmes)
    Fwd: Martin – Swan – Goddard – Titchell – Gray – Bont (Fantasia – Lambert)

    19k left

    Oxley > B.Smith
    Griffen > Greene/Selwood?

    Please help!

    • Is that ryan griffen? Firstly how do you still have him, secondly if you do you may as well keep him, he seems to have gotten some form and you can put him as a defender and the people you are getting for him aren’t worth it either. I would trade oxley to colq over smith. If fantasia doesn’t play you could get ben reid for him to get some cash and someone who will play. Or if you want to trade cripps/griffen there’s always rocky. If you wait a week as well it will be easy to get ablett.

  • Really need help for RDT, never asked a question before but with only 6 trades left I need some options please guys.

    Have 6 trades left $189,800 in the bank. Only playing for eliminator

    DEF: Picken, Newnes, Hodge, Hibberd, Yeo, Oxley (Lever, Edwards)
    MID: Heppel, Beams, Neale, Ellis, Lewis, Greene, Thompson, Cripps (de Goey, Boston, Kav)
    RUC: Jacobs, Martin (Mckernan) ->got in Mckernan for ruck cover, holding SMartin
    FWD: Swan, Martin, Gray, Zorko, Bonts, Steele (Fantasia, Cox M)

    Should I upgrade or downgrade Oxley? Thinking of going Ox -> Brodie Smith Cripps -> rocky and then using the rest of my trades for injuries/outs or upgrading my forward line more.
    Any help would be appreciated!

  • Real Dream Team QUESTION

    What is the consensus, how many Trades left is average…….how many do you all have and I will tally and reveal the average be weeks end?

    I have 10 left after the last Round?

    • I have 12 trades left however from what I have heard the average is about 8 or so.

  • Thanks kingzy you really went out of your way to answer..

    Was thinking of getting colquhon in this week.. Might save McCarthy for next week and trade in Rocky for Kav and then in the near Future use Cripps to Ablett..

    • He should go alright, Iam trading Colquhoun in this week. I have MacCarthy to, Iam trading him to Reiwoldt. After his 21 last week and 22k price drop he has to go for me.

  • Would you guys rather have McKernan or Steele? not sure which at the moment… Its a tough call

    • mckernan’s more of a sure thing good for 70+ and no vest chance so he gets it for me even though steele probably has more scoring potential he can be more inconsistent imo. So Mckernan for me.

    • I would go McKernan his JS is great, he won’t be getting any vests, his DPP F/R is handy and he will avg about 75.

  • Thanks Mr Boyd after I traded him in last week – scored 2232 with 21 players – couldnt cover Grundy and other issues I had so hope he is back this week. Plus awesome efforts by Armitage (c), Pendles, JKP, Lewis, Hodge, Dusty, Parker & Gray. Goodbye Bennell & McCarthy welcome Rocky & Daniel

    Thanks for nothing KKolo – traded him out round 5 after a putrid start to the season NOW may have to look at getting him back.

    • do you really need him back in though? Hodge, Boyd, Mundy, Mcveigh, Picken, Simpson, Shaw. Kolo’s been great but will he keep it up? I’d feel safer with any of those 7 but he is still good value atm.

  • Hi Guys, Really need some help with trades this week! Please give feedback.


    DEF: Hodge,Yeo,Mundy,Boyd,Oxley,Hamling(Clurey, pearce)
    MID: Fyfe, Armitage, Parker, Heppel, Gray, t adams, walli, Kavangah (Glenn, robinson)
    Ruck: Jacobs, Grundy (Nankervis, cox)
    FWD: Martin, Goddard, mitchell, bont, steele, mcKernan.

    345K in the bank.

    All Suggestions Greatly Appreciated.


  • Rocky or Hodge.?

    Can only afford 1 this week?

    • Rocky. Hodge still coming down in price. For Rocky, the only way is up.

  • Haha kingzy I just pretty much locked and loaded the same trade.. Rocky can wait. Would love to see him tear up in my team. But beware, every premo for the last couple of weeks I’ve brought in like McVeigh and the week before titchell have gone bad. So hopefully Riewoldt doesn’t go down the same path. Haha

  • Although I’m getting rid of Goodes in my backline..

  • Hey guys which is the better option

    rich to colq and saad to kennedy
    hogan to mckernan or ibbotson to colq and saad to armitage

  • Armitage is way more consistent. I’ve had him since round 3 and he’s carved up ever since. One bad round the whole year pretty much. 9 consecutive tons. Can’t beat that. So if go with your second choice promoted!

  • Time to trade Cripps??

  • What are peoples thoughts on Josh Gibson? I have had him in the whole season and has been solid, but the past few weeks he has been a yoyo. Is he worth holding or should I look to trade out?

  • Cripps>Rocky


  • I have gibbo too and he is letting me down…
    I would say to trade to someone like a hodge or boyd if you have the luxury, I have bigger problems though (ox and bont)

    • Same, thinking next week might go Gibbo to Rocky through DPP. Might be a good upgrade

  • Oxley-Hodge!!!!!!
    Wait to see if Cripps is named I’d say because he has been carving it up and maybe use another mid to get to him?

    • This will leave me with 27k for next week. any other ideas, heres my team

      DEF: Houli. Higgins, Boyd, Gibson, Oxley, Mundy (Clurely, Edwards)
      MID:Pendles, Lewis, Ebert, Rischitelli, Titchell, Cripps, Kavanagh, Boston (Dumont, Ah Chee)
      RUCK: Jacobs, Kreuzer
      FWD:Goddard, McKernan, Dahlhaus, Gray, Martin, Swan (Boyd, Fantasia)

      I need to fix up my mid. Prior the trades above I have 217k to work with

      • i think you have to back most of your mid rooks a bit longer though. oxley and cripps as good as they’ve been are the ones that need to go. i think you nailed it above with:

        oxley > hodge, cripps > rocky. if you’re able to do that, don’t hesitate!

  • What about Cripps to rocky and Ebert to steven??

  • Supercoach
    DEF: Newnes, Higgins,Taylor,Saad,Smith,Lever (Kelly, McKenzie)
    MID: Fyfe,Pendles,Hannes,Steven,Treloar,JPK,Sloane,Lewis(Toumpas,Boston,Cockatoo)
    RUC: Sandi,Jacobs (Pierce)
    FWD: Buddy,Swan,Elliot,Hogan,Steele,Tarrant (Lamb,Pickett)
    I want to trade Sloane(480k) for a premium mid/fwd with 164k in the bank. Don’t know who to get.Montagna, Armitage, Priddis, Beams, Neale or Riewoldt or others. Please help. Thanks

  • Saad out. Who in, out of Simpson, McVeigh, Picken