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When are AFL teams announced?

Find out when teams are announced in 2023.

Day of Match Date / Time (AEDT) and Action
Monday Matches Thursday 6.20pm – Extended Squads Released
Saturday 4:30pm – Final Teams Released
Tuesday Matches Monday 6:20pm – Final Teams Released
Wednesday Matches Tuesday 6:20pm – Final Teams Released
Thursday Matches Wednesday 6:20pm – Final Teams Released
Friday Matches Thursday 6:20pm – Final Teams Released
Saturday Matches Thursday 6:20pm – Final Teams Released
Sunday Matches Thursday 6:20pm – Extended Squads Released
Friday 5:00pm – Final Teams Released

Extended Squad = 18 players, 8 emergencies.

Final Team = 18 players, 4 interchange players, 4 emergencies. The substitute will be confirmed by respective teams 60 minutes prior to the start of each match.

Substitute will come from the list of 4 emergenices.

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