Interpreting the byes for AFL Dream Team 2012

Thanks to the GWS entering this upcoming season, we don’t have to put up with those pesky byes that normally remove a player of two from our teams for a week. Those and the dreaded multi-byes (aka Donut Heaven).

However, now we have 3 rounds with 6 byes each! It’s like removing a long pain with a short burst of unbelievable torture. We saw how bad we went with only 3 teams out, now we have double that! Hopefully Virtual Sports can forecast our potential suffering and will give us a three-week break from those rounds in the league like last year.

Round 11

Friday June 8th to Monday June 11th: Adelaide, Brisbane, Greater Western Sydney, North Melbourne, West Coast, Western Bulldogs.

In round 11 we’ll be missing our Giant young guns like Patton, Cameron, Tyson, Coniglio, Shiel, Giles and Reid, especially if you plan on stocking up Eagles and Lions like Shuey, Naitanui, Cox, Brown, Longer and Rockliff, or if their is an injury crisis in your team, which happens a fair bit as your approach mid-season and start conserving your trades preparing for finals. There is some light at the end of the tunnel however, that the number of GWS rookies in your team will likely fall as you approach round 11 as they start hitting their price ceiling so that you can trade them out for guns. The other 3 teams that are Adelaide, North Melbourne and the Dogs have some gold DT options, like Goldstein, Thompson and Boyd, but apart from those they isn’t much to pick from.

Wrap: You should be missing a fair few amount of rookies from GWS but the other clubs with byes have little DT relevance bar the Eagles and Lions.

Forecast: ~7 players out.

Round 12

Thursday June 14th to Sunday June 17th: Collingwood, Essendon, Fremantle, Geelong, Melbourne, Sydney.

In Round 12, the halfway point of the home and away season, We’ll lose players from a few strong sides that will be pushing for the premiership (Collingwood, Geelong) or top 6 (Sydney, Essendon, Fremantle). Missing Collingwood and Geelong will hurt as we lose players like Swan, Pendlebury, Cloke, Thomas, Beams, Sidebottom, Chapman (the latter three not so bad as they have DPP), Selwood and Stevie J. Essendon, Sydney and Fremantle are all good DT sides holding players that are touch-and-go like Stanton, Zaharakis, Watson, Barlow, Pavlich, Goodes and McGlynn, alongside youngsters like Kavagnah, Crozier, Sheridan and Mitchell. Melbourne will most likely not hold any players in our starting 22 unless you want Colin “Injury” Sylvia, and although he can be good will piss you off A LOT.

Wrap: Collingwood and Geelong will make us lose a fair few guns; Bombers, Sydney and Fremantle will have some impact.

Forecast: ~9 players out.

Round 13

Friday June 22nd to Sunday June 24th: Carlton, Gold Coast, Hawthorn, Port Adelaide, Richmond, St. Kilda.

Round 13 features three divisions of team classifications with the bye in this round; several good teams (Hawthorn, Carlton, St. Kilda), alongside several poor teams (Port Adelaide, Richmond) and one young, developmental team (Gold Coast). The first division takes from us Buddy, Mitchell, Rioli, Scotland, Gibbs, Murphy, Judd, Nick Riewoldt, Goddard and Fisher. The second division takes away Boak, Wingard and Jack Riewoldt, nobody else really of DT Gun relevance. The third takes Ablett and a host of second year players like Smith and Swallow.

Wrap: Should lose a fair few players from Hawks, Blues and Saints but not much from the other 3 apart from Ablett and Wingard.

Forecast: ~8 players out.

After analysis, it appears that round 12 (June 14th through 17th) will damage our teams the most, seeing our stars from Collingwood, Geelong, Essendon, Fremantle and Sydney missing in action from our team, which could cause a major drop in points. Round 11 will see a whole lot of rookies out from GWS, so little cover will be provided for injured players.

Virtual Sports is yet to confirm any league changes for those three rounds, however one can assume they will give us league byes for those three weeks (maybe a trip to Arizona for some high altitude training during this break to ready ourselves for the finals) so that those of us going for league will be spared; however those going for overall will have to even their side between the byes to prevent their teamsheet looking like a Donut King.

Thanks to Ronaldo for this article. Stay tuned to DT TALK for more info on the 2012 fixture and what it will mean for AFL Dream Team as the rules are confirmed for the multi-bye rounds. You can follow Ronaldo on twitter @VivaRonaldo23.


  • I think you’re underselling just how hard round 13 will be on our defenders.

    Assuming you’re near completely upgraded by round 13 (and everyone averages as they did last year), you’d be missing 7 of last years top 9 backs (Of which, only 3 made the list as DT relevant).

    • When we know the rules for certain, we will analyse what each position will look like for each of the rounds. It’s going to be very interesting!

  • I suggest:

    a) cut down amount of players playing on the field in those rounds


    b) giving four extra trades that can be used ONLY during those rounds

    remember that at least one of these rounds have to be played in league for everyone to play each other.

    • The things we know is that we will definitely play through (for both League and Overall). It was hinted by Virtual Sports that we might have 3 trades to deal with these in each of those rounds… see link below. This will still mean plenty of donuts and our strategy would be to limit carnage and have the best players playing. Maybe aiming to have about 18 playing?

      BUT… another suggestion (which is what I support and am rooting for with VS) is to cut down the amount of players counted for those rounds. I think 15 would work for those 3 roudns (with the normal two trades). 5 defenders, 4 midfielders, 1 ruck, 5 forwards.

      There will still need to be strategy in working out getting a ‘best 15’ playing, but won’t lose the casual players who will be sick of the donuts they will be copping, and the fact they will burning a lot of their trades in these weeks… and ultimately get over the game and give up. VS/AFL (and Herald Sun SuperCoach) don’t want this. Continued game play = more $.

      We will let you know as soon as we know what the go is!!

      • There’s still a fair chance people will lose interest if they are faced with injuries/omissions/suspensions during these rounds, meaning even with trading, they MAY struggle to field a decent “15.”

        • But atleast 15, means we can have emergencies for each position-with the right strategy, that is!

        • Maybe a system of “loaning” during these rounds. You can trade 2 players out for a player of less or equal value for one week, and the original player is returned the next week.

          • Personally, I hate that idea – and any other ‘temporary trade’ ideas – because the beauty of DT is that it’s your squad you are playing with. You’re making ‘long term’ decisions all of the time. While fielding 15 players isn’t ‘real’, it means we aren’t forced so much into trading out players that we really don’t want to.

            Hmm… with everything in DT, I want them to keep it simple. The 3 trades won’t be enough to cope with carnage, so a best 15 is a good solution, IMO.

          • yeah, I agree with you warnie. I think it will make it silly to loan due to the fact that it’s due to our strategys to make things work whether it’s a good or bad strategy. Now having to field the full 22 is virtualy impossible, but by cutting the numbers down playing on the field leaves it down to a good strategy and this point of the season will make you or break you.

      • I prefer the second mooted option there Warnie. To get a full complement of “players” in those rounds, (ie. from 5 defs to 7 defs), the missing players could be substituted with an average score for your players in those positions over the first 10 rounds.

        • The average thing will never happen. I had those conversations with VS last year before the 2011 byes. They aren’t fans of those. Getting points for not playing is just yukky.

  • At the end of the day, everyone is on the same playing field.. so the coaches who can adapt to the rules the best (spend their time studying), will come out on top. I worry more for the 90% of people who don’t take it as serious as us nutcases here for the validity of the comp.

  • So DPP’s will be vital in order to field 4 mids thru these weeks- without trading.

  • How about for those rounds the DT premium scoring system comes in where you only need 18 players, your bench becomes 4 emergencies ( 1 for each line) and you still have 3 emergencies for late withdrawals. Thats if you have enough players.

  • The degree of likeness to real life (games of football) is completely arbitrary anyway. The very premise of the game includes getting rid of injured players completely from your squad and upgrading to get better, more experienced players. It’s free agency gone mad! In the end its a game based on the performance of players which in turn is based on the number of kicks, handballs, tackles, goals, behinds and hit-outs. Maintaining that the game must reflect the attributes of the AFL and seemingly create all sorts of hurdles and problems during bye rounds because “that’s more lifelike” is just an arbitrary imposition.

  • The best frame of mind for a coach during these weeks is to stay calm and see it through.
    Cop the donuts and hold the trades. Three weeks wont hurt you too much if you do the work now, pick a great squad and make a strong start.
    Three weeks of keeping quiet and not burning trades will help you launch into the final 9 rounds at full attack!
    Patience, something I didn’t have last year during the byes, but will definitely posses in 2012!

  • i dont think there will be any way to avoid 3 shit scores during the byes

    • Exactly. So shutting up shop on the trade front, and presenting the best side you have is the best way!

      • Agreed tkol. Will be tough to cop the donuts but will be much better for our teams come the end of season

        • you should only care if your going for overall, they cant possibly expect to actually have head to head rounds during these byes so it doesnt bother me

  • I would much rather they just left it, as is, with no rule variations and only 2 trades per round.

    I have a plan for minimising losses and it would be great for overall hunters.

    • +1 It’s a game of luck,strategy,planning and more luck.

    • Ditto… however, it’s bigger picture for me thinking about ALL players of the game. I would definitely love to use these rounds to my advantage as I have some ideas in strategy, but it will turn off the vast majority of players if they even burn their trades only to field 16 of 22 players those weeks.

  • Although I agree with the concept, Warnie – I think taking it back to 15 is too geneorous albeit your suggestion is posinionally based. I would be more inclined to make it the best 18. Simply the best 18 scores from the 22 players you have selected. This way, you could have 4 donuts in your team of 22 but they won’t count anyway. With emergencies available and 11 rounds to prepare for it all, most coaches shouldn’t have too much trouble in finding 18 players to actually play.

  • you kidding me half my team is Hawthorn, Carlton and St Kilda I’m screwed :| and then there’s Gazza