Tbetta’s Bullets: Round 6

  • End Carnage

Finally! The DT plague equivalent seems to have abated this week, with the number of injuries, late withdrawals, and sub-vests back to its normal, manageable level. The popular players all seemed to fire in Round 6; so with the right Captain, you could have entered the fabled waters of 2300. Most though, would have been happy with 2100 this week.

We have a lot to get through this week, with Cash Cowing all the rage at this stage of the season. Let’s delve straight into the biggest issue of the week then: The Horse!

  • Giddy Up

Saddle-up, because I’m getting on the Horse this week, and so should you. I really shouldn’t need to convince you, but here are 5 reasons why, if you’re not sold on him or you’re scared of his $119,800 price-tag:

1. Let’s take a look at his back-story. A gifted junior but ultimately a late-bloomer, the Horse played all 23 games for Subiaco in 2011, eventually finishing runner-up in the Sandover Medal (WAFL Brownlow equivalent). He averaged 91.4 DT points in the WAFL that year, playing in a notoriously strong midfield. He’s now 24 years old, making him a mature-ager – and we all know how successful they’ve been in DT over the last 3 or 4 years.

2. He’s scored two tons on the trot so far, 101 and 123. Yes, it’s unlikely that he’ll average anywhere close to 110 this year, but his blistering early form guarantees his first two prices will be absolute belters.

3. Injuries to the other ‘experienced’ players are building up at the GCS, increasing his JS even more. Ablett is still missing, Rischitelli is still winged, Harbrow is out for two months minimum, and Bock has just broken his leg. Given his form and his status as a ‘bigger body’, you can be assured Horsley will be around for at least the medium term.

4. There are no other downgrade options on the horizon, and definitely not any of this quality. Giant Taylor Adams is the only other option, and I’d argue that his Mid/Fwd DPP doesn’t quite make up for his inferior JS, scoring and higher price. You need someone peaking around the MBR’s and beyond, and the Horse is your guy.

5. That brings us to the Byes. Horsley is valuable in the way that he’s a rookie NOT from the R11 Bye, unlike all our GWS rookies. That’s potentially one less donut right there.

So how do we get him in? As he only has MID eligibility, it has to be someone from that line. The problem here is that most of our rookies haven’t peaked yet (thanks to huge games on the weekend – cheers boys!) – and those that have, such as Adam Kennedy, could be part of an important Mid/Fwd DPP link. The way I see it, these are your options.

Bite The Bullet and Upgrade/Downgrade.

You decide to keep your DPP link (very important over the MBRs) and trade out one of your other Mids. For many, this leaves you with a choice between Magner ($260,100, 17BE), Shiel ($259,100, 8BE), or Coniglio ($250,600, 20BE) to make some cash, despite their potential to make even more in the future. The other downside here is that many of your other Mids haven’t peaked either, so you’ll have to upgrade to a defender/forward to avoid shooting yourself in the foot too badly.

Cash-Grab and Run

You decide that you want to give your cows another week or two to swell before you cash them in and pull a midfield upgrade, but you don’t want to miss out on this Cash Horse. You make a compromise of sideways trading a non-cow like Clay Smith ($149,100, 2BE) or Wingard ($167,500, 41BE).

The Horse over DPP

You decide that getting Horsley in is more important than the DPP link at this stage, especially with the downgrade stocks so barren (and maybe you think that Zorko is a good chance to have debuted by the MBRs?). So you trade out Adam Kennedy ($201,800, 50 BE) or Devon Smith ($256,300, 31BE). The downside to this is that downgrading Kennedy doesn’t really give you enough cash for an upgrade (in which case you may as well do the Cash-Grab and Run), and Devon Smith hasn’t fully fattened yet (in which case, you may as well go with the Bite the Bullet option).

  • Keep Mooing, Keep Falling

Yep, more Cash Cow talk. I make no apologies though, as it’s a crucial month for cash generation and it’s something that you really need to get right, because we don’t get another shot at it.

I said last Round to give your Cows another week, because one big score will keep them ticking over, while a poor score will engage the breaks almost immediately. Well, we actually had more of the former this week, which means that the cash growth will continue for another fortnight at least for some of these guys.

I’m talking about guys like McDonald (92, -25BE), Greene (122, -22), Shiel (72, 8BE), D. Smith (97, 31 BE) and Coniglio (97, 20BE). These scores will stick in the three-week moving averages and will power their cash-rises for the next few weeks; keep them and enjoy the cash. In the meantime, keep a keen eye on the fallen premiums and net yourself a bargain. Here are a few options to keep an eye on:

DEFENDER: Grant Birchall – 84.8 avg – 126 BE

Birchall had only the 60 this week, so his score will fall over the next fortnight because of that. He’s still a gun and the Hawks still want to use him at every opportunity, so consider him as a defence upgrade in two weeks for around $390k.

MIDFIELDER: Sam Mitchell – 107.2 – 147 BE

Mitchell is the one I’m really excited about. In 1-2 weeks time he should be absolutely bottomed-out, thanks to the 63 he eeked out in Round 5, which will likely not be repeated again this season. I’m looking at picking him up at around $470-$480k, just when my midfield rookies have peaked.

FORWARD: Travis Cloke – 83.3 avg – 113 BE

Not an unassailable BE for Cloke, but with back-to-back 76’s in his rolling average, he’ll surely dip over the next few weeks regardless. Travis is one of the few fallen premiums still on the way down, with Stevie J and Chapman reversing a slow start to the season. My forward line’s almost complete, but I’ll definitely consider him at around $360k in 2 or 3 weeks.

  • Makers & Breakers

Stanton! The +6 Combo King. The Striped Seagull. The Cheap-Mark Colonel. The Hard-Running Hombre. Whatever you want to call him, he had 193 of the best on the weekend, a DT record (since the DT competition has been running, anyway)! His inconsistency and hatred of a tag can be frustrating sometimes, but when you’re regularly reaching the dizzying heights of 170 and beyond, who cares? Stanton currently has the highest total points of any DTer in the game at the moment.

Reports that Stevie J traded himself into his own fantasy team this week should have been an omen that the fallen premium was ready to explode! Johnson has 163 on the weekend, only his second ton of the season, thanks to 35 disposals, 10 marks, 7 tackles and 3 goals. Now that’s a stuffed stat sheet.

He’s been quietly getting it done, moving strings behind the scenes – and that’s exactly how Heppell likes it. Many shied away from the Bomber defender in the pre-season despite his encouraging debut year, perhaps wary of the infamous second-year blues. HeppD has had no such ailment, scoring 137 points in Round 6 to take his yearly average to 96.7, with all of his scores 73 or above. Get on him!

Beams was a popular sideways trade option for the Fyfe LTI, and didn’t he reward those who paid top dollar for him! His 137 points from the weekend follows his 121 from Round 5, meaning that if you’re going to get on board, it has to be soon.

Toby Greene and his 122 points sneak into the Makers this week, just ahead of fellow rookie Kyal Horsley (123). Tobes gets the nod purely because he is more highly owned league-wide (last week anyway). The Greene Machine had 28 disposals, 9 marks and 5 tackles, which all contributed to his team-high score. It’s also done wonders for his progress as a Cash Cow, boosting him another $40k this week; and with a BE of -22 heading into Round 7, it ensures there is plenty more to come.

It’s hard to find 5 players to hate on this week, but I’ll try! And although he didn’t even play, Joel Selwood makes it onto the Breakers list for Round 6. Many of us were rejoicing mid-week when he escaped a suspension, and for what? So he could shit the entire football public and become yet another obvious-in-hindsight late withdrawal? Actually, no. I don’t believe this is his fault – I know he’d have wanted to play if possible. This was a tactical manoeuvre by the Cats’ Selection Committee, so they can take his spot in the Breakers. Pricks.

Old School DT logic says to wait for a fallen premium to bottom-out, then snaffle them up for unders. Well, the way Dal Santo is travelling, we might be able to get him for $350k! The guy is stinking it up, plain and simple. He hasn’t tonned-up since Round 1, and with 59 this week, things aren’t looking much better for him anytime soon.

It seems that each week, the Dockers have a high-profile under-performer. This week, it’s Duffield and his 38. He was making great progress with three 80+ scores on the trot, especially as a non-R13-bye defender, but pulled one of those customary sub-40 scores that are absolute week-killers. The good news is that for those who don’t have him, his price will be slashed over the next few weeks. Watch closely.

The much-awaited return of Grant Birchall was much-disappointing. I mean, 60 wasn’t terrible, but when one of your premiums decides to be a late withdrawal two weeks in a row, you kind of expect them to make it up to you when they finally get out there on the track. Especially when those who held Shaw were rewarded with 111.

Adam Kennedy is a dirty tease. 116 on debut followed by a solid 72 had us all salivating about this eminent Angus-grade Cash Cow. Since then, we’ve been rewarded for our optimism with 58, 41 and 40, split by a DNP. With a BE of 50 next week, he may just be ripe for the picking. I use ‘ripe’ loosely, as he’s only valued at a shade over $200k.

  • Tbetta’s Tweets

Tough break with Burgoyne – and I guess this question sort of applies to those who have Enright as well. My personal inclination would be to hold – I’ve learnt that the backline is so highly volatile, that anyone you trade in is almost guaranteed to get injured or experience a sudden role change. For that reason, I would hold fire, at least until after the MBRs when there is less room for error and no byes to manoeuvre. Besides, maybe Burgoyne will get his act together in the meantime.

Wow, the ruck crisis just keeps getting worse! McEvoy joining a long list of injured ruck premos… Anyway, in your situation, I would either hold or downgrade. You have Cox and Giles! The 2nd and 7th ranked ruckmen, by overall points! I honestly think you’d be better served by selling down to Longer and using the cash for an upgrade elsewhere, or holding McEvoy until he returns from injury. Especially with Brogan injuring himself again and leaving the door open for Giles. As for the MBRs – you’re going to cop donuts somewhere no matter what; may as well be in the rucks.

Great question! I haven’t really talked about backline Cash Cows (despite this edition of the Bullets being almost exclusively about our little money-makers), mainly due to the lack of downgrade options, as you say. When our only options are first-gamers Spurr (22), Bootsma (30) and Brennan (31), you know we’re in trouble. And it’s not just the low scoring that’s worrying; it’s the JS, of which Spurr is the rated the highest at ‘poor’. Brennan will be gone as soon as Schofield returns from suspension, and Bootsma’s next game may well be when they next play the Suns or Giants.

With that said, we need to pull the pin on Morris/Ellis at some point, especially if (like me) they are both languishing, unused, on your bench. They both have great JS, and still with some more room to grow, I’d recommend keeping them until someone decent comes along. Although, in scanning some of the names, our best hopes are probably Sam Darley or Jeremy Webberly. Ouch.

  • Lucky Number 7

All eyes will be on the Gold Coast Suns vs GWS Giants clash this week. Who will win? Or could they somehow both lose? Will Gary Ablett get up and play? And, of course, will our rookies make us some more cashola?
Other issues that will plague the DT community this week are:

# With Goodes out for 6, who should we trade him for?
# Will Broughton be in trouble for sliding into, and injuring, David Swallow’s ankle?

# If Gablett does play, would you be man enough to chuck the ‘C’ on him?

# What should we do with the injured McEvoy?

# Will Thomas Couch finally get a game after yet another BOG performance?

I’m sure there’ll be plenty of discussion about these issues and others over the week, and, of course, DT Talk has you covered.


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  • andrew walker as an unique???

  • Hey Great article as always

    I have a small dilemma on my hands, I want to get in the horse but dont know who to get rid of to make way. Should I get rid of one of my rooks, coniglio, D smith or magner, or should I let them mature for another couple of weeks and downgrade nick dal santo before he ruins my life any more and bleeds any more cash? Cheers

    • u have to get on the horse. he is the barlow of this season by all accounts. Definitely trade our Coniglio to get him should be an easy decision/

      • hey struggling to decide on my trades this week, should i do

        Goodes —> Stevie J
        Magner —-> Horsley

        Or should I do something more like

        dal santo —-> Horsley
        Goodes —–> Cloke

        I have around 300k in the bank already so money isnt really an option at this stage I just cant see if i should keep going with dal santo as he keeps letting me down each week and is only gonna keep losing money

        Thanks :)

  • According to http://www.afl.com.au/tabid/16931/Default.aspx#fixtureid=7717&tab=Stats
    Josh Kennedy is going to gun it! Goodbye Stanton, you schmuck!

  • Would everyone mind getting off the afldreamteam website for me, it is ridiculously slow!

  • LOOK.

    If you don’t know who to trade down to HORSLEY, wait until the teams are announced.
    Who ever isn’t playing, drop for Horsley!

    Thats potentially my plan anyway.

  • Too early to trade out kennedy? or should i take out he magnet who is now i think a bit more used to his tagging role. Want to get in Horlsey think week. Still cant Blieve stanton with 193 and one of my mates traded him in rd 5 and traded him out just Bcause of his 77. haha lols

  • Bit of info from the MRP report for nervous Broughton owners – such as myself – for those who may have missed it:

    “In summary, he can accept a reprimand and 93.75 points towards his future record with an early plea.”

  • What does everyone think about Goodes to Whitecross?? he is relatively cheap and save about $70k. Tbetta? any thoughts?

    Great article btw.

  • Great read as always tbetta. Thinking about these trades for this round:

    Masten > Horse
    Kennedy > Chappy/Beams

  • This week was the week it all came crashing down..Dodged all the bullets for the last 3 weeks and was travelling nicely still hit 2000 but not nearly enough this week.

    Was hit with Selwood out no cover holding Ablett and Csmith wasting space. My rucks were chugging along nicely until again I get hit and McEvoy goes down. Its now tight for MBR structure for him to come back with Hmac and Giles

    Lastly much deliberatiion with Chapman Vs Christensen to be traded in for Callinan Vs Kennedy, i decided on the cheaper option (Christensen) and the player annoying me (Callinan) rather then looking at it rationally

    Now I have to look at what to do..Get in the Horse! What about Kennedy stinking up my forward line and likely lose of money, McEvoy going down.Selwood and Ablett best be coming back.

    Funny thing we say the back line is volatile and you mention it as well Tbetta but in all honesty my back line has been functioning perfectly, only had Hargraves late last week which was covered by Khunt.

  • thoughts of andrew walker as a unnique looking to be playing though the mid a vit and should score a goal or too a game??? i have 409K for a fwd and will probs go andrew walker, zaha, cloke or roughhead??

    • could be very unique and he has looked good the first couple of games. will he become a super premo though?!? not sure

      • Is anyone satisfied with taylor adams job security will he be rested a lot or a worthy trade of kennedy

  • great article tbetta :)
    What should i do boys
    Trade magner for the horse
    or trade morabito for the horse so i can use morabito as a downgrade target for other rookies in my mid. Morabito has proven useless so far as he is still injured.
    I also have conigs but i belive he still has some high scores to get as he wasnt #2 draft pick for no reason!
    Any tips?

  • Check it out boys ;)


    Hell. Yeah.

  • I’m looking to trade out Parker as I think for a mid he has peaked to bring in Horsley. That will give me $517,000 in the bank for the mid season upgrades and Cash Cows to be peaking ready for the second half run.

  • What does everyone think about Goodes to Whitecross?? he is relatively cheap and save about $70k.

    • His last 3 round average is 68, so I wouldn’t

    • May i suggest Dusty Martin, if you don’t already have him….almost a straight swap.
      His forecast was for a slow start and to increase in value from about now.

  • with goodes out for 6. i find myself in a problem.
    6 weeks. for most this is an obvious straight swap for a premo (robinson would be my option), or a downgrade to an up and coming rook (adams???).
    however, i have cover. i have good cover. every week my mid and forward line would look like this
    murphy, ablett, jelwood, thompson, greene, horlsey with goodes and j-mac on the bench.
    sidey robbo danger chappy martin stanley trealor and smith and kennedy on the bench.

    this would save me two trades (as goodes is almost a must have come finals time) and should lose me around twenty points a game, not that much in the scheme of things, i could make that up by choosing the right captain, or by choosing ellis or morris right, or giles or kreuzer, or j-mac or horsly, or trelaor and smith. This idea proabbly sucks, but having goodes out would mean choosing only one out of jmac, horsley and greene.

    the current trades i’ve done is
    sheil>robbo (subbed forward for goodes)

    would love some advice from someone ranked higher than 20,000

    extra info
    without trades, 212k left
    21 trades left
    going for leauge win (obviously)

    • geez that wasted 15 mins typing that, i better get a response

    • I’d trade Goodes out for Ablett when he comes back, then get Goodes back later with some extra money from trading down cash cows.. (I’m ranked 4,128th)

    • Get Pendles definetly !

    • You are sitting pretty with 21 trades. Swap Goodes into the mids and upgrade to a Swan or Pendles.

      • Yeah, but to do that i’ll need a DPP link, which i currently dont have and would only get by downgrading magner to adams(who i dont like the job security of).
        That is why i could first trade out
        Sheil>robbo who will sub for goodes.

        Then next week trade out goodes (assuming the injury dosent get any better) for a bottemed out midfielder ala mitchell.

        • so you don’t have Robbo….

          I have just re-read your post and think I know whats going on maybe. Let me try.

          You want to keep an injured player worth $400,000+ on the bench. So instead of doing a trade Goodes >>> to Robbo you want to cull Shiel who has a very small BE. So how about this…

          this week
          Goodes => Robbo
          Magner => Horsley
          next week
          Sheil => Ablett

          This way Shiel will have risen another $25,000 approx. You are paying an inflated price tag for Robbo though and it might be worth looking elsewhere.

          • +1 with the explaining his team as what it will look like and what it is at the same time. Hard to help but I commend you for trying

  • alright i need some help
    i’ve brought horsley into my and now im looking to upgrade smith or Kennedy.
    who shall i bring in

    would really like some advice

  • do people think zaha will average about the same as andrew walker?? because thinking of getting walker over zaha as a unique??

  • i would like to know how many trades everyone has left

    ive got 17 and looking to offload shiel to horsley then upgrading D.Smith to a premo, whilst next week ill upgrade my defenders (ellis,morris), not sure if i should be using the trades early but i do want to keep my team strong with upgrades then holding off for a while, in need of some advice.

    • 19 as of this week

      Will be doing a downgrade and upgrade this week

      Fagner -> Whore Bags
      Trollby -> Waterz

    • yeh im in the same boat but im upgrading in my fwd line

    • I have 19 left and am looking at getting Horse and getting rid of Kennedy this round. Im hoping to use a few- maybe one or two between now and MBRs to get the cash I need to just trade rookies that clash so i can just upgrade during that time rather then sideways or cop donuts.

    • i have 12 trades left after another two this week. these have been my trades so far
      scotland to carrazzo (who then got injured so went carrazzo to heppell which worked out well)
      broughton to goddard
      gibbs to murphy (form slump was costing me)
      coniglio to greene then greene to mcdonald before mcdonald’s price rise
      kennedy to treloar
      mumford to sandi (injury)
      fyfe to robbo (injury)
      goodes to beams this week (injury)
      clay smith to horsley this week
      that’s 11 trades, almost half of which have been because of bad form slumps and injury. the rest, cash cowing. this year i’m going for the whole “bring in premo for cows as soon as possible” strategy so i can start getting 2200-2300 points asap. most of you would call me stupid but the winner of supercoach and 23rd in dreamteam did this last year… seemed to work for them!

      • last year was a very different year. let us know how it works out for you,particularly rds 11-13. good luck with it

      • Might work for some, but it seems like it hasnt for you. Of those 11 trades… About 5 were just wastes.
        Why did you trade greene out after 1 price rise???? You failed with the carrots one too.
        What is your ranking and what is your average score. If your average score is not above 2100 then you have failed. If you are ranked top 4k then you might have a chance, but if you cant rise to top 100 in the next 4 pr 5 weeks… Fail

        • the way i truly look at it… my season has been over for about 3 weeks now so i have gotten to the stage where dreamteam has become more about how much i can experiment with my team. i still have chances to win each of my leagues which is what im really playing for but i just really want to see how i can get my team value in the quickest time possible and play for weekly prizes basically… i know it sounds stupid but all hope has been lost with my team for a while now

          • Can I suggest that the below should not have happened…

            scotland to carrazzo (who then got injured so went carrazzo to heppell which worked out well)
            broughton to goddard
            gibbs to murphy (form slump was costing me)

            That equates to 4 wasted trades from what I am looking at. Mate you need to stop trading for the next few weeks and back in the guys that are already there otherwise you will have absolute mayhem over the MBR’s.

      • Im right with ya mate… I’ve been trading heavily the whole season and I am on 15… First few weeks
        Started shit but have gone up the rankings in the top 5000. My forward line is full of premiums and my midfield is nearly done… Next week will be making 2 more trades as I have 300000 in the bank.. I’m hoping a few more rookies come down in the back line so
        I can upgrade aswell… Can’t wait pumping out 2300 scores every week

    • 18 after I downgrade Magner to Horsley and upgrade McCarthy to S. Selwood

  • i’ve got a you premos i need to pick from any advice would be thankful:

    Stevie J
    and Clancee

    if theres anyone else plz reply

  • premos to pick from

    Stevie J
    or any others what do people think

  • YeahBuddy – you are mad.

    It’s only round 7. There are 22 rounds (in finals).

    There will be a sh#t load of injuries/suspensions/form slumps in the next 16 weeks.

    If you go ahead with all of your proposed 4 trades in the next 2 weeks, you’re left with 13. Not nearly enough to win your league Or the whole thing.

    I have 19 left.

    Personally, I would hold onto Morris & Ellis if I was in your trade position, at least for another 4-5 rounds.

    • i have 12 trades left after another two this week. these have been my trades so far
      scotland to carrazzo (who then got injured so went carrazzo to heppell which worked out well)
      broughton to goddard
      gibbs to murphy (form slump was costing me)
      coniglio to greene then greene to mcdonald before mcdonald’s price rise
      kennedy to treloar
      mumford to sandi (injury)
      fyfe to robbo (injury)
      goodes to beams this week (injury)
      clay smith to horsley this week
      that’s 11 trades, almost half of which have been because of bad form slumps and injury. the rest, cash cowing. this year i’m going for the whole “bring in premo for cows as soon as possible” strategy so i can start getting 2200-2300 points asap. most of you would call me stupid but the winner of supercoach and 23rd in dreamteam did this last year… seemed to work for them

      • Joe, you seems to be repeating yourself. By the way, you have burnt some very unnecessary trades in there!!!
        This is what The Colonel has been referring too. :-)

    • Brendan, 23 rounds actually mate……But who’s counting!!!

  • i have 409K for a fwd. andrew walker, zaha, cloke or roughhead??

  • I had 2 of the makers and none of the breakers, so could put together a reasonable score.

    I just realised my overall ranking is the height (in cm) of a certain Fremantle ruckman that has sat on my bench for the last 2 weeks.

    • i also have 2 makers but also have kennedy (breaker) gonna trade him out for horsely

  • Too early to trade out kennedy? or should i take out he magnet who is now i think a bit more used to his tagging role. Want to get in Horlsey think week. Still cant Blieve stanton with 193 and one of my mates traded him in rd 5 and traded him out just Bcause of his 77. hahaha lols

    • I was wondering if there was anyone who had done that with stanton. It was an interesting decision to trade out a completely healthy mid averaging 126, but anyway.

      My girlfriend has had Stanton from the start, but she can’t get the captain choice right. When Stanton is her captain (including loophole VC) he averages 95, when he doesn’t have the C he averages a lazy 174 lol.

    • Also my mate traded stant in for ablett (good choice), but then unaware of the loophole he put him as capt only scoring 77. Feel sorry for him, 6 players in his team are geelong + C Enright and doesnt have giles instead his ruck structure is probably gonna stay the same 4 the rest of the season -> Cox, Hale, Lycett, Stephenson.

  • Great Article TBetta! Really Appreciate it.

    Possible players im thinking of trading in this week are:
    Murphy and Micthell

    and potentially

    For my last midfield spot, Which would you choos eout of the lot, I like Shiels and is quite unique, and has a very high ceiling….

    My other option is to bring in Beams for my sixth FWD line, But i believe the quicker you get your Mids done the better thoughts?!

    • shiels will have a good dt finals esp if hawks rest others again

      • My thinking aswell, and will never get the Tag, Mitchell and maybe even Hodge will get it.

  • Can someone please explain to me the MRP? I have now discovered that I have no idea what they are thinking.

    Last week Raines cops one week for a strike on Selwood. McKernan gets one week for a strike this week. I see why. Then they go and say that Ryder’s strike doesn’t warrant a sanction because it was delivered with an open hand? Would have thought a strike is a strike. Open hand or closed fist. It was surely worth a reprimand at worst.

    Then last week, Tex Walker goes sliding into a contest and gets off due to no injury to the concerned player. Broughton slides in (IMO no where near as bad as Tex’s) and he gets a reprimand or 1 week if he has an unsuccessful contest.

    Last one. Last week Raines delivers a very high bump on Selwood and no charge. Then this week the smallest man on the Earth in Hams gets 2 weeks for a bump that has made more contact to his team mate than to A Swallow.

    The MRP is becoming a lottery from week to week. I have no idea what is an offence and what isn’t anymore.

    Rant over!!!

    • I can’t explain it… it’s been a joke for a while now. A bit like the interpretation of around the neck. Simply do the four-year-old flop in a tackle or duck into it and it’s your free. I remember the days when if you ducked you were fair game. Fkn awesome days those! Don’t get me started on incorrect disposal either. Whole system’s a mess really.

      • I hear ya. I played many years ago and if I ducked into a tackle the umpire would yell out “you ducked, play on”. It would actually stop you doing it because it was seen as an act of cowardice to duck. The Eagles have been awesome this year and full credit to them but this has definitely creeped into their style of play. It is actually detracting from the recognition they should be receiving for the brand of football they have been playing.

        I blame the ‘incorrect disposals’ on commentators. Blokes like Dwayne Russell and Dennis Cometti. Terms like ‘prior opportunity’, ‘knocked out in the tackle’, ‘incorrect disposal’ and ‘he dived on the ball’ drive me insane. I wont go into it now cause it might take all night.

        Might have to start up a Ridley’s Rants article lol

    • Rids, with u there mate. MRP are fast becoming a joke, only people in the country who don’t need any evidence to charge someone……..ask Montagna!!!
      Broughts one is a joke, this sliding in was there originally to protect the bloke who was first too/or over the ball……….now its gone viral!!
      Watched the interview with MRP chairman Mark Fraser, and very unimpressed with his responses.
      Clean up the dirty stuff off the ball / behind play and stop picking up blokes playing the ball!!!

      • I watched the same interview and was absolutely baffled which led me to the above rant. I love this game and like to believe that I know quite a bit about it but guys like Fraser really confuse me. I knew Jeff Gieschen from years ago when he was the coach of the Wodonga Bulldogs. His views have changed since the change of job. Would love for the 2 to have a conversation with each other now if that makes sense. 1990 Jeff meet 2012 Jeff. He was actually the coach of one of the teams involved in one of the greatest all-in brawl grand finals of all time. The game was labelled the ‘Bloodbath’ from memory. Ovens and Murray League GF 1990 for anyone that wants to google it. How times have changed!

        I was watching On The Couch last week and guys like Roos and Healy (love them or hate them, stalwarts of the game) were speechless how Walker got off.

        • Yes mate, i think some people lose touch with the reality of the game when they get higher up in the pecking order. Some very bizarre judgements throughout this year and have a feeling it won’t get any better.

    • No consistency or common sense in their decisions at all. Making the system look like an absolute joke.

  • Hey ladz need to bring the horse in
    Got magnet conigs and old McDonald to downgrade thinking of keeping the gws boys against gold coast this weeks

    What you guys reckon

    • Your logic is impeccable. Of course, the stats do not bear out that playing weaker opposition results in higher scores nor better opposition in lower scores (Greene pkaying Carlton should not have resulted in 123, right?).

      So, assuming the big DT Caveat that anything is possible, I would definitely trade Magner over Coniglio and McDonald.

      • Matt, i have a bit of a theory to this in that the top sides (Carlton) obviously have no doubt they will win these type of games so don’t man up as tightly resulting good scores to the likes of Greene.
        They play against one of the other bottom sides (say Melb) and they know they need to play well to avoid humiliation……..so tight contest with limited “free” possessions.
        Having said this, there are always exceptions to these rules!!!

  • Have just realised a massive flaw to my backline having started with Adcock, Waters & Hargrave, believing that Hargrave wouldn’t end up a keeper. I now have the problem tho, in that I have 3 potential keepers in the round 11 bye. what should I do, trade Hargrave before round 11? Or trade an under performing Adcock before round 11, or just cop a donut?

    Backline is currently:

    Deledio, Goddard, Waters, Adcock, Duffield, Hargrave, Clarke, Ellis, Morris

    • It depends on how much you value long-term quality over the loss of a single score for a single round.

      Are you going for the car or league victories? If it’s the league you are concerned about, then cop the doughnut, along with almost everyone else in your league.

      • Cheers for the reply, talking a lot of sense and pretty much confirms what I was thinking. Going for the league now as the last couple of weeks have left me down about 4k overall. Still wouldn’t mind a top 1000 finish after fading from around 5k at about round 15 to12k overall last year.

        On the plus side I think it’s the first year my defence has in the main been reliable!

    • trade down to a mid/back (like docherty if you have only one mid rd 11 bye by then) then bring in scotland or someone to your mids for the multi-buggerye rounds

    • The biggest flaw I see is the absence of Bugg. Cop the donut. Everyone will be eating a few over the MBR’s anyways.

      • Agreed, but I’d already gone Ellis & Morris and didn’t want to waste the trades early on to get him in thinking he probably wouldn’t stay at that scoring level. Haven’t had to make a trade in my backline yet tho, and hopefully won’t have to for a while so can’t be too displeased with it.

  • Thoughts on Shiel >> Horse and Kennedy >> Beams. Only issue is it leaves Clay Smith still stinking it up on my bench.

  • is it worth me sideways trading rookies such as kerridge and hall, who won’t give me back up in the byes?

    • Yes. You probably should have done this by now though but this week has been the first in a while where we haven’t been plug trading so use the oppourtunity.

  • should i trade smith for horsley or magner for horsley? magner seems to have flatlined but smith may not be able to break back into the bulldogs side since he was omitted a few weeks back… feedback would be great guys

    • Smith because Magner’s actually playing and going up in value. At this rate, pretty soon you’ll be able to straight swap him for Dal Santo! Suits my structure to hang on to Magner… so I’m doing that

      • what if i did this:
        dpp swap sam mitchell for deledio (deledio would go to midfield) and putting brian lake or ryan hargrave in defence
        goodes to beams


        goodes dpp swap with clay smith (smith would come out of my team and goodes would move to midfield) and put beams in fwd line
        clay smith to horsley


        goodes striaght swap with beams
        smith straight swap with horsley…

  • It’s early i know – but my big decision this week will be –

    Horsley or jmac on the field?

    Early thoughts?

    • Whores surely.

    • I’m going with Horsley, because i reckon he’s capable of getting a higher score

      • 3rd game flop though, Barlow did it….Magner did it, Jmac has been solid 80+ so far hes your safe bet

      • Which is fine logic.

        I’m weighing up average score with how reliable an indicator that average is.

        How often do rooks pump out two tons, then a poor score? Off the top of my head, magner and greene this year, barlow when he debuted, and i’m sure there are others.

        Jmac looks pretty good for a 85-95, maybe more against gc. Horsley might get 120, but he might get 50.

        It really will take me all week to decide this oneW

        • Beau Muston did it too……..remember him!!! Look at where he is now. :-)
          Geez, that was back in 2009!!!

        • also Ablett, Risky and Swallow have fitness tests this week and if there all named then he might not score the same. BUT saying that his 2 games he has had 8 tackles and 7 tackles so he gets quite a few points that way…..so who knows!

        • Jordie Gysberts?

    • You have around 137,000 dters’ with you on that call. If Ablett plays, for me, wouldn’t put Horsley on the field. No Ablett, definite Horsely…

      • I am actually the other way thinking that if Ablett plays then Old Mac might get the lockdown job and will only be focused on Ablett. He might not even look at the ball for the game.

        Going to be interesting. Think I might go and watch live again!

    • Everyone Beware!!!! You must not play Horsely on field (even though I will be)
      Reason is:
      Round 1: Played Coniglio ahead of Magner, Cost me 50 points
      Round 2:Played Sheil ahead of Magner, cost me 50 points
      Round 3:Played magner and he scored 48!!
      Obviously haven’t had Horsely in the last two weeks so missed out on his centuries.
      Expect a 50 from him this week.

  • Question: If someone had Andrejs Everitt (-1) as Captain, do they get -2? Given Stanton just got the record high score this week I’m wondering what is the lowest ever individual score

  • Everyone goes on about ‘bye structure’ with the Magner/Shiel decision

    Shouldn’t they both be gone by the bye rounds ?

    That’s what i’m doing anyway

    • yes, but who to. Well worth considering keeping Magner (just for one game that is weeks away) weird isnt it!

    • with swan and pendles in my mids, magner is just as undesirable for the byes as shiel. I’ve got thompson and will probably hang onto jmac, so both mags and shiel have to go. But it doesn’t matter who goes first, so mags it is

  • Hey guys im ranked 7015 and have 15 trades left. Traded magner to Horse this week to make 350k in the bank. Ive been aggressivly trading and its working off. I have 530k for a midfield with my second trade this week. I already have Mitchell, Watson, Thompson and Ward Premos. Who should I bring in? Thinking Greene to pendles!

    • ……sigh………

      • +1
        U would be crazy to trade Greene!!! But it’s your team, so trade aggressively.
        Good luck!!

    • Trade Horse out for Masten

    • Hey Scotty. It isn’t mandatory to make 2 trades every week. I reckon the Magnet to Horse trade should be the only one for you this week. Let little boy Greene fatten up so he can become a super duper premium one day ;-)

  • what does everyone think of keneddy to adams and then dempster to michael johnson, could i do better because i think adam kennedy has pretty much peaked

    • Do you already have the Horse in your team?

      • yeah i got him last week

        • Smart move ;)

          I’d be concerned about Taylor Adams JS. Kennedy does at least get a game most weeks, missed once I think. I’m thinking the same thing, really dependent on who is named this week.

          • yeah i know its just im not keen on dempster cos he really let me down with a score of 30 something

          • I wouldn’t suggest trading Dempsey to Johnson to anyone so wont start now.

            His so called letting you down was his first game back from an injury lay-off. One bad score wont break your year.

            I also think that Adams is fine but I am not in the inner sanctum of GWS. Guys in the know are saying he has JS issues. These are the same guys that advised people that Miles has JS issues before the season started so I am inclined to believe them.

            I think that advice should be free and shouldn’t come with a ranking so wont supply mine. Keep Kennedy until a Zorko or Couch starts playing. From what I am hearing and reading both should be very close to debuts this week.

          • Sorry I read that wrong. Thought you said Dempsey.

            Please disregard the above.

            Dempster should not appear at any time in anyone’s teams so please proceed to trade him for anyone. Johnson would fit this mould!

            Now you can put the whole Adams blah blah bit here.

        • My overall ranking is 13,786 if you want to quantify my advice.

          Indeed I think everyone receiving advice should give their ranking,

          I’m a relative Noob compared to some of the legends in here. Only my second dreamteam season hehe

  • Awesome, got a Tbetta question in. Whoop Whoop! (Shannon Dore is me lol)

  • Love the power of language.

    It isn’t trigger-happy noob trading, it’s “aggressive trading” and it’s the secret weapon you need to win the car.

    Lmao at anyone with less than 16 trades left

  • I’m really struggling whether to do the one downgrade this week along with an upgrade, or to do two downgrades (horse and Adams) and two upgrades next week.

    My concern is that going forward there will only be calfs, not cows to downgrade to meaning that good money earning opportunities just won’t be there.