My Team 2014: Version 1.0

myteam_fanplanner2014_smallYep, we know that we’ve still got two months to go before it’s even 2014 but the infamous Fan Footy Fan Planner has just been released so that AFL Fantasy punters can get their pre-season started. This version is before the draft has been complete so there is a fair bit of speculation, but you can piece together an early team.

While the Assistant Coach Team Picker is probably six week away, for now we can use the Fanplanner to create a team. Just sign into FanFooty and then access the Fanplanner by clicking here and away you go! Once you have completed a team, you are then able to copy and paste it in a format that will look all nice and pretty here in the comments.

Please be constructive in the comments. Feel free to discuss any players, positions or any other thoughts about AFL Fantasy for 2014!



  • What sort of price will Big Cox and Nick Naitanui be

  • I’m seeing a lot of teams with Fasolo in their fwd line. Why is everyone taking a punt on him?

    • Only played 3 games last season because of injury, priced at 184k on Fanplanner and averaged 72 points in 2012. Easy cash to be made.

  • First look at season 2014
    TEAM NAME: JD’s Jets
    DEF: B. Goddard, G. Birchall, J. Grimes, T. Greene, M. Suckling, S. Shaw (M. Scharenberg, J. Battersby)
    MID: G. Ablett jnr, S. Pendlebury, L. Montagna, B. Stanton, A. Carrazzo, J. Aish, J. Martin, N. Freeman (D. Sheed, A. Morabito)
    RUC: N. Naitanui, A. Sandilands (B. Longer, T. Derickx)
    FWD: T. Rockliff, L. Franklin, D. Zorko, P. Chapman, D. Thomas, B. Lennon (J. Hogan, D. Menzel)
    CASH LEFT: $4,200

    • Montagna is suspended round 1 so i wouldn’t start him and Zorko is an interesting one but overall a solid but very risky team

      • Yeah, I’ve taken Montagna out just based on the fact that he will get more attention now that Dal Santo’s gone. I think Zorko will get back to his 2012 form with a bit more midfield time under Brisbane’s new coach.

        • I think people on here are reading into tags too much, Montags had a stellar year and most likely will not back it up but that will not be due to Dal Santo leaving, he wil still average his low 100s.

        • i dont doubt that Joey will get a bit more attension from taggers this year, now that dal santo is gone

          jack steven will share the load though i recon. I’ve seen some tweets from boss draft players that rank him higher than cotchin.

    • Good team mate

      In my opinion though:
      Birchall and Grimes together may be risky

      Battersby may struggle for games as Adelaide are strong with young small defenders (Laird, Brown) and small forwards (Petrenko, Wright, Betts)

      Not sure on your midfield, Gaz and Pendles are guns but having both this early limits your team come round 8.

      Montags, Stants and Carrots can be great, but also risky.

      Not sure on Aish (Don’t think he gets plenty of the ball) and Morabito (only averages 13.2 disposals and may struggle to break into a premiership potential side). Maybe look to someone like M. Crouch who averaged 25 disposals in VFL and 37 in TAC.

      Rucks feel weak, Longer is overpriced to be used as a rookie and Sandi is dangerous territory.

      Chappy will more than likely be used sparingly as he is a great big game player (ANZAC day, Dreamtime at the G, Finals) and Essendon won’t want him injured then.

      Hope this helps.

  • Sorry for the re-post but it was the last post on the previous page:
    I have gone for a fairly balanced team with plenty of cash left to accommodate for price changes. Hopefully SMitch gains DPP and so Goddard will swap for him. I am not too concerned with my rookie/cheap selections as i have gone for the more expensive ones and so come R1 i won’t have to reshuffle my team to get the rooks i want! Any feedback is appreciated

    TEAM NAME: thelittleshets
    DEF: B. Goddard, K. Simpson, D. Stanley, G. Birchall, B. Waters, C. Howard (M. Scharenberg, M. Fuller)
    MID: G. Ablett jnr, S. Selwood, J. Watson, M. Murphy, D. Beams, C. Beams, J. Polec, D. Sheed (J. Martin, L. Dunstan)
    RUC: N. Naitanui, A. Sandilands (D. Currie, R. Lobb)
    FWD: T. Rockliff, M. Stokes, L. Franklin, D. Thomas, S. Higgins, A. Fasolo (B. Lennon, J. Hogan)
    CASH LEFT: $160,200

    • Higgins. Really?

      • if higgins is priced at the 270k that fanplanner has him or equivalent, he would be a ripper pick if he catches a break with injuries!

        • +1 and you wouldn’t be expecting a full season out of him anyway. Make some cash and upgrade him to a genuine proven premium.

        • I just read an article that higgins won’t return to training until late January, might swap him for Rioli now :/, an equally as injury prone player ahaha

  • If these Fanplanner prices are reasonably close to actual, there will be some seriously good starting sides

    • They won’t be. The equation is something like, 12 premiums, 3-4 mid range/spec./comeback premiums, the rest rookies roughly equals salary cap.

  • TEAM NAME: the COlts
    DEF: K. Simpson, D. Stanley, G. Birchall, T. Greene, M. Suckling, M. Scharenberg (W. Langford, D. Gardiner)
    MID: S. Pendlebury, S. Selwood, J. Selwood, T. Liberatore, D. Beams, D. Tyson, C. Beams, L. McDonald (J. Martin, L. Taylor)
    RUC: M. Leuenberger, B. Longer (D. Currie, L. McBean)
    FWD: T. Rockliff, A. Christensen, L. Franklin, P. Chapman, D. Thomas, V. Michie (J. Hogan, D. Markworth)
    CASH LEFT: $65,800

    would love some feedback, thanks guys

    • Nice team mate, can’t really find any major faults except that Gardiner is a KPP and so will average Dawson like numbers. I also don’t think Longer will average enough to become a keeper but still could average enough (65-75) to become a handy stepping stone to a premium.

    • chappy will be managed, so i would only pick him if you were willing to accept that he wont play every game.

      longer could be risky. he was rubbish last year and year before, even as sole ruck for lions while berger was out

  • My most recent attempt. Backline and forwards a little weak, but mids looking red hot!

    TEAM NAME: Easyryders
    DEF: G. Birchall, D. Heppell, T. McKenzie, T. Greene, M. Suckling, N. Bock (M. Scharenberg, D. Gardiner)
    MID: G. Ablett jnr, P. Dangerfield, J. Watson, M. Barlow, M. Murphy, D. Beams, J. Aish, J. Martin (T. Varcoe, J. O’Rourke)
    RUC: N. Naitanui, A. Sandilands (L. McBean, M. Apeness)
    FWD: L. Franklin, P. Chapman, J. Watts, D. Thomas, J. Daniher, A. Fasolo (T. Banfield, J. Hogan)
    CASH LEFT: $43,700

    • The heavy gun midfield strategy tends to not work as well as a 4 or 5 gun midfield because the midfield rooks generate a lot more cash and there may not be enough reliable rookie scorers on the other lines. So you will gain more points in the midfield which is an advantage, but that is then lost because of the other weaker lines.
      Overall i think your side needs work, too many risky picks and not enough proven scorers, but this is only a problem in your forward line IMO. I would recommend that you downgrade Danger/Barlow to Sheed or Polec and upgrade Chappy and Watts to more reliable premiums. I also think Daniher, Varcoe and Bock are definite no goes for DT at this point in time, but they can be straight swapped to any rookies come round 1

    • Not really sure that will fit under the cap when official prices come out. I think it may be one of the premium mids that has to go.

  • Seems to be quiet here, so I’ll post my team. Any feedback about this team will be appreciated. Patton/Van Unen are there purely because they fit in my bye structure and will most likely be a bench warmers. But other than that, pretty happy with my team. Have some cash in the bank due to further price changes.

    TEAM NAME: Atto’s Assassins
    DEF: J. McVeigh, B. Gibbs, T. Greene, M. Suckling, N. Bock, M. Scharenberg (D. Van Unen, J. Kolodjashnij)
    MID: S. Pendlebury, S. Selwood, M. Barlow, J. Watson, T. Cotchin, D. Beams, J. Polec, D. Sheed (M. Crouch, J. Martin)
    RUC: N. Naitanui, A. Sandilands (D. Currie, L. McBean)
    FWD: T. Rockliff, L. Franklin, P. Chapman, D. Thomas, A. Fasolo, J. Patton (J. Hogan, T. Varcoe)
    CASH LEFT: $231,700

    • Too weaker backline and forwardline for my liking, it will be difficult to rely on two rookie defenders and forwards to pump out decent scores early! Thats also if Suckling, Sandilands and Chapman are good early. Personally i would downgrade a premium mid and upgrade Chapman and another rookie in defence, i would look at having 100-150K spare because 250K spare just for price changes seems like overkill.

      • agree with ethan

        not seeing many with gibbs in the backline, burnt alot of people last year. he is a bit soft if you ask me.

        not sure about patton either, key position fwd thats had a lot of injury woes.

  • Something to start discussion. Best 2013 Draftee Team according to Nooie!

    FB: Daniel McStay, Darcy Gardiner, Zak Jones
    HB: Luke McDonald, Matthew Scharenberg, Kade Kolodjashnij
    C: Christian Salem, Matt Crouch, James Aish
    HF: Ben Lennon, Cameron McCarthy, Jack Billings
    FF: Jarman Impey, Tom Boyd, Dayle Gartlett
    R: Toby Nankervis, Josh Kelly, Marcus Bontempelli
    INT: Michael Apeness, Dominic Sheed, Eli Templeton
    SUB: Nathan Freeman
    EMG: Blake Acres, Patrick Cripps, Trent Dumont

    Anyone I missed? Any disagreements? Any positional changes? Please discuss below!

    Cheers, Nooie :)

    • Please note there is no Jesse Hogan or Jack Martin, as they were picked last season in another draft.

  • Had a revise of my team, not too concerned about my rookie selections but they are looking pretty solid at this stage, i am a bit worried about Seedsman and Cotchin but they can easily be swapped come round 1.

    TEAM NAME: thelittleshets
    DEF: K. Simpson, D. Stanley, G. Birchall, P. Seedsman, B. Waters, C. Howard (M. Scharenberg, M. Fuller)
    MID: S. Selwood, J. Watson, T. Cotchin, M. Murphy, D. Beams, C. Beams, J. Polec, D. Sheed (J. Martin, L. Dunstan)
    RUC: N. Naitanui, A. Sandilands (T. Derickx, D. Currie)
    FWD: T. Rockliff, D. Martin, M. Stokes, L. Franklin, D. Thomas, A. Fasolo (B. Lennon, J. Hogan)
    CASH LEFT: $151,400

    • like your team mate, some real good picks.

      maybe suckers over waters, before matts ACL he was a solid injury proof player, whereas beau has been regularly on the injury list throughout his career.

      seedy is a great pick, recon he will totally smash it in heaters old position as a running back. had a few real big numbers last year.

      stanley burnt me last year, i wont be jumping onboard that horse again anytime soon, especially if bock does come back.

      i havent had derickx in my team for several years, just didnt do anything at tigerland. maybe the change of scenery will fix that, not sure on that one.

      • Derickx is rookie priced and i read an article saying he is next in line after Pyke in the ruck order. I am not too sure about Waters either but he is underpriced and represents good value. Stanley seems to be a good POD for me (had him in finals last year where he pumped out 3 100+ scores) so if named R1 i will have to select him

        • you cant sell me on derickx, especially since he didnt get a game last year through that period while vickery was out and maric limped through games.

          • I didn’t say you had to select him and Derickx is rookie priced so is a straight swap to any other ruck rookies- I don’t think it should matter as many rookies we select now may not even play in 2014!

  • TEAM Name: Green Ninja
    DEF: BJ, McVeigh, Suckling, Bock, Dea, Polec, (Thurlow, Docherty)
    MID: GAJ, Barlow, Watson, D Beams, Tyson, C Beams, Lonergan, J Martin (Varcoe, Aish)
    RUC: Sandi, Grundy, (Longer, Lobb)
    FWD: Stevie J, Rocky, Buddy, Daisy, Daniher, Lamb, (Boyd, Kerston)
    CASH LEFT; $189k

    Potential issues are classification of BJ & Stevie J.
    Banking on a couple breakouts and some successful comebacks from Injury

    • longer is a bit expensive for the ruck bench dontcha think?
      and varcoe is dead to me

      lamb could do some good things at giants though, not a bad choice

      Explain Dea to me?

      • Perhaps Longer is a bit expensive but figure by forgoing a real premium I can ensure that between the 3 medium proced rucks I can have favorable match ups and rotate all season with out having to trade (barring injury – I hope!)

        Dea was in Stiffy Hardwicks thoughts last year and played a couple games. Huge punt at this point but make or break year for him and there may be an opening for a back flanker with Ellis now a midfielder. Will be monitoring during pre season

        Lamb was considered a slider to Syd when drafted and he oozed class as a junior. Hasn’t had opportunity as Syd and thinking another who could break out.

  • Im a massive Fremantle supporter so call me biased but I’ve been a fanboy of Colin Sylvia for years now and when Freo drafted him I was so ecstatic. He averaged 81 last year for Melbourne and with Ross Lyons ability to get the best out of players (Colin has admitted his best is yet to come) Does anybody think he could be fantasy relevant this season? I’m pretty sure I remember Warnie claiming to be a fanboy of Sylvia either last year or the year before, whats everyones thoughts?

    • As soon as I heard that we were picking up Sylvia I instantly locked him into my side. He will be rejuvenated now that he’s in a good club and will definitely improve on his 81 average.

      I think he’s in for a massive year under Ross who should be able to get the best out of him as you said.

      • I completely agree. Sylvia has always been a hard tackler and with Freo’s emphasis on forward pressure he could be picking up 20+ points per game on average on tackles alone. I see Sylvia playing a similar role to Chris Mayne when up forward and then obviously rotating through the midfield (Something Mayne doesnt do) Mayne was never fantasy relevant but he increased his average to 86ppg this season with Ross’s tactics. If Mayne can bring his average up to 86 im sure Sylvia can take his to atleast 90-95, maybe even more with some rotations through the midfield

        • Off the top of my head I think Sylvia’s highest average was around 95, I would expect him to be right around that average this year or even higher. Good choice and will be a good POD.

  • “Young guns like Jaeger O’Meara won’t come cheap in 2014’s AFL Fantasy competition”

    Does this mean simply this years your guns wont come cheaply as their price has risen, or does this mean next years crop, if so that could mean rookie prices will be inflated.

  • My first crack at a team for 2014… With minimal research and lack of knowledge with rookies I have selected a team (probably really shit ;)aha) with a few potential break-out candidates and I intentionally left 200K knowing that the price difference between fanplanner and Dreamteam… though i probably will be cutting fine with this team once actual release.
    Get stuck into it

    TEAM NAME: Pace Abusing
    DEF: J. McVeigh, K. Simpson, P. Seedsman, D. Swallow, M. Suckling, M. Scharenberg (J. Battersby, J. Kolodjashnij)
    MID: S. Pendlebury, S. Selwood, B. Stanton, J. Ziebell, D. Beams, D. Tyson, J. Kelly, J. Aish (M. Crouch, J. Martin)
    RUC: S. Mumford, B. Grundy (D. Currie, M. Apeness)
    FWD: D. Martin, C. Sylvia, L. Franklin, D. Thomas, W. Hoskin-Elliott, A. Fasolo (J. Freeman, J. Hogan)
    CASH LEFT: $206,000

    • Martin and Hogan are stars and should be in the starting 22 for round 1

      • I’m not too concerned as of yet where my rookies are placed on the field :P
        this is just the automatic order in price

        • Swallow, Ziebell and Hoskin-Elliot add some uniqueness to each line but i don’t think they will pay off, they will still score sub-premium and will not be worthwhile PODs. Nice team you have mate, great starting point, only needs a few tweaks!

          • Swallow i personally think if he stays injury free should break-out!
            after-all he was the number 1 pick…

          • So was Jack Watts…

          • but we all know watts is shit DT wise… hehe

            swallow is a midfielfer not a KPP

          • Both Swallow and Ziebell should break out a fair bit this year. Don’t expect much more than 82-85 from Swallow but from a Back that is very solid and I expect Ziebell to push into premo status this year, 100+. Hoskin-Elliot is a risky one with MASSIVE upside, he hasn’t had too much of a run so far but from day 1 he’s shown his potential, if he gets decent game time and no vests then that will be an awesome pick up imo.

            Also, Swallow is a whole different kettle of fish compared to Watts, don’t even compare them.

  • AFL Dream Team 2014 Watchlist

    Brendon Goddard
    Sam Mitchell
    Christian Howard
    Bryce Gibbs
    Nathan Bock
    Jack Watts
    Jeremy Laidler
    Dyson Heppell

    Gary Ablett
    Michael Barlow
    Patrick Dangerfield
    Dane Beams
    Claye Beams
    Shave Savage
    Xavier Ellis
    Dom Tyson
    Jared Polec

    Aaron Sandilands
    Billy Longer
    Tom Hickey
    Hamish McIntosh

    Dale Thomas
    Lance Franklin
    Taylor Walker (After round 8)
    Steve Johnson
    Tom Rockliff
    Gary Rohan
    Alex Fasolo
    Jack Gunston
    Jackson Paine
    Troy Menzel

  • I wonder what price O’Meara,Wines and B.Crouch will be in 2014

  • just put together a team with the pricing.

    TEAM NAME: Koalas
    DEF: K. Simpson, B. Waters, M. Suckling, G. Birchall, T. Cutler, N. Bock (J. Kolodjashnij, D. Van Unen)
    MID: S. Pendlebury, T. Liberatore, B. Deledio, J. Watson, M. Murphy, D. Beams, C. Beams, L. Anthony (X. Ellis, J. Martin)
    RUC: H. McIntosh, S. Mumford (D. Currie, L. McBean)
    FWD: S. Johnson, T. Rockliff, D. Thomas, P. Chapman, L. Franklin, V. Michie (A. Fasolo, P. Karnezis)
    CASH LEFT: $38,400

  • Ok… so I have tinkered with my side again…

    Def: Goddard had to go as he is now a mid only. Replaced with Sam Mitchell. Happy with this replacement :-)My only concern in defence is injury returning players like Bock and Suckling. Hopefully they just pick up where they left off.

    Midfield: Took swan out and replaced with Beams… I am hoping Swan starts slowly and drops in price for later upgrade

    Ruck: Little bit worried about the Dads army ruckmen as the starting two… but if I could fit them in I couldn’t go past them. Been the same two for a few years now (bar Sandi injury and most of season out) and they haven’t let me down yet. Will NM let Currie play this year?? Hope so.

    Fwd: Hopefully, Michie, Hogan, Rohan, Karnezis and Hampson will be cash cows for upgrades as well (particularly Rohan and Hampson I think)

    All in all I think my team looks good although the forward line will need some upgrading as the season goes on. I guess one line had to take the hit for the team

    TEAM NAME: Blood Brothers
    DEF: J. McVeigh, S. Mitchell, H. Shaw, M. Suckling, S. Docherty, M. Scharenberg (N. Bock, J. Battersby)
    MID: J. Selwood, S. Pendlebury, J. Bartel, G. Ablett jnr, D. Thomas, D. Beams, J. Polec, D. Tyson (D. Garlett, J. Martin)
    RUC: D. Cox, A. Sandilands (D. Currie, T. Derickx)
    FWD: S. Johnson, T. Rockliff, L. Franklin, S. Hampson, P. Karnezis, V. Michie (G. Rohan, J. Hogan)
    CASH LEFT: $19,900

  • TEAM NAME: FeathertopDT
    DEF: S. Mitchell, D. Heppell, B. Gibbs, M. Suckling, R. Shaw, M. Scharenberg (M. Fuller, N. Bock)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, J. Watson, T. Cotchin, D. Beams, A. Carrazzo, D. Tyson, J. Polec (L. McDonald, J. Martin)
    RUC: M. Leuenberger, B. McEvoy (D. Currie, J. Holmes)
    FWD: T. Rockliff, A. Walker, L. Franklin, D. Thomas, J. Lamb, S. White (J. Hogan, J. Tippett)
    CASH LEFT: $16,400