Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 9

With the bye rounds fast approaching, many coaches are starting to look at the mess they have created in terms of bye structure. A common summary is ‘MAN! I am screwed in round 12’ which can be taken a couple of ways. On one hand, at least there are others in the same boat, and on the other hand, you probably have a little bit of work to do.

An answer to a few problems could be to get some round 13 players in, so I am going to look at a few viable option remembering we don’t want to get ‘headaches’ into our team, just for the sake of a handy bye.

Round 13 Bye Options

Mark Blicavs (MID/RUC, $495,000) not only holds a unique DPP, but you never know when it could come in handy over the byes. He is owned by less than 10% of the competition despite an amazing run of form where he has averaged 102 over the last 5 rounds, automatically making him a far better option than his more traditionally selected teammate Joel Selwood. He has a break-even of 69 and will continue to score well.

After a slow start to the season by his lofty standards, Matt Priddis (MID, $586,000) is on a streak of five straight 100’s and a three round average 125 to make him an obvious round 13 bye target. Your team will lose nothing by bringing in this superstar who has gone 155 and 114 in the past two weeks to give him a break-even of just 78. Looking at his run ahead, he has a tough-ish game vs the Cats this week, but he is at home and will be fine, then it’s all smooth sailing up until he has a rest.

If you are in the need of a round 13 forward, look no further than Giant Devon Smith (FWD, $530,000) who is having another great year on the back of last year’s break-out. In the last six weeks he has dropped under 99 on just one occasion and has four scores over 110 in that time to give him a five round average of 107. He has a great run ahead with games against the Dogs, Lions, Pies and Roo’s where his is expected to dominate leading into round 13.

Twitter Time

Yes, offload them round 13

Slim picking mate, Hopefully Byrne is back soon

Your bye situation may decide for you, but I like Hodge for instant reward

I would go Dahl, no lingering injury concerns

Yes, could help navigate the byes

Dumont might get extended opportunity with Swallow out

A great selection if you have a decent emergency. Will miss games over the course

Jacko Thurlow

Hold is the smart answer… however I am undecided if I will or not

Cheers guys,





  • great read Roy! M. Stokes a viable option for rd13 bye? back from injury- 91, 97 in last two (426k)?

  • Wish I had the cash for those guys haha. I’ve got three options I’m looking at for a downgrade this week:

    1) Currently sitting on Bellchambers to Sinclair giving me a 19-17-20 split. Kruez would also work if named, but I’m thinking if he is that could be another cheeky downgrade r12.
    2) Glenn to Dumont. Makes very little money, but if I make this downgrade next week, which is still possible, there’s a chance Dumont may have played a full game and made the profits tinier. Alternatively there’s the hope Glenn gets back in with Prestia gone.
    3) Cripps to Lonergan. This one is extra risky since it gives me 20-15-20 and basically demands I cash Lonergan in for some currently unidentified rook (theoretically Dumont after he gets a full game and dominates), and is also on field and Lonergan has three 50s to his name, but it makes me the most cash too.
    4) Cripps to Dumont. Basically this gives me Oxley/Saad to Hodge or Belly to Martin money next week, I’d be fielding either him or Amon for quite likely a decently long time if I did this (Enough time to free up 300k+ spending money), so I feel the cost is possibly too heavy to wear.

    So, Roy, any of those not looking like the worst idea in history to you?

  • Great read Roy. I have to choose between:

    Grundy to Mummy or Sauce


    Cripps to Priddis ( or another R13 premo)

    What do you reckon?

  • guys, really, really struggling with what trades to do?

    DEF: mundy, shaw, hibberd, newnes, saad, oxley (mcintosh, tarrant)

    MID: lewis, parker, Watson, neale, barlow, rich, cripps, amon (glenn, stretch)

    RUCK: stiffy martin, goldstein (cox, holmes)

    FWD: martin, swan, gray, bont, titchell, krak (clark, byrne)

    58k left

    • Firstly move Mcintosh into your midfield, so you don’t have to use Amon( dpp)

    • I’d trade Cripps + Macintosh to Rocky and song Rich into your balloons. Then from there determine your best option depending on salary. Maciness perhaps for some quick cash to user over the byes.

  • Trade in Ollie Wines or Mark Blicavs? Both will be used as stepping stones to Sidebottom/Steven/Armitage/JPK/Parker and SMartin after the byes.

    • If I trade in Wines, I field Clark. While if I trade in Blicavs I field CEY.

      • I feel that Blicavs a bigger upgrade (And is theoretically more profitable, since that is your goal here) over Clark than Wines is over CEY, so I’d say him.

        • Thanks for the suggestion and a bigger thanks for explaining why! Not enough people do that

      • I would field CEY over Clark

  • thoughts on mcintosh + cripps > rocky + mciness

    • Without looking at your team, that sounds great, provided your not fielding McInnes

  • Yeah I’ve round 13 issues too

    So I’m thinking

    Bell & Cripps to Ward and Amos?

    Cripps was benched anyway so in essence it’s Bell to Ward

  • Who should I trade in for Tarrant
    Hogan Walters Melksham Highins Christensen(he might come good) Murdoch Dale Thomas Grigg Goodes Clark McInnes or any other forwards under 405k

    • depends if he will be playing or bench cover. If bench then McInnes otherwise Walters is a unique POD

    • I’d say Grigg. Adelaide’s midfield is decimated, Grigg has shown solid form, albeit with a vest, over his career, and has a great left foot. Should score very well for his price

      • Been looking at Grigg as a stepping stone to a premo. Is he likely to keep his spot in the team and also keep up the decent scoring?

  • Yeo out means I have to change trade plans this week.

    what do you think of these 2 trades to improve my team?

    Bont / Salem OUT
    Barlow / McInnes IN

    $47k in the bank

    then it’s between McInnes / Clark for F6 this week (they play each other)

    I’ve also got Goodes to trade and Goldy leaking cash but thought Bont was priority

    At the moment I have too many rd13 byes playing and not enough rd12

    This is the team after the trades:

    DEF: Gibson, Newnes, Kolo, Saad, McIntosh, Oxley (Yeo, Goodes)
    MID: Pendles, Armitage, Rocky, Parker, Neale, Ward, Barlow, CEY (Cripps, Anderson)
    RUC: Goldy, Bellc (spuds)
    FWD: Dusty, Gray, Swan, Titch, McCarthy, McInnes (Clark, Tarrant)

    • I like the Barlow trade but with Sinclair in McInnes’ role might be reduced, but only trade Salem for McInnes if you don’t like your other options.

      • ok cheers. I think Bont needs to go regardless so just trying to work out the best options. Having both Neale and Barlow won’t help my byes as I need more rd12 players unfortunately, but Barlow has bottomed out in price

  • Should i bring in someone like tarrant for mcintosch? (They will score about the same wouldnt they??) Then bont > rocky?

  • Also helps with my byes ^

  • Roy, opinions on Stokes?
    Has bottomed out and will cost 64k from Cripps. Should average 90 for the rest of the year.

  • I’m already regretting asking this, but is anyone keen on Grimes (386k)? Injured first game, but then came back and has scored 91 and 97 against the Hawks and Doggies respectively. Return to role from 2 years ago?

  • Worth offloading Brodie Smith?

  • get rid of Smith. he sucks.

    trade bont or cripps to rocky?

  • bont BE 121.
    cripps BE 61.

    thinking of trading bont and taking a potential hit on points to save me from his price drop and upgrade to hodge next week.

  • ffffss as if WCE didn’t appeal Yeo’s 1 game suspension. Nothing to lose, no chance that could be upgraded to 2

  • I need a little help from my friends.

    Def. Yeo, Newnes, Oxley, McIntosh, Saad, Kelly (Cutler, Byrne)

    Mids. Lewis, Hepple, Barlow, Parker, Prestia, Ebert, Cripps, Vandenberg (Krakouer, CEY)

    Rucks. Maric, Bellchambers (Cordy, Holmes)

    Fwds. Martin, Swan, Grey, Mitchell, Zorko, McCarthy (Clarke, Honeychurch)

    Obvious trade is Prestia -> Rockliff

    Thoughts on second trade. $123k remaining after first trade???

  • What do you think of Mcintosh and Goodes OUT for Ciaran Byrne and Scott Selwood

  • Trade Tarrant or Cripps or Bont?

  • Benching Yeo, Defense is gonna have alot of 70s this weekend with Rich, Seedsman, Oxley, Saad & Mcintosh. Matty Boyd hopefully more :P

    Bellchambers survives yet again as getting Rocky is a priority.

  • who are the two priorities to trade out this week:

    1) Bont
    2) Glenn
    3) Salem
    4) McIntosh
    5) Cripps
    6) Tarrant

  • Thoughts on these trades:
    Yeo to Rocky
    Ebert to Robbie Gray

  • Cripps -> Rockliff
    Honeychurch -> Duggan (Low BE and good for bye structure R13)

    Thoughts guys?

  • D: Mundy Shaw Newnes Rich Saad Oxley (Schade Jaksch)
    M: Lewis Heppell Rockliff Parker Titchell Rischitelli Cripps CEY (Krak Amon)
    R: Goldstein Bellchambers
    F: Gray Martin Motlop Bont Adams Vandenburg (McCarthy Clark)

    What trades you recommending? Current bye structure 8/12/10
    Motlop/Bontempelli biggest problem
    Eyeing Sidebottom for Bontempelli one of them….
    Could get Stokes/Savage for Cripps….

  • looking at j Kelly from GWS at that price for what he can actually score
    could be a mid pricer that makes some serious money
    how did he go on the weekend playing and why was he subbed?

    • His JS isn’t the best and he has played a few games in the twos (where he has dominated)
      He has great scoring potential however there is the risk that he won’t be named every game and he can easily be sub.

  • Any Geelong fans want to comment on why Murdoch’s scores have swung upward when comparing his last 3 games to his first 3?

  • Thinking of going Cripps > Barlow and Newton > Dumont if he continues to play. Will leave me 84,000 for next week.

  • Great read Roy as per usual.

    what are thoughts on trading Yeo + Harley Bennel for Rocky and Hodge leaving me with 30k. If I want both this week is my only option without sacrificing a true premium. I think it’s a double upgrade rather than a sideways trade. Thoughts?

    • I wasn’t particularly sold or either Bennell or Yeo, and really like your trades.

  • Bring in Simpson or Clancee Pearce?

    • Depending on which other defenders you have id bring in Simpson

  • Pick one- Mackie, Taylor, Thurlow or Higgins?

  • Lumumba to Gibson
    Cripps/Yolemn/Rich to Rockliff

  • Thoughts on Taylor Hunt? is he worth it?

    • For someone like Lumumba?

      • a guy averaging 54.4 since rd4 is not worth getting in, it’s actually a worse option

        you can either go really cheap (to a rookie that’s been named this week) or you can go to someone like a Savage-type (that’s been affected by injuries, but is good for an 70+ [which for a cheapy def is golden imo])

  • Need your help people…

    Salem to Amon, Crippa to Rocky – 50k left over. Or do I go Ebert to Rocky, and then Bont to Titchell? Not a lot of money left over…


  • $1,600 short of

    Bont -> Rocky

    Goodes -> Simpson


  • Cripps / yolmen to go?

    Just curious and here’s my thoughts –

    Brad crouch and sloane isn’t far away, crows midfield depth is quite strong and he (yolmen) looked a little slow.. Could he be pushed out over the next 4 or so weeks? BUT averages Better and will likely make a bit more cash in the near future than cripps.

    Cripps also had a slow gamez scored more than yolmen this week and he was forward most of the time (yolmen ran through center) and with Judd and Gibbs out could be good, new coach, new attitude over a short period, could play more midfield time.?

    I only need to keep one, and both don’t have the round 12 ugly bye so it doesn’t bother me which one I trade.


  • Salem > Murdoch?