DT Talk Live 2013: Rd 8

trophyHere we are for another episode of DT TALK LIVE (shown live at 7pm every Thursday on www.dreamteamtalk.com). It’s Round 8 and there are a few dramas this week… our Port boys have got to go and we have some players we need to get in. Join Roy, Calvin and Warnie as they take you through the teams and all of the issues for this week.

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magnumIt’s that stage of the year when some players in your team are driving you nuts.

Here is your chance to MAGNUM BOOT them out of your team… and at the same time, possibly win a pair of Magnum Storm boots from workwearhub.com.au valued at $200

All you need to do is…. Tell us with #magnumboot with @DTTALK and @workwearhub in your response.

Which player would you like to Magnum boot out of your Dream Team and why?

The DT Talk boys will then select the best answer and give away a pair of Magnum boots valued at $200

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  • *cracks knuckles* just got home and looking forward to watching this

  • I’ll be watching the replay and playing the “DT Talk Live” drinking game tonight. Still yet to decide on the rules, but atm, gonna roll with a swig for every time: Calvin goes “Oink Oink” or “Aaaargh”, Roy gets semi-suicidal when discussing the state of his team, and for every time Warnie takes a swig.

  • Have Hartlett, Vlastin and Terlich, who should i play?

    • Vlastuin vs Melbourne.
      But.. why is your backline already complete? Who are your other defenders? If you only have to play one, you obviously have five other premiums you’re playing ahead of those three. If that’s the case, I think you’ve wasted money that could’ve been used to upgrade elsewhere.

  • Who should i trade out of Hartlett wines and thomas

  • Great show guys. One point: going by DT points against, Melbourne, GWS and GC are not the three best teams to play. Melbourne and GWS are the two best, followed by WB, Brisbane, Geelong (yes Geelong), Fremantle, Richmond, St K, Sydney (yes Sydney are also ahead of Gold Coast), and finally GC. WTF? I know.

    My explanation is that GC have played Melbourne and GWS and therefore have artificially low DT points against totals (while Geelong have played all tough competition and tend to have high scoring games). However, I think GC are legitimately a harder team to play DTwise than WB and Brisbane.

  • Great show guys

  • Should I trade out Wines for Priddis or J.P. Kennedy? I have enough money for both

  • Hodge or Priddis? I fear Hodge may be rested.

  • Definately going Pittard/Stevenson to Thurlow but not sure about either D Currie to Roughead then Cox or Roughie to fwd but now that Cox is playing could go the remainder of Pittard/Stevenson to Hanley instead of Roughie.