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DT TALK State of Origin Leagues – OPEN

Updated: Still some spots. So where are you from? Represent you state or country in a DT TALK State of Origin League! Woot!

Represent you state! Join a DT TALK State of Origin league. Plenty to go around so get on them and try to push your DT TALK state league into the top 20 leagues in the competition.

There is no limit to how many DT TALK Leagues you can join. We’ll there is…5. But please be considerate to others, but feel free to get on them. We can always make more… but no more ‘state leagues’ will be made after this select group.

YOU MUST COMMENT BELOW when your league is FULL! Makes things run so much smoother!

DT TALK State of Origin Leagues

DT TALK VIC – 314498
DT TALK Victoria – 101283
DT TALK Big V – 382897
DT TALK S.A – 579984
DT TALK S.A 2 – 527702
DT TALK Sth Aust – 347133
DT TALK W.A – 486158
DT TALK W.A 2 – 246477
DT TALK West Aust – 832864
DT TALK QLD – 756108
DT TALK Queensland – 687631
DT TALK NSW – 707251
DT TALK ACT – 298667
DT TALK Tassie – 193443
DT TALK TAS – 205691
DT TALK NT – 545547

DT United We Stand – 325037
Join Leigh (Cousins Coke n Ice) in his charity that is supported by DT TALK.

DT TALK England – 749546
DT TALK USA – 363052
DT International 3 – 693734

Please only join these leagues if you are a Pom, Yank, ex-pat or another dude that lives out of Australia. It’s great to have these people with us, so lets do the right thing and leave these leagues for them! Thanks


DT TALK now have 64 leagues out there! More will come as these fill up so keep signing up and getting your friends involved.

LAST UPDATED: 8.03pm Friday


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    February 16, 2011 at 2:32 am

    DT TALK W.A 2 is full now. Thanks to me.

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    May 4, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    last comment LOL

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