Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 11

It’s that time of year again, the bloody byes are here. According to my Twitter account, people are still on the hunt for a couple of round 13 players to bump up their numbers available over the next two weeks. So here are a few names for you to consider.

Round 13 bye guys

I know this guys has been on and off the never again list his whole career, I doubt many people have had him in and out more than me over the course, and I will no doubt be telling to trade him out ASAP at some stage through the year but the elephant in the room is Shaun Higgins (FWD/DEF, $456,000). With half decent defenders hard to find, Higgo is ticking a lot of boxes and I tested the waters for you by getting him in last week and he looked great kicking four goals and scoring 119. That score was his third 100+ game in a row, not bad for a guy that price, let alone a defender. He has the round 13 bye with games against the Swans and Giants in the lead up to his rest. As an added bonus, he faces the Suns fresh off his bye and has a BE of just 40.

I am not convinced he is a keeper, but Steven Motlop (FWD/MID, $458,000) looked to have bounced back off a lean three week block to return to his best against the Bombers with a score of 109, bumping his average back over 90. His ability is unquestionable with three scores over 110 this season and he could be handy over the next two weeks with games against the Power and the Dees.

After copping four straight vests, I wanted to see a full game out of Josh Kelly (FWD/MID, $326,000) and it might have come at the perfect time to cover a couple of doughnuts over the next two weeks. He looked great against the Lions with 22 possessions, four marks and six tackles for a score of 96. He could also serve as a post bye stepping stone to an elite forward or midfielder. Still has to be considered a risk of copping a vest, but great value.

Fresh off the back of his bye, Elliot Yeo (DEF/MID, $479,000) is a round 13 guy who you can still get on the cheap and is undoubtedly playing at keeper level. Since his move to the midfield, Yeo has been outstanding and the results were no different this week with a score of 100 after taking an impressive 10 marks. That makes it five games straight without dropping below 90 after going 112, 93, 150, 96 and 100 in that times… impressive numbers for a mid, let alone a defender given our starvation of consistent scorers back there.

Twitter Time

No, hold him now if you can cover him over the bye. Need to see if he plays loose man in defence again. Not many defenders have the potential to score 126.

Such a tough call. I am a very happy Goldy owner, but the other two options are great. I am backing Goldy, but you can’t go wrong with those guys. Jacobs and Martin the best.

I would hold Lewis, he will be fine.

If you have a luxury trade, send him packing.

Belly the biggest priority there

Tom Mitchell all the way, no hesitation.

Happy trading!



  • Thanks for the mention Roy! Looking at Joel Tippet to Clurey and with heaps of cash that I got from last week, belly to stef Martin. Also just had a check and actually made my byes better as I have 19 round 11, so if I brought stef Martin I would have 18. Then by trading belly I would have 18 round 12 and 20 round 13

  • Thoughts on Jelwood? I need an upgrade to Krak in the mids for under 500k, his form’s been awful but he’s a notoriously strong finisher and was back up this week. I was always planning Scooter but he ruined that, or would you have any recommendations for someone at 450k or under, don’t trust Kelly or Motlop, the extra coin there would be the difference between getting Hodge next week or not.

    • guy in other posts – I think was ‘my team’ was talking this up and was saying yes to Jelwood to get in over next few weeks

    • I asked the same question in my team, over the last few years he smashes it the second half of the season, super cheap atm for his potential, i’ll be bringing him in this week for CEY, hopefully this is his turning point for being the uber premo that he can be

      • I’m settled on him too now, it’s a bit of gamble, but hopefully he can be a solid 100+ average from here, if not uber premo.

  • Will Jake Spencer play this week?

  • Who would you rather Higgins or Duryea?

  • Started with Higgins, have Yeo, looking at Josh Kelly. Any GWS people know what the deal is with all the vests this year? Looking for a vanders replacement in the fwd. line for the next 2 rounds.

  • If I could field 18 elsewhere good idea to get Stefan Martin in for Bellchambers now and not play any rucks?

    • It’s a crazy idea but if you think you’ll win you league still go for it. But if you can have 18 players and choose to eat a donut but still think you’ll win you might want to find some harder leagues next year

    • I’m taking a 0 in the rucks this week, I’ve got 19 elsewhere so it’s no biggie aside from the quality of players I’m missing there.

  • i am trading in Stefan Martin this week and that will give me a more even spread over the byes.

  • Who is the likely replacement for Johnson at Freo?

    • Alex Pearce a definite to come back in. Cheap and played 2 games earlier when McPharlin was out but a Nathan Brown type and likely for 40-50s.

      Hopinh his out means Ibbo is released more.

      • The other option open to Ross is that C Mayne goes back, and Freo brings another FWD or FWD/MID in. Keep an eye on teams this Thursday if Duffy or Blakely gets named

  • no point trading in S.martin this week as its his bye. so instead im looking at trading belly to higgins(rnd13bye) this week, then upgrade J.griffen(rnd12) to Martin(rnd11) next week. 111K on hand for nxt week.
    only problem is working out who to downgrade to a rookie next week, might have to say goodbye to rischitelli/Saad.

  • Best player for 493k or under in defence, midfield or forward?

  • good one! :)

  • T Adams to ??
    127k in bank
    Mid or Forward
    Not to worried about byes

  • More likely to play in round 12, Clark or Salem?