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Cal’s Scale of Hardness – Round 9 Update

You asked for it… and the People’s Prince has delivered!!! RED and GREEN like never before!

There is nothing better than RED and GREEN when used correctly on table and today is your lucky day. I have updated the DEFs and MIDs heading into to round 9, based on the data that teams have been giving up. To do the ratings, I basically use a variety of websites that also do this very well and from there, look at the data over the course of the season so far, plus taking into account what teams have been doing in recent weeks.


My take-aways from the defenders….

  1. Carlton have a very difficult run coming up which effects the likes of Sam Docherty. He is averaging 112 in his last three games but maybe because he has played Freo, North and Adelaide.
  2. Nick Daicos should enjoy a bit more freedom and hopefully a little loose ball in his run into the byes as he meets two EASY AS teams in the next five weeks. He also only meets one team (Carlton) that would be deemed semi-difficult.
  3. With a potential switch to the half-back, maybe Lachie Whitfield might find it a little tough over the next three weeks. Surely it won’t be as hard as sitting forward but still, he’ll have to work harder than normal.
  4. Melbourne are easy? You kidding me… even when you look at last week’s game against the Saints, Callum Wilkie (95), Dougal Howard (90) and Josh Battle (90) didn’t struggle taking 31 marks combined.
  5. Any Gold Coast defenders worth considering? Nope probably not, but Connor Buderick is coming off 101 with 11 marks and I bet he is still in the free agent pool in Draft.


My take-aways from the midfielders….

  1. Melbourne in the next two weeks are going to be massive and therefore you need to find Clayton Oliver and Christian Petracca and get them into your team. Even after their Fremantle game, they don’t hit a tricky team until Geelong in round 17.
  2. It time for Matt Rowell to go – he can’t fight through Fremantle and the Bulldogs. Touk Miller on the other hand might be ok… he had 110 and 103 on the Dogs last year and 130 on the Dockers. The thing for Touk is… these teams don’t tag and this year, he has shown that they do weigh him down.
  3. Targeting Zach Merrett after the bye might need to be re-considered. Two very hard game wait for him after his rest although he will be primed for the picking.
  4. Five teams are rated as “the hardest” and Carlton don’t meet any of them for another five weeks. If you’re not on board the Patrick Cripps train then you better hussle or join another train called the “Sam Walsh Express” who will be ready to fire at any moment.
  5. The draw says “NO” to the likes of Jordan De Goey who did battle sickness but is still Collingwood’s main MID attending 80% of the CBAs last week.


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