Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 4

Injuries continue to force the hands of many coaches, with the biggest headache so far this week caused by Jimmy Bartel going down with a knee injury. The fact he was only on 8, cause a $49K price drop is just salt in the wound. The form , or lack thereof of some players continues to be an issue, but giving these guys the chop has been difficult with so many popular big names succumbing to forced trade injuries.

The best Bartel replacements (assuming you have Swanny #Oink):

Premo: Luke Dahlhaus (FWD, $527,000) is only owned by 3% of the competition and provides the perfect straight swap for Jimmy. He has had a great start to the season, and seems to be embracing the new game plan/role with an average of 105. He currently has a break even of 77 which should be easily attainable given he hasn’t dropped under 100 yet this season.

Mid Pricer: Assuming he plays this week, The Bont, Marcus Bontempelli (FWD/MID, $447,000) is the perfect trade if you need to make a little bit of cash for a patch up trade somewhere else on the ground. Although he misses last week, he was apparently close to playing so he will need to be tracked closely, but he is not a player you want to miss out on. He is averaging 119 over his first two games and tackles like a beast. He has a break even of 24 and will likely rise over 30K after he next game.

I have picked out a few Twitter question from my @RoyDT account. They will hopefully cover a lot of the questions I am receiving:

@DannyAFL informed me that Daniel Rich said Rocky (MID,$737,000) might return this week…

Even if he does, it is not worth getting him in this week. Not only will he still very sore, but an injury of his extent will mean that flying could still be an issue for some weeks. He has a break even of 175, and although that is an easy feat for ‘fit Rocky’, we need to give him a few weeks before regaining the C mantle in our team. Can’t wait to have him back though, my team is rabble without him.

@Matty_pham wants to know if it is time to say goodbye to Goodes

Despite a break even of just 44 for Brett Goodes (DEF, $205,000) the writing is on the wall for him to be dropped. He has worn the vest two weeks in a row, and last week the Dogs were under-manned and he still donned the green. In that game, he played quite significant game time and still only managed a disappointing 26 points, so the chances of him making much money is unlikely anyway. If a downgrade to someone like Ciaran Byrne (DEF/FWD, $121,000) gets you enough money to make a good upgrade, then do it.

@DarthNoctis wants to know my thoughts on Jack Martin

Athough he is an awkward price, I like the idea of filling F6 with Martin (FWD, $349,000) until he maxes out in price and provides the opportunity for an easy upgrade. Has a break even of just nine and he is starting to live up to his much hyped potential. With many coaches running the gauntlet with inconsistent scores from cheap forward line options, Martins scores of 68, 81 and 113 are looking good and certainly moving in the right direction. If a trade from Bartel to Martin can allow you to upgrade to a miss firing mid pricer to a high scoring premo, it might be worth the risk. Having said this, his price will stop me making the move, despite the temptation.

@ChopperDT Said sucked in for missing the boat with Hodgey

Unfortunately Chop is correct, the boat has certainly left the port as Luke Hodge (DEF/MID, $597,000) has increased 47K while averaging a massive 128. Despite this though, he has a BE of just 59 and is a walk-up to be the highest scoring defender at the end of the year. He looks really fit and you can’t help but feel all the worry about him missing games was over thinking things… as we have seen, a lot of premiums have missed games already while he has been pumping out 159s. No doubt he will cop a lot of attention this week vs the Power, and of course miss a game or two, but don’t hesitate to grab him, dead set champion!

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My one word yes/no answers to popular questions were a hit last week, so I’ll have another go!

Will Rockliff play this week? No
Will Hodgey run around without an opponent again this year? No
Is Jobe Watson a good selection? Yes
Should we trade Kolo? Yes
Should the sub rule go? Hell YES (sorry, but it deserves more than one word)
Should Hibberd be traded? No
Bring Whitecross straight in? No
Thurlow worth a look? Yes
Will Bont play this week? Yes
Is Lewis good enough to earn Pig status? Yes

Cheers guys, hit me up on Twitter @RoyDT for all things Fantasy.


ROUND 4 CONTESTS: Massive news. We have a 200 person contest for MEGA SATURDAY. $5 entry, top 30 get paid out. On SUNDAY FUNDAY there is a $10 comp with 100 places. Get involved by clicking here.


  • Kolo(BE 81) -> Bryne (BE 19)


    Langford (BE 70) -> Martin (BE 9) via Bontempelli moved to mids

    Looking for Money to make and points to get!


      Kolo(BE 81 -6k) -> Bryne (BE 19 depends sub ot not)


      Langford (BE 70 -3k) -> Martin (BE 9 & 31k +) via Bontempelli moved to mids

      Those are the expected price changes on footy wire.

      Looking for Money to make and points to get!

  • Forced trades this week

    Mid – Lewis, Fyfe, Parker, Bont, WINES, Rich, Yolmen, Cripps (Vanderburg,Newton)
    Fwd- BARTEL, Swan, Gray, Martin, Honeychurch, Clark (McCarthy, Salem)

    Money no option as was going to go double upgrade in backline this week if not for injuries
    $314k in bank

    Who should I trade Bartel/Wines for?

    Was thinking Sloane And Hodge ( Bont DPP) and then can upgrade Parker/ KK next week with Hodge DPP


  • what to do with my last trade:
    option 1: jaden mcgrath(injury) Swan

    • option 1: jaden mcgrath(injury) to robbie tarrant
      play mccarthy on field as i have bartel
      option 2: bartel to swan

  • hey all,

    looking at:

    Goodes –> Byrne
    Bartel –> Motlop, Swan or Dahlhaus

    Thoughts on the second trade? my team is:

    D:Newnes, Hibberd, Laird, Hunt, Oxley, McIntosh (Saad, Goodes)
    M:Lewism Pendles, Sloane, Parker, Neale, Rich, Ellis-Yolmen, Cripps (Vandenberg, Newton)
    R:Mumford, Bellchambers (Naismith, Holmes)
    F:Martin, Bartel, Gray, Bont, Clark, Honeychurch (McCarthy, Salem)

  • Trading bartel this week to Dahlhouse and I don’t know who to trade first lumumba or belly could go belly to grundy or lumumba to Brodie smith/Simpson/hunt

  • Afl Fantasy
    505k left
    Rank- 6300, round 3 score – 2028
    Defence: Malceski, Gibson, Lumumba, Hunt, Saad, Mcintosh. (Oxley,Byrne)
    Mid: Lewis, Beams, Parker, Wines, NEALE, Bont, Newton, CEY, (V-Berg, Cripps)
    Ruck: Goldy, Bellchambers, (Cox, Holmes)
    Forward: (Dusty, Swan, Tex, Honeychurch, Salem, Hogan, (Clark, McCarthy)
    Thinking Wines- Sloane and Gibson to Hodge.

  • Good trades

  • What do you think about these trades:

    Bartel-> Ryder (Ryder to Ruck and Belly to f4)
    Wallis-> Melksham (Melksham to F3 and Goddard to m6)

  • Hey guys, I need help with who to trade in for Bartel and Leuenberger. Here is my team:
    DEF: Mcintosh, Newnes. Geary, Lumumba, Malceski, Ibbotson (N.Brown, Dick)
    MID: Lewis (c), Hodge, Heppell, Fyfe, Rich, Newton, Vandenberg, Cripps (Krakouer, Dumont)
    RUC: Naitanui, Leuenberger (Nankervis, Cox)
    FWD: Bontempelli, Swan, Gray, Martin, Bartel, Clark (Bryne, Lambert)

    75k cash left.
    I was thinking was thinking Grundy for Leuey and Bartel for Higgins with 38k left.
    Or any suggestions? Thanks.

  • if i have luxury trades should i look at trading out luke parker or priddis? both have very high BEs and have been bleeding cash.

    • Neither. Stick with your guns.

    • Luxury trades best spent culling failed/under performing cashcows to a cahscow that could smash it.

      Even a crappy cashcow has more money making potential then a crappy cashcow a few weeks in.

      Thats just my opinion.

      If you trade out premos that go bad every week, you actually lose cash.

      Unless there is an underpriced premo you consider a must have.

      • This is the best piece of DT advice I’ve read all year.

        I have Parker and I’m sticking with him. As mentioned on the podcast, I believe he’s still feeling the effects from the Buddy hit. I still believe he will be top 8-10 by end of the year so I’m sticking with him.

    • You havent lost any cash until you trade them out. Look at all the people who traded Beams last week to make $50kish. I’m pretty sure most would rather have had his 126

  • Hey guys, need help! had terrible week last week scoring only 1882! Team is:

    DEF: Newnes, Lumumba, KOLO, Mcintosh, Oxley, Talia (Saad, GOODES)
    MID: Lewis, Parker, Barlow, Heppel, Rich, WALLIS, Newton, cey (Vandenberg, Cripps)
    RUC: Jacobs, Goldstein (Naismith, Holmes)
    FWD: Swan, Gray, Martin, BARTEL, Salem, Honeychurch (Clark, McCarthy)

    I put the people i want to trade in caps…
    Trade 1: Bartel -> Bont
    Trade 2: ……………………. Wallis out for 2 weeks but could bench him and dump kolo!

    help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Trade injured players. You cant exactly expect an injured player to come back and smash it (it does happen, but lets play with probabilities here), if you really like Wallis, you can slot him back in after he loses more cash.

      There is nothing sure about that 2 weeks, it could turn into 6 weeks.

      • Yeah I agree… It’s just KK is driving me nuts in the backline and had planned to bring him in for hunt this week.

      • Who should I bring in for wallis? (S484,000 left to spend on replacement)

        • Im in the exact same boat, and I find the options under that price to be very very risky.

          Im leaning towards trying to get a cashcow and using my trades next week to have enough cash to get in an uber premo.

      • What do you think of a rischitelli or a lin jong??? haha got know idea!!!

    • trade Kolo to byrne will give you another 200k+ and then bartel to hodge through dpp.

      bench wallis, play cripps, then trade out wallis for bont or a premo mid.

  • Question for everyone, who will be the highest scorer of this round?

  • Is it too late to get Rich or will he still make a fair bit of cash

  • thoughts on what trades i should do this week

    DEF – Simpson, newnes, hunt, mcintosh, oxley, saad (byrne, goodes)

    MIDS- pendles, heppell, sloane, parker, prestia, rich, wallis, cripps ( newton, vandenberg)

    RUCKS- goldy, belly

    FWDS- dusty, swanny, gray, bartel, clark, hogan (salem, mccarthy)

    obviously i need to trade bartel and wallis

    was thinking

    bartel –> hodge via byrne
    wallis –> CEY
    38k in bank


    bartel –> buddy
    wallis –> CEY


    bartel –> bont
    wallis –> CEY

  • Hey guys, I need help with who to trade in for Bartel and Leuenberger. Here is my team:
    DEF: Mcintosh, Newnes. Geary, Lumumba, Malceski, Ibbotson (N.Brown, Dick)
    MID: Lewis (c), Hodge, Heppell, Fyfe, Rich, Newton, Vandenberg, Cripps (Krakouer, Dumont)
    RUC: Naitanui, Leuenberger (Nankervis, Cox)
    FWD: Bontempelli, Swan, Gray, Martin, Bartel, Clark (Bryne, Lambert)

    75k cash left.
    I was thinking was thinking Grundy for Leuey and Higgins for Bartel with 38k left.
    Or any suggestions? Thanks.

    • id go bartel to hogan (BE still pretty low) then leuey to goldy

      • Thanks for ur suggestion, will definitely consider although Bartel to Higgins but I wonder if I could save cash with Grundy, he’s been in good form, so too Goldy.

        • Leuey > Grundy is good. Grundy is the best value ruck atm.
          Unfortunately you can’t afford Leuey > Goldy unless you’re willing to downgrade Bartel > 330K player Jezza Cameron or Bellchambers! or maybe even Hogan as suggested by Lachlan in above comment.
          Not sold on the Bartel > Higgins. And are you prepared for a bout of the Higgins?

          • I’ll keep with lachlans suggestion as hogan has got a low BE and will keep rising, and goldy is in big form atm like Grundy. True what u said bout Higgins, he can b inconsistent and might not have fully proven himself as a roo yet.

      • Ive decided to go with Bartel > Hogan and Leuey > Goldy, cheers for the help Lachlan!

    • Not bad.
      Can I sell you a double R/F combo?
      Bartel > Lycett and Leuey > Ryder with 10K.

      • Ooh, I don’t know, Lycett is a risky player and Paddy hasn’t been going big. Good idea with two DPP ruckmen, could come in handy. Will consider, thx for the help.

  • What is Whitecross’s JS like?

    No, he didnt set the world on fire (1st game back from big injury)
    however if he comes back to any semblance of former form, will be a worthy cashcow (especially with 221k RDT price tag). Not considering in AF.

    • What a difference 5 weeks makes. I hadn’t forgotten though. Keen on the hawks defenders, if I was to choose one right now that I could afford it would be Birchall.

    • dont reckon he will score that well

      • Yeah but I think as a cash cow WhiteX is worth a look, expect 100-150K so maybe 5-6 weeks, milk this cow after byes, team ready to go bang by then if all goes to plan.

  • Trading bartel this week to Dahlhouse and I don’t know who to trade first lumumba or belly could go belly to grundy or lumumba to Brodie smith/Simpson/hunt

  • hey guys, which trades is better:
    Bartel > Higgins and Leuey > Grundy (38k cash rem.) OR
    Bartel > Hogan and Leuey > Goldy (59k cash rem.)

  • Option 1@leea17 but I wouldn’t go Higgins id go melkshem or the bont

  • Defence: malckeski newnes lumumba laird KM Ox (saad Goodes)

    Mids: Lewis Barlow Parker beams rich Henney yolmen cripps (Vanderberg Newton)

    Rucks: Jacobs belly (Naismith Holmes)

    Forwards: Swan BARTELL Martin Bont Hogan Honeychurch

    Thinking going ( Bartell > Dahlhouse)

    Then I’m stuck I could go (Lumumba > Simpson/Smith)

    Or I could go (Belly > Grundy)

  • Doesn’t freako come out on Tuesdays I have withdrawals lol

  • Hey guys, have a few headaches as I’ve had leuey as my R2 but have been forced to play Cordy. Also have Malceski bleeding cash, thought he might of got midfield minutes with the suns depleted but still only 59. Can’t see him turning a corner any time soon, do I cut and run now?
    Thinking: Malceski->hodge
    Bartel->grundy (Cordy to forward line bench, Cameron into f6)

  • My dilemma, any advice would be good

    I can change Boak to Lewis

    Or Wingard to Gray.

    Can’t do both


    • Definately boak to Lewis

      Being a power supporter boak is the number 1 tag target every week and if you look at his scores last year aren’t actually that flash
      Lewis = Pig

      Wingard has the potential to kick a bag and loves big games (port vs Hawthorn) keep him for one more week.

  • so im fixing up the bartel injury by chucking him on the pine for clark, as i have to trade out leue. i’ve gone leue to goldstein. and i’ll trade out bartel next week.
    problem is, i still have kk sitting there on the field as i regrettably kicked out lumumba instead. should i put oxley on the field instead of kk? or do you reckon he’ll do well this week against gws?

  • Thoughts would be much appreciated

    Option 1 :
    KK > Docherty/smith /Simpson
    Goodes > Byrne

    Option 2
    KK > Docherty
    Harvey > Bont

    Im not huge on chopping boomer just yet but he is getting on a bit now and slowing down his disposal tally, what do you guys think?

  • DEF: Hibberd, Shaw, Newnes, Hunt, McIntosh, Oxley (Goodes, Saad)

    MID: Lewis, Barlow, Parker, Steven, Neale, Lumumba, CEY, Cripps (Newton, Vandenberg)

    RUC: Goldy, Bellchambers (Cox, Downie)

    FWD: Gray, Swan, D. Martin, Bont, Clarke, Salem (Honeychurch, McCarthy)

    Really not too sure this week with only 10K remaining, thinking of getting rid of goodes, maybe for Byrne but I’m not sure of his JS. Other options would be greatly appreciated.

    • I was also thinking maybe Hibberd to Coniglio and putting Lumumba back in DEF, or Hibberd to Pittard because of his low BE and then I’ll have heaps of money to upgrade next week

  • what do u think about these trades

    Wines ~ Melksham

    Malcheski ~ Hodge

    • like it.
      For Bartel, im also deciding between bringing in
      1.Melksham and pocketing some cash
      2.Franklin (but he plays freo this week)
      3.Dahlhaus (in form and the one Roy said to pick).

  • Hey fellas,

    I have 162K in the bank and was wondering which is the better trade?
    Parker – Lewis (33K in bank) or Malceski – Hodge (33K in bank)

    • Both about the same, Eski to Hodge at this point – though Lewis is a lock captain every week at the moment. Maybe Eski to Kelly? 100k cheaper, lowest 88, highest 104. Served me incredibly well.

  • I wouldn’t trade unless you are playing fdt. Then consider Parker or trade out goodes and hamling to premo and byrne

  • Bennell to
    Motlop (~100k in the bank) or swan (~7k in the bank).


  • would newnes to hodge be worth the trade?

  • Ok people !! What would you trade?

    Bartel –> Bont
    Geary –> Hunt
    $48k remaining

    Bartel –> Bont
    Maric –> Jacobs
    $4k remaining

    Bartel –> Dalhaus
    $11k remaining

  • Looking for trade ideas.

    D: Hodge, Newnes, Lumumba, Hunt, Geary, McIntosh (Oxley[e], Saad)
    M: Lewis, Barlow, Macrae, Parker, Neale, Rich, Ellis-Yolmen, Cripps (Newton[e], Vandenberg, Anderson)
    R: Smith, Bellchambers (Brooksby[e])
    F: Swan, Martin, Dahlhaus, Bontempelli, Honeychurch, Clark (Salem[e], McCarthy)

    I missed the boat with Heeney and Hogan. Are they worth bringing in now or should I just let it go?

  • Bartel to Sloane or Hodge?

    • sloane if your mids are weak. Hodge if your defence is weak because you can switch him back. However, i have sloane myself and im backing him in for 120+ this week so he would be the safer option. Hodge is tasty though

  • Hey guys, what are your thoughts on either Motlop, Roughy, D.Martin and Dahlhaus as a replacement for Bartel? Also a mid replacement for WInes?

  • I need to get rid of kolo and bartel. I’ve narrowed it down to a few options

    Bartel > motlop / Dahlhaus / franklin? All in form, motlop cheaper and having massive scores.

    Kolo > thurlow / whitecross? Both super cheap both should rise quite a bit, both have about the same job security but I just feel with how whitecross plays he will go up the ground a little more.

    I need some answers boys! Thank you.