DT TALK Live: Rd 17

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  • ahhh broughton

  • good one fellas

  • At this late a stage I am celebrating waters inclusion by doing a one two trade.

    Jmac -> Couch
    Horsely -> Goodes, plus about $100k in bank


    Jmac -> Couch
    T.Adams -> Beams plus basically nothing in bank.

  • Great episode lads. Had to crack a beer with you from sunny (not) London.

  • Who won the Golden Stubby?

  • As always good quality episode. I can never watch it live so the replays are great. I think the way you guys did the teams section was ok. I think when you talk about each game you cover little bits and pieces that wont get thought of. Yes though I understand this way its far less time consuming. But hey just my two cents.