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Mid-season draftee Fantasy prices and stats

Get some info on the new draftees.

Brett TurnerMID$190,000SANFL4108
Sam DurdinDEF$195,000SANFL861
Will HayesMID/FWD$271,000VFL6117
Josh CarmichaelMID/FWD$190,000SANFL8105
Massimo D'AmbrosioDEF$190,000NAB League496
Jye MenzieMID$190,000SANFL866
Sebit KuekFWD$190,000WAFL564
Zane WilliamsFWD$190,000SANFL866
Oskar FaulkheadMID$190,000NAB League586
Wade DerksenDEF/FWD$190,000WAFL390
Max RamsdenRUC$190,000NAB League672
James BlanckDEF$190,000VFL839
Kallan DawsonDEF$190,000VFL855
Brynn TeakleRUC/FWD$190,000WAFL677
Jacob BauerFWD$190,000SANFL653
Hugo Hall-KahanFWD$190,000NAB League673
Jai CulleyMID/FWD$190,000NAB League296

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  1. Liam

    June 3, 2022 at 10:26 am

    Hey Warnie, what are your thoughts on this, Green>B.Smith or Green>Mitchell, the Smith trade leaves me with 130k and the Mitchell trade would leave me with 230k. Not sure what trade to make the other thing is that I already have 4 dogs players, another dog (Smith) would have me at 5 dogs and a tricky situation with RD 13 byes….. thoughts?

    • Dulcify

      June 3, 2022 at 12:05 pm

      In your situation I would prefer Titch.

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