Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 18 (Loop Hole Edition)

Before you get stuck into this, make sure you have checked out the FULL VERSION of Calvin’s Captains over at the for a full and more comprehensive views on all players.

Now, I’d like to explain the LOOP DE LOOP HOLE for all those thousands of people who have been asking.

Who will you be locking in as your AFL Fantasy captain for Rd. 18?

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  1. Make sure you know what you are doing, so read this carefully
  2. Teams will be locked away each Friday night for that week’s round. 2 Lock-outs meaning we have flexibilty in making adjustments nect week. So…
  3. Select a VC from the first half of the split round
  4. Place your C on a guy playing in the second half of the round (next week)
  5. If you like the VC score, put a guy NOT playing on your field and give him the C, making sure you have an emergency clicked in this position to cover him.
  6. This will mean your C scores a zero which is replaced by the VC who you liked and you emergency covers the C as well.
  7. If you don’t like the VC score, then pick a captain as you usually would… making sure you haven’t placed the C on a guy who has already played


  1. You don’t understand or you can’t read and you mess it up
  2. Make sure you look below at some scenarios of what people usually do wrong.
  3. If you do use the Loop Hole, you will not have any cover in that position meaning you will be massively screwed if there are any late withdrawals.

Will you be using the Loop Hole over the split round?

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Righteo… so now I’m going to run you through some situations that are commonly discussed and messed up during this process.



Can you spot what went wrong here?

This is the most common error for people when they are using the Loop Hole option.

Yes, Kurt Aylett won’t play, but with Essendon playing in the first week, means that he is LOCKED in and you can not move your ‘Captain’. This means that the guy you took a long shot on (Barlow) will be cemented in as your captain for the week.

This also means that, you now have NO cover in the backline heading into the second half of the split round. Terrible move!



Nothing is extremely wrong here, but this person has selected two people who are playing in the first week, meaning that they are now LOCKED in and that you have no movement heading into the second half of the split round.

Picking Stevie J as the VC is a top call, but floating the ‘C’ on a guy who plays in the first half is just stupid… unless you actually wanted that guy locked in as your ‘C’.



What you see here is the almighty team Calvinator and the options I am faced with this week.

As you can see, my bench is weak and with so many people playing or not playing in the opening half of the split round, the Loop Hole isn’t really an option for me. Way too many bench people in the first week really hurts me.

UNLESS, I use O’Brien next week and place him as my captain (next week) if I am happy with the VC score from Stevie J or Barlow (I’d actually go Barlow first here – see top 5 VC’s below).

This could be easily done as I could swap him another guy playing next week like Pendlebury or Beams.

This would mean that I wouldn’t have any midfield cover though heading into that last week. If you do exploit the loop hole then you too, will not have cover!

With all this said and done, I’m probably going to do a luxury trade and dump O’Brien this week ha ha. I need cover and at this stage he can be traded to a guy like Honeychurch (first half split round player) as he is at least getting games and making some cash.

This means, I will have no bench options to use as a C even if I liked the score I got from my VC.

At the end of the day, if you are confused or you don’t really like going into the second half of the round without cover… don’t do it.

top 5 vice

For those who are tackling the Loop Hole, who will you be placing your VC on?

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  • Every time. Some ppl stuff this up lol.

  • So if I have l Thompson on my bench playing in the second week who probably won’t play can I put the c on him if my VC scores well

    • thats right, if thompson (as in the adelaide midfielder) isnt playing next week, then you can put him ON YOUR FIELD with the C on him and place another second week midfilder on your bench who IS playing with the E on them. this will then give you your VC’s score as the captains doubled score.

      • soory mate, meant luke thompson also from if put him on my field with c on and put swallow on bench with E VCs score will double

        • yes

          in order to take advantage of the loophole, give your VC to someone (like Barlow or SJ) and then put the C on anyone from Richmond/WestCoast/Brisbane/GoldCoast/Hawthorn/Sydney/Collingwood/Adelaide

          if you’re happy with your VCs score (it’s up to you what score you’re happy with) then put one of those players on pitch (as long as they’re not named) and give them the captaincy
          if you’re not happy (SJ gets tagged, Freo take it easy, whatever) then shove the C on Rocky like everyone else will be

          • I would add AS LONG AS THEY’RE NOT NAMED IN THE 25 MAN SQUAD. I know that a bunch of people got burned once with a late withdrawal and the call up of their C and suddenly their supposedly not playing C became their actual C.

    • Spot on – if he plays in 2nd week yes

  • hrm, no one for me to loophole this week, have been using thurlow or currie for previous loopholes but theyre both first week players. oh well, backing in rocky for a 130+.

  • actually that first option is wrong becasue Aylett has the playing symbol next to his name – it’d be better with Hibbo as C

    • …he’s talking about this round, isn’t he? That dot next to Aylett doesn’t show that he’s playing, all players have that (unless they’re injured). Hibbo will be playing this week.

      • please answer my question

      • That’s right Warnie – I can’t loop using Aylett. Cause he’d be cemented as my C, cause he plays in week 1.

      • as I don’t really play fantasy, I thought that the yellow dot meant that they were playing, then I realised it was only wednesday

        also, Calvin’s strategy is highly risky – IF he wants SJ’s score, then he has to pray that (unless he makes changes next week) that ZOB is actually out, which given the Lions and their rotation policy, isn’t a sure thing

        • Whether you play Fantasy, RDT… SC or whatever, the point is that Calvin can’t do that – pretty much the whole purpose of what he posted this article for! ;)

          Samdiatmh, please don’t just jump on trying to say something is wrong if you don’t understand. Confuses people more – including myself!

  • The only real non-stress way of being able to use the loophole is if you don’t have bench cover in a line, let’s say the ruck and you had a week two bench ruck (that isn’t playing) to put on the field for one of your starting rucks.

    For example, Sandilands onto the bench and ‘Tom Derickx’ on your field (this does carry some slight risk in itself as he has a small chance of playing). You can make him C next week if you like your VC score, and if you don’t you can put your C on someone else.

    The way Sandi has been, you might want to take Derickx’s score if he got an unlikely call up anyway! Haha.

    For a lot of teams, bench cover comes from the first week… I actually can’t do the loophole with my side UNLESS I want to do away with a bench player… something I’m not willing to do. Anyhoo.. I will just lock in new recruit Rocky. Hopefully it’s another 157!

    • I’m just putting it on Rocky anyway

      Calvin’s analysis aside – the highest averaging mid comes up against the team that’s given up the highest score (138 over last 3) to the best mid, it’s basically a no-brainer

    • Yep that’s the only stress free way of doing it if you don’t have cover in that line anyway… which is only in the Rucks for most people. It’s a pain that bloody North and Essendon (Currie and Thurlow) are both in the second week!

      • …i mean in the first week lol. Just loopholed my own brain

      • You could, using Currie and Thurlow, swap either one onto the field in place of one of your ruckmen before the start of week 1 and put that starting ruckman as an emergency so that no matter what, your emergency can cover Currie or Thurlow’s score. Then you can also use the loophole if you want your VC’s score or not if you don’t.

        • No you can’t. Please don’t confuse others.

          This won’t work because Currie and Thurlow are from week one teams therefore they will be locked. You can’t put the C on them after Ftiday night..

          Man oh man.

          • You beat me to it Warnie.

            I hate to kick a dead horse, but unless you have a 2nd week bench option that isn’t likely to play, people should really just play it safe and go with their first choice captain selection.

          • Sorry! Realised that the moment after I posted that.

  • Depending on teams, I’m considering Brent Harvey as VC.
    Reckon there may be a fair few Freo players resting heavily after half time…

  • I saw it happened last loophole round with a few coaches. A lil advice is if you want to take your loophole score this wknd. Make sure your player on the field with the “C” has a 0 % chance of playing next week. Because if named emergency and comes in late you will have that dud player as captain. If you find yourself next weekend in a postion where you have no players with a 0 % of playing. Then back your captain in.

  • I’m sure Barlow would be thrilled with the photo choice lol

  • I have Fraser McInnes as my loophole captain. None of my forwards will pull out (cross fingers). I am probably going to loophole Stevie or Greenwood. Either of them could go 120+

  • If i do option 3 but it turns out ZOB plays, can’t I just trade ZOB for someone else who definitely isn’t playing?

    • But would you want to? Trading out a cash cow who you’ve held for 3 weeks just when he’s back in to someone who’s not playing so you can lock in a score that Rocky might beat anyway hardly seems worth it.

  • Relating to the article, you mentioned that Jack Macrae should be avoided as a captain for this round as, “he did have 69 and 71 before that”. I just want to point out that that 71 was his lowest score for the season at that point and before that it was 82, which is consistency that people did not take notice of. And his 69 was the game where he got the green vest and played only 39% of time on ground. In his last 2 games he has scored 237 points from 153:48 minutes – going at 154.1 Points per minute

  • Rookie question: can the opposition coach see who I’ve traded to? Or can they only see my final team after lockout?

    • Yes your opponent can only see your trades in the match-up screen once after lockout

  • Anyone know what’s happened to Jeppa’s Juniors this week?

  • I’d advise anyone who doesn’t get it after that article to stay away from the loop hole. Reading the comments (Besides Warnie and Roys) will only further confuse.

    • +1!
      Kids, if you don’t get the loophole option by now just continue on your merry way and forget it about it ;)

  • And love ya work as usual Roy. Plus the patience all you fellas show should be lauded.

  • Calvin you’re too good to us.

  • Why do you need a loophole when you can just put the captian on me calvin!!

  • Was all set to do Ellis –> Smitch this week and then saw his most recent scores against the swans…
    Swan –> Johnson and Tex –> Caddy sound ok? or upgrade another mid to Rocky (half tempted to go without him)
    Caddy is going to be my POD and he has a lot of upside I feel.

  • There are good PODs & bad PODs, surely not having Rocky is the worst possible POD!!! Either that or I should quit Fantasy/DT! :-P

    • Round 7 vs Sydney when he got knocked out in the 2nd qtr and came back with a 100+ point second half…. if you didn’t catch on by then you dont deserve to have him at any point :P

    • yeah mate but if I can invest the cash elsewhere… eg. if having rocky means I have to keep a 50-60 average player like tex then I’m better off investing the 120k to get an 80 or 90 average no?

      • This is how I look at it. Rockliff until the end of season is a very good chance to average 20+ ppg more than any other mid except Stevie J and JPK.
        If you Captian him, thats around an extra 40+ points / week more. The only mid i’d get before Rocky now is Stevie J because of his price, but I would be doing everything I can to get Rocky in before finals.

  • @gambler
    exactly how I see it…
    My two mid targets Johnson and Rocky for which I’ll be trading swallow, swan or miles (miles would be a later trade)

    I need to get rid of X. Ellis and bring in Mitchell

    Tex up front is causing me issues.

    I just don’t know how to prioritise these 4 moves

    • Wait 1 more week on Mitchell as he doesnt go well against Sydney. I wouldnt trade Miles at all.

      Lock Swan > Stevie J this week. How much cash you got left after that? I’d be looking at trading Tex this week too but wouldnt want to get in Caddy if he’s gonna be on playing on your field.

      Next week Ellis > Mitchell and you’ll probably need to downgrade for $$ to get in Rocky before finals.

  • Oz lotto: who’s your current Mids/Fwds so we can help?

  • @Punchy and @gambler
    Mids: Barlow Pendles beams swan(Stevie this week) Goddard a swallow cotchin jpk bench: miles and shent

    Fwds: gray Martin Parker
    Danger tex s.martin

  • @Punchy and @gambler
    Mids: Barlow Pendles beams swan(Stevie this week) Goddard a swallow cotchin jpk bench: miles and shent

    Fwds: gray Martin Parker
    Danger tex s.martin bench: Cameron kersten

    • Easy. Swan > Stevie J, Tex > Jack. Then you should have just enough left over to go X Ellis > Mitchell next week and make a downgrade to get Rocky in next week.

      My strategy is just to upgrade to the best option possible every week, but in this case Stevie @ 530k with e BE of 73 cannot be ignored.

  • I’d look at jack or Boomer in your Fwds for Tex. If you want a value player and potential awesome gamble go Chappy, reckon he’ll come home big to drag Essendon into the finals. That’s a fair gamble though

  • ps nice mids, Swallow to Rocky would make it awesome!!

  • Cheers for the help fellas! @gambler @Punchy

  • Going run the loop hole on Brent Harvey, North need to put Carlton away to secure a top 8 spot, ok form also

  • Excuse my ignorance but can the same be done with emergency players? That is (due to Sandi and Swan withdraw)I have to play either McGovern or Kersten as a FWD on field and the other as an emergency. Can I leave the emergency on Kersten as he plays first week, he has a good game and want to keep his score, then next week take McGovern off the field and put another week two non playing forward and therefore keep Kerstens score? If Kerstern has a shocker, leave McGovern there?


    • Ignore the above, just read Fridays Scramble with the answer there…….doh

  • does ellis-yolmen have any chance of playing?

  • Got Rocky as my C and Pendles as VC. Good or not

  • I stuffed up and left my emergency on P. Ambrose in the forward line my question is if I put another emergency on C. Cameron will I get the 0 for Cameron or the 30 for Ambrose on Captains Loophole??