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Forward Draft Rankings 2017


LAST UPDATED: 2 March, 2017.






1Macrae, JackWBMID/FWD121112
2Riewoldt, NickSTKFWD212331
3Dahlhaus, LukeWBMID/FWD333223
4Franklin, LanceSYDFWD645644
5Smith, IsaacHAWMID/FWD4547105
6Greene, TobyGWSFWD567956
7Caddy, JoshRICMID/FWD10764118
8Lynch, TomADEFWD12881079
9Heeney, IsaacSYDFWD79981410
10Deledio, BrettGWSFWD810141297
11Miller, ToukGCMID/FWD9121051214
12Gunston, JackHAWFWD20111116613
13Lynch, Tom J.GCFWD18161511812
14Kennedy, Josh J.WCFWD191313141511
15Smith, DevonGWSFWD131816211315
16Wingard, ChadPAFWD141719131821
17Motlop, StevenGEEFWD151412242018
18Billings, JackSTKMID/FWD222518171716
19Stevens, KobySTKMID/FWD172117153023
20Roughead, JarrydHAWFWD112620271920
21Rioli, CyrilHAWFWD231523352219
22Johnson, SteveGWSFWD283022183324
23Greenwood, LeviCOLMID/FWD361928222625
24LeCras, MarkWCFWD242824303617
25Petracca, ChristianMELFWD163327362133
26Daniel, CalebWBFWD212438292926
27Dunkley, JoshWBMID/FWD262932372422
28Walters, MichaelFREFWD253529382327
29Westhoff, JustinPAFWD273121284328
30Steele, JackSTKMID/FWD512230233229
31Hogan, JesseMELFWD304236252531
32Martin, JackGCDEF/FWD464739191630
33Yeo, ElliotWCMID/FWD294335322732
34Wright, MatthewCARFWD353733413434
35Bennell, HarleyFREMID/FWD392037443937
36de Goey, JordanCOLMID/FWD335141344135
37Higgins, ShaunNMFWD318026203547
38Hrovat, NathanNMMID/FWD472725474850
39Ryder, PatrickPARUC/FWD496240263140
40Elliott, JamieCOLFWD484131494541
41Jenkins, JoshADEFWD383250524639
42Wallis, MitchWBMID/FWD633943314938
43Breust, LukeHAWFWD534552433743
44Watts, JackMELFWD444055574436
45Betts, EddieADEFWD433846485944
46Riewoldt, JackRICFWD524453454742
47Jong, LinWBMID/FWD453644516546
48Walker, TaylorADEFWD414966406348
49Douglas, RichardADEMID/FWD404880553851
50Hooker, CaleESSDEF/FWD686147692849
51Hopper, JacobGWSMID/FWD503462685654
52Mayne, ChrisCOLFWD554658565852
53Cloke, TravisWBFWD42524854-57
54Acres, BlakeSTKMID/FWD655954715059
55Menzel, DanielGEEFWD605370536460
56Waite, JarradNMFWD64633462-45
57Weller, MaverickSTKFWD61574946-56
58Brayshaw, AngusMELMID/FWD676867506158
59Hawkins, TomGEEFWD565466617264
60Graham, NickCARMID/FWD37-78425761
61Fantasia, OrazioESSFWD595869735266
62Lycett, ScottWCRUC/FWD54-60594271
63Hill, BradleyFREMID/FWD707256586268
64Christensen, AllenBLFWD752363-7553
65Daniher, JoeESSFWD32657165-63
66Young, AaronPAFWD575559649962
67Boyd, TomWBRUC/FWD-6072336869
68Nankervis, TobyRICRUC/FWD74-74396055
69Cripps, JamieWCFWD66664566-65
70Stringer, JakeWBFWD785077727372
71Langford, KyleESSMID/FWD806779785174
72Bell, TomBLFWD697961707876
73Smith, ClayWBFWD34-5774-73
74Phillips, TomCOLMID/FWD--51605380
75Darling, JackWCFWD72697363-75
76McLean, TobyWBFWD58---5467
77Lobb, RoryGWSFWD-75--4077
78Membrey, TimSTKFWD6264---70
79Howlett, BenESSMID/FWD73-7679-79
80Carlisle, JakeSTKDEF/FWD---677078


Don’t forget you can head to for our official Draft Kit we produced, but for those who would like to print these DT Talk rankings – compiling all six opinions, you can grab a 2 page pdf to sit next to you as you draft. Scribble on it, change what you want but this will be a handy resource for your draft day.

DOWNLOAD: 2017_draft_cheat_sheet_dttalk.pdf (0.98mb).

The 2017 AFL Fantasy Draft Rankings compiled by Roy, Calvin and Warnie with the help of some of their draft guru friends.

Big thanks to:

  • Alex Trombetta – aka Tbetta – No stranger to followers of DT Talk. An absolute guru when it comes to Fantasy footy… and Tinder. Has been playing many forms of the draft game across different sports with NBA being a huge one for his group of mates. Hit him up on Twitter: @tbetta9.
  • Damon Adams – aka Patch – Recently appointed editor of Footy Prophet, he’s been a champion Fantasy coach across all formats but most notably he is a member of the biggest draft league in the country, the DT Shiva. Patch is a member of Div 1. Follow on Twitter: @DT_Adams_.
  • Ryan Daniels – aka Footy Rhino – Probably the biggest name in Fantasy footy in Australia and the man behind the awesome Footy Rhino website and podcast. Although currently on hiatus, the Channel 7 reporter from Perth will still be winning plenty of Draft premierships. Get the good oil on Twitter: @FootyRhino.


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