Win your league: Sample Team

Before you say “oh that’s a shit team, why don’t you have *insert players name here* instead of…”, look, this is a simple sample team to help people out with their thinking for a league win.

Due to the multi-byes this year, AFL Dream Team league match ups will be on hold during the 5 rounds where 3 teams have byes. The beauty in this is that Brisbane, Sydney, Fremantle and Melbourne all have both of their byes falling in these rounds; in english, their players will play every DT league roster and finals match.

So in this team, I have selected premiums/keepers from those clubs. Broughton, Duffield, Grimes, Kennedy, Sandilands, Sylvia, Goodes and Pavlich will never have to be covered with a low scoring bench player.

There are quite a few players from teams who have one of their byes in the multi-bye rounds. St Kilda, Western Bulldogs, West Coast, Geelong and Hawthorn players won’t need covering for their first bye.

You may notice that I don’t have any North Melbourne, Geelong, Carlton or Essendon keepers. This is because these clubs play during the DT finals series. I don’t want to waste trades there getting rid of someone like Bartel or Gibbs.

My trading will be looking towards getting players in who have completed at least one of their byes, if not two. For example, the simple one of getting Gary Ablett after his second by in Round 9.

Anyway, this team was only thrown together in a few minutes (sad that I can do that very quickly now)… using players who have had pretty good preseasons and a lot of improvers. It follows a bit of a Guns n’ Rookies strategy to allow for the upgrading of players.


  • No D. Swan is probably a mistake

  • If you’re in a league full of guys who are just out to win that league you could do worse than stacking on the Geelong players. It’d give you a point of difference throughout the year, and if you finish top four, you’ve just gotta win week 1 and the Geelong keepers don’t matter (and their first bye is in a non-league round). Of course, you’re boned if you lose, but it’s a risk that could be worth taking.

  • I’m going for a league win and that team is remarkably similar to mine.

    Pavlova – I don’t think you need to start with Swan. He will miss 2 of the first 13 games due to byes. Boyd and Goddard are as reliable as they come and can be captain until after round 13 when u trade Swan in for $450k.

    • I see your point and I don’t disagree, I just think that Swan is the strongest captain. I know I’ve considered that strategy in my darker moments! [I may even break down if it works too well]

  • lol…did you read what he said in the first line?

    Good article outlining things to look for when going for the League win.

    Personally, I’m going for the car!

  • Is anyone else having second thoughts on cyril after his poor preseason? DOING MY FUCKIN HEAD IN

    • Was his pre-season that poor? He played every game. There are huge differences between NAB games and regular season matches (two subs instead of one, weakened teams, shorter matches, 25 players, getting game time into reserves players). As long as he’s not injured I wouldn’t worry about his numbers.

  • Boooooo

  • Good article Warnie.

    Who should i select our of Bruce and Duffield. Thoughts?

    • Also i need a mid under 425,800 and i am currently looking at mitchell, Kane Cornes , Thompson and Rockliff. I am considering Rockliff as in the last 13 games of last year he averaged 97 and he is priced to avg 87 and he has had a great preseason with an avg of 107. Who should i get and why? Thanks.

      • i had cornes and then i had mitchell, but i changed my mind and went rockliff. as whats mentioned above, his high ave late in season + shit hot pre-season! plus a brizzy player that isnt affected by byes.

        ps. sounds like you have chosen rockliff – based on you stating his stats etc. go with your gut (dont listen to ppl saying 2nd year blues – this guy is on the up)

        • ***just to clarify i had these guys all as my 4th mid at some stage – nows its rockliff

        • Thanks benno
          I’ve changed my team a little and now its a question of either
          a) Bartel + $5,200 or
          b) Rockliff + $80,800
          leaning towards Rockliff +$80,800 curently. What does everyone think that Rockliff will average this year?

  • So bewick will play round 1?

  • Going for the Car and I’m stacking on no more than two players who share the round 5 or 6 multi bye

  • Guys tough call here…

    Yarran and Palmer


    Stevie J and Krakouer

  • Where’s you sample team for winning the car?

  • warne dogs if you were going for the car would everitt be to much of a risk ?

  • and also would you go for pittard or irons on the bench in the mid ?

  • HELP!

    Stevie J, Sylvia or Harvey ???

    • Stevie J for more consistent points and no injury concerns. If going for league win and not keen on benching/trading premiums then Sylvia

  • A. Swallow + Foley or Selwood + D. Swallow/Conca (have Prestia and Harris already in mids)?

  • Bartel-Palmer-Irons



    2nd one gives me cash to invest in better ruck bench options but I am worried about Foley’s durability

    • I would go ‘B’ but I’m not convinced with Foley. Having issues atm!

      • I tend to agree.

        I am now thinking about Montagna-Rockliff-Bewick by downgrading Cox to Fraser.

        I thought I had this locked away yesterday …. when will this season start goddammit!!!!!!

  • Really need help with my team should i have goodes or nick riewoldt

  • i dont get the hype with foley i dont reckon hell do much at all

  • PLEASES HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MONTAGNA, Leigh or BOYD, Matthew


  • Have an idea to bring in J Tippett as my 4th ruck. ($114,500) This will create a good DPP link with Petrie who is in my forward line.

    Historically the 4th ruckman has never been a cash cow, and this year more than ever we will need good coverage. Ideally Hale or Stanley would do the same job but i dont have the cash.

    Good idea or bad idea?

    • BAD MATE

      • Figure everyone will go for Derickx or Bailey or Keeffe who will play one or two games and never be seen again. This way i can cover Cox or Sandi on their byes with Petrie.

        • If you are going for a league win.

          Barring injury, you dont need cover for Sandilands all year. And wont need to cover Cox, till round 15. Smith may be playing every week by then so your covered.

          Petries true value, will come if he regains his pre injury form and averages 80+ on your forward line..

          A big downside to petrie. Is a minimum lose of 2 games, out of 15 league games. Then the 1st week of finals.

          Petrie value as a pinch hitter in the ruck is marginal at best.

  • Foley or Palmer

  • will coad and toy both play most games?

  • do you guys really have to post this stuff? i mean honestly, it is ridiculously similar to my league team that its not even funny. ok, inform people about players doing well in the pre season and what not, but honestly these templates are a joke. I love eveything about dream team talk, your videos and the valuable info you provide, but let people figure it out for themselves.

    dream team is barely a competition anymore these days.

    • With around 400K teams entering this year I bet there is HEAPS of identical teams to your’s, mine and the next blokes. That’s a given, but what isn’t is how well you manage your team- upgrades,downgrades,injuries,form and the like. Of course once this season gets under-way people only have less then 1 week to make decisions, not this huge wait where people plan,plan and plan again.

      • yea fair enough and i understand where your coming from, but people who have done no research in comparison to others, can come along and just use this team or one very similar to it and be in a fair even position to those who actually put in the time and effort. i just hate it how you see these players that not many people know about, only those who have stopped to put int he research and thought, and then it gets posted on these ridiculous templates

        • And remember as I stated in a previous post DT Talk only has so many thousand members, and no shit judging by some of the teams that get listed here they can get all the help they can off this site and still have stupid teams!! Don’t stress champ- the bullshit stops when the flag drops!! bring on Thursday I say.

          • +1

            Starting line up is only part of the challenge, just stop whingeing and focus on making those 24 trades count.

  • Just to let everyone know i just talked to my mate who plays for GC and he recommended having both coad and toy. hope this helps.

  • And also, as a new resident of Sydney – I am absolutely PISSED at the times they show the footy on TV. FML

  • Swan out for Rd 1

  • If going for the car, Stevie J or Voldt?

  • I have one strategy for going for the league win that may sound odd. Load up on players from one team (say pick Pendles, Swan, Didak, Neon, even Sidebum) and then treat the one week where you have the bye as a loss you had to have. It works for the Cats and Saints IRL so why not for you in Dream Team?

  • just a quick one:

    Pav and Montagna or Pendlebury and Steve Johnson?

    or simply Montagna or Pendlebury?


    • wait got rid of bailey and got mccauley just for the little extra $ (i know he probs wont play but hes 4th ruck) then got Montagna and Stevey J.

      better? or is pendles simply better than montagna?

  • ——speaking of leagues——-
    Want a league filled with the best ! if you are going to dominate this year ( thats different to hoping your going to dominate ) join league 418348. then post in the coaches box why you deserve a spot in this league.