Ep 001: Mad Monday Podcast ahead of Round 10


Thanks for checking out the all new DT TALK Mad Monday Podcast. We’ll release this every Monday evening for the rest of the year and we’ll aim to discuss the issues of the week to get you thinking towards the round ahead. Subscribe now in iTunes.

In the pilot episode (yep, we’ve got a long way to go!):

  • Around the grounds
  • +3 votes, -3 votes
  • Talking Points of the week
  • Bubble boys
  • Breaking Even
  • My Team questions

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Any feedback would be greatly appreciated… what do you want to hear from a Monday evening DT Talk Podcast? Let us know in the comments.



  • look forward to it boys!

  • Great listen keep it coming !

  • great stuff, love dt talk on a monday

  • Thanks guys, good show.

    I hear the warning about Selwood, but he will be around 430,000 after this week and his last 3 years of dream team he has averaged 106, 109, 103

    Great value!

    • another victim of temptation, I had him all last year and there is a lot of ups and downs, better value in my opinion (think BOYD right now)

  • Excellent podcast!

    Would love to know some extra info on the byes, How much do we need to think about it? Don’t want to miss out on staker but screws up my Round 11 fwd byes. Hutchings is really tempting me with his round 12 bye but don’t want to waste a trade just for a bye. Would you go as far to trade out a Gazza, Pendles, Swan, Dangerfield, Watson if you had all 5 (plus JOM) from the round 13 bye.

    What are your bye structures?

    • Ive got it to the limit, I got 4 rnd 13 DEF premos and 4 MID premos. Thats the limit I think you can take it(4 on field rnd 13 players).

  • Does this mean that there will not be any dttalk live video?

    • No – the live show will still happen every Thursday night. It’s an extra show… win, win! ;)

      • cheers warn dawg!! Who should I get in for currie for the byes? Grimley? Gorringe? and for mayes? o’keefe, mcviegh, mundy?


  • Thanks for the kind words! We are excited about doing this. A bit of Monday evening DT media. Good for the ride home from work (if we can get it online quick enough) or your Monday night gym session… or save it up for Tuesday morning.

    It’s all submitted to iTunes – we will let you know when you can get it on your iDevice!

    • Great podcast, so does that mean if you don’t have an iPhone or whatnot that you won’t be able to listen to the podcast in the future ?

  • Many thanks guys, appreciate the hard work!

  • Yeah have been hanging out for some Monday DT for ages. I like the idea of a podcast more than video I think. Podcast plus the usual video is good too ;)

    Acoustics could be better, but I do audio stuff for a living and most people probably wouldn’t notice. Recording in a living room with lots of furniture and carpet would be good, but it really depends. Even if you record in a slightly different position in the same room it can make all the difference. Although again, most ppl prob. wont notice or care lol

    • Thanks mate. I’m a bit of a rookie with that. Did do it in a carpeted room. Was on a sideboard next to a wall – maybe some echo off that. Might try more in the middle of the room next week. See how it goes. Thanks for listening!

      • I thought it sounded just fine. Didnt have any issues at all with the podcast, keep it up.

  • good stuff !!!

  • Great listen! Great start to the week!

  • My missus is gonna hate DT even more now.I always listen to the Jock Reynolds podcasts Sunday night now i have another podcast to look forward to on Mondays. Great work fellas.

  • Thanks for reading my question out guys u helped me lots thanks boys

  • Cheers guys, always good to listen to your thoughts.

    I’ve got Terlich and Ellis. Thinking I can carry Ellis, but can’t carry Terlich. Only problem is, he was hugely important for my bye structure. Only other Rd 12 def I’ve got is Thurlow and there’s really not much there! Webster? Enright? Malceski or Taylor? Or just ditch the bye structure and hope for the best? Leaning towards Webster.

  • Great podcast guys. I was expecting bit of a meltdown from Roy after Ellis was a late out, considering Thurlows 29 emergency score. By the way please never again interview a rookie on the bubble.

  • Stevie J is #1, you’re so predictable Calvin ;)

  • Needsome big help !!!!!! I dont care about my rankimg i just wanna win leagues as its my only 2nd year :)
    Griffen to gorringe then omeara to ball
    Griffen to gorringe then monfires to stevie
    Griffen to clarke then mayes to staker

  • Warnie and team, fantastic idea. During the NFL season the Monday fantasy footy podcast is a staple listen for me, so it’s terrific to see you guys embracing it for DT. More content like this just makes your site and brand even more valuable. Wouldn’t an ESPN buyout offer be nice!