DT TALK Live 2013: Rd 9

It’s a bumper episode of DT TALK Live this week with heaps of teams info, Calvin’s all important captain options, tweets from viewers and a very awesome chat with man of the moment, bubble boy Jackson Thurlow.

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Thanks to Troy Hallam (@rumballz) for putting this awesome pic together.


  • Fantastic Work Boys!

  • First show I’ve watched live. Good work fellas!

    • Picked a good week! The stream worked well from all reports!

    • Definitely was a smooth stream! Look forward to more of them.

      I’d like to say that after being more of a NRL/EPL nut, this is the first time I’ve really loved my AFL. Managing an AFL DT has worked wonders for me in this respect.

      Thanks for the site and shows, they are informative, great entertainment and above all else they get me enjoying my footy!

  • Wasting time on a Thursday night so here is my squad of players with no surname in response to the call from Roy:
    DEF: Danyle Pearce, Nick Maxwell, Harry Taylor, Ryan Lester, Danny Stanley, Steve Morris, Dale Morris, Brandon Ellis,
    MID: Joel Corey, Kieren Jack, Mitch Duncan, Sam Mitchell, Josh Thomas, Matty Boyd, Jack Steven, Seb Ross, Richard Douglas, Bernie Vince,
    RUCK: Stefan Martin, Sam Michael, Zac Clarke, Angus Graham
    FWD: Dale Thomas, Dustin Martin, Jamie Elliott, Brent Harvey, Rhys Stanley, Kepler Bradley, Jeremy Cameron, Jarryd Blair

    • Matthew Boyd, Ryan Lester and Zac Clarke are a bit of a stretch. Kepler Bradley has a surname that’s more of a given name than his actual given name (proud member of the League of Kepler on dreamteam, currently 3rd). You could fit Kane Mitchell in there for Matthew Boyd. Apart from that though it’s a very impressive effort.

      How about a team full of players with ridiculous names…Steele Sidebottom would have the captaincy I reckon.

  • Good episode guys (maybe with the exception of Calvin’s little dance number? but good on him lol). You all scored very well last week.

  • That was a great episode fellas, i like Roy doing his best impression of Gerald Healy’s Gold C***s, when he drops the F bomb talking bout Warnie bringing Thurlow into his team. lol

  • Love the show guys, when my mates talk about dt I just quote the shit u guys say

  • Cloke to Roughie or Mayes to Franklin ?? Roughie has a better BE this week but not sure

  • Finally made 1st on overall ranking!