DT TALK 2011: Preseason Episode 4


We are ready to start the AFL Dream Team season for 2011! It is going to be huge! We give you plenty of tips to get you through the final week of preseason and be ready for the partial lockout on Thursday night and full lockout on Friday. We chat with Clinton Young from the Hawks, Colin Garland and Ricky Petterd go at it and Warnie crashes Alastair Clarkson‘s press conference. That and a whole heap more!

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If you are new to DT TALK  in the last few days… get onto our other preseason episodes as they have HEAPS of info too!



  • Another excellent episode fellas. Looking forward to kicking out the season now!

  • does anyone know the link for the DTtalk footy tipping comp??

  • hey boys new league 214000
    came 117th last year and am looking for a challenge

  • do you guys think adcock or everitt ?

  • i wish Mav Weller played a couple more games. Because if he can keep getting scores like the 68, i’d be happy to chuck him in my team. what are peoples thoughts on him, i know hes not going to be a swallow or harris, but can he score as well as other rookies like hibberd, smith, atley or bewick??

  • anyone know when the celebs will be available to put in your team? other than dr “not as good as lordy” dreamteam

  • Need help with 5th FWD…

    Pav or J Brown?

    • Pav by a mile.. JB seems to be struggling for fitness. He’s definitely a ‘cupcake’ I jumped on after his 2 massive scores to start the year but that worked out poorly for me. Pav is Mr Consistent.

  • Having trouble selecting my last forward rookie. I want either McKernan, Tapscott or Gamble?

    Already have Prestia, Darling, Richo and Matera.


    • Mckernan is most likely to play IMO and DPP could be handy

      • I probably wont use his DPP cos I doubt that Gilbert will be worth selecting this year. Have had Gamble locked for quite a while now but just doesnt look right with all that $ when I can get a rookie who will potentially score the same.

        Still unsure :S

  • Another one I’m pondering for my 3rd ruck….

    Vickery vs Hale

    • Unless you will use Hale for his DPP, Vickery is better in every other aspect.

      • I think the only thing that swings me Hale’s way is JS. I reckon he will play 22 if fit, but I’m not too sure about the same for Vickery because of Angus Graham.

  • montagna + tapscott (already have the other forward rookies_
    or Chapman + bewick

    • i think chappy is a must. montagna will have a down patch where you will be able to upgrade to him later in the season i reckon

      • yeah thanks m8, i agree with chappy, my only concern is his lack of pre-season…

        • yeah im a bit concerned also.. but i think that even if he starts slow theres no doubt he’ll be a fwd keeper. worst case scenario he goes down a bit and ppl jump on him cheap.. but at least you’ll save a trade and have him.

          i was one of the doubters last year cos of his injury history and i didnt start him.. then he pumped out 12 hundreds in a row or something!?

          not making the same mistake twice :P

          • haha true, hopefully bewick can make me some money in the mid as well as he is more likely to play and score well compared to tapscott.

  • So how does the partial lockout captain trick work? Havnt actually seen much of it

    • Any Carlton or Richmond player you have will be locked in on thursday, all the rest get locked on friday.
      You can make one of these players your Vice captain and if they score big you put the C on someone who
      won’t play thus getting the VC score. If he scores shit, you put the C on someone else.- hope that makes sense.

  • What is the deal with McKernan?
    I haven’t really heard much about him and I’m looking for a decant fwd bench player (I already have Richardson, Darling, Matera and Prestia), is he only being picked because Tippett isnt there?
    Because Tippett is only out for one week and with Tippett and Walker there, I cant see him getting a game.

    • I have a feeling he may be Craigs ideal choice as the sub. Not a good thing for DT

      • Yeah but as a crows fan I’d love to see him in the second half of a game take 10 contested marks, have 5 hitouts and boot 4 goals!!

  • guys desperate for a little help here. My backline is Goddard Gibbs Deledio Grimes Ottens HURLEY Lower.
    HURLEY is awkward to look at. I think he’ll be a good player for the bombers but am i better running another rookie instead say a heppell or hibbered on the field and utilizing the cash else where. UR thoughts appreciated.
    Cheers SALTY

  • good work twatters! bring on 2011

  • After somehow stumbling upon footytragic.com I have come to the realisation of just how great this website is and how well Roy, Warnie and Calvin put together there video’s. I think I speak for everyone who is a true DT fan and pass on many thanks for creating such a relavant, fun and helpful site, keep it up guys.