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Defender Draft Rankings 2017


LAST UPDATED: 2 March, 2017.






1Adams, TaylorCOLDEF/MID111111
2Docherty, SamCARDEF232223
3Shaw, HeathGWSDEF323332
4Boyd, MatthewWBDEF465444
5Montagna, LeighSTKDEF1046565
6Laird, RoryADEDEF674677
7Simpson, KadeCARDEF557796
8Hodge, LukeHAWDEF8810859
9Johannisen, JasonWBDEF710911108
10Vince, BernieMELDEF/MID11128101210
11Lloyd, JakeSYDDEF/MID9911121111
12Kelly, JamesESSDEF/MID1413139813
13Houli, BacharRICDEF131112131312
14McVeigh, JarradSYDDEF171415141517
15Hartlett, HamishPADEF/MID161914151415
16Williams, ZacGWSDEF151617212114
17Hibberd, MichaelMELDEF181823181716
18Burgoyne, ShaunHAWDEF201518162023
19Mills, CallumSYDDEF121716253018
20Pittard, JasperPADEF222319222219
21Martin, JackGCDEF/FWD282229201921
22Murphy, RobertWBDEF243026171627
23Gibson, JoshHAWDEF262020292924
24Birchall, GrantHAWDEF253221272720
25Suckling, MatthewWBDEF302535191826
26Kolodjashnij, KadeGCDEF212432342522
27Tuohy, ZachGEEDEF194422233428
28Broadbent, MatthewPADEF/MID323127262629
29Howe, JeremyCOLDEF232836303130
30Hurley, MichaelESSDEF272125453525
31Biggs, ShaneWBDEF292928333338
32Smith, BrodieADEDEF333431323931
33Smith, JoshCOLDEF373838282835
34Baguley, MarkESSDEF313634404032
35Henderson, RickyHAWDEF/MID343748352336
36Rance, AlexRICDEF383333383833
37McDonald, TomMELDEF352630464534
38Mackie, AndrewGEEDEF464243242439
39Savage, ShaneSTKDEF394041313240
40Spurr, LeeFREDEF443539414142
41Langdon, TomCOLDEF522744424246
42Hooker, CaleESSDEF/FWD364537575737
43Duryea, TaylorHAWDEF505140434345
44Salem, ChristianMELDEF803924395043
45MacMillan, JamieNMDEF414342595841
46Haynes, NickGWSDEF514645504944
47Harbrow, JarrodGCDEF435349484749
48Rampe, DaneSYDDEF586853363650
49Roberton, DylanSTKDEF455055535348
50Crozier, HaydenFREDEF404152646347
51Vlastuin, NickRICDEF635958373756
52Sutcliffe, CameronFREDEF484847616053
53Cutler, TomBLDEF544946717052
54McGovern, JeremyWCDEF607067444460
55Reid, BenCOLDEF474750747458
56Wood, EastonWBDEF696663525254
57Mayes, SamBLDEF615874545457
58Hurn, ShannonWCDEF555461686755
59Sheridan, TommyFREDEF5969547651
60Williams, MarleyNMDEF42-60626159
61Harmes, JamesMELDEF627473515174
62Henderson, LachieGEEDEF576362727262
63Wagner, JoshMELDEF5367754948-
64Ibbotson, GarrickFREDEF747856676665
65Tarrant, RobbieNMDEF565580857861
66May, StevenGCDEF736578656471
67Wellingham, SharrodWCDEF7760515880-
68Carlisle, JakeSTKDEF/FWD-7664555579
69Hunt, TaylorRICDEF-52-605964
70Howe, DanielHAWDEF/MID7672-4746-
71Taylor, HarryGEEDEF66-71696877
72Wright, SamNMDEF7071667373-
73Oxley, AdamCOLDEF--59636270
74Maynard, BraydenCOLDEF6457-80-63
75Sheppard, BradWCDEF6775687877-
76Johnson, MichaelFREDEF--70666567
77Dea, MattESSDEF4956---66
78Wilson, NathanGWSDEF6880728279-
79Gleeson, MartinESSDEF72--5656-
80Brown, LukeADEDEF756476--72


Don’t forget you can head to for our official Draft Kit we produced, but for those who would like to print these DT Talk rankings – compiling all six opinions, you can grab a 2 page pdf to sit next to you as you draft. Scribble on it, change what you want but this will be a handy resource for your draft day.

DOWNLOAD: 2017_draft_cheat_sheet_dttalk.pdf (0.98mb).

The 2017 AFL Fantasy Draft Rankings compiled by Roy, Calvin and Warnie with the help of some of their draft guru friends.

Big thanks to:

  • Alex Trombetta – aka Tbetta – No stranger to followers of DT Talk. An absolute guru when it comes to Fantasy footy… and Tinder. Has been playing many forms of the draft game across different sports with NBA being a huge one for his group of mates. Hit him up on Twitter: @tbetta9.
  • Damon Adams – aka Patch – Recently appointed editor of Footy Prophet, he’s been a champion Fantasy coach across all formats but most notably he is a member of the biggest draft league in the country, the DT Shiva. Patch is a member of Div 1. Follow on Twitter: @DT_Adams_.
  • Ryan Daniels – aka Footy Rhino – Probably the biggest name in Fantasy footy in Australia and the man behind the awesome Footy Rhino website and podcast. Although currently on hiatus, the Channel 7 reporter from Perth will still be winning plenty of Draft premierships. Get the good oil on Twitter: @FootyRhino.