Thorpy reveals his fantasy team

Roy and Warnie sat down in the studio today to chat with former Hawk and fantasy tragic Mitch Thorp about his team. He revealed his squad, as it stands now, and the boys dissected it in what was a great discussion on a heap of players. Listen below and add your two cents in the comments.

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  • Pretty standard team.

  • Loving the Bontempelli pick!!


      I had Bont up until today however have made massive decision, to downgrade to another forward rookie whether that be Salem (which it is atm) or Honeychurch etc… to free up cash to ….. wait for it…. start year with the ROCK yes you heard right.

      Been little disappointed with bonts in NAB I realise its only NAB but determined there is cash elsewhere.

      As for the Rock my original decision was NO – thinking he is priced at 134 points and will he really get that? Originally thought no not sure because of Beams Redden fit etc… but now am thinking these other options free the Rock from any thought of having him play a lot of game up forward as was case a few years ago which inhibits his score.

      Further they (the other mids) also make opposition think harder about who to tag (although tags does not seem to bother the rock as he just tackles the tagger and racks up the points).

      Now back to the avg of 134 that he is pieced at. Lets analyse this firstly –
      NAB 1 v Saints a lowly 66 with only 2 tackles from 82% game time – training run for the Rock.
      NAB 2 v Swans at my hometown of Coffs harbour this is where ti gets exciting he scores 97 from only 77% game time and wait for it tallys up ZERO tackles WOW – (note had 2 frees against him)

      I will no go on lets think about our 134 he needs to basically score to stay same price. This mans last 3 round average is 166.3 and his 5 round average is 159.8 and he has a projected round 1 score of 151 and expected price rise of $7,642.

      Our questions are
      1. Can he get the 151 – YES I think so
      2. Can you afford not to have his potential scores until he comes down in price? is up to you but for me no I cannot I want him I must have him
      3. If what I say occurs and his price is then $770,642 the time it will take for his score to drop gets longer (or may not occur)

      Verdict I am sacrificing another mid price player for rookie to secure his services


      • oh and I think he is currently only in 18-20% of teams depending on where you get your data

      • Too much money mate. If he falters, gets injured, low scores, that’s way too much money to be losing. Beams now in Midfield too will change things a bit.

        Good luck to ya.

        • Cheers I am unsure how Beams changes things except for following positives:

          1. Beams can and does play forward ensuring Rocky does not get too much of this
          2. beams may attract a tag rather than the Rock taking attention from him
          3. Hanley is out so apart from fit redden and Christensen cant see Rocky resting on bench much

          Overall I cant see that much changing in team structure that would significantly inhibit his scores. People keep saying what about Beams but can provide no really relevant reason as to how this will affect his scoring?

          They actually may complement each other and his scoring improves?

          • I’m of the opinion that a stronger team leads to more points. So he may well improve his scoring.


  • Only problem is Rucks, Bell could not play round 1 and Leuy out of form.

    • Agreed and I have both of these, as for Bell am not concerned as if he Is out round 1 then so is half of Bombers giving us some quality or at least job secure cheaper options around field frees up cash or also can go to Giles or Mckernan or both.

      I agree that Leuy is shot duck I have him atm and am looking ot offload even to say a Giles depends on above or strangely considering Hickey. If I have the cash am going Lycett

      My question Re Bombers is if they are wiped out how will fantasy guys handle this as will mean a complete re calculation of values when adding in the new players who many of are not currently included. Surely given the ‘magic number’ calculation if new players are added then ALL PRICES will be affected??

      • I have no clue what will happen, i am scared off all Essendon players mainly Hibberd in the above team i would have him over Simpson but like Belly chance to be suspended

        Players like Goddard could drop in price

  • Only other thoughts are if SJ does not play round 1 then J Bartell is a lock

  • Early on to maintain price you need to significantly exceed your average as rookies scoring well change the dynamic (the magic number) – someone will write about it soon enough.

    • True on magic number understand this as well as and the breakeven number which is part of magic number equation.

      Rockies round 1 Break even is 135 – if he scores less hi price goes down if he scores more it goes up depending on as you say how well all the rookies score.

      that said if he gets his expected of 151 one would think he would maintain his price.

      remembering of course his 3 and 5 round averages are well above this – I understand the risks – no guts no glory

      am gunna risk it – do I want to watch the pig scoring 150-170 each week hoping for a fall crying cause not getting these scores? = NO

  • true yes understand magic number and not sure what will happen when Bombers get outed

  • What a bout Allen Christiensen?

    • As a lions fan I am not too sure where he will play. Probably forward. Too risky IMO

  • Hi all

    This is my first write up.

    what do you think about my team so far

    Mackie, Newnes, Houli, Sheppard, Steinberg and Pearce(Saad and Dick)

    Ablett, Beams, Pendlebury, Parker, Ziebell, Freeman, Anderson and Dumont(Vandenberg and Glenn)

    Bartel, Martin, Swan, Gunston, Thomas and Clark(Tatapu and Lambert)


    Thankyou in advance

    • Ruck are Leuenberger and Kreuzer(Holmes and Wallace)

    • Way to go, suggest you review some of your players, especially Mackie, Ziebell and Gunston. Can’t see any of them improving from last year and they are not in the top bracket of fantasy scores.

    • Pearce will struggle to play every game. Ibbotson is a better option so is Geary.

      • looks possible with Crowley out Lyon will play Pearce as the tagger watchout I dumped him

  • Hey all,

    I’m not as switched on about this sort of stuff as some of you guys. But out of interest let’s pretend (I personally don’t think this will happen) that Rocky averages 110 in the early rounds (which Barlow is roughly priced at) how long will it take for his price to bottom out?

    My thinking is if this happens within 5 or 6 rounds, good luck being able to trade for the difference unless you pick the right mid-priced who goes nuts early on. Usually it takes at least half the season to be able upgrade to uber premos. My point therefore being do you want to go half a season without someone still scoring top 2/3 at worst?

    Please enlighten me if that is all a bit basic & I’ve missed something?

  • agree with your thinking see my comments on Rocky above. He is priced at 135 lets say he only scores 140 per week which is possibly the number one score each week his price will still probably drop and by round 6 he maybe only $660k so 100k cheaper but can you or do you want to go without those 140 points every week? Barlow will get 110 but that’s 30 per week and maybe 180 less points.
    This mans last 3 round average is 166.3 and his 5 round average is 159.8 and he has a projected round 1 score of 151 and expected price rise of $7,642 subject to magic number but being the top priced player the pressure on price is down

  • Luke Mcguane is an interesting choice. Lions have a few forward options. Freeman, Close, Mcstay etc. Im not even sure mcguane is in there best 22.

  • would like to get your opinions on some of these players guys.
    What do you think about pendlebury vs sidesbottom? Ibbotson vs kolodjashnij? And bartel vs tom Mitchell?

    • Pendles is safer, as you already know he can handle the tag, and will pump out 90-125 week in week outregardless, Sidey has a bit of mystery about him since there’s no idea how well he’ll handle added pressure now that Beams is gone. With that said, I see him going 130+ twice as often as Pendles does as he has more freedom, and barring taking over that number 1 tag role, I think he’ll average 5-10 more and I’m backing him in.

      Neither of Ibbo or Kolo are demanding selection, Ibbo is probably safer in that there is no way in hell he’ll go backwards, but Kolo probably has more potential with the prospect of playing on the wing and midfield. With that said, I reckon they’ll both average 70-80 and not set the world on fire, Kolo will average more, but probably not 50k in value more.

      Bartel is gun, will keep up around that 95-105 mark, despite looking old and bored since he was 26, with the odd 60-75 when he is too sleepy to care. If you believe the “cats old guys spending more mid time” rumour, I’d imagine he’d head up towards that 105 with all those easy uncontested marks he gets. With that said, he’s a grandpa, he’s pretty much max priced, and this stupid new pricing thing has be concerned a few sleepy 90s or high 80s early on could send him plummeting, but I’m not too on the ball on the exact logistics, so I may just be cowardly. Mitchell will play, but not in that inside mid role which would bring him the 120s, Should still get to 85 or so, but I don’t think this will be his Parker-esque year. Personally, I’m going with Mitchell, mostly out of new pricing system fear, and the fact that getting Jimmy would cause me to destroy my backline or take in the dodgy Belly and Leuy ruck combo, but Jimmy is for certain the keeper and higher scorer.

      That’s my thoughts anyway

      • Bartell will score 130 every time SJ or Selwood is out

      • Thanks matt, great help!
        I think now that I’ve sorted my mid and fwd battles, that final defender should be the final piece of the puzzle. At the moment I’ve got kolo in but not sure about him. Do you have any recommendations around that price? I’ve still got 200k in the bank but would probably like to hold it for upgrades in the future.
        So far my defence is: hodge, smith, newnes, kolo, whitecross, smedts, Zak jones and hamling.

  • Please note in addition to my comments above on the Rock, that both the traders and Warnie had him in their teams – pre nab but

    Can you afford not to have him???

    His scoring my improve with Beams in the side????

  • League for real dream team

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  • I’m new to this Fantasy game thing and I’m thinking about a stategy of going big on mifielders and forwards while selecting low priced defenders. What dya think?

    DEF: Bugg, Thompson, Brown, Jones, Goodes, Saad (Hamling, Clurey)
    MID: Rockliff, Ablett, Beams, Priddis, Heppell, Crouch, Mitchell, Ellis-Yolmen (Dumont, Vaandenberg)
    RUC: Smith, Leuenberger (Cox, Wallace)
    FOR: Bartel, Gray, Martin, Swan, Clark, D. Thomas (Lambert, McGuane)

    $83K left over for playing around if Ablett, Heppell, etc aren’t fit for rd1.