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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 2

Welcome back to the world greatest Dream Team captain advice with me, Calvin, the Irish pirate who is deep in thought there. Last week we ALL should have had great captains, it was an easy week as the ‘Loop Hole’ gave us a double chance! So get it there and let me find you another ripper for round 2!

Welcome back to the world greatest Dream Team captain advice with me, Calvin, the Irish pirate. Last week we ALL should have had great captains, it was an easy week as the ‘Loop Hole’ gave us a double chance!

Last Weeks Top 5

Dane Swan – 137
Leigh Montagna – 99
Matthew Boyd – 85
Jimmy Bartel – 113
Scot Pendlebury – 116

There is my top 5 for last week – not overly impressive, but if you throw Gibbs’ 147 in there, then it looks a little better.

The Loop Hole

For those who listened and went Gibbs (147) were laughing their faces off on Thursday night only to then ask themself…. “Can Swanny catch it?” He gave it a bloody good crack!!
Swan didn’t reach it though but did have a decent run at it for his 137, proving the ‘Loop Hole’ works so be ready for another one in round 5!

Welcome Back Ablett

Ah, it’s just not Calvin’s Captains without Gary Ablett, but this week he will find it tough. He hates the GABBA! Did you know that Ablett hasn’t scored over 100 there… ever! Crazy stuff Gazza. And that goes with the 95 next to his name last time he played them. Might be a rough opening round for Gary!

Marc My Words

Cool heading hey! Marc Murphy will kill the Suns this week, badly! He had 127 last week and loves playing at the GABBA where he had 109 in his last game there in 2010. With an average of 101 there in his last 3. Marc my words… he will kill them!!

“I just pick Swan every week”

Do you really Mr. Boring, you greedy man. I do not blame you. I really don’t. I’m picking Dane Swan every week too when I think he’ll be the round’s best scorer. But this week might be a little different although he will still score 125+! He scored 123 and 117 on the Roos in his last 2 games and had 137 at Etihad last week, where his form as been amazing. He’s a great pick and will be every week.

A Few Good Options

This week we have a few good options to think about. Cox had 142 last week and plays Port this week. Cox has 4×100+ games against them in his last 5 and should be good again. Bartel has 136 in his last game against Freo and with them being his favourite team over his career, he’s worth a look too. Goddard had massive scores against the Tigers last year where he averaged 34dand 9m a game. Totally a huge 140 and 138 in 2010, it’s safe to say that he has his hand up this week for the job as your captain.

#1 Pick for This Week

Be unique and pick Leigh Montagna – yep, not Swan! Ow I bet that has thrown you off, but listen! Seriously listen to me…  In Montagna’s last 2 games against the Tigers he has had 139 and 146 (both in 2010). Despite only getting 99 last week, he averaged 130 at the MCG last year and will tear the Tigers to bits.  In the Carlton/Richmond game last week, look who top scored for the Blues… Gibbs 147, Simpson 131, Marc 127, Robinson 118, Carrazzo 110 and even Curnow the rookie had 107. ALL MIDFIELDERS! Judd had 90+ but was tagged by Jackson who will most likely go to Dal Santo, Goddard or Hayes… Look out cause Montagna will go off this week!

Call me gutsy, or call me stupid…just don’t call me late for dinner (boom tish). But dream team is an addition and a game – have fun with it and go against the flow, especially when you have a hunch!  So this week, I’m on Montagna! Good luck and we’ll see you all back in here next week for Calvin’s Captains.

My personally captain average is 147 after going Gibbs last week!

Do you need a Captain? Then Calvin will help you out. Don't want a Captain? Calvin will tell you anyway. The man who digs deep into stats will help you pick a great captain and give you plenty of Fantasy advice. Follow him on Twitter: @CalvinDT

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