DT TALK 2011: Preseason Episode 2

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Calvin and Warnie bring you the second preseason episode of DT TALK for 2011. Roy is on his honeymoon, but he sent us a little message. We discuss the awesome new “Assistant Coach” that is part of DT 2011. It’s brilliant! We chat with Mitch Stagg about some strategy. Nathan Grima gives us some hot tips and Chook gives us some rookies to lock into our teams.


  • i am so pumped.

    great stuff once again. (im starting to say that way too much)

  • nice work boys.

    your site is running a bit slow with so many peps on it and your vid got a bit fuzy (not sure if it was my comp though but its never happened before)

    • Went out of focus at the bar a bit. Oh well, we have to stick with it I suppose!!

      • hey warnie quick question, wot do you think of hannebery from sydney plzying his 3rd year i think and coming off an averge of 80 last year?

  • ahhhhhh Warnie took his shirt off!!!! My EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY BURN!!!

  • Bloody Brilliant!!!
    Loved Chook’s props.
    The Irish guy might be right with his tip of Huuuris over Swallow.
    Sensational show guys!

  • Love the ending from Mitch. Us FFC’ers love a bit of competition. And we’ll be bringing it, all right. ;)

  • Hey Warnie, great episode, but gotta couple of questions. When are you guys gonna announce your leagues? Another thing, is your main league for DT Talk gonna be a money league? Cos i really wanna join thi year, but i’m not old enough to pay.

  • Really enjoyed the show boys, (As a north supporter its good to see Grima positive)

    I clicked stop as soon as i heard the ending song. Just re-watched the end and mitch!

    We will bring it!! Cant wait, think it will be so much better this year, hopefully EDT and FFC have a massive Rivalry this year and years to come!

  • Loved it fellas… some good info from chook as usual! Looking fwd to DT this year…. how good does the FJ Cruiser look!!!

  • Thanks Warnie

  • Suprised the chook named weller and lock before giving harris a mention who is only another 20k.I will be starting with swallow and harris on bench ready to go rnd 2.How many beers did you guys down during the episode?