Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 1

Ahhh here you are… once again, welcome! My name is Calvin and I am an Irish pirate who just happens to be a gun at selecting DT captains.

But you know what annoys me… I hear a lot of this… “Oh but Calvin, I’ll just go Swan every week” – no you won’t moron, as Swanny has the bye in round 7 and 13, then you’ll come running for help. So just read what I write anyway. It’s called manners ok, and makes me feel important.

Let’s face it… you have all turned up here this week, to have me justify why you have paid so much for picking Dane Swan. It’s because he is a dead set bloody gun and this week he’ll make you smile from ear to ear. Swanny averages 126 on Port in his last 3 with scores of 141 and 154 coming in his last 2 games against them. He plays at Etihad this week and is coming off a huge 161 there in his last game there. Surely I’ve said enough! Matthew Boyd isn’t a bad option either. He had 117 last time he played the Bombers despite them being his 3rd worst team to play in the last 2 years. The thing that impresses me most here about Boyd is that fact that he is back at Etihad Stadium. With 78% of his scores when he played there last year being above 110 makes me think he’s more than capable of doing something like that again this week. Brendan Goddard is another option, but he’s a slow starter. Last year he only cracked the 100+ mark 2 times in his first 5 games, with an 88 in Rd. 1. Although I’m a tough pirate, this scares me too much, especially against the Cats despite that fact that he has had 100 and 120 against them in his last 2 games. Jimmy Bartel loves playing the Saints and averages 117 against them in his last 5 matches and should go offa again this week.

The Loop Hole – Partial Lock Out

I’ll make it simple as this thing confuses everyone.
This week we get two chances of picking a good captain… listen up!

On Thursday night in the match against the Blues and the Tigers, select a ‘VC’ and do not have a ‘Captain’ selected.

If your VC (Gibbs, Judd, Foley, Deledio) scores something you like then keep that score and do not select a ‘Captain’ for the week.

If your VC scores poorly, then on Friday select a ‘Captain’. Their score will replace your VC score as normal.  You see? It’s easy!

Ok… But you’ve already picked you’re captain because you got too excited weeks ago…. and now you need to unselect it?  Simply trade that player out, save your team, and trade him back in! Easy!

Now, my Top 5 there is based upon hours of research, trust me when I say I’m right! This week, I’m obviously going Swanny. Good luck everyone and I’ll see you in here next week for another edition of Calvin’s Captains. All the best for round 1, let’s hope you drill a ripper!

So who are you going for as your captain this week?