DT TALK 2011: Preseason Episode 3


Roy, Calvin and Warnie bring you the third preseason episode of DT TALK! We have an intro from Hawks mature age recruit Paul Puopolo who struggled to get out our tongue twister… but he can play the game and should be in all of your teams! We also speak to Stephen Gilham and Emma Quayle who help us pick our teams and put together a ‘Hype NAB Cup Team‘. That and a whole lot more!


INTRO COMPETITION: Get a celebrity to do our intro of “Dream Team is alright with me, Dream Team is alright… oh yeah” (or something like that) and if your video gets on the next episode, then you will win an AFL Prospectus signed by Sam Mitchell. Send videos to warnie@dreamteamtalk.com. Get your video in by Sunday 13th March, 2011. If you don’t get one in by then, still feel free to send any you get this year. We will try to give out prizes to those we use!

NAME STEPHEN GILHAM’S DREAM TEAM COMPETITION: For a chance to win an AFL Prospectus signed defaced by us, comment the video over on YouTube with a name for Stephan Gilham’s Dream Team for 2011. Be creative! Entries close for this competition on March 2nd, 2011. Click here to go to the YouTube video. DO NOT COMMENT VIDEO HERE FOR COMPETITION! COMMENTS ON YOUTUBE PAGE WILL ONLY BE CONSIDERED!

Watch the first two DT TALK Preseason Episodes


  • Good day peeps.. Nice episode fellas.. Tried joing one of the leagues, but unfortunately have missed out.. I’ll try my luck next year (I’ll try to log in earlier haha)..

    What a shocking night for me.. having my tv bust on me.. all I have tonight are the radio (SEN), making use of this site and making unlimited changes to my Greenvale frogs team.. Big rookie lock-ins for me are; Mzungu, Cam Richo, and Harris..

    I’ve heard a few off-air talking about Levi Greenwood having a pretty good pre-season and playing more on the ball this year.. I wasn’t too happy when he received a little ankle injury on the weekend.. hopefully it’s nothing to worry about..

    Can’t wait for the seaon to get under way.. I’ve been footy hungry since the Aussies lost the ashes (depressing).. But all good.. good to be back in dream team mode :)

  • Great stuff again fellas! Loved the hype team.

    Unfortunately missed out on the leagues again, but I’m still keen on getting in on a decent league. Thinking of starting up a league of regular DT posters to get some real competition going?

    • I’d be in that. Currently only in my regular work league – would have liked to have been in a DT Talk league but as I am overseas it was 8 hours until I watched episode 3. Not complaining, good luck to all those who got in.

      As a serious DT’er, I would like to compete against other like minded people.

  • Good work boys.

  • Im stoked I got into a league. I had to wait up until 3am (time difference from Canada) but I got in.

  • What about calling Steve Gilhams team the “Gill-o-tine”………….coming down hard and sharp on all who oppose him :-)

  • Perhaps Gilham can call his team “GILty of low DT scores”

  • Hi missed out as well. Came top 1000 last year and want some good competition so please only serious people join this league 546065

  • i’m thinking about flooding my team with GC rookies, ie

    Coad, Toy, Stanley in Backs
    Swallow, Harris, Iles (or Bennell) in Mids
    Smith in Rucks
    Matera, Dixon in Forwards.

    I won’t cop any donuts round 1 because they will all be benched, and come round 9 a few should be traded out, and hopefully will be able to bench them without donuts again anyway.

    All these players seem to be in the best 22 to me so should have pretty good js and all appear likely scorers. Anyone see anythign wrong with this strategy?

  • The Gilhatines

  • Hopefully all our Kiwi friends are okay in NZ!!!!!!!!!!!! What tragedy!!

  • I got a good one i’ll send it in

  • Okay so I had one spare league spot left and my friend really wanted to play me this year and there was no room for him in any other leagues so I thought I would make a 2nd league just for him. Anyone want to join? I want really good coaches. Also might point out I added Dr Dream Team in there just because I thought it would be good to see how many games he wins. HAHA.
    League code: 214575

  • Hi anyone who hasn’t heard MonkeyBumCheeks has set up a fantasy footy league. This Fantasy footy league uses dream team scoring system but it has a live draft and no two people can have the same player.

    Is a serious league and are looking for some competition and if you join up be prepared to join in the draft and play out the season.

    Please join (-:

  • OK guys, 7 prized spots left!!!
    If you’re commited & want to join the Premier DT League, then don’t join this one! hahaha
    Sure to be competetive with some DT regulars already in!
    As a bonus, entry fee has been wavered!!!

    • I am in.

      Are the free set of steak knives still available?

      • haha, yep, but they’re 2nd hand!
        Should be a pretty strong league, so welcome and Happy DTing!

    • Crap, forgot to leave the code- 270989.

      • League now full- thank you for joining the 1 & only league i created.
        N.b Should I be one of the lucky 10 that win $1,000 rup for grabs, every participant will be receive $62.50ea.
        (but forgo the used stake knives- hahaha)
        StupidSexyFlanders welcomes you all!!!

  • hey, fellas best foward for around 350-400k ( i got didak buddy and sylvia)

      • He just had a full groin reconstruction.

        Does not sound too good.

        He mentioned it when he was interviewed last weekend during the NAB cup.

    • How bout Volt? Should be back to his best this year even with all the off-field crap. Didn’t phase Gilbert last year in his breakout, and that is when it all started.

      • Voldt is a lock as he’s underpriced. We know what he can produce in previous years and should strongly be considered.

  • If your taking the risk on Sylvia maybe take a punt Higgins, Mcglynn.

  • evryone join this league 816051.. 7 spots left..

  • Gilhams team name shoud be

    Gilly’s Massive Splinter

    dont worry im hear all week :P

  • Why are people (who are going for an overall win) worrying about the early byes when picking premiums? All premiums are keepers, meaning no matter who you chose , they are all going to have two byes by seasons end.

  • are people on the Swallow or not???

    i mean..
    my mids look like this

    Swan, Boyd, Bartel, Hayes.. Heppell, Mzungu, (Swallow, Harris, Atley)

    I’m sitting with 5 back premiums, with 4 forward preiums.. and 2 premiums in the ruck.
    would it be worth downgrading Swallow to someone like Wallis or Smith (hawks) or someone around that 92,000 range to upgrade someone like Darling to a Gamble???

    • You have Mzungu in you mids so Callinan or Smith would be a good pick for your FWD line, all being DPP. Swalow and Harris will be starting players after Rd 1, then you can sub Heppell & Mzungu around with DPP so I like your mids as they are.

  • Is Fantasy Freako doing a pre season edition ?

    • Mate, i sent an e-mail to them last week and they replied saying they would be and if you signed up for it last year you don’t have to register agin this year. I haven’t recieved anything yet so maybe they didn’t do it for last week’s games.

      • From memory it was at least after week 2, maybe even week 3 NAB before they did one last year

  • ‘splinters 49s’ for the team name
    great show cheers

    oh and bartell or selwood

  • Boys head over to fanfooty if you want to take part in a tradegame heres the link


    12 teams left.

  • For those dream team masters out there, join the DT Talk Masters league!
    Code: 520649

  • Join my supercoach league 985745