St Kilda Saints AFL Fantasy Prices 2014

Billy Longer was picked up in the pre-season to potentially have a crack at the number one ruck spot for the Saints. His price of $194,400 could see him as a popular bench ruck. Midfielder and rookie draftee Eli Templeton averaged 90.8 points at the Under 18 Championships this year.

LeighMontagnaSt KildaMID$606000
NickRiewoldtSt KildaFWD$559000
JackStevenSt KildaMID$532400
DavidArmitageSt KildaMID$473900
LennyHayesSt KildaMID$470400
FarrenRaySt KildaMID$448100
ClintonJonesSt KildaMID$420200
JarrynGearySt KildaDEF$383800
SamGilbertSt KildaDEF$369200
ShaneSavageSt KildaMID$364900
SamFisherSt KildaDEF$361000
DylanRobertonSt KildaDEF$358500
SeanDempsterSt KildaDEF$358300
ThomasCurrenSt KildaMID$324100
JackNewnesSt KildaMID$323100
AdamSchneiderSt KildaFWD$312300
MaverickWellerSt KildaDEF$306700
SebastianRossSt KildaMID$305200
JamesGwiltSt KildaDEF$291400
ThomasLeeSt KildaFWD$282900
TomHickeySt KildaRUC$282700
JoshBruceSt KildaDEF$278400
TrentDennis-LaneSt KildaFWD$276300
TerryMileraSt KildaFWD$269900
BeauMaisterSt KildaFWD$261400
JackBillingsSt KildaFWD/MID$257400
RhysStanleySt KildaDEF$247500
ArrynSipossSt KildaFWD$243000
JimmyWebsterSt KildaDEF$235500
SamuelDunellSt KildaMID$231100
JoshSaundersSt KildaMID$228700
LukeDelaneySt KildaDEF$224800
LukeDunstanSt KildaMID$216800
BlakeAcresSt KildaMID$214100
NathanWrightSt KildaDEF$213300
BrodieMurdochSt KildaFWD$208900
BillyLongerSt KildaRUC$194400
DarrenMinchingtonSt KildaFWD$183300
SpencerWhiteSt KildaFWD$172800
TomSimpkinSt KildaDEF$154800
CameronShentonSt KildaFWD/MID$135500
JasonHolmesSt KildaRUC$115200
DanielMarkworthSt KildaFWD$115200
LewisPierceSt KildaRUC$115200
EliTempletonSt KildaMID$115200


  • Longer if he ends up being the number 1 ruckman for St Kilda is a lock. Shane Savage is a tad higher than I thought he would be. Danial Markworth is on my watchlist.

  • Shane Savage $365k, one to watch?. Given more chances now at the saints could be a decent mid pricer

    • Hopefully he averages 90 odd, he scored ok at Hawthorn when he was out of that green vest, definite watchlist. Billy Longer and Luke Dunstan could be worth a punt particularly Longer as a R2/3 if he gets a good run at it.