AFL Trade Period 2013 and Dream Team

tradeperiodThe AFL Trade Period is underway and we’ll look at every player traded and what it might mean for AFL Fantasy in 2014. Stay tuned to this post as we’ll update it as trades are finalised over the three weeks of the silly season.



TRADE #27 – Friday October 25, 2:00pm

DT VERDICT: In the final trade of the year Everitt becomes a Blue. Surprisingly (or maybe because I take no notice of him) he played 17 games at the Swans and the semi and prelim finals. He’ll be priced at his 2013 average of 60 which is about right. If you pick him, that’s what you’ll get from him. Everett’s only better return was in his last year at the Bulldogs where he averaged 67.8. PASS.


TRADE #26 – Friday October 25, 1:52pm

DT VERDICT: Darley has been starved of opportunity at the Giants playing just 13 games in his first two years. The Tassie boy averaged 59.5 points from four games this year predominately chasing forward flankers around the ground. Depending on his role, the defender could offer some value if he gets a bit of a discount. WATCHLIST AND IF BEST 22 WE’LL SEE A BIT OF A PRICE RISE.


TRADE #25 – Friday October 25, 12:53pm

DT VERDICT: Trent West heads to Brisbane to sit behind Matthew Leuenberger in the ruck stocks. When on song, he can rack up the hitouts but his DT numbers aren’t huge due to lack of disposals around the ground. West averaged 55.6 this year from his 13 games and while this is a bit down on some of his previous returns, there is limited value in him as his numbers won’t increase much. PASS.


TRADE #24 – Friday October 25, 12:49pm

DT VERDICT: If Gumby has put his injuries behind him, we’d be silly to look at him for fantasy. He’s not a walk up in Freo’s best 22 at this stage and even if he is, expect some sporadic DT numbers. Gumby came into the Bombers’ line up in Rd 4 as a late inclusion and kicked 4 goals for a massive score of 112. Let’s contrast this with his 2 points that he got for his half he played for just one handball before being subbed out at half time. No thanks. PASS.


TRADE #23 – Friday October 25, 12:28pm

DT VERDICT: As a Bombers supporter, I’m pretty stoked to have Chappy and I think we’ll play him sparingly and he may even end up being a second half of the season specialist for the next couple of years. His average of 86.6 was his lowest since 2005 and we will be getting him at a reasonable price as there was a green vest included in his 6 games this year. Chappy finished the year well with 95 in Rd 23 and then 113 in the semi final against Port Adelaide. POSSIBILITY TO PICK UP IN THE BACK HALF OF THE YEAR.


TRADE #22 – Friday October 25, 12:20pm

DT VERDICT: The delisted Cat has never been a DTer and that won’t change at his new club. Hunt will be 32 at the start of next season and even though he should play more than the 10 games he got this year, we can still expect an output in the 60-70 range. Not really enough to warrant picking him. PASS.


TRADE #21 – Friday October 25, 12:14pm

DT VERDICT: The jPod has a nice place in the hearts of AFL Fantasy coaches due to being a mature aged pick and averaging 81.7 in 2010. Sadly, the old man is getting on and even though he averaged about 75 this year, there will be better options for the price. PASS.


TRADE #20 – Friday October 25, 12:09pm

DT VERDICT: The DEF/FWD played 11 games this season at 51.3 DT points per game. He’s a key defender and won’t be a DTer. Bruce could be a good pickup for the Saints, but we won’t want him in our fantasy teams. PASS.


TRADE #19 – Friday October 25, 11:52am

DT VERDICT: The deal that we all thought would happen as soon as McEvoy went to the Hawks was finally done with a couple of hours left in the Trade Period. The former first round pick and 202cm ruckman played four games this year at an average of 43.7 after 58.6 from five last year. He should receive a discount and we’ll see him as a potential $200K player and a worthy R3 for 2014. Watch how the Saints will look to play both Hickey and Longer before locking. LOOKS TO BE A GOOD R3 OPTION.


TRADE #18 – Friday October 25, 11:43am

DT VERDICT: Hmm… Paine is going into his third year in the system and he will be almost rookie priced after not playing a game in 2013. There are quite a few tall forwards up at the Lions, but you’d think he will get an opportunity. Paine only averaged 47.5 in his debut season in 2012 but there should be some improvement on that. DEFINITELY CONSIDER IF ROOKIE PRICED AND IN ROUND ONE CALCULATIONS.


TRADE #18 – Friday October 25, 11:43am

DT VERDICT: There was so much pre-season hype over Karnezis this year… we were all over him after a fantastic NAB Cup. His first game he scored 66, solid but nothing too exciting but then he ended up with the green vest in the second game and only came on in the last quarter for 9 points. Karnezis was then dropped, without changing value at all in DT, and only played one more game for 18 touches and 74 points before not being seen again. While he may not be the cleanest bloke with the ball, if he gets an opportunity, then Karnezis will be a value pick this season. PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST.

PLEASE NOTE: Trade #17 was an exchange of picks between West Coast and Gold Coast.


TRADE #16 – Thursday October 24, 5:52pm

DT VERDICT: After quite a few trades that didn’t really mean much for us as DT coaches, the final one of Thursday is a ripper. Jared Polec played just the one game for the Lions this year for 31 points and an ankle injury. He wasn’t seen again in the ones for the season. Polec got homesick and wanted a trade to the Power. He got it and will go into his fourth AFL season basically rookie priced. The former number 5 draft pick will be a must have midfield rookie. LOCK IF BEST 22.


TRADE #15 – Thursday October 24, 5:46pm

DT VERDICT: Elliot Yeo only missed three games this year and averaged 58.1. Not a great return, but justified as he played negating roles all season. Possibly a good get for West Coast, but not for our Dream Teams. PASS.


TRADE #14 – Thursday October 24, 4:26pm

DT VERDICT: The kid can play and the Blues have got a bargain and we could possibly have a bit of a mid-priced bargain in DT. He played 13 games this year in his debut season for an average of 50.2 but we definitely need to take into account he had 6 vests. With 90 and 85 in his last two games of 2013, there is some hope that he can grab some numbers. For me though, there is upside… but probably not enough. ON THE WATCHLIST.


TRADE #13 – Thursday October 24, 2:00pm

DT VERDICT: The former Bomber got his wish and Crameri is now a Bulldog. What does this mean for DT? Personally I wouldn’t be touching him. He’s a key position player – who can play various roles – so this doesn’t bode well for consistent numbers. Crameri is heading into his fifth year and will be priced at his 2013 average of 65. His best return was in his second year when he averaged 72.7 from 20 games. PASS BUT I WILL HAVE HIM ON THE WATCHLIST IN SUPERCOACH.


TRADE #12 – Wednesday October 23, 3:00pm

DT VERDICT: Heater is probably on quite a few ‘never again’ lists, but we can’t write off a bloke who posts premium numbers in defence. While he hasn’t played 22 games in a season since 2007 due to injury or stupidity, he’s posted an average of 80+ every year since his sophomore year in 2006 with his biggest being 91.7 in 2011. I can see him being good value priced at 81.4 points but that worry of a forward tag that he cops every now and then. DEFINITELY ON THE WATCHLIST ESPECIALLY IF HIS ROLE LOOKS DT FRIENDLY.


TRADE #12 – Wednesday October 23, 3:00pm

DT VERDICT: We were all aboard the Taylor Adams train in 2012. In his debut year, he averaged an impressive 75.4 from his 15 games. He backed it up with some natural progression playing sixteen games at an average of 82.1. What was impressive about this was three of these games involved wearing the vest. Round 1 he only played the last quarter for 12 points, and he was down on his usual production when subbed out for 48 and 62 in his other sub affected games. With six scores over 90, including 111 and 101 to finish the season, he is a DTer… but where’s his place in the ‘Pies lineup in 2014? Tough call to buy a guy priced at 82 who is unlikely to be a ‘premium’ midfielder. PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST FOR SOME MORE IMPROVEMENT.


TRADE #11 – Tuesday October 22, 5:00pm

DT VERDICT: Two games at 41.5 this year (one was sub affected) and ten games at 49.5 in 2012 hasn’t seen Edwards as a big DT scorer. He is currently over in Ireland representing the Aussies in the International Rules Series. He’ll be close to rookie priced and is he is named up as a defender again, he might be a consideration but I’m not at all confident. PASS.


TRADE #11 – Tuesday October 22, 5:00pm

DT VERDICT: Aylett is most likely going to be a depth player… or someone who needs more time. 2013 was the midfielders second year into the system where he spent the season playing in the NEAFL. Aylett played one game in 2012 getting subbed out on 27. Probably unlikely to trouble the DT scorers much this year. PASS.

PLEASE NOTE: Trade #10 was an exchange of picks between Hawthorn and St Kilda.


TRADE #9 – Tuesday October 22, 10:31am

DT VERDICT: Heading into his fourth year, Luke Delaney hasn’t shown that he’s a Dream Teamer as a 194cm defender… but really, not many are! He had an average of 48.8 this year from his five games and while we should see him as a walk up player for the Saints, don’t expect anything more than about a 50-60 average. PASS.


TRADE #8 – Monday October 21, 12:00pm

DT VERDICT: Did you know that Jesse White is in line to be the first player with a surname of ‘white’ or ‘black’ to play for the Magpies? Anyway, that’s about as interesting as it gets for this trade and AFL Fantasy. He had his best year of his six year career averaging 62 points and scored a 121 and 103 towards the end of the year. Jesse White isn’t a DTer and I don’t think he ever will be. I wouldn’t even select him in Calvin’s team. One thing to consider though is what effect this will have on Travis Cloke. PASS.

PLEASE NOTE: Trade #7 was an exchange of picks between Collingwood and West Coast.


TRADE #6 – Friday October 18, 6:00pm

DT VERDICT: Bernie Vince has only averaged over 100 once in his eight year career and that was all the way back in 2009 when he won the Crows’ B&F. Will things change in 2014? You’d think they would at the Demons, but as he’s a fairly versatile player, who knows what roles he’ll be playing week to week. Vince will be priced at 82.9… which is probably what we’d expect as that’s close to what he’s averaged the last four years. Maybe he gets a new lease of life at the Demons and he gets a DT game? I’ll be staying away. PUT HIM ON THE WATCHLIST, BUT AN UNLIKELY DT STARTER.


TRADE #5 – Friday October 18, 2:16pm

DT VERDICT: Finally this deal was done and GWS will be big winners. As for DT, Mumford will possibly be one of the popular ruck choices being priced at his average of 78 for this year. As the number one ruck at the Giants, we’ll see his numbers increase and hopefully he’ll be back to premium status and return something similar to 2011 when he averaged 91.4. SOLID RUCK CHOICE WHO SHOULD INCREASE AVERAGE BY 10+ POINTS.


RESTRICTED FREE AGENT – Friday October 18, 12:51pm

DT VERDICT: While Nicky Dal certainly has some good footy left in him, I think he’s done as a DTer… despite what Dr Dream Team and his mancrush thinks. Over the last three years he has dropped his average from 103.5 to 88.4. He is bloody durable, playing ever game over the last three seasons, but going into 2014 as a 30 year old says no for me. NOT ON THE FANTASY RADAR FOR ME.


TRADE #4 – Friday October 18, 10:00am

DT VERDICT: The Dees may have got us another cash cow here in third year player Dom Tyson. He was the third pick overall in the 2011 National Draft and managed 13 games for GWS in his first two seasons. A knee injury saw him miss the majority of this year and in his three appearances, he scored 59, 27 (green vest) and 67. Tyson averaged 91 in the U18 Champs in 2011 and 103 in the TAC Cup that year. He’ll definitely increase his output and price with opportunity at the Demons. WILL BE AWKWARDLY PRICED, BUT THERE IS UPSIDE.


TRADE #3 – Thursday October 17, 1:00pm

DT VERDICT: Unfortunately (harsh I know), Michie made his debut this year for Freo playing just the one game, donning the green vest and knocking out 49 points when coming on in the second quarter. Due to playing this game, he won’t be completely at basement price, but still… cheap enough for a bench spot. The forward may get an opportunity at the Demons and be a cash cow, but we won’t be expecting too much from him when it comes to DT output. Michie averaged 80 in the TAC Cup in 2010 and 68 in the Under 18 Championships but had a pretty good season with multiple 30+ disposal games in the WAFL this season. The Fantasy Freako let us know in this tweet that he averaged 26 disposals, 4 tackles and 95 AFL Fantasy points this year in the WAFL. PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST AND CONSIDER FOR BENCH.


UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT – Wednesday October 16, 11:40am

DT VERDICT: The Hawthorn premiership player, and a bloke who could have had a Norm Smith Medal hanging around his neck is now an Eagle. Despite me thinking a few years ago that he was a DTer (I picked him for the final 4-5 rounds in 2009 when I was a shot for the car… and he stunk it up), he isn’t going to set the world on fire in DT terms no matter where he is playing. BUTTTTTT… he averaged just 30 this year from his two games thanks to a green vest in his first and a red vest in his second game. Due to this, we’ll see Ellis basically a rookie priced player and if he’s in the Eagles round one calculations, then he’s a lock! Be warned, X-man is a walking injury risk, though! (Check out this awesome interview we had with him back in 2010… legend!). CASH COW ON PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST.


TRADE #2 – Thursday October 10, 9:02am

DT VERDICT: With 44 trades and 8 on ground midfielders, midpriced players come into the mix much more than before. Savage struggled to cement his spot in the best 22 for Hawthorn. He managed 15 games at an average of 67.2 but of those games, he was vested in five. Without the vest, he returned scores such as 85, 97, 105, 102, 93 & 115 to average 86 in vest-less games. In his fifth year, Savage is not going to be a fringe player at the Saints so we should see an increased average. 90+ isn’t out of the question, but the worry is that he’ll be in a pretty average side. HIGH ON THE PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST.


TRADE #2 – Thursday October 10, 9:02am

DT VERDICT: Oh boy wowee, Big Boy McEvoy will be suiting up in a Hawks jumper in 2014. Sorry, had to do it… bloody BTisms. Anyway, McEvoy averaged 75 points while playing every game this year. A solid season, but definitely down on his previous two years. We basically considered him as a premium ruckman after averaging 90 and 89 in 2011 and 2012 respectively. McEvoy should increase that average taking the retiring Max Bailey’s #1 ruck spot. WATCHLIST FOR ME, DEFINITELY GETTING HIM CHEAP.


RESTRICTED FREE AGENT – Wednesday October 9, 11:52am

DT VERDICT: Collingwood have decided not to challenge the Blues with their offer for Daisy’s services in 2014 and beyond. He only played 5 games this year for an average of 75.8 due to ankle issues, his lowest return since 2008. He was named as a MID/FWD this year after coming off three epically good DT seasons averaging 95, 103 and 93. Thomas should find himself averaging much higher in 2014 at the Blues. A 100% LOCK IF HE RETAINS MID/FWD STATUS.


RESTRICTED FREE AGENT – Tuesday October 8, 6:16pm

DT VERDICT: Finally today the AFL approved the massive 9 year deal for the free agent and the Hawks said they weren’t going to match the offer… Buddy Franklin will be sitting in the Swans forwardline from 2014. He returned his lowest DT average this year since his second season back in 2006. Next  year he’ll be priced at an average of 78.6 points… a long way from 101.6 and 101.3 in the two previous seasons. Whether you think he will get back to that or not, he’ll should still average over 90 and be one of the top forwards in AFL Fantasy in 2014. LOCK AND LOAD, BABY.


TRADE #1 – Monday October 7, 5:37pm

DT VERDICT: While most of us would prefer to pick his partner in our ‘fantasy’ teams, Hampson doesn’t excite us very much for AFL Fantasy. He played six games for Carlton this year at an average of 61.6 which was his second best DT average of his seven year career behind his 64.9 in 2012. The only DT related thing about this trade is one less ‘ruck’ in the mix for Matthew Kreuzer and the Blues and what the pre-season and role might mean for the under-priced Ivan Maric at the Tigers. PASS.


RESTRICTED FREE AGENT – Friday October 4, 5:01pm

DT VERDICT: Eddie has only had one season in his nine where he has averaged over 70 points (74.2 back in 2010). While the Crows will like what he’ll bring to the team, there’s no fantasy value in the ex-Carlton forward. PASS.


UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT – Friday October 4, 11:48am

DT VERDICT: White hasn’t had a DT game in the past, but if he is named as a forward… and rids himself of the green vest (he had seven in 16 games this year), maybe he is some value priced at just 58.2 points. White did register some decent scores for the Tigers when he played a full game. 102 v West Coast, 94 v Brisbane and 86 v GWS this year. There’s a chance he is named as a forward by Champion Data off the back of spending a lot of time in the forward 50. TOWARDS THE BOTTOM OF YOUR WATCHLIST.


UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT – Friday October 4, 11:47am

DT VERDICT: I’m an unashamed Colin Sylvia fan and I hold a lot of hope now for him under Ross Lyon. Between 2009 and 2011 he was considered as a premium forward averaging 95, 96 and 91 over those seasons. He’ll be priced at his 2013 average of 81.8 and if he can get back over the 90 mark over in the west, he’ll be a premium player again in 2014. We’d like to see him put together more games though to consider him. VERY RISKY, BUT A PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST.


Discuss the trades and any DT value you find in players at their new club in the comments.


  • White has shown some glimpses, but he’d probably have to become Fwd eligible and indicate a relatively high-scoring role in the preseason for me to genuinely consider him.
    Sylvia same old story- potentially an underpriced premium but with inherent risk attached. Will monitor what role he may play under Lyon.
    Dale Thomas to Carlton is ‘imminent’, so might as well discuss him. It is apparently Carlton’s desire for somebody to add midfield run that led them to Daisy. When last played predominantly as a midfielder, he averaged 103 back in 2011 (also note that was under Malthouse, whom he will rejoin at the Blues). Having only played 5 matches, he is in line for a discount on his injury-affected average of 75 in 2013. Considering all of this, Daisy sits right near the top of my watch list.

  • I agree about Daisy Dream on – if his ankle can hold up and he’s DPP then he’s a lockedy lock!
    Personally the risk is too great with Sylvia, even though Ross is probably the only coach in Australia that can get him to pull his finger out!
    Whilst Eddie won’t be on my radar his new partner in crime (Big Tex) will be one of my first picked for 2014!

    • The talk coming out of Adelaide is that Tex wont play the first 3 or 4 games next year. We could get the chance to see 2 games before making a call.

  • Really like the thought of D Thomas in my side now

  • Buddy is an interesting one. What will the SCG mean? He has only played there 5 times… his last three returned 121, 144 and 67. On average it’s actually his third best ground to play on behind Aurora and MCG. I think he’ll play as a high forward for the Swans. At this stage he has to be a lock because I see him as a 90+ average… and like I’ve said, this is as cheaper starting price as he’s been.

    Then there’s Kurt Tippett. What will Buddy mean for him? His numbers weren’t awful this year. I probably won’t touch him, but he’ll average more than the 78 he’ll be priced at.

    Another thought is old mate Jack Gunston at the Hawks. He averaged 76.7 this season and after a slow start, his scores since Round 7 were huge.

    98, 108, 114, 92, 98, 75, 103, 99, 90, 86, 34, 55 (subbed 2nd qtr), 75, 66, 92.

    Forwards are going to be very interesting. We might have a couple of KPPs.

  • McEvoy back on the radar at the Hawks

    • Rucks are going to be bloody interesting… depending on what the Saints do with the rest of the trade period, Tom Hickey is an interesting one. Average of 52 this year. Heading into his fourth season. Hmm!

      • Yep looking forward to rucks you have McIntosh if he gets fit, Mumford, Sandi, McEvoy, Hickey, Z Smith, Giles. Lots of options out there even someone like Lobbe. Going to be a hard choice

      • +1! Lobbe, McIntosh, Sandilands, NicNat all on the radar

  • I’ll update when the Shaw trade is finalised… could be an option in 2014. I think his numbers will be better than the 81.4 he averaged this year. Don’t think this deal will take too long.

  • Firstly, thanks for the article. It looks like I’m going to be an active contributor (of innovative ideas or pure fantasy faeces) this offseason!

    I’m not convinced by Shaw. There are major differences, but we’ve seen what happened to Broughton when he moved to the Suns. Shaw does have a slightly higher ceiling however, off memory.

    Isn’t Hale the no.1 ruck? Or have the Hawks signalled he’ll move up forward into Buddy’s spot? Some interest I have in the Big Boy.

    Sylvia definitely high on the watchlist… I can smell >20 disposals (with a high kick ratio), maybe a slight increase in tackles to conform to RTB’s demand for forward pressure and perhaps an up in goals if he plays half-forward as expected… 90 average anyone? Plus may lose a harsh tag. Not like he’s unproven, maybe the next D. Pearce but better.

    Savage is a decent midfield midpricer, but probably a pass for me.

    Buddy and Thomas continue to tempt, but is anyone worried Thomas may be affected by a heavy midfield tag? Probably just me, as Murph and Judd are still there to take the brunt of the Crowleys, Jones’s, Jacksons etc. Probably will end up on my forward line if he does keep DPP, or even DEF.
    Buddy should benefit from playing upper half forward (?), racking up marks and kicks and chipping in at least 2 goals a game hopefully. Fingers crossed Tippett doesn’t affect him at all – it shouldn’t as he has scored well with Roughy around – but main concern is the SCG’s dimensions vs MCG. Who knows?

  • Sydney became very one dimensional with Tippet in the side last year believing they could just bomb it in and he would mark it. Does not work! Having Buddy in the side will change that mindset totally.
    I feel that they will both benefit from having the other in the same side.
    Although I’m not 100% on Tippet I am on Buddy as a DT forward next year.

  • Be interesting to see what happens with Myers, Jetta, Crameri and Gumbo might get some luck at another club

  • will we get team planner for assistant coach purchase this year?

  • Dom Tyson to Melbourne and Bernie Vince to melbourne could do well

    Going to be a busy last week

  • Nick Dal Santo now at the Roos.

  • Dom Tyson should be around $200k. Will average 75+, get on board.

    • Yeah if he looks like getting regular games without vests and can get a nice discount to around 200k then I’d be on him. Even if he doesn’t get the discount we’re hoping for (but he should), still on the watch list.

  • Where can I watch the international series against the Irish on tv? Any ideas?

  • Right now I’m just hanging out for the ‘Paul Chapman to Essendon’ announcement!

  • Luke Delaney might be worth selecting in the backlines. Because the ball will down there a bit and his price will go up from 150 to 170 grand to around 300 grand, If he averages around 70.

    • Although he may get a slight discount for only playing 5 games, he’ll easily be starting at a price over $200K and an average of 70 is a stretch, in my opinion.

      • Warnie how do they calculate the price of each player.

        • What I have worked out he will receive a discount, cause he played less than 8 games last year and he only averaged 40 in those games.

          • It’s the magic number multiplied by player average from last year.

            So Delaney averaged 48.8 this season. Even if he gets a discount of 10% he’s only down to about an average of 44. If the magic number is 5000 (that’s pretty low… I assume it’ll be higher than that) then 5000*44 is $220,000.

          • Yeah, expect 5 games to result in a 10% discount, MAYBE 20% but definitely no more than that.

  • So using that formula if Billy Longer gets traded to St Kilda he would be under 200 grand.

    • Close to it… but like I said, I think the MN will be a bit higher than that. Not only for the fact that the salary cap will rise, but also the game needs to be a bit harder after learning from this year with the 44 trades.

      • Any word on how they are going to make it harder? What about limiting each position to one player per AFL team.

        • I don’t think anything like that would ever get up. Complicates things for the regular Joe punters. They should make it harder by raising the magic number (and therefore prices) as well as raise the rookie prices so they start priced at at least 30, if not 35-40 rather than the ’20’ or so they are now.

  • Taylor Adams to Collingwood, Heath Shaw to GWS.
    Adams has shown good scoring potential (averaged 91.8 in 2013 when you take out vest-affected scores) and is entering the famous 3rd year amongst a high-scoring midfield brigade. Still a risk at his price that he may not improve to near-premium territory and become a bit of a ‘nothing’ pick. You’d hope for him to at least be a stepping stone that offers some value.
    At GWS, you’d expect the ball to be in the backline a lot where they’ll frequently be looking to get it into Shaw’s hands. This may work against him though, because he’ll stand out like a beacon for forward taggers.

  • What do we make of Chapman at Essendon? Should get a 10% discount and had a vest in there as well. Body and role is a concern. I’m pretty torn atm but I’m sure Warnie will be tempted!

  • Viv Michie is a lock especially if he is a forward again.

  • I would think Jackson Paine will be a lock.

    • No certainty to get a regular game. Brisbane is overloaded with up and coming/ average big forwards nowadays. Also with West arriving, Merret possibly continuing as a forward and Maguane still a chance of becoming a Lion, Paine may end up spending most of the season in the twos.

      What did he score back in 2012 when he got a few games?

      • Merrett best position is full-back and Maguire is injury-prone. The lions do need a good marking target(Paine). I heard Cornelius could be delisted.

  • Ok, this is my opinions on every trade that happened this Trade Period:

    Colin Sylvia. I like this prospect. Just where he fits into the Freo side is a question. Have to watch his role in the preseason to have a look. Has potential, but role is concerning. Tags won’t go to him, with Mundy, Barlow and Hill all in front of him. Watchlist.

    Matt White. Awkward price range, questionable JS and only average 75 tops. Pass.

    Eddie Betts. Everyone knows small forwards and Dream Team, not the best combination. May be able to push his average over 75, but I doubt it. Pass.

    Shaun Hampson. Not a big point scorer and may be pushing into the side. As mentioned, this must mean only good news for Matthew Kreuzer, while Ivan Maric has more competition. Pass.

    Lance Franklin. Good ol Buddy. Big money with a big deal so he’ll have to prove himself. Definitely getting him cheap, as he’ll definitely improve on his average. Only worry is that Tippett will be full-forward, so Buddy may not be as higher goal-kicking as usual, but that may mean pushing into the middle. Need to watch pre-season. Locked, but key still in the hole.

    Dale Thomas. You traitor. Haha, as a Pies fan, you feel the pain. Injury is really concerning me. This year, he couldn’t get pass his injury and just when it looked like he was back on track he’d injure it again. But what are 44 trades for? If selectable as a forward, put him in. Monitor his injury and preseason and see what happens. Back under the other traitor Mick, so only good things can happen. Watchlist.

    Ben McEvoy. First of all have I missed something? David Hale is number one ruck isn’t he? Anyway, I’m not sold on him. Getting him cheap, but I can’t see him bettering his average by more than 10. Big Boy McEvoy is a Big Boy watch for me….

    Shane Savage. I like this prospect. Young, can run all day and no job security isn’t an issue. But are the vests? He has an amazing average without the vests and how do the Saints play him? Also in the awkward price range bracket, so need to have guts to pick him. Watchlist definitely.

    Xavier Ellis. Bargain, rookie basement price but is injury prone. Job security shouldn’t be a worry, so if selected, lock. Got 44 trades so if he gets injured, trade him out. Lock if in best 22.

    Viv Michie. Cheap enough to take a punt on as a bench option. Job security and vests a worry, but at Melbourne he’ll thrive on the opportunities. Select him if as a forward bench spot if eligible, have to watch his role also. Watchlist.

    Dom Tyson. As mentioned, awkwardly priced, but if a froward, a solid starting F5 option? Job security should be good at a rebuilding club under Roos and hopefully no more than 200-250K. Watchlist.

    Nick Dal Santo. He’s getting on, but is really reliable but are better options. With a young, tough midfield in the Roos, he will add experience to the team and should be good for 80+. Bet any money Dr. (so called) Dream Team will pick him.

    Shane Mumford. Smokey. There are an awful lot of ruck options out there this year and he fits into that category. Cheap, number one ruck, but I see him playing 50/50 as a forward. Not the worst ruckman as his average will definitely improve, but are there better options out there? I think so. Pass for me, but will be watching.

    Bernie Vince. With Moloney and now Sylvia gone, Vince fits into the Melbourne midfield beautifully. Has support in Jones, Viney and others rotating through the middle and I believe is not the worst pick. Awkwardly priced, but has potential to go 90+. Watchlist.

    Jesse White. I look forward to Jesse’s contribution to the Pies forward line, but DT wise, not so much. One thing to note is, he may still be the third tall with Bucks favouring Reid down the other end instead off the backline. Also, what does this do for Cloke? Watch how he effects Cloke, but a pass in DT circles.

    Luke Delaney. Developing club, the ball will be in the backline an awful lot so may get a consistent 60-odd. But other than that, nothing really interesting, if cheap enough, possibly a D6/D7 spot. Pass.

    Kurt Aylett. Who?
    Shaun Edwards. Who?

    Taylor Adams. Okay, I am really excited about Taylor. Will fill Daisy’s shoes beautifully, but where in the Pies midfield does he fit? And with the Pies looking at 192cm midfielder in the draft for no.6 (forgot his name), it’s going to be hard to see where he fits. High forward flank? Wing? High defence flank? Hard to tell. Need to watch his NAB cup to see where he plays. Watchlist.

    Heath Shaw. Never again. The next Greg Broughton-to-GCS-effect. Forward tags and just won’t get the scores in my opinion. Better options. Pass.

    Stewart Crameri. That puts a stop to my Jarrad Grant smokey. Will fit in right beside him and will help the Doggies up forward. But DT wise, a no. Pass.

    Sam Docherty. This kid is a gun. But it’s all about where he fits into the tight Carlton outfit. He can score, no doubt about that. Will be rather cheap, but JS and then vests make it hard to pick him. Maybe get him after three consecutive games in the bubble. Watch.

    Elliott Yeo. Yo-yo bro. Haha had to say it. No fantasy relevance at all. Pass.

    Jared Polec. I’m excited. Will be cheap as chips, has huge potential and is a high draft pick. But can he break into the side? I think he can and will be a very popular pick once he’s in. If selected round one, locked and loaded!

    Patrick Karnezis. I still have nightmares where he scored those what, 9 points on my field. Where does he fit in the Collingwood outfit, let alone if picked. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the vacant Andrew Krakouer shoes in the pocket. Even then, vests will be a problem. He can score, but where, where, where? Watchlist.

    Jackson Paine. Will find it hard to get a game in my opinion with the Brown, Cornelius, possibly Luke McGuane all in the same forward line. If in round one calculations and seems a DT friendly role for 65+ points a game, then consider the basically rookie priced forward. Watchlist.

    Billy Longer. R3, locked and loaded*. Will be the Saints number one ruckman if they pass up Jolly*. Safe reliable for 70 points a game as number one and can only get better. Rather cheap and has huge potential. Locked/watchlist.

    Josh Bruce. No real DT relevance as a key defender. Pass.

    James Podsiadly. Not getting any younger, and with Taylor Walker as number one, won’t be an option. Remember that Walker is coming back form injury with a discount, about 275K in guessing, so maybe this might effect him. Who knows. But in Podsiadly terms, a pass.

    Josh Hunt. Second chance at the Giants, will be handy in defence but not an option. Pass

    Paul Chapman. Will be cheap and as mentioned, may only play the second half of the year. If named round one, would have to be close to a lock at a cheap price for him. Hamstrings are made of spaghetti though. 44 trades, why not. Watchlist.

    Scott Gumbleton. Great to see him get another chance and I hope it works for him. But when you here Gumbleton and DreamTeam, you’d rather pass out. I wish him luck, but DT. Pass.

    Trent West. Back up ruckman for Leuenberger, may effect Berger’s output, but priced awkwardly, may only play a handful of games and not the best scoring in the world. Pass.

    Sam Darely. Definitely has potential and could be this years Goodes. Have to see where he plays, if he plays, in the preseason. Cheap enough and of in round one calculations, it’s worth a punt. Watchlist.

    Andrejs Everitt. Will find it hard to break into the team and not a great scorer. Pass.

    Well thanks everybody for sticking with me this whole way and this is my input on all the trades that happened this Trade Period. I know it isn’t an awful lot different to what’s above, but hope you’ve enjoyed.


    • That is probably the longest comment I have ever seen on DTT aha…
      But it is very relevant :) good job :)

  • Looks like the first stage of FanPlanner is up now. Looking forward to getting the ‘My Team’ chat going soon.

  • How many more sleeps until I can start building my 2014 team.?

    • Well if you want to you can now. Team Picker comes out mid-December, which is pretty much always official with the prices, positions and salary caps.