Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 10

In what is shaping as a disastrous lead up to the byes on the injury front, it is hard not just to just focus on getting a full team on the park. Well, that’s where I currently stand anyway as it feels like every relevant player that gets suspended or injured is sitting in my team. Having said this, there is only one way to look and that is forward! So here are a few guys I think are worthy of selection this week.

Warne Dawg was all over this bloke in the pre-season and it’s unfortunate he didn’t get the chance to enjoy his recent high scoring ways before being forced to trade him through injury. Mitch Wallis (MID, $401,000) returned to the side in round 7, but it is rounds 8 and 9 that has thrown his name into the mix. He is on an absolute tear in that time demonstrating career best numbers with scores of 121 and 147 respectively. It is a difficult one because he has the round 11 bye, so it would be nice to wait a week on him, but if it fits your bye structure, his break-even of 9 is hard to ignore. Over the last two weeks his most impressive stat has been the 19 tackles amassed in that time.

With many coaches still carrying the OX, Adam Oxley, the writing is on the wall that he will be dropped/rested this week after being subbed off with “soreness” in a very quiet performance. If you are on the hunt for a replacement who holds a rare round 13 bye, Elliot Yeo (MID/DEF, $479,000) looks a perfect fit upon his return from suspension. He has been in sensational form over his past four games with scores of 112, 93, 150 and 96 as he has embraced the increased opportunities of his move into the midfield and forward line. He is heavily under-priced with a break-even of just 41 but buyer beware: his centre bounce attendance may drop off slightly now Selwood has returned to the team.

The downgrade target of the week is Roo Trent Dumont (MID, $150,000), who embraced his first opportunity to play a full game by scoring 87 on the back of 18 possessions and an impressive 10 tackles. Despite having three games under his belt, his two vests mean he is still available for such a cheap price. He has a break-even of -9 so he will provide a handy player over the byes, not to mention the cash he will make with his new found job security.


Twitter Time

Haha, Yep! It would be called Giant Flop

Jump on the Mitchell train

I would go to Dumont

I would grab Blicavs, I am a big fan

Trade if you take pride in overall rank

If you have a luxury trade, go to Dahl

I don’t call him a ‘must’ but that is still a good trade with byes in mind

Should get 70 minimum, could go 90.

Hopefully our trade plans aren’t thrown into disarray by the carnage bus!

Cheers, @RoyDT




  • Hodge: for DPP and reliability
    Wallis: for money in the bank

    • reliability is a rare attribute with players this year…

    • Both of those guys have Round11 byes so i hope your structure allows for that (if your concerned with overall at all that is).

      Injury cloud over the Bont could potentially mean Wallis moves up the tagging order tho? especially after his last two weeks. Then again, Bulldogs have port this week, and no Kane Cornes ..

      Hodge seems the safe choice, 200k is tempting tho.

  • Options:

    a) Rocky > Dumont, Kmac > Clurey Bank: $590k
    b) Rocky > Lewis, Kmac > Clurey Bank: $126k


  • Oxley > hodge or Oxley > yeo
    rocky > wallis

    • I am doing something very similar this week. I already have Yeo, so I am debating whether to do Oxley to Hodge or to Fyfe.

      What do you think?

  • I’m pretty screwed this week

    I have Watson, Rocky, Bont, Ox, Saad, Clarke and Picken…

    So far trades are Watson and Rocky to Wallis and Hanneberry

  • I’m trusting in Rocky’s superhuman piggery, he’ll miss one and be back after the bye, so I’m dealing with another injury and Ox first. Hinkley, don’t do it to me again.

  • Fyfe or Shiel for rocky? Doesn’t affect bye structure that much but keep in mind I have Mundy and Barlow

    • Fyfe has only had one score under 100 this year. Definitely on my radar. Either Fyfe or Hodge.

  • thoughts on oxley + rockliff > dumont + sidebum (will hafto play dumont and amon on field)

  • Rocky to Lewis or Fyfe or Armitage or Steven or Sidebottom or Smith or anyone else?
    It won’t affect my bye structure too much

  • Won’t Dumont be dropped this week/next when swallow comes back in?

    • If they were winning I’d say he’d be vested at best, but given North sucks hopefully some example making will keep him in.

  • What’s a better trade.
    Rocky to Barlow Cripps to Wallis
    Rocky to Wallis belly to Goldy
    Rocky to Barlow Bont to Buddy or Wallis and Lids titch?

  • Should I trade either Oxley to hodge, Kelly to Hodge or McCarthy to Franklin or to another premium forward

  • Salem>Goldstein via Clarke and rocky> Wallis? Salem just sitting there doing nothing..

    • yeah, Im thinking of taking a punt on goldi as well.Im definitely grabbing him in RDT hes super cheap, He has a handy Bye round rd13 structure (Preselecting Bye structure in RDT is more important IMO, as you wont necessarily have the luxury of trades). I think he has a few easy games ruck wise in the next few weeks (he scores huge when he wins the taps, but recently played against a few in form rucks hence poor scores, and also, he is prone to the odd off game, but pretty much all rucks except s.martin seem too) although he has WCE and nic nat this week, then swans, GWS, and then his BYE, then GC.

      If he doesnt perform (ie is inconsistent, I reckon he will always score the odd huge score) I dont think he will lose cash, and get to be a bit of a stepping stone to a S.martin after the byes.

      Saying that, im also eyeing off Rocky > Ebert. I think Ebert has slipped under the radar for some reason (so many people trading him, and I dont understand).

      He was gunning it consistently this year. Yeah, he had a 64 and a 96. Thats 1 bad score. Not only that, there is a really really good reason for that 64. The week before he had a really bad corky (someone still managed to run out a 100). i know from experience myself how bad a nasty corky can be. Im not surprised the following week his score rate was down. He then scored a 96 then a 124, you know, almost like a player recovering and getting back to the same scoring rate.

      Because of that 64, I think Ebert is currently underpriced, and his Bye structure is kinda perfect. You have the luxury in Fantasy of sideways if he isnt going as well as you would like (ie he is too inconsistent). Many teams are going to be close to complete after the byes (thats what happens with all those trades in AF). I might hold off trading him 1 more week to see if he can get two good scores in a row.

  • I’d say Dahlhaus James…

  • I already have Dahlhaus, Martin, Swan and Gray

  • I’m holding Rocky this week atleast coz … Forced trades all year have caused me to hold Bellchambers to this point.. NO LONGER! totally sick of his crap.

    Only decision remains is who to bring in, can afford all of’m.
    bye structure is 18/21/21 so thats nice.

    Already have Jacobs, do i go with stef martin? or a somewhat value pick of Goldy even Blicavs has potential.

    • if Stanley and daws simpson out as reported this is bellys best chance at a decent score this week!!

  • Oxley –> Byrne
    Rocky –> Priddis


    Salem –> Byrne
    Belly –> Jacobs


    Cripps –> Dumont
    Rocky –> Rd 13 premo (Priddis?)

    • or

      Oxley –> Hamling
      Belly –> Blicavs

      • If you want Rockliff to go then option 3, if you want Belly to go then go the last one, Byrne hasn’t returned yet

  • Surely Acres is a better option than Dumont??

  • One person in that money gains list has really caught my eye and at the moment is traded into my team. Majorly underpriced for what he’s doing.

  • What do people think are the best rookie options this week.
    I am thinking about Boston, Hamling, Dumont, Acres but I will consider other suggestions.
    ( I have amon and clurey)

    • There’s Brooksby in the ruck department, but I like Dumont

      • Brooksby is a nice option
        Dumont if he keeps his spot and avoids the vest would be best option IMO

  • best round 13 mid?

    • Priddis, Ebert, Ward, Gaff, Shiel, or even Selwood nice and cheap but just needs to find form. I’d personally go Priddis

    • At the moment, I think Ebert (see above) as I think hes underpriced. Priddis would be an obvious choice, but not necessarily this week (BE 112.0) which is definitely gettable, but a bit on the high side.

  • I’ve had a double whammy, losing Rocky and Watson so i’m gonna trade em both
    I’ve already got Fyfe in for Watson and now can’t decide whether to back in Heppel, Ward or Shiel to pull a big score after some unfriendly performances.
    Thoughts?? btw i was gonna bring Rocky back in when he comes back for Vandenberg so pls don’t advise me to hold, thank you

  • Does anyone know what the deal is with Shane Savage- was he dropped or injured?

  • I have got these 2 options

    Rocky -> Wallis & Oxley -> Boyd
    Rocky -> Dumont (play saad, he might be out too) & Oxley -> Hodge

  • Thoughts on trades this week

    Clark > S. Martin
    Oxley > Dumont

    Don’t have Rocky. Clark is currently my R2 as I ditched Bellchambers a couple of weeks back.

  • DEF: Newnes, Hibbo, Oxley, Lumumba, Tarrent, Schade
    MID: I.Smith, Swan, Parker, Barlow, Watson, Jelwood, CEY, Cripps (Lambert, Rocky)
    RUCK: Goldy, TBC (Holmes, Clarke)
    FWD: Gray, Dusty, Titchell, Boomer, VDB, McCarthy (O’Brien, McInnes)

    222k in bank

    Option 1
    Watson > Yeo
    TBC > S. Martin

    Option 2
    Watson > Wines
    TBC > Mummy

    Option 3
    Watson > Rischetelli
    Ox > Mundy

    Option 4
    Watson > Fyfe
    Jelwood > D. Beams

    Am not interested in bye structure nor overall. Comp I’m in is a cash comp and have been hit with 4 consecutive losses annd need to get onto the winners list again

    Thoughts/opinions appreciated as well as any other suggestions

  • Rockliff – Yeo
    Krak – Wallis
    8k in the bank

    Rocky – Simpson
    Bellchambers – Goldstein
    2k in the bank

    Rocky – Wallis
    Bellchambers – Goldstein/Blicavs/Mumford
    65-71k in the bank

    Which one?

  • Ebert or Hannebery??
    Need help!

  • rookie question but what should a good bye structure look like?

  • Haha weird trade here but I have no real rucks..

    So Rocky via Vandenburg to Goldstein or Blicavs
    And bellend(Bellchambers) to Sinclair?

    • Belly to Sinclair is a nice sideways trade
      Same price but Sinclair has the lower BE of the 2
      If I didnt have issues elsewhere I’d be looking at that one also

  • Thoughts on Brandon Ellis? Surprisingly no talk on him at all really. Looking at him for Rocky. Averaging 105 and flying under the radar, lowest score of 87 so certainly consistent