Warnie’s free-hit side after four games

We’ve pumped through the first weekend of round one. Yep, the split round sucks balls but it has added something ‘fun’ and new to the strategy around AFL Fantasy Classic with the free-hit this round.

Now when I say ‘fun’… it’s more challenging and we could change that word to ‘frustrating’ as I’m a big fan of setting your side and just letting it go to enjoy your weekend. The beauty is that this is the only round for with it and funnily enough, the free hit concept is growing on me. I know I’m going to be happier with my squad next week as my teams in the ‘other’ games are pretty ‘meh’.

Below is how my squad currently stands. I had Dane Swan with the VC and by stupidity, disguised as strategy, I decided not to go with Gary Ablett (he had 141) to save cash and spread it around a bit more. Ugh, that was a fail.

What wasn’t was using the emergency loophole on Tom Langdon. This brings Tbetta’s boy Rowan Powell onto my ground so I can take him. I tried this loophole with Harry Cunningham (he should have bloody had an 80+ score that I would have taken if he touched it in the last quarter) and with Gary Rohan. Both haven’t quite scored enough to take their scores. Aaron Sandilands was basically benched for the VC loophole. I was always confident I’d take 70+ from him, but obviously he was awesome.

I have a current score of 1341 from the 13 players that have played. This is with my captain to come.


I have spent $6,694,600 on the 21 players in my squad so far, leaving $3,305,400 to fill the nine on field positions I have left.

At the moment I have Sam Mitchell as a lock in the backline with Jarryn Geary a massive chance to fill that D5 position. Other slots are very much up in the air. Shaun Higgins and Josh Caddy will most likely be my F4 and F5, but I’m still not sure on F1 – thinking possibly a Jack Gunston type.

In the mids, Xavier Ellis looks likely for M7, but for the other two midfield places and my ruck, I’ll have to do some maths. Could it be two premium mids and get in Tom Hickey as the other ruck? Or do I spend up big and get Dean Cox there and roll with a premium and Liam Shiels in M6? One thing is, I need to have a captain option I’m confident with… damn not picking Gaz!

I’ll be looking at a lot of different combos to spend my $3.3M over this week.


  • Great work Warnie. I was a big fan of Mitch Robinson but he didn’t perform as well as I thought last night. He had 52 at half but then finished on 69. Is he a good smokie or should I jump off. Thanks mate!

  • Or would you go wrighty over higgins?

  • This fantasy free hit stuff (and fantasy generally) is horrible. I’m just so glad I did real DT as well. This fantasy crap is like hit and giggle. It lacks the intensity of real DT probably due to this free hit crap and the 44 trades. It’s a shame that real DT has been marginalized by this website.

    • The site is covering all forms of the game… however, as you can understand – Roy, Calvin and myself will be focusing on the official AFL Fantasy game.

      • All the regulars can read between the lines Warnie, you really despise the form of the game you are now affiliated with, but can’t reveal true feelings for obvious reasons.

        Fancy being half way through round 1 and you don’t even have to fill your whole team yet. What a joke AFL Fantasy is.

        • why does it matter? wats the point in filling ur team when players may or may not even get selected later this week

        • For the record, you can do that with SuperCoach and Dream Team. The image is doctored in the article – I didn’t want to show which players I had in there.

          Whilst a lot of criticism is warranted, sometimes some people go overboard with opinions that aren’t always based on fact.

          • Well maybe despiwe was to harsh a word, but fantasy is technically and fundamentally flawed, that is fact.

          • The whole point of the changed price structure was to ensure teams were different. Then they go and ruin it by giving a free hit meaning that everyone will still have the same rookies as everyone will simply pick the best performing rookies from round 1. What a joke.

          • All I know is DT is a shambles this year. I’m now playing two games I only half like… not sure which one will survive but I really hope they fix the one that does!

  • It’s a shame that all those people who didn’t select Langdon will now just bring him in without even having to burn a trade. If you miss a good selection there should be a penalty. Let’s face it, fantasy is for kids and morons.

    • cry me a river

    • Yea but watch him pump out a 40 this week with everyone starting him on the field.

    • It’s no different with any other players really. I picked some great PODs that people will jump on now and steal my well-earned advantage.
      I’m sure you will jump on a player or two yourself.

      Langdon was always going to be in my ‘actual’ side. I only opted against him for the free hit due to his slightly higher price. Got him in Supercoach and RealDT, and he’ll be back in my Fantasy side round 2.

      Moral: Blame the free hit, not the coaches.

      • I agree.

        Those within the individual competitions are competing against each other, not the two forms of the game against each other.

        Most of the serious coaches would have had Langdon in their team anyway.

      • Absolutely I will be jumping all over any good PODs I missed in round 1. Who wouldn’t? My point is that people (including myself) will be able to bring in a missed selection for round 2 without even having to sacrifice a trade to do it. That really sucks dog’s balls. My mates who stuffed up on the Swallow pick for example will now just bring him in in time for leagues AT NO COST (no trade sacrificed). It is a pathetic way to structure a fantasy comp. The initial squad selection is so invigorating and terrifying because the calls you make matter and you have limited information to go on. The nab challenge is just that, the nab challenge, so the information you obtain from it needs to be “interpreted” to identify the truth. The information you get from Round 1 is altogether more reliable. Not faultless but more reliable. So now those great calls you make (or don’t make) before round 1 no longer matter. Its a Mickey Mouse competition. And as for the 44 trades being good for strategy, come on give me a break. Trades have lost lost their value. I used to have a heart attack making a trade now I can’t even remember what trades I’ve made earlier in the season. I’d love it if one person in the fantasy media, just one, gave a real opinion on this AFL fantasy mess. You can’t tell me they all love it, yet no one will say it. Pathetic.

        • I totally agree regarding the free hit.

          I actually like the 44 trades however, as I tend to be so unlucky with injuries etc that I need 2 trades every week.

          • No one needs 44 trades. That is the thing with the 30 trade version. If a player gets injured and its not a LTI then you need to make the call to hold the injured player on your bench or trade him. It makes it much more involved and skilled. Its all about using your trades wisely rather than trade out and trade back in a couple of weeks later.

  • Thanks for the article, Warnie. Sorry to ask this here, but I’ve tried with other forums with no luck. In AFL Fantasy, HOW DO I GET HEAD-TO-HEAD scores??? This is both for Classic and Elite. My Elite league has started but I can get no match centre-type screen, just a total team score comparison.

  • Thanks Warnie. Also, how do those leagues with hundreds of teams work? Is it just a ranking order of best scoring to least scoring? I’m in a Champion Data league through Fantasy Freako’s invite.

  • Is there anyway to delete the players that havent played yet to get a base squad like yours? I can only trade mine individually…

    • I doctored this in photoshop so it was a) easier to view, and b) so I didn’t give away which players I (currently) have to come.

  • Nice Warnie, you got Deledio in for the free hit too. *high five* ;)

    Who are you going to take as your actual captain? Or are you taking Swan’s 97?

    • 97 isn’t enough to take… I’ll be looking at a premo midfielder to come in to take the C. I don’t mind Jobe. But we’ll see what I can do. Could even go with Stevie J. I’ll have to chat with Calvin.

      And Lids – I’ve been pumping up his tyres for the last fornight for this round. Haha. Glad it came off – was in the Footy Record and on video on AFL.com.au. Phew!

      • Haha, glad I don’t have the pressure of putting my ‘expert reputation’ behind a player. It must be a big relief when they come off.

        I am playing Pendles over Swan this year but chickened out due to the Crowley factor, took Swan VC for the free hit. Damn!.
        Took a punt on Cotchin(C) and fortunately he delivered.
        I have a feeling Calvin will point you to Scott Selwood. Good luck with whoever you choose.

  • It is a pity that AFL fantasy is having so much trouble and the only reason I stuck with it was because of the DT Talk Team. In hindsight I should have entered RDT as well. I have done so now but have been handicapped with the fact that when I selected my RDT team yesterday, I could only choose the players from games that had not yet been played. I hope that Fantasy gets its act together before Round 2, particularly the match centre. Are there ant RDT Leagues out there that still have spots I can enter? Would really appreciate it.

  • Hey warnie I’m only able to do my fantasy team off my iPhone by using the app and after saving cotchin as my captain Saturday nite I woke up Sunday morning to see that it was back on s sellwood how can this be fair just because I don’t have a computer I’m at a real disadvantage to some of my mates that do have a computer because this app is shit and clearly hasn’t worked for us iPhone users in this free hit round how would u feel if your trades didn’t save or your captain it’s not fair and something should be done about it

    • Totally understand mate. Try talking to FanHub via the contact us on the site.

    • exact same thing happened to me mate but i had ablett as captain and i used my computer! It’s ridiculous could cost me some points and i also had langdon as emergency but i check and fantasy changed it. frustrating times

      • i had the same issue put the captaincy on ablett but it didn’t save… luckily I still have Watson to put the C on

    • So it wasn’t just me! Traded in Langdon on Friday woke up Saturday and he was gone. This was on the computer. At least I got his score in RDT & SC.
      Hubby had the issue of his VC selection disappearing overnight.
      Not really confident in trusting this comp this year. Hope it improves.

  • lol people need to realise that the lads here at DT talk DO NOT RUN OR LOOK AFTER AFL FANTASY. They simply give (FREE!) advice to everyone who reads this site.
    If you have an issue with AFL fantasy take it to FanHub, not here.

    • Correction: they are sourcing traffic for their PAID AFL site articles from this site so indirectly the advice on this page is paid.

      • -1

        You might as well argue that it has always been a “paid” site because of the occasional advert, or the sponsorship.

        D Day is right take it up with FanHub not Roy, Warnie and Calvin who, at last, are getting something for all their hard work over the years.

  • In RDT iml 1099 from 9 + C(abblet)

  • Its so funny reading some of these posts where people are having a whinge about the players who performed well in the first 4 games of round 1 and how other coaches who ‘missed’ them can put them in their team from round 2 onwards for no ‘penalty’ (i.e. used trades).
    Players scores fluctuate so much from round to round. Someone like Langdon who scored 105 in round 1 might score 50 in round 2, and then those that play him on their field in round 2 purely because of his round 1 score would be at a disadvantage to those that selected a different (and possibly higher scoring) player. Same as Swallow, nobody in their right mind would have said before round 1 that Swallow would average 115 for the season, which I confidently say he wont.
    If you did any sort of research prior to round 1 my advice would be to stick with that research and back it in, and not be swayed by players that played well in the first round. I am pretty sure that experienced coaches dont believe Swan will average less than 100 for the season, even though he scored less than that in round 1.

    Dont be blinded by someone who had a good/bad round 1 score. Its only 1 game out of a long season.

    • Completely agree mate. We all know what happened at the start of last year!

    • I agree, but I disagree with the examples you give.

      I think Sawnny is on the decline, he will still score big, but i think he will score less.

      I also think Swallow will score more than enough to justify his low price for a defender.

      • “he will still score big, but i think he will score less”

        I butchered that, I mean he will score big occasionally, but score lower on average and have a quite a few more sub 100;s IMO.

        • I take on board what you are saying mate and agree to a point but I stand by my comments that no one would think Swan would average less than 100 for the season and Swallow 115.
          If Swallow averages 85+ and becomes a top ten DEF then its a win for anyone that picks him.

          • Swan, like Bartel before him, will eventually decline from fantasy top spot. This makes him no less important as he will still score very highly.

            With the free hit though, I will chase Ablett then grab Swan at a discount

    • I agree with most of your comments but you cannot argue that the level of Langdon’s job security is much clearer to everyone now. Before Friday’s game it was a tough call to make whether he would last the 6/7 games to maturity, now its clear he the best job security of any rookie defender maybe with the exception of McDonald.

  • Your right about players scores fluctuateing from round to round but if u didn’t have Langdon in round 1 u would be stupid not to get him in rd 2 as he will make u a little money and good cheap backline rooks are few and far between so all those who didn’t do their research and have him in rd 1 will jump on him in rd 2 and enjoy the ride so the guys that are whinging have every right I reckon

    • are you related to nick?
      Also, no they dont have every right. Just be quiet.

      • They DO have every right. We all love fantasy football here so when our game changes for the worse people SHOULD express their disappointment. If the game becomes run by sponsors (which is already happening) then we will end up with a vastly inferior product to enjoy. If you expect me (and everyone else) to LIKE what AFL Fantasy has dished up this year then you are insane. Everyone has a right to an opinion and I’m sorry but from me you will get an honest one.

        • Fair enough, and I can appreciate an honest (and smart) opinion even if I don’t agree with it.
          What I can’t appreciate is 10yr old kids pissing and moaning at the DT talk guys when they have nothing to do with how fantasy is run.

    • I agree about the money-making exercise but I guess my point is dont pick players based on one score. I personally dont think Langdon will last much past round 4-5 (when Seedsman comes back) but with 2 trades a week its a bit easier to trade out someone that isnt getting a game.

      Will be interesting how the new AFL Fantasy price rise/drops affects peoples decisions also.

      • disagree if the kid has the form on the board Bucks will keep playing him doesn’t make sense otherwise.

  • These whining 2 year old kids need to get blocked, it does my head in, if your not happy you have 2 options 1) dont play 2) whinge to yourself because no one here cares,
    simple really

    • Well some people do care, that is the purpose of a comments section like this, to exchange ideas and opinions.

      • your kidding, well most people dont want to see it, if you have a problem then email fan hub

        • The decline (in a number of facets) of AFL dream team is a big story Sam. We could always talk about the recruitment of an overpriced, injured Daisy by a certain club if you want………..

          • One of life’s great pleasures is whingeing to like minded people. Most people on here seem disappointed with Fantasy this year and venting about it is perfectly understandable. Why don’t you tell us what makes you unhappy Sam. Believe me, you’ll feel better for getting it off your chest.

  • looking for some help, so i used the loophole with barlow and it payed off, however Jack was on my staring field and was a late out, does this now mean i can not loophole unless i want to take a 0 seeing as though i cant move the (c) to jack as his game has already been ? kind of confusing to explain

    • Hmmmm, I’m not 100% sure but I think you get ripped off Barlow’s score. I’m not sure at all but I’d imagine they’d take then 0 score instead of the loophole score. So that means picking a new captain. I’d recommend Scooter, Boyd or even StevieJ.

      • think i got it sorted, means making both my bench players scooter and viv michie and having one non playing rookie on the field as captain, and choosing 2 emergencies in the mid which is ok seeing as though both my rucks have played, hopefully that works out for me haha

  • In a pickle. Jared Polec’s 85 or Dom Tyson vs the Saints?

    • Choose the pickle.

    • Take the 85. Solid score that Tyson is not guaranteed to make. I am taking Michie out to get his score, but leaving Tyson on field

  • Only issue I have with Fantasy over the others is the technical side of things, with match centre and particularly the trading system is flawed

  • So do we get unlimited trades at the end of next weekend?

  • Anyone taking 73 from Griffiths?

  • Do any sites list the scores with the prices next to them in the same table any more? Stats Centre isn’t updated with this season’s scores yet…

  • is dom tyson playig this weekend vs saintas??

    • We wont know until teams are released but I would be confident he will be named.

  • A competitive fun league to join. Code: 45SAH6AL

    All welcome! :)

  • Rocky has a less than impressive avg against the hawks so i’m thinking about dumping him for watson?

    Already have stants in my team though… thoughts?

  • Is the free hit just until the end of round 1 or until the start of rd2?

  • What would u guys do… Keep langford from hawks or swap him for langdon from the pies… Thoughts?

  • off topic, does anyone know whats happening with assistant coach break evens, they seem all over the shop for completed players

  • Hey Warnie, Whats the story with Powell? Is he a gun but just not playing round 1 or have you just slipped him in for this week to make way for Langdon?

  • I bet there are some great ‘free-hit’ sides made during the time you could trade in players who had already played today.