The Perfect Post Round 9 Side

This is the kind of thing we think about all of the time… ‘Captain Hindsights’ like myself love to think about what I should have started with to be having a much more enjoyable year. Anyway, Frankie has spent some time looking at the best possible team you could have started with that would have you winning by 600 points without using a trade!

Below is the email from Frankie in full… thanks for the kind works buddy! This will certainly be a great talking point for tonight and over the week!

Hey Warnie,

Long time DT Talk obsessive, first time sender of spreadsheets of abject pointlessness.

Firstly thanks for all the efforts (and no doubt sacrifices!) over the DT Talk journey, like many others I visit at least 2 or 3 times a day and have done since I arrived in Aus in 2003. It genuinely is one of the gems of the internet, so good on you and the boys. I come from a teaching family so I understand how little time it must seem like you have.

As Matsui once said..”To business.”

The world is turning slowly today and because I’m clearly a wastrel, here is a spreadsheet to show (perhaps) the perfect starting side in DT 2012 (upto and including Round 9).

This team would be:

  • 17k under the initial salary cap
  • Would be winning the comp by approx 600pts (total 20510 pts)
  • Would have 24 trades remaining
  • Would have 0 donuts
  • Would be worth $11,524,500 (increase of $2,762,800)

Every player in the team would have been a very acceptable starting shout and with no trades, this team could have gone supersonic.

Someone might work out what the potential total might be if specific big single scores can be included using trades in certain rounds, but that is about 1mm above my ceiling of masochistic activities.

If you think it has a place on the site as an interest piece, please go ahead and slot it. It might start some debate for a few days (content, content, content :)), it might give someone the opportunity to get that “First” comment in that so many douches seem to need.

It might prove curious to the coaches (like me) who want to see how close their starting sides were and how far behind a few choices have cost.. Or perhaps not. Maybe it’s just me lol.

It’s essentially a futile exercise in wouldacouldashoulda, basically a metahpor for DT itself.  Basically cretinous on my part.

If you are wondering why I bothered?

I’m a pom convert to the game so I’ve had plenty of time now the embarrassing “lets all fall over ‘cos we’ve no integrity but sh*t are we rich” EPL has finished.

Get around it…


2011 finishing spot around #670.
Currently languishing 11k (Cloke not Sidey, Tippett not Danger, Burgoyne (i know!) not JohnsonM, the list goes on.)  FMDT :)


Deledio, Waters, Johnson, Rance, Golby, Hargrave, Clarke, (Bugg, Morris).

Stanton, Boyd, Pendlebury, Hayes, Ebert, Tuck, (Magner, Shiel).

Maric, Giles, (Stephenson, Redden).

Sidebottom, Robinson, Chapman, Johnson, Dangerfield, Whitecross, Smith, (Dickson, Zorko).

DOWNLOAD: Perfect DT Side Post Round 9.xlsx


  • Top stuff Frankie… and top team!
    Quite similar to my starting line-up… except for Fyfe… and Mumford… and Murphy… and Ablett
    …and Swan…
    Did get Redden right tho!

    • Yeah it’s a shame my starting team wasn’t this..currently in fiascoville, like most people I got the obvious picks in there, but goes to show uniqueness can be bestness lol…

  • yeh ive had fyfe mummy then sandi then goodes ablett now swan stil rankd under 5k tho just 12 trades tho

  • love the concept of this rance is an interesting 1

  • This was Awesome – Thanks heaps for the Article.

    It made me really curious, so I used your spreadsheet to see what my team would have looked like if I had made zero trades instead of being mega trade happy (I’ve got 11 left – I kept trading in players who then got injured).

    If I had made zero trades I would have 263 more points than I currently have, but my team value would be $544,900 less than it is. So hopefully the extra cash I’ve gained will pay off in the long run!