Captain / Emergency Loophole + other questions

How does the Captain and Emergency loophole work?

Didn’t you read Calvin’s Captains? It was explained there! Typical. Ok. Here goes… You need to unselect your captain. Do this by trading out the player who has the “C” attached to their name for anyone else, doesn’t matter who, and save your team. Then trade him back in for the player you just traded out. Now you only have a player with a VC. Make your “VC” (not C) someone from Carlton or Richmond. For me it will be Gibbs. Some are going with Deledio. If you don’t like his score, then click C on your desired Captain option (Swan, duh) and ride that puppy home. If you like your VC score and want it doubled, then do not put a C on anyone.

The emergency one works the same. What I’ll be doing is putting the E on Duigan. If he scores 80+ then I will put Stanley (Gold Coast) onto my ground for Lower. If he doesn’t, I will just leave Lower there.

These come with some risk because if there is an emergency needed, you will HAVE to take the Carlton/Richmond score and if for some reason your Captain is a late withdrawal, then you HAVE to take your VC score.

Do my trades count when the partial lockout is in effect?

Uh, no. They don’t. Put simply, your Carlton and Richmond players are LOCKED into where you have them as soon as 7:40pm ticks over. So if you have Deledio in your backline on the ground, that’s where he will stay. If Duigan is on your bench, that’s where he will stay. Every other player can be subbed, traded, etc. If a Carlton or Richmond player has a C, VC or E clicked on them, then they will be locked with those at 7:40pm and you won’t be able to change them. Be careful with that. You won’t be able to trade a Carlton or Richmond player out until after lockout anyway.

More questions might be posted here if people don’t get it!


    • Hello fellow dreamteamers!

      I have a league at the moment that requires filling… Beware, we are a strong competition at this stage – in fact, I have been banished from the pitiful league I was in last year because I was too good! I was the only finisher inside the top 1000 and so they went to extraordinary lengths to omit me this year!

      Join for some quality competition and perhaps you might learn something from the awesomeness of DADS NINJA HOLE!


  • There aren’t too many late withdrawls in Rd1 generally. So these loopholes are worth the risk big time. VC loophole is Gibbs for me. Don’t forget people…you can use the EMG loophole 3 times! I’ll be using the EMG loophole on Yarran, Foley, Dugian. Yarran/Foley are in my best 22 but if they score shit then I don’t get that bad score. If they score well I’ll just put a GC player on the ground

  • hooray first comment :)

  • why wouldn’t you read calvin’s captains??

    • calvin can i ask how come your overlooking atley and wallis ? they are both guns

    • There are heaps that haven’t obviously! I don’t know how many emails/tweets/questions in comments I have seen about it. Not that hard really. Oh boy. We should get medals for helping some of the less fortunate!

      • warnie who would you start on the field out of these rooks bewick,wallis or atly?

        • Atley, already been told he will debut

        • Bewick, mate. Atley is a massive chance to be a sub and Wallis is very unlikely to feature at all.

          • yeah im going to go bewick, i have d.swallow and harris and atley on the bench do you reckon take out atley for say irons or pittard ?

    • Excatly!

    • simple – some people are idiots. Just because I know Swan will be my captain (Well unless Gibbs kills it he will) doesn’t mean I won’t stop reading Calvins captains!

  • Hey the only dilemma in my whole team is that petrie wont be playing rd 1 in my rucks who do i cover him with?

  • Varcoe or Morton?

  • a.swallow and batchelor or jack and otten. just scared batchelor might be the sub

    • Jack and Otten.
      Kangas have bye in finals, and Batchelor’s JS isn’t as strong as Otten.

  • who else has gone fyfe ? hes playing mid this year and will only build from last year

  • I will be doing the captain thing, but not the emergency thing… Too nervous.

  • Paul Chapman named emergency for Cats.

  • 886472

    just started a competitive league with my brother anyone welcome to join

  • berwick or irons?

  • Irons or Pittard? Who do you reckon will string together more games?
    Or alternatively, Liba from WBD?

  • Need a mid for 400k

  • HELP!!! quick question, a.swallow and batchelor, or jack and otten. HELPP!P!!

  • will didak play round 1?

  • HELP! should i get Savage, Irons,Pittard or oshea

  • HELP!!! who do i choose coad(have stanley and toy) or batchelor

  • Alright I have a problem… I selected a captain when I first made my team but now I want to do the loophole thing. But it wont let me not have a captain.

    Is there a way around this or am I f**ked?

    • trade out ur selected captain, trade someone else back in then trade ur dude u had as captain before and he will no longer be captain selected.

  • boom lockout!

  • 416/3(inc captain):
    Gibbs 147
    Deledio 74
    Vickery 48

    Thank god I used the emg loophole on Foley/Yarran. Coulda been very ugly

    • 447/4

      Gibbs (C)

      Happy with Duigan. His job security looks to be better than alot of other Rooks, and his score wont hurt me too bad as alot of the top teams will probably have him.

    • exactly the same as me.. but i dont have yarran or foley to worry about :P lower should smash duigans score. still wondering whether vickery over hale was a good choice or not…

      • 4/602 (incl Gibbs as VC)

        Happy with Murphy (127) and Warnock (102)

        hopefully I haven’t blown my load too early though…

    • 508/4
      Gibbs 147,
      Murphy 127, VC
      Curnow 107,
      381/3 withCapt Swanny to smash 150+, but most likely the 508/4, shit maybe not!!!
      Is going Swanny Capt Smart, Obvious, dumb, greedy, brilliant, risky, ballsy…….???
      I’m thinking all of the above minus dumb, actually! (-:

  • UK league: 526910

  • Hurry!