Want to join the only DT TALK CA$H league of 2011? Join Warnie, Roy and Calvin as we compete to see who can get the highest national ranking at the end of Round 24, to see who can take out the big prize!

1st Prize = $3,000

2nd Prize =$1,000

Make the Top 8 = $100

The boys from DT TALK will be competing and paying their way in this non profitable competition.  The entry fee has been equally divided up into the prize money and all 16 entrants will eligible.

IMPORTANT: This is a National Ranking Competition only for people OVER the age of 18.


The Process

It will cost you $300 to enter and the first 13 people to respond will receive an email confirming their position in the league with DT TALK’s bank details so your entry fee can be deposited.

$300 must be deposited within 2 days of you receiving your confirmation email or your position will be passed to the next people in line.

When your entry has been received, you will then be sent a “We have your money” email with the league code attached. Then join us and let the fun begin!

Answering ALL the 7 areas.

1 – Team Name:
2 – Your Real Name:
3 – DOB:
4 – Phone Number:
5 – Email Address:
6 – Do you understand that the competition is strictly a national ranking competition?
7 –  Do you understand that the final positions of the entrants at the end of round 24, will decide the winners?

WHY NATIONAL RANKING? – This competition is based on national ranking to avoid people ‘teaming up’ or ‘throwing’ matches in an effort to project others forward.  These are dirty tactics used in leagues matches and therefore will be avoided here as this is a national ranking competition making it every man/lady for themselves.


  • make an exception for me to enter?

  • Email is on the way! Oh yeah!

    • Were you on the radio by the way promoting the cricket event on Australia Day?

      • Yeah mate, with finey. Tipping you could hear the nerves in my voice!

        • You were fantastic actually, Well done!
          i came down after work with my gf around 4:30pm and just made a donation and left!
          Hopefully we can bang heads in this cash league this year!

  • Sent my Email a few minutes ago…

    Hopefully work is paying me as much as I think so I’ll have $300 in my bank account…
    $300 for an easy $3,000, why not? :P

  • Done. How much did you raise for the cricket thing?

  • Sent as well.

    Hopefully will get in and looking forward to a red hot competition this year!

    • Hey Gobby,

      hopefully we can take it to the wire agian this year

      • Hahaha damn you trrumper! What did you get me by in the end? >100?

        • Only about 70 in the end I think. If I remember correctly one late withdrawal from your side may have made the difference

  • I’d love to do this but the moment i’m a 19 year old uni student and $300 is just too much!

  • Email sent- fingers crossed.

  • When will the acceptances be done?

    • as soon as I can get to them boss – asap

      • If I made it in, which I think I did, feel free to take a week to send my confirmation email, just so I have 9 days to make sure i can get the cash :P

  • technically $2,800 as you subtract the $300 you already had

  • Those that emailed in how’d you rank last year?

  • I can see it now…

    I’m sitting 2nd overall in national rankings, 2nd behind 1st place in the cash league…

    The cash league has the top 2 players in the nation this year…

    4th quarter of sunday arvo’s match rd 24…

    One of my boys gets a handball just before the siren, I get boosted to 1st in the national rankings
    Take home a car and $3,100.

    Oh how life would be sweet.

  • Hi, Warnie/Calvin/Roy

    Just wondering with the cash league being announced earlier then I expected when will the Warnie DT, Calvin DT and Roy DT leagues be announced.

    Also could you make it around 5 o clock AEDT if it is on a week day so myself and the other students on DT Talk have a chance at being in one of the leagues.


  • Transfered the $$$, when will the codes be sent?


  • Ah, f**k it. Check out the site about twenty times a day then miss the one thing that I wanted.


  • You need to check DT Talk facebook or Twitter they announced about 15 minutes before posting it.

    It wasn’t announced on the site I don’t think

    • cant access facebook or twitter at work when this was announced, makes it tough either way.

  • That sux i really wanted to be in a DT cash league… was working when this all happened.

    Is there any chance that a second cash league can be facilitated by the DT boys??? You guys don’t even have to be in it, just facilitate it by being the neutral party holding onto the cash and setting up the league!

  • Sorry to all who missed out. We put it on Facebook (and Twitter) last night that this would be up at 5pm. Then a reminder this arvo.

    Unfortunately we won’t be able to offer anymore (our leagues are all filled) and won’t be able to facilitate other ones – already enough cash sitting in my account that is heaps tempting to spend!!! :P Haha.

    • Bugger Warnie, inwas the champ last year in league 2 and I emailed you guys for no response, I have left about 5 comments here for you and no answer to any of them either ! I guess just too scared to have some real competition in it aye buddy ?? Just want to take the first 13 clowns that could email instead ! A real shame I must say it’s the only time I’ve been disappointed at this site !

      • I was *

      • Sorry mate. There were at least 10 people who emailed like yourself. Not about getting ‘clowns’. It’s about being fair. We can only have one league.

        Besides, you’ve had a chance and taken the money. Time for another group of people to make us poorer!

    • Put the prize money in a separate account Warnie and the interest that you accumulate over the year will basically pay for your entry! ;-)

  • For those that have missed out, but would like another league to join anyways – 387284.

    Note that this is NOT for $…. repeat NOT for cash. But if you want some decent competition then have a crack at this one. I finished 1107th last year but looking to push top 200 this year :)

  • there have for some reason been 2 spots open up in DT TALK POWER league. Code 161464

  • Spewing I just missed this :-( Next time

  • One thing we’ve learned… you can’t make everyone happy. No matter which way we do things, there are always people whinging! Haha.

    Stick with it!