Tbetta’s Bulletin – Episode 001


2014 is going to be a massive year for the Bullets – it just got it’s own Podcast!

Over the course of the year, I’ll be reviewing, pondering and previewing all the fantasy happenings in true Bullets fashion – just for your ears instead of your eyes. There’ll be a range of guests over the year, and hopefully we can give you something interesting, informative and fun to listen to for on the way to work or during your workout!

The first episode is embedded below, featuring the Rookie Jedi Master Jeppa himself. Talk a look, give us a rating,comment, subscribe, whatever. But most importantly, let us know what you think in the comments below – I’ll be doing the Bulletin for your benefit over the year, so let me know what you want to see, who you want to hear from, what needs improving, etc.

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I’ve added a  couple of links that compliment the Bulletin below.



I also mentioned a Dayne Beams stat in the pod – slight correction on that, it was actually 110+ rather than 120. Anyway, the point’s the same, and here’s the tweets I mentioned with accurate stats:


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  • Nice work on the podcast

    Is this the end of your right up then?

    They are handy to just read through.

    • Hey mate, sorry for the late reply!

      As for the Bullets, we’ll see. It’s a time issue – takes between 8 and 11 hours to put together, so it’s whether I’ll have the hours.

  • Btw 532737.

    Real DT.

    Hardcore players only.

    8 spots left.

  • Hi Jeppa, just wondering who you pick out of Clinton young and dom sheed?

  • Love your work, Tbetta and also the fact that the podcast is embedded in the site – no having to go looking.

  • Great work fellas. Another 10 players added to the watchlist.

  • Great work! Re: Fantasy Premier League, not only do you have a wildcard to make as many trades as you want, but you can also make as many trades as you like every round. It costs 4 points every trade after the free trade. And, if you don’t use that free trade, you get two the next round. I don’t even know why I posted this, I just thought it might be interesting.

  • Awesome job, enjoyed it

  • Made about 42 changes to my team while listening – good work!

  • Great start to your podcasting career Tbetta. Go the Eagles!

  • Cheers for the replies guys! Very special guest coming this week…