tbetta’s Bullets: Round 10

  • Another Day, Another Bullet

Welcome back to the Bullets for another week. It wasn’t quite as potent as last weekend, but there were still a few good scores, including a new season-high. Team-wise, in the 2000’s was probably on par, with anything over 2100 a great effort.

Unfortunately, after singing the praises for our rookies as a whole this year, many of them let us down this week, or were absent (Heppell, Hibberd and Crameri, naughty), but more on that later.

On a personal note, I was hoping to brag about my demolition of Dr Dreamteam, who I came head-to-head with this week in the All-Stars League. But seeing as he only scored 1943, I figure it’s not gentlemanly to kick someone when they’re down, right?

  • Hawk Heaven

I, like many coaches out there, and probably even you reading this, follow Fantasy Freako’s Rave. It’s got a heap of relevant stats and Freako’s take on a few points, which makes it an incredibly handy read.

Last week he made a point that Hawthorn had taken over Collingwood as the competition leader in Dreamteam points per game, averaging 1685 for the year. To put that in perspective, GCS is ranked 17th with 1371 per game, and Fremantle is the median team at 9th with 1539 per game. So I thought I’d keep an eye on that over the next few weeks – but I didn’t have to look far.

This week Hawthorn smashed it! An amazing 10 players eclipsed the 100 barrier, and they scored a huge 2045 as a team! I can’t emphasise enough how incredible that is, scoring over 500 points more than the competition average…

The reason they scored so highly was due to their game-plan. The Hawks play a possession-retaining style of footy, preferring to hold onto the ball than kick long to a 50-50. As a result, they often chip it around maintaining possession until an opportunity opens up. On the weekend, Hawthorn had an amazing 180 marks, to 61 for the Bulldogs. An amazing disparity. Their kick-to-handball ratio was also through the roof, up at 1.81 to the Bulldogs 1.14.

Basically, after looking through these stats, all I can say is: Get on a Hawk defender. The top 6 scorers for the hawks were all backmen, and they averaged 139 between them.

I think the most amazing stat here is that they only won by 5 goals.

  • Stalling

A bit of a side note on the Hawthorn match was Sam Mitchell’s game.

As a Dreamteam coach, I almost religiously follow the Twilight Sunday game like a Hawk (see what I did there?) to find out whether I’ll win my matchups. You know, you all do it too. At half time I noticed Sam Mitchell was on a huge 90 points – on track for a ‘Guerra’ if you don’t mind.

The Bulldogs must have noticed, and sent Cross to him accordingly – and I was shocked to see he only ended with 103! A 13 point 2nd half. Looks like someone can’t handle a tag – I’ve never seen a player’s scoring dry up so violently and so suddenly.

  • Back the Ruck Up

Another cool heading from me there… Anyway, the big news coming out of last week was Sandi’s injury, which forced a few hands. Warnedog outlined a few options as his replacement if you had him, so let’s see who came out winners.

Straight trade for Cox

As Carrie would say “Predictable call, safe call, good call”. If you didn’t have Cox, this was a no-brainer. I’d suggest you were a no-brainer though for not getting him in earlier… But it’s worked out for you now. He managed 113 against Wood and the Pies, and he’ll be great value for the whole year.

Bench/Downgrade Sandi, Play Zmith.

We won’t know for a few weeks whether downgrading or holding onto the big 211 will be the better call, and I’d rather not speculate. Either way, it would have resulted in you playing Zach Smith if you had him – and he rewarded you with 88 points against the only undefeated team in the comp. Fair enough, no Ottens or Fraser, but that’s not his fault, and he performed. Given his recent form, I’d guarantee he’d be the Number 1 ruck at the GCS for at least the next two weeks while Fraser gets some fitness back.

Trade in Petrie/ Swap him with J. Tippett

Some of us had the option of switching in Petrie, and some even traded him in this week and bailed on the Fremantle Monster. Either way, he returned you 109 points, and it could have been more if he didn’t slow after a terrific first half. The beauty of this is that you have the ability to move him back into your forwards later on – you’ve got options.

Downgrade to Bailey for $

You should be ashamed of yourself, jumping ship like that… I may have also, if I could spare the trades! Bailey scored 57, which wouldn’t be terrible if you played Zmith, and really, not even that bad if you had to play him. You pay for what you get here – and I’m sure the cash would have come in handy elsewhere.

Sideways to another Premium

My least favourite option, but one that could pay off in the long run. Goldstein was popular, and he didn’t disappoint, notching 80. Leuenberger was another, and he managed 111 in a dominant display against the Crows. I even heard some brave souls went with Griffin, and he produced 85 – so good so far. There wasn’t really any ruck option that scored poorly this week, but my concern is the waste of a trade for a similar, better or more lucrative option.

  • Makers and Breakers


1. L. Hodge 154

2. M. Murphy 145

3. S. Johnson 171

4. G. Broughton 120

5. D. Thomas 123

Top spot in this week’s Makers goes to a DT Hall of Famer, Luke Hodge. A must-pick in recent seasons due to his prolific scoring and DPP link, but has struggled so far in 2011, seeing his price drop over 100k after Round 8. But with his last 3 games being tons and his most recent 154, we are starting to see the Hodge of old. He’s back to playing that quarterback style game that he trademarked in his fantasy dominance, so if you got on him at bottom dollar, well done.

Last week I recommended you aquired Murphy given his form and price… I wish I’d taken my own advice! He piped up with a 145 game on Friday night, and will fight out the Brownlow votes with Judd. He’s now priced at 427k, and with nothing under 98 in his last 5, he’s hitting some real form. Still a great option if you’re not worried about Carlton’s bye in DT finals.

Stevie J’s 29 possession, 7 goal cameo and ultimately 171 point effort earns his a spot on this week’s list. He would normally be higher than 3rd, but let’s be honest – he was playing the Suns. I may not like the way he plays footy, but there’s no denying he is a DT star, averaging 106 for the year with a basement of 77.

Broughton makes his first appearance in the Makers this year, mainly because he was a regular in the Breakers. With 92 and now 120 in his last couple, he seems to be coming into a little bit of form, which is great news for the coaches who kept him. It should be noted that most of his points were earned when he was thrown down forward in 2nd half junk time.

Rounding out the list is Daisy Thomas, whose 123 completes a treble of 3-digit scores. He’s now pushed his average to 104.6, so he could be a great upgrade after the Pies bye after Round 13, now that he’s rediscovered some form.

An honourable mention goes to Guerra with his 180 and 54k price-rise in a very Lake-like performance. Unfortunately only 4760 coaches own him, so he misses out on the list this week.


1. D. Harris 25

2. J. Bartel 67

3. T. Liberatore 26

4. P. Dangerfield 28

5. R. Conca 29

It’s hard to put together a good score when your fringe players put up shit scores. That was the beauty of last week, but Round 10 was in stark contrast. Harris served up one of his career-worst performances with 25 until 3Q time, when Bluey was basically forced to sub him. A very, very average return for the coaches (like me) who held him despite his extra game off a couple of weeks back.

What’s going on with Jimmy? We’ve always known he’s a big-game player and he often sits out the easy ones, but 67 against the Suns?! Even more disappointing is the 4-game streak he’s on without a ton. This is great news for non-Bartel owners, with his price likely to plummet to about 350k – and we know he won’t stay down for long!

Libba’s 26 in a non-subbed performance guaranteed his first price-drop of the year. His BE is now 103, which means if you planned to cash him in, now’s the time to do it – and for a cool 167k profit! I would suggest he may miss out this week as Rocket will look to make a statement at the selection table after the Bulldogs suffered yet another embarrassing loss.

Dangerfield’s scoring chart looks like a heart-monitor, and that didn’t stop this week. He Katy Perry-ed it again with 28 (no sub), and that included a goal… He is one of the most inconsistent players in the league, and that’s why, Danger fans, he was not a good smokey pick this year.

Last but not least is Conca, who suffered a Rising Star hangover, and shed 70 points from last week to post a 29. Normally I couldn’t give a stuff, because if he was in my team he would be bench-fodder, but I probably would have played him this week after his 99, especially against Port. And that really pisses me off, as I’m sure it did to actual Conca owners.

  • Eagle vs Tiger

Answer: Eagle!

Ben Cousins is having a kid! As an Eagles supporter, I’m just a little excited. Providing it’s a boy. With the AFL father-son rules, you (in the majority) have to play 100 games for a club for your son to be eligible. Tick! So as long as he sticks around for 18 or so years, West Coast are laughing.

Interestingly, Ben himself was taken under the Father-Son rule after his father Bryan played 238 games for Perth and 67 for Geelong – making him eligible for father-son selection by three clubs – West Coast, Geelong, and Fremantle, who had just formed at the time.

How different things could be…

  • Next Week

This week we have Richmond’s bye, so get Deledio and J.Volt out and you’re set. With Lids sunbaking and Goddard doubtful, I’m not going to like the quality of players lining up in my backline in Round 11.

As usual, good luck, and hold those trades!


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  • loving chappo44’s work, his descriptions of Marc Murphy’s high-low cycle and how numbers always have a significant meanings were the insights of true dt champion. great stuff mate keep it coming….

    • Now I know when to give him the captaincy and when to bench him. Wish I could get his insight into Swan and Bartel.

  • I know this is a little irrelevant, but is it worth buying a year’s worth of Assistant Coach at this stage of the game
    ? I’m a first year dream teamer, and I think the draft advice at then end of the year would be helpful

    • Get a copy of FFGenie, that’s free and gives you the breakevens, expected price rises, etc. Add to that the info thats available here and you should be fine.

      But it ain’t heaps of money for the subscription. I just wouldn’t wanna pay the same amount for half a year.

      • Cheers for that, I’ll get FFgenie and hold off on Assistant Coach till next year.

  • Who should i get in this week. Pendles or hodge? hodge is about 40k cheaper and is in amazing form but i am concerned that this will come to an abrupt holt soon. Pendles on the other hand has a bye in 2 weeks time but he is probably at his cheapest (or close to it) for the season you would think. Advice would be most apreciated, thanks.

    • Why are you concerned about his form? What warrants this way of thinking? Averaging 120+ over the past 3 rounds scares you?

      Hodge has been a DT gun for years now.

      Remember, form is fleeting, class is permanent.

    • Pendles. He’ll be the #1 DTer (or really really close to it) by season’s end.

      • …and then he joins GWS!

        • your dreamin mate. Clearly you’ve recognized how ordinary your swans are and have decided to jump to the other side of nsw. Chances are they’ll be better than your rabble in two years time.

  • I had Bartel, Libba and Harris all in my playing midfield and got duly rewarded with a score of 1894.

    It’s always fun seeing yourself drop 3,000 spots down the pecking order

  • hope everyone had a great round! i have 3 questions about my team

    #1 … Should I keep Bartel?

    #2 … I have one premium spot left in my mids (currently have boyd, ablett, pendles, redden and bartel) so who should i get as my last one? (strongly considering swanny after his bye)

    #3 … This week should I go Prestia (BE of 72) to Mzungu and then Toy (low BE but probably wont get many games) to Heath Scotland?

    thanks heaps everyone

  • Hey Guys,

    Am currently planning on going Libba > Mzungu this week but there are a few thing hanging on my mind.

    1 what to do with harris, should i trade him instead?

    2 if i get mzungu in my mids it will allow me to swap him with premo’s in FWD but my FWD rooks are Matera, Pitt and C-Rich (shit i know), should i trade Pitt out instead because he is just taking up space at the moment, and later get Callinan or I Smith (if he gets games).

    My Team Is:

    Def: Gibbs, Adcock, Suckling, Goddard, Heppell, Lower, Puopolo (Deledio, Jacobs, Toy)

    Mid: Pendlebury, Selwood, Boyd, Redden, D Swallow, Libba (Watson, Harris, Hibberd)

    Ruck: Cox, Z Smith ( Sandi, J Tippett)

    Fwd: Sylvia, Chappy, Franklin, N Voldt, Goodes, Knights, Darling (Matera, Pitt, C-Rich)

    I have 11 trades left and 7,000 in the bank. Please give your advice on what i should do over the next couple of weeks trading wise because i currently have no idea what to do. Thanks :)

    • See what he did there everyone? He copy and pasted… clever boy!

      • Sorry broaja… this belongs one post up. What the hell’s the website doing :(

        • Yeah I’ve noticed the website is stuffing up, it keeps putting me on “mobile theme” and sometimes it wont let me log in. Happening to anyone else??

    • After that faux pas, the least I can do is reply…

      Harris and Libba are normally serviceable and shouldn’t repeat this past weekend’s effort any time soon. Besides which, you have Watson (hopefully) and Dr Hibberd (almost certainly) for cover in the mids if you’re sick of them or they’re dropped for a week or two. So hang on to them I reckon.

      Trade out either Matera or Pitt because they’ve more or less peaked in price. Richardson is likely to get a game again soon given NM’s poor form and his good form in the reserves. So his price should still go up a bit. Also, if he cares about his career his consistency should go up too.

      So I reckon ditch Pitt for Mzungu and bag the cash. Maybe by next week you can use that cash to upgrade Matera to Didak?

      You need to hold your trades at this stage of the season, so don’t go culling cows every time they give you one bad return.

      Anyway, that’s my two cents worth.

      • You need to use your trades when the timing is right ie Cows fully fattened (ie Libba, Harris, Krak, Darling, Duigan etc etc) and fallen premiums regaining enough form to get back on your radar.

        Both are happening at the moment so I see it as the perfect time to trade hard, almost finalise your team, sit back and watch the points roll in.

        • So help the lad out Albert… what should he do? Which two trades this week? And how about next week?

  • Looking for a good defender to downgrade drummond (waste of money) for.

    My defence is: gibbs, carrazzo, fish, poops, suckling, lower, heppell, jacobs, watson (Carl)

    Any ideas. Feel free to offer other trades that would suit the team better.

    • That sentence didn’t make much sense now, did it.

    • Duffield from freo looks to be back to last year’s form, or just hit the delete team button for having Drummond at all…

      • yeh bit of a brain fade getting him. thought he might be a bit of a surprise packet with his kicking but he just cannot get himself on the park.

    • Oops, was meant for Sunnygaza

  • Should I get Libatore>Mzungu???????

  • ian Callinan any chance of playing this year?

    • Try using a little-known research tool called Google… once you find out, let us all know

    • yep – will be coming back through the SANFL soon, next 1-2 weeks…big write up in Adelaide paper on the weekend and has support of the coach :)

  • Where’s my favourite stirrer tkol?? he has alot of ground to make up- over 800 points behind “Lemon Goat” which has made a mini break-away with a 136 pt lead over Froggy in 2nd spot

    • he was on earlier today with his hands in the air admitting defeat now that he’s ranked outside the top 1000 , was being very humble about it all …

      very dissapointing really …

      will the real TKOL please stand up !

      • Yeah I was hoping he would give it a better crack then this. He traded out Sandi so he’s got plenty of cash for upgrades this Friday…should strengthen up his line up.

    • Wonder if we’ll see a strategy-based article this week on changing your coaching name to “Catherine”?

  • should i trade libatore to mzungu then next week irons to slyvia(mid) then dpp him with kraukeur???

    • What’s your team name mate

    • Liba to the gu is a instant trade for mine. But Irons to Sylvia? That’s a 300k upgrade :o. I also have Irons and i plan to let him rot on the midfield pine, too cheap to upgrade and a waste of a trade to downgrade him. Do you have any other rookie mids that are around 200k? That would be a much better trade as you would have atleast 100k left over.
      Sylvia’s price should hover around 400k for the next 3 weeks or so giving he scores 95-105 each week so another option would be to hold off for now. I also don’t have Sylvia and I think he’s too injury prone, giving I’ve also got Higgins, Knights and Petrie who are usually out for niggles as well. He’s also never played a whole season out, in fact never played more than 18 games in the season. If he’s going to get injured it will be the next month IMO. My rule (exception Adcock) is to not trade in injury prone players after round 5 or so, if you have them from the start it’s okay. I think the Sylvia boat departed at the very latest, round 8.

      • lol @ trying to predict when a player gets injured. When you getting back on Dreamstats champ?? I miss your witty humour

        • I get criticized for not helping people and when i help i get criticized. Catch 22.

        • I made i new account and have been contributing very regularly since about round 5.

          • Really, any clue as to your username?

          • What? You don’t know? That’s where you were meant to come in…
            Nah really i hear you talking about the colonel in the chat, saying what a fuckwit he is and i sit back and laugh.

          • Lol, Im always posting who your captain choice is.

          • Don’t make me feel bad :( I asked where you are and Shady said you got banned for racism?? or some shit.

          • yes i made a joke about ‘dilmah’ being deported to christmas island.. Banned til round 13.. a bit harsh i think.

      • good point but i have 6 mid guns already in swan,pendles,bartel,boyd,jelwood,montagna(Libatore,Hibberd,irons) i wanted to get sylivia to dpp him with I.smith or kraukour who else that i can dpp with or even another whole upgrade options???

    • If Libba is named do it the other way around (sort of)

      Trade Irons to Mzungu this week – Irons isn’t playing and price wont change. Mzungu needs to come in this week before price rise

      Next week – Libba to sylvia – Dependant on BE’s of course, but Libba could rise and sylvia could drop some more meaning your doing exactly the same for more money. I havent checked the BEs when posting this comment of course and dont have either player so I may be wrong. But this seems the most logical way to go about your trades.

      • There is a risk there… sylivia plays well i won’t have enough cash in the bank… so i need slyvia play great and libatore to get 100+… mmmmm????? to risky for me i think but nice idea:)

        • i have used a TRADE already (:( couldn’t wait… had to cover sandilands so if i had that trade up my sleeve that would be a perfect idea:O)

  • If i bring in Hodge this week I’ll have 7 gun backs without Heppel there. Heppel will be in the mids serving as a keeper there. Should i DPP him in the backs and not get Hodgey so i can fill my midfield with 6 guns eventually, instead of 5 guns and Heppell?

    • Colonel team name??

    • What are the chances that the annoying chappo44 will comment on this bagging you once again?

      • true what a idiot, saying that stupid trades are the greatest thing in the world… world class FAG:)

        • Luckily there are people such as me and plenty of others who offer some advice hear and there, giving up time to help people with their dt problems. Unfortunately not everyone who steps into this website are like that. You got your ’44chappo’s’, you got your ‘GreenStreet’s’, etc. whose main purpose is to disrupt the whole system.

          Yes i am stirring you guys, lighten up. :D

        • *an idiot. What a world class FAG you turned out to be. Bet your parents are proud of you.

      • Now that my names has been mentioned I am forced to comment.

    • Thats tricky, Personally Heppell is gonna get out of my team for cash in the next 3-4 rounds, but either options are good ideas, go with your gut:)

      • If Heppell is going to be traded out of my backs he will have to score 4 50s in a row, otherwise he’s staying there until before round 24 without a doubt. A backman averaging 84 who cost 128K at the start of the season, you would take that any day of the week and keep, especially the inconsistency of backmen this year. You might as well trade out Selwood for cash because that’ll get you an extra 150K, who cares about points.

      • all that vitamin D is going to your head Gaz

    • Heppel’s scoring is more than acceptable for a defensive keeper, so I’d say get him down back. Then bring in big guns to finish off your mids!

      • Heppell as a 7th back is probably better long run then having him in the mid for obvious reasons.

  • Hey guys, have 81k in the bank along and 13 trades, but am unsure where to go from here.

    My Current Team is:
    Back- Goddard, Gibbs, Delideo, Rawlings, Heppell, Lower, Puopolo (Stanley, Jacobs, Thompson)
    Mid- Swan, Pendles, Bartel, Rockliff, Shiels, Montagna (Harris, Hibberd, Mzungu)
    Ruck- Cox, Sandilands (Smith, Keffee)
    Fwd- Franklin, Cloke, N.Riewoldt, Goodes, Harvey, Knights, Darling (Krakouer, Matera, Richardson)

    I have three spots i would like to upgrade, 2 down back and 1 up forward. I would ideally like to add Chapman, Enright and Adcock possible at the expense of Thompson, Lower and Krakouer. Stanley, Harris, Smith and Darling would ideally be my first choice reserves. i want to get enright this week as hes only 318k . Im 50k short of thompson- enright but dont know where i can generate that money from. If anyone has any thought it would be much appreciated

    • Enright does my head in. Gets 6 points in the first quarter and eventually hits 85 at best. Stay away. Look at Suckling, Hodge and Adcock instead.

      • Colonel mate! Hodge is not a defender this year!

      • Perhaps you could consider Birchall as well. He’s had a 91, 94, 115 and 129 in the last four rounds.

      • Finally someone reveals the truth about Enright!

        He is an inconsistent prick.

    • Hmm looks like you got Mzungu early and missed out on Lynch. You may have to trade Matera to I.Smith for the money, he may play again and is probably the most likely bottom price player to play apart from perhaps Callinan but he hasn’t even played a game yet.

      • I chose not to get lynch last week, which has probably been a mistake now with the lack of fwd options. Will probably have to just hold tight this week. Thanks for the advice guys

    • im lost for words on your selection of cloke… were you drunk? lost a bet?

      • I have some mates who think their comedians for that trade. Never go to the toilet leaving your team logged in! paying the price now :(

  • I just got in Thompson. Was at their game, and even though the Crows were getting smashed he was racking up posessions all over the place. So his game isn’t dependent on the team doing well, which is a good thing.

    I was looking at Ablett, but I still reckon he’s too much of a target without a solid midfield behind him.

  • Anyone when Ian Callinan will be back? It said indefinite on the injury list 2 weeks back, but last week he was off it. Does this mean he’s coming back soon?

  • did anyone notice the top 2 teams both have the coach name of catherine?maybe they are both her teams?

  • chappo looked at the reply button and now its stuffed for good :P

  • @brapp yes one or twice its happened. down the bottom of the page you can fix it

  • whats with the comments being out of order? i posted at 8:47 which is before nishy who posted at 7:29???

  • Who is a good cheap forward who gets good scores each week.

  • Hey, thinking of going liba to mzunga then j volt to chapman but have to cats all ready, any thoughts???

    Team at the moment

    backs= Gibbs Adcock Shaw Goddard Stanley Lower Puopolo (Heppell Thompson Hibberd)

    mids= Pendlebury Boyd Swan Bartel Goodes Hodge ( Savage Liberatore Wallis)

    rucks= Cox Smith (Sandilands Derickx)

    fowards= Franklin Sylvia Johnson N Riewoldt Dawes Petrie J Riewoldt (Matera Richardson Smith)

  • Thinking about upgrading glass to morris. Dont have enough for anyone more expensive my cash cows in charlie dixon and karmicheal hunt didn’t exactly net me too much cash. Any advise on a cheap defender less than 220k I should get?

  • On Friday i will welcome Enright to my team, finalising the defense for 2011.

  • Who should I start this week Stanley Hibberd jacobs or lower?

    • The middle one

    • Stanley has been pretty consistent. Maybe doesn’t have quite the ceiling of some others, but he rarely has a shit score. Easily be my first choice.

  • has colonel had a tkol reform? good job mate

  • Last midfield spot to fill – Hodge, Thompson or Montagna???? Any suggestions?

  • lol@ Colonels joke….people are too precious these days.

  • Hey Tbetta I too am a massive West Coast fan. Im intrigued to know where you heard Cuz was having a child? Are you from WA? Was it in the news?

    • Hey mate. Yeah, i’m from WA – surprised you haven’t heard, they blocked off some of the main streets in the CBD and held an impromptu procession! Everyone took the day off work and they was even free beer served at all the bars between 9am and 9pm in honour of Ben! Was a great day.

  • DEF – B.Gibbs, H.Shaw, M.Suckling, J.Adcock, B.Goddard, D.Heppell, L.Thompson (P.Puopolo, N.Lower, J.Toy)
    MID – M.Hibberd, D.Swan, C.Judd, N.Dalsanto, S.Crameri, T.Liberatore (D.Swallow, S.Atley, D.Harris)
    RUC – D.Cox, D.Petrie (A.Sandilands, J.Tippett)
    FWD – L.Franklin, N.Riewoldt, A.Goodes, J.Riewoldt, J.Darling, A.Didak, A.Krakouer (D.Prestia, T.Lynch, C.Richardson)

    Who i want to get rid of: T.Liberatore (think its time to cash this cow), J.Toy, S.Atley, C.Richardson (all 3 are useless), D.Swallow and D.Harris are reaching the end too, J.Darling, J.Riewoldt, A.Didak are borderline.

    Who i want in:
    A.Otten/J.Toy –> Deledio?

    S.Atley/T.Liberatore/D.Swallow/D.Harris –> Pendles/Boyd/Selwood/Barlow/Watson/Montagna/L.Hodge/T.Mzungu

    C.Richardson/J.Darling/J.Riewoldt/A.Didak –> Fyfe/Knights/Chapman/Pavlich/Green

    Isaac Smith??? (to DPP Petrie into fwds as a keeper, for when sandi comes back?)

    Cash in the bank: 183,500!

    12 Trades left…. When to trade who?? Jeebus!

    Help me DT nuts!

    • Id go a straight swap from Libba to a prem, then cash in Krakouer for either the Gu or smithen, take your pick. Focus on building your forward and midfield, leave the defence alone as it is an unreliable area of scoring for 2011.

      Also id advise leaving Toy, Richardson, and Harris, as they will provide good backup throughout the year.

      Next week ditch Atley for another mid premo. Then maybe later if Crameri goes up a bit more, make him your last mid upgrade, then sit on your trades till finals (unless your going for overall)