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Fantasy defenders, Harry Edwards’ hot tips, your questions – Ep. 488

PODCAST: Roy, Calvin and Warnie analyse the DEFs with the help of some mates.

It’s time to look at the defenders! Our men down back can rack up – especially if they’re getting those bonus points from the kick-ins – so we get the help of some absolute gurus to help us make the right calls. The premiums, the value picks and the PODs are all covered in another bumper episode. Let’s do this!

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1:30 – Midfield rotations, including centre bounce attendances, is one of the keys to watch for in the practice matches this week.

5:15 – Mitch Duncan has a calf concern and raises some issues for Fantasy Draft.

9:00 – After making the leadership group, Roy has locked in Caleb Serong.

13:10 – Maybe Dayne Zorko won’t gain DEF status.

17:00 – There’s mixed mail on Dustin Martin.

20:05 – After finishing eighth overall last, year, Harry Edwards joins the podcast.

23:30 – Harry is avoiding midpricers down back, but is backing in James Sicily.

28:00 – Tips on what to look for in the scratch matches.

31:10 – Roy has removed Jake Lloyd from his team.

36:45 – There could be a few rookies coming through which could dictate DEF structure.

39:00 – After Whitfield, Crisp and Lloyd, you can throw a blanket over the next group of premiums.

44:30 – George Hewett is in five per cent of teams.

50:10 – James, coach of Gorringes and Lemmens, finished third overall and had the highest team value last year.

54:35 – James Sicily and Wayne Milera are James’ D4 and D5.

58:45 – A wing role may sound good in theory, but could it limit Jordan Dawson‘s output?

1:01:30 – Questions from social media – follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

1:06:10 – Could it be Wil Powell season?

1:09:20 – Could you pick Jayden Short over Whitfield?

1:11:30 – Brayden Preuss: yes or no?

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