Ep 009: Mad Monday Podcast ahead of Round 18


Listen in now to the ninth DT TALK Mad Monday Podcast. We chat DT for about 20 minutes every Monday arvo, so make us part of your Monday evening or Tuesday commute! Subscribe now in iTunes and feel free to give us a rating and comment.

This Mad Monday we talk about:

  • Around the grounds
  • +3 votes, -3 votes
  • The big issues including Brett Goodes out for the year, Jimmy Bartel’s one week suspension
  • We answer MJ Want’s question on the best unique options in each line
  • Roy’s trade of the week
  • Does Calvin just pick his captains based on their score last week?

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  • Go easy on stanton lads! Everyone bags him for being ‘inconsistent’, but ive had him all year and hes only gone under 100 FOUR TIMES for the year! and one of those was injury effected.

    So discount that, 11 tons from 14 games. Not too shabby :D

    • Yeah – but it sucks buying someone for an 80… vs GWS!

      • Yeah I’ve been fairly happy with him this year. Much better than last year.

        I know what you mean though. I got so sick of people dropping off the round I traded them in, so in Round 14 I figured I’d bring in Swannie because he never goes below 100 so was a safe bet. Yep, that was the round he got 73, with the C on him no less.

      • haha yeah okay good point. But we have seen all season when GWS try and tag someone they do it well, and with watson and zaharakis out it was always gona be stanton. Still annoying though yes

  • Awesome stuff guys keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Tom! Much appreciated. We’re having a fair bit of fun doing this! Thanks for taking some time to comment.

  • “Darren Glass = pig status”
    hahahaha love it. :)

  • So Warnie, thoughts on Bartel > Marc Murphy?

  • hahahahahaha, listening while everyone else asleep, laughing so hard trying not to wake anyone up, u boys are great, got to get u on TV. Beams is lock in in a few weeks, one mid spot left, cotch or jelwood, or trade t.mitchell when maxed out and bring in both to sit cotch on pine? im not trading bartel, have stokes on bench as cover, made a big move and outed nic nat to bring nicholls on field, but now no ruck bench cover, silly move? also getting rid of clisby and who to get, hibberd, cannon, or Eski?? for final def spot, almost at complete team???

    • Yeah, I reckon in two rounds, if he can hit at least one more ton, Mitchell to Beams will be perfect. Should have Mitchell around $420k and Beams around $540k. A rookie to Beams for only an extra $120k right before the DT finals? I’ll take that!

  • Loving the podcast lads – Any thoughts one who to pick as D6 out of Ellis, McKenzie and Henderson? Hendersen has the lowest BE, McKenzie has the highest average, Ellis has the highest ceiling.

  • As someone who likes to play around with stats and predictions, there’s little more annoying than people assuming you just whack something together without any thought being put into it.

    So, for those who claim Calvin just picks the highest scoring player from the previous round to be the captain each round, thought I might do a bit of analysis to see if there’s any substance to what you’re saying. Note that only the ‘Highest Scorer’ refers to the listed round, the rest is based on the picks for the following round:

    Round | Highest Scorer | Next Round Capt | Place | Score
    1 | Andrew Swallow | Dane Swan | 17 | 117
    2 | Justin Westhoff | Dane Swan | 43 | 106
    3 | Dustin Martin | Dane Swan | 5 | 130
    4 | Kane Cornes | Dane Swan | 9 | 120
    5 | Nick Reiwoldt | Dane Swan | 23 | 109
    6 | Patrick Dangerfield | Dane Swan | 33 | 111
    7 | Tom Lynch | Gary Abblett | 3 | 135
    8 | Brandon Ellis | Gary Abblett | 6 | 139
    9 | Michael Barlow | Steve Johnson | 78 | 94
    10 | Ryan Griffen | Gary Abblett | 13 | 119
    11 | Ryan O’Keefe | Gary Abblett | 3 | 136
    12 | Brendan Goddard | Michael Barlow | 8 | 124
    13 | Matthew Boyd | Dane Swan | 187 | 73
    14 | Dion Prestia | Ryan O’Keefe | 4 | 128
    15 | Dane Swan | Dane Swan | 36 | 106
    16 | Steve Johnson | Scott Pendlebury | 32 | 109
    17 | Gary Abblett | ? | ? | ?

    As you can see, on one occasion in 16 rounds Calvin has picked the highest scorer from the previous round, and that was Dane Swan who he clearly has a bit of a pig-fetish for so probably would have picked anyway.

    Also shows, for those that whinge when they follow his advice and get a 109 instead of a 163 (i.e. Pendles/Abblett last round) that on only two occasions in 16 rounds has the pick ended up below 100, one of those was a 94 (not the end of the world), and the other was a freak occurrence blamable entirely on that meat-head coach that put the pig up forward, and perhaps a few too many souvlakis before the game.

    In short: Get off the Captain’s nuts!

    • Can I just say that was really nicely formatted in perfect columns before I hit the submit button… Ah well.

    • Of course some people might also point out that the average score of all captains across the 16 rounds above is 116, and Abblett’s average score for the season has been 124, so you could probably just set-and-forget your captain as Abblett and be better off.

      But in answer to this, here’s an interesting fact. Last round was the first round this season that Abblett had the highest DT score for the round. Infact no single player has top scored for more than one round all season. So hedging your bets on Abblett isn’t a bad idea, but nor is taking a gamble to try and pick the person who’ll have a knock-out game that round to get the C.

  • Good work fellas.
    Some good POD picks there, I like the Petrie suggestion this week. Loves Etihad avg 97 there this year with 3 scores of 110+. Should do well against Melbourne you would think.
    Could be a good unique one week pick for Bartel

  • Also, good to hear you boys are coming to Melbourne! Timing couldn’t be better, my fellow DT’er in Melbourne is a Carlton man and we hit up the Ess/Car games each year (he’s still sour about the last one, not sure why, I thought it was a great game!).

  • Hanley is out now. Crap

  • Where was Richard Douglus in your uniques!! Averaging 101 and in less than 2% of teams!