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The Thursday Scramble

The Thursday Scramble: Round 10

It’s time to celebrate! Teams are out tonight!!

Oh what a monumental day this is, there is rejoicing in the streets, rejoicing in the bars and rejoicing in the dingy basements that Fantasy Footy Nerds hang out in!  Thursday night teams are back! And not before time too. We don’t care if you aren’t happy Mr Scott, we are! Hopefully all coaches embrace this and don’t stuff us around with late outs. 24 hour teams had their place last year but now we are back to normal rounds of footy why not give us back this institution!  Is it going to make my team better? Heck no!  I will still be as awful as always at picking players, and with that said…. let’s start scrambling!!!

Break Even or Bye?

This has been the big question that has been on every the mind of every Fantasy, Realdreamteam and Supercoach player this week! We are now have two games before we get to the byes and we are also confronted with some rookies that are ripe for the trading. The tough part here is that we need some of these rookies to get us through the bye period.  So I have had a bit of a think about what we should do in this space. A lot of this will depend on your bye structure but hopefully it will help!

Break Even. This season has been one of the more difficult we have had in terms of being able to generate cash. We have had a few good rookies that have made us some money but not enough of them. This week we are faced with having a couple of our more reliable rookies ready to be traded. The key one here is Powell who was going really well til his low score this week meaning he has a BE of 95 in AF, 124 in RDT and 106 in SC.  He is an outside chance to get there in AF but in the others it will be a real struggle. This is very disappointing because he has been someone that we could rely on and was making cash.
However now we need to really seriously look at trading him and playing the break even game. This is a little more palatable as he has the round 12 bye. With that first bye we can’t trade around the byes go use that position bye free so in this case our best option will be to trade him at his top price. This will give us the maximum value for him.

Bye. Another candidate for trade out this week is Chad Warner (or any of the Swans rookies you may still have). The big difference here is that Warner has the R14 bye and that makes him far more attractive to keep. Yes you will lose a little cash on him as he will miss his BE at some stage over the next couple of weeks but what this allows you to do is play him on field and boost your R12 bye position and then trade him out before either round 13 or round 14 to maximise your use of him. This goes for any of your rookies that are playing and aren’t R12 rookies.

Those two scenarios are facing many coaches this week as they grapple with who to trade out this week. Clearly there is the risk in holding one of these guys through to the byes and the correct answer is to try and upgrade or downgrade all of your rookies that are nearing their BE’s prior to the bye rounds. But if you can’t do that upgrade then that is when you should look to my plans above. If you are going to downgrade any of these guys in the next two weeks the absolute key is job security. There is no point bringing in a bloke that is just as likely to get dropped the week after, we have seen this happen time and time again!

Speaking of the Byes…..

Yes they are just around the corner and if, like me, you have had your head in the sand hoping they would go away, you probably need to do something about them now!
Here is the lowdown on the simple things you need to remember when you are preparing for them.

  • The ideal situation is to have more R14 bye players in your side than R12. This allows them to play in R12 and then be traded out before their bye two weeks later.
  • When counting your available players for each of the bye weeks don’t count the blokes not getting a game! So if you have some dodgy rookies on the bench, it is best to not count them and then if they get a game it is a bonus.
  • Use your trades each week. The key is to better your team by trading out the upcoming bye players to someone that has already had theirs.
  • Sideswapping is a last resort. The first priority is to upgrade and better your team before you look at side swapping players just to get the 18 on field. If you have no other options then do it but it is a last resort.

Things to Remember.

  • Teams that come out tonight are only squads for Sunday and they will be trimmed on Friday night before the bounce.
  • The Medical sub for those Sunday games will be on that interchange bench somewhere, just beware!
  • Just because we have Thursday Teams it doesn’t mean the rolling lockout is gone, at this stage it is still there in AF for the rest of the year.

That’s it from me this week folks, have a great weekend of footy and hopefully you can all make informed trade plans tonight, but remember you don’t have to pull the trigger until the games are about to start thanks to that rolling lockout.  See you all again next week ahead of our final full round before the byes!

A passionate Port Adelaide Fan who simply loves footy! That is how I would describe myself. Catch my weekly article "The Thursday Scramble" with all the last minute things to think about for the weekend Follow: @pkd73.



  1. Jag67


    Another informative write up, Dunny. Cheers
    The continuation of the rolling lock out will help out over the weekend, when Chris Scott pulls one of his famous “late-out’s”.

  2. Jason


    Cheers Dunny!

    At this stage my trades are Powell to Daniel (3K off being able to get Ridley) via DPP and Brockman to Poulter.
    Are those good trades or do you think I should go Downie to O’Connor then Powell to Ridley?

    • Anthony


      Downie to RoC, then get the riddler

  3. Big Bustling Balls


    Powell & Bergman -> O’Connor (on bench, RCD on field) and J Kelly,


    ROB & Powell -> Darcy & Heeney?

    Help would be appreciated!

  4. Ashley


    D: Laird, Docherty, Stewart, Hind, Cumming, Idun (Kosi, Burgess)
    M: Oliver, Merrett, Taranto, Macrae, Lyons, Perkins, Jordon, RCD (Byrnes, Berry)
    R: Gawn, Grundy (Flynn)
    F: Kelly, Phillips, Powell, Farrar, Bergman, Warner (Jones, Rowe)
    U: Meek
    Cash: 4k

    Have a few trade ideas – not sure which is best
    Perkins/Bergman and Powell to O’Connor and Zorko/Smith

    Meek and Powell to O’Connor and Harmes

  5. Ando the brain dead barfly


    Is Sidey injured?

  6. Bill


    No surprise to see Highmore dropped again- that’s just what St.Kilda do- glad I traded him ages ago.

    Farrar injured, so I’ll get rid of him instead of Burgess.
    Powell’s place is not certain in the team, but I’m getting rid of him as well.

    Hopefully Brayshaw will only be out for one week.

  7. Fishxma


    Best out of stocker or Byrnes?

  8. Creepy Brucey from ClownTown


    Who for F6?
    Rowe at Home v Dees
    Anthony Scott v Saints?

    • Bill


      Toss up, but Rowe when he is on has been consistently better than Scott.

  9. Charles


    Need a FWD with a final round bye. Who should I get? Fyfe, Sidebottom or Billings?

  10. Marc Russell


    Are the finalized teams for Sunday games Friday at 5pm like years gone by or is it 6:25pm?

    • Justin Stitchup


      Read somewhere it’s 5pm (think it was one of the Traders on twitter)

      • Marc Russell


        Ripper cheers mate

  11. mc


    DEF: Laird, Hall, Short, Ridley, Sholl, Idun (Burgess, Highmore)
    MID: Macrae, Taranto, Merrett, Walsh, Powell, Jordon, Warner, RCD (Byrnes, Scott) (O’Connor UTILITY)
    RUC: Grundy, Gawn (Flynn)
    FWD: Ziebell, Hind, Phillips, Fantasia, Bergman, Farrar (Kozi, Lazzaro)

    117K in the bank. Looking to move on Fantasia and Farrar but not quite sure what to do. Was going to downgrade Flynn however playing again will make lots of cash. Thinking Ziebell to Kelly for cash then Farrar to Caleb Daniel via Powell and Sholl to mids. Will look to trade Fanta next week if I do this. Any other ideas would be appreciated, cheers.

  12. Scott


    Anyone know how Patrick Ambrose has scored in recent years? Might be better for a few weeks than a $170K rookie

  13. Miyagi-san


    Hey Dunny quick question mate

    Getting rid of Bowes with one trade this week – better to move Farrar or Andy Brayshaw with the other? Brayshaw hold would be covered by McNeill/Scott and would be to premo mid and weightman or Farrar hold would mean ridley and any mid but just sideways movement?

    Any thoughts legends??

  14. Creepy Brucey from ClownTown


    Trade in Crisp or Doch?

  15. Justy + Frenchy


    Bergman is medical sub

  16. Belly


    Take Maddens 54 or field Jones at Port tomorrow(if he’s not sub) ?

  17. llizardofoz


    Medical subs/ concussions / /yeah yeah yeah

  18. Bill


    Now I know why I took Byrnes before RCD.

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