Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 14

The byes are gone but the injuries and suspensions have replaced them, just to ensure we have some sort of a headache leading into what should be a celebratory round as we return to some form of normality with 22 players required on the field and all 18 teams taking the park. Here are a few blokes that I think deserve consideration to bring into your team.

Hurts Me

After trading him out to avoid a zero over the byes with a sore toe of all bloody ‘injuries’ Taylor Adams (FWD/MID, $499,000) has rubbed salt into my trade regret wounds with two of his career best games upon return scoring 146 and 126. It leaves him with a break-even of just 39 leading into this week’s game against the Hawks. He looks in great form and looms as a great replacement of the likes of Buddy or Sloane.

Tag Dag

Living in the shadow of Chris Judd, Marc Murphy (MID, $540,000) has avoided a tag for years but with Juddy gone… never fear! Opposition teams still don’t go to the former number 1 pick, they go to a second year player Patrick Cripps. Murphy seems to be flourishing under his new coach with a three game average of 119. He has four 100’s in his last five games and two of them are over 120, suggesting he may finally be back to his best after a disappointing few years. He has a break-even of just 76 leading into this week’s game against the Dogs.

St-Effed Up

Stef Martin owners can rightfully be pissed off that he is out for multiple weeks when other players around the league seem to be looked after. Upgrading a bench player to cover him looks a great option as Martin is too good to part with. Options include Shaun Mckernan (FWD/RUC, $229,000) who embraced his role as the number 1 ruck for the Bombers with 97. It gives him a break-even of -8 which ensures he makes some cash, while also being capable of a respectable score.

Special K is also within reach and looked great in his last outing. Matthew Kreuzer (RUC, $297,000) had a field day against the Sun’s with a season high 109 from 19 possessions, 8 marks and 22 hit outs. He has a break-even of 12 and would be a handy emergency if you have cash to burn.

If you are chasing points and want instant reward, the option is an easy one! Bring in Todd Goldstein (RUC, $557,000). He is in career best form with a three game average of 121 and he has only scored under 120 on one occasion in his last four games. He has a break-even of 67 and given the Blues had 2 rucks score over 100 vs his next opponent the Suns, he is sure to smash it! Especially when one of those blokes was Cameron Wood… Yes I know!

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Twitter Time

He is a waste of a premium spot at the moment! Upgrade if you have the opportunity.

I am so predictable these days!

That cash would be handy, but I do rate Dusty a lot higher than Lids. I would grab Dusty.

I will try and do it within two weeks of his return.

No, but both are great picks.

Great chance to dump! -1 in a half of footy and a suspension…

Cheers guys,

Have a good one and be careful of those Dongrades!



  • Best defender under 440k? Cash is extremely tight due to Sloanes injury. Looking at Birchall but not sure

  • I’d go Brodie Smith for value $340k and will get scores pretty similar to Birchall. You can use the extra cash upgrading Sloane.

  • Yeah was looking at Smith too, be nice if he could average 80 and sit at D6 for the rest of year potentially given how bad the year going

  • So i need to upgrade M.Clark my last premimum

    I can just afford M.Clark to Gawn

    My only Downgrade options are N.Brown in defence

    I still have Cripps and Wallis in the midfield

    What would you do? I have 97k

    • Doesn’t sound like you have enough cash cows to sustain the upgrade/downgrade trading. Sideways trading Clark to McKernan/Kruezer would be the better way to go just to get some sort of cash flow going.

    • If you haven’t got McKernan/Kruezer, I would go to them and let them earn you some cash; otherwise, I would look at Fantasia or Steel in the fwd line (same reasoning) and when they earn you enough coin upgrade to a premo.

      That said, if you are doing your last premium upgrade your ideas are obviously better than mine, so keep doing what you have been!

      • That means Wallis/Cripps are staying on the field averaging in my mind 90

  • I already have him, have for the whole season (facepalm), but is anyone thinking of bringing Jelwood in at 468k? His record after the bye and in the last part of the season is consistently excellent, and picking him up early could give people a great advantage.

    • As an all-season Jelwood owner, I can only say how much I hate him… It is high risk, high reward, and we know what he is capable of under the right conditions. Trouble is though, there are not as many others worth tagging at the Cats this year, which means Joel cops it each week.

  • Why is nobody talking about max Gawn as cover for Stefan? With a be of 11 he is guaranteed to make money and could even be the Stefan of 2015 and sit at F6 for the year.

    • He is a good option. Maybe his price is a little too awkward. Better Value for McKernan who would get the same scores as him and has lower breakeven

      • +1 sarge. He’s good fatk, just not as good as McK for me.

      • fknsarge dont fall into the Patrick Bowden trap. Old school DT’ers will know what I’m talking about.

    • My reasoning for him is that he has the potential to be a true breakout and average 100+. McKernan doesn’t have that potential. This stage of the season requires some gambling so I think I’m gonna take the plunge.

      • Not worth it. Big Maxy arguably has worse JS than McKernan (depending on whether Roos decides to go with both the bigs) and I don’t think you could justify spending about 150k more on Gawn.

      • If you are gonna gamble, gamble on Kreuzer, not some overpriced Melbourne dud.

  • How does this sound? If T Downie gets a gig this weekend for GWS, DG Ayce Cordy on ruck bench. Bank $108K. Allows me to upgrade Sam Docherty (likely injury) to McVeigh
    Straight swap A Cordy to McKernon on the bench (have Goldy and Kruezer on field) But would only be able to trade Docherty for Newnes or possibly B Smith. I cant get McKernan in my FWD line as have Swan, Martin, Titch, Ziebell, Reiwoldt, Grey

    • Sarge
      I am bouncing between similar options but I have $200+ to replace/upgrade Sloane plus cover for Stef. I have T Downie as well but looking at McK too.

      Currently McK is added to my team and DPP will allow me to swing him between R3 and F7 after Stef returns. I like that flexibility going forward – wish I had stuck to that plan last week! (Can you afford to keep Cordy to give you the DPP option going forward too?)
      If Downie plays then it would feel like a waste not to use him for 2 weeks after he has sat there doing nada to date!
      Third option that I introduced yesterday was to go for Blicavs and use MID-FWD-RUC DPP magic to rotate him back to MID in 2 weeks. He would be an OK M7/M8 and easy upgrade later. He gives me stronger & longer term cover flexibility for RUC.

      I would love to be able to do double upgrade of Sloane & one of maxed out Rookies (Ox/Saad/ Tarrant) to better D4 & D5. Hibbo is in my sights at D4 but…another DEF upgrade will need to wait until next week I fear.

      Things will change if neither of Amon/ Dumont plays this week.

      • Was a tough call getting Edwards in instead of McKernan. But since I put Edwards in in allowed me to upgrade Vberg to N Reiwoldt. So I can’t be too upset. My bench covers are Hamling, Edwards, Amon, Dumont, Cordy, Philips, Cox and Lambert. Would be good to get McKernan instead of Cordy to get more money coming in. Ive held Cordy since Minson came back into the bulldogs side so am prepared to hold for longer if needed.

        Blicavs would be a good in for you. More than capable M7 or M8. He’s putting Selwood to shame at the moment. Sweating on Dumont and Amon to get decent game time

  • So…
    I need to make some more cash, and I think this week is prime downgrade time. The question is WHO?
    McKernan, Kreuzer, Steel and Fantasia all beg a job. None are cheap. I am thinking:
    Kreuzer in for Rich (via Blix DPP-> Mids)
    Steel, McKernan or Fantasia in for Tarrant.

    What do you think? Rich would be on field if I didn’t trade him. At the moment I have gone Tarrant to Steel. Doesn’t make me much $ in the short term, but I think Kreuz and Steel will make plenty of coin. Maybe McKernan has beeter JS though.


    • This is a great way to trade at this stage of the season. We could be looking at the last batch of cash cows, so best to get them while they are all still relatively cheap.

  • kreuzer or mckernan?

  • Mckernan or J.Steele?

    • Mckernan. Especially since Steele has richmond in his next game and thus will find it extremely hard to score well

      • I initially went Steele with my Monday Rage Trades but the love from everyone seems to be with Mckernan. At least that’s what I’m picking up?

        • McKernan with much better JS obviously, but is quite a bit more expensive.

  • What’s everyone’s thoughts on going maric (love the guy so this hurts) to mckernan, so I can finally upgrade mcintossser to someone like McVeigh?

    • I wouldn’t be downgrading premiums.

      • You will very likely regret it in a few weeks due to some unforeseen carnage stopping you getting a premo back in quickly or McK getting injured/ dropped.
        Find another way to get in a new cashcow like McK.

  • Boyd or Mcveigh

    • mcveigh, boyd is more likely to get rested, but in reality either would be great.

  • McVeigh… Lower risk, lower reward. Not much chance him blowing out his old man calves though, unlike Boyd.

  • Worth getting in colquhoun at d8, or saving the extra $$ and bringing in J kolo?

    • To be honest, if he’s going to be your d8, I wouldn’t bother…. Too expensive!! For D7 i’d consider it, but if you are going to play that much, you’d want him on your field IMO

    • Who is your D7? Do you need some bench cover for eg Boyd?
      Colquhoun sounds like a luxury at D8 but J Kolo may not play too much more.
      J Kolo (or similar) I think just – but hate to leave bench spots to rot too early in the season without some likely $$$ return – but sometimes it has to be done.

      A Pearce had a stinker last time up but he should play for next 4-6w until Silvagni/ Dawson/ Johno return. I think he will (very) slowly earn some $$$ similar to what Schade has done for me at D8 over last 8 weeks.
      See if Jeppa can pull a new 120k DEF Rabbit out of his Junior hat tomorrow…

  • Assuming he gets a start, is Malceski worth getting this week if I need a player worth less than 400K to cover Sloane… Is there a better option at that price?
    He did score 44 in a quarter a bit last week.

  • I’d ideally like to wait but sometimes you have to jump the gun

    • His BE of 106 would be enough for me to say wait for 1-2 weeks but he looks like he could be back to his best DT scoring form and role…I will be having another look in 1-2 weeks as a possible D6 POD. But if you need to take the risk then go for it if he is named to start.
      Others at <$400k could be…
      B Smith – should be reliable but not as high a ceiling.
      Not much else other than grab a Rookie like J Steele – as someone said above this could be the last week to grab a decent cashcow.

  • This is what I’m going for

    Tarrant -> J. Steele
    Selwood -> A. Miles

  • Lids, Goddard or haus?

    • Goddard at the moment but I have had Dahl since R1 and very happy with his scores – not happy when he attracts too much attention every 2-3 weeks!
      Goddard seems to rack up the points without any attention – my FWD line has the NO VACANCIES sign up until Greene gets upgraded or Titch dropped or I would grab him too.

    • Goddard followed by Dahl followed by Lids

  • Hi all this week I will be bringing McIntosh of my Backline into my mids then I’m thinking of Trading him out for Steele then Trading out B’chambers to Mckernan then my team will look like this.

    Boyd, Yeo, Higgins,
    Newnes, Smith, Schade

    Fyfe, Beams, Montie, P’bury
    S Mith, Parker,Wallis, Cripps

    Goldie, McKernan

    Dusty, D’hause, D’lids
    Swan, Titch, Steele

    This will leave me with 188,000 in the bank. Then next week I’m thinking of bringing in Rocky for maybe Fyfe. Then I’ll be Trading out Schade for maybe Malceski. Does this seem like a good method.

    • MCInt & Belly have to go.
      McK makes sense for Belly.
      Steele looks like a good option for F6 for a few weeks.
      Is there nothing anywhere else on your bench that could get your more than Schade’s 40-45pts? This is when DEF-MID DPP would be great to have somewhere…

    • why would you be getting rid of Fyfe? lowest score of 95 all year. No-one can stop him at the moment. Wallis will have maxed out in price so I would upgrade him Marcus

  • Who should I upgrade to? Trading Hartlett and have $199k left over. Already got Fyfe, Swan, Pendles, Lewis, JPK.

  • Best premium defender? (just can’t afford Hodge)

    Other defenders are: Boyd, Gibson, Hibbo, Newnes, Oxley

  • b.smith or colquhoun? colquhoun for money and decent scores. Smith for slightly more points.

  • Hey for those of u that offered me help thanks alot and when i say next week I’ll Trade out Fyfe I know its a bit silly but I need the money to add a decent Defender.

    • No, you do not trade out your most reliable player so that you can afford an unreliable defender….

    • Hey guys!

      Here is a real troll! :P put marcus81168 on suicide watch

  • looking to upgrade Rich. skies not the limit. can get Shaw, Enright, Simpson Yeo etc.Any of those top 6 defenders? my other trade is naismith to kreuzer for big stef cover.

    • im in the exact same boat, atm I’m tossing up between simpson and enright, or even a downgrade to colo. but thats because i have shaw and yeo. its hard, simpson should have consistency, but has those old man calves. enright has a bigger ceiling, but will probably spud it up now and then. the cash id save from getting colo in allows an instant up grade next week, while hopefully making cash. its hard. also i can’t see enright or simpson making too much more cash, so its nice to know they’ll stay around the same price.


    Should i go:

    1. Heppel > Montanga and Oxley > Colquhoun… and have 138k spare to upgrade?


    2. Heppel > Montanga and Oxley to Byrne… and have 365k spare to upgrade?


    3. Heppel > (Any other good MID premium) and Oxley to (Any other good DEF rookie?)

    NOTE: Option 2 and 3 will mean i will have to field Hamling… but it will leave me with way more money to upgrade..

    Which option would you choose??

    • Why are you trading Heppell?

      • why not?? he is up and down

      • RockyHawks should i trade wallis instead of heppel??

        • Yes! Mate, Heppell is a premium. He is coming off his lowest score for the season, in which he actually still managed to accumulate a fair bit of ball. Prior to that he had 111 and 132. Trading him out is very very silly.

        • Wallis to Rockliff if he is in, is a dream trade.

          Wallis > JPK, Sidey, Adams, Yeo

          Adams has a BE of 39, so he is bound to make cash.

          • OK…

            So i might go:

            Wallis > Adams


            Oxley > Byrne

            Leaving 284k… is this good?

  • Fantasy team trades:

    Ox > Hibberd
    Sloane > Adams****

    Team after trades ($224K left)

    D – Shaw, Hodge, Yeo, Hibberd, Newnes, Rich (Hamling, Edwards)
    M – Fyfe, Pendles, Lewis, Wines, Adams, Wallis, Cripps, Boston (Amon, Glenn)
    R – Goldy, Maric (Holmes, O’Brien)
    F – Dusty, Gray, Swan, Dahl, Ziebell, Bont (Steele, Lambert)

    **** Not sure re Adams although he does have a low break even so should make cash. Other options are Thompson, JPK, Jack, Lids, Mundy, McVeigh, Blicavs, Goddard…….

    I could afford a tip mid like Steven, Beams, Hanners etc but ideally would like to save some cash to upgrade Rich next week to complete my defence.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Downgrade Hogan to Mckernan and upgrade Hooker to Boyd (has a good run) which allows me to upgrade Oxley and Houli to McVeigh and Yeo next week??

    DEF:Houli, Higgins, Hooker, Gibson, Oxley, Mundy (Clurely, Edwards)
    MID: Pendles, Lewis, Rischitelli, Titchell, Ebert, Boston, Cripps, Kavanah (Dumont, Ah Chee)
    RUC: Jacobs, Kreuzer (SPUDS)
    FWD: Goddard, Dahlhaus, Swan, Gray, Martin, Hogan (Boyd, Fantasia)

    Once I earn some cash from Boston and Kavanah, ill be looking to bring in Rocky and another premo mid.

  • Who is the best premo defender to bring in this week?
    I’ve got Saad, Oxley, Newnes, Enright, Hibberd and Mundy and looking to trade out one of the first two this week.

  • Are these trades good??

    Wallis > Mckernan (via Steele dpp)


    Glenn > Knight

    These trades leave 327k for upgrades next week..