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AFL Fantasy Classic ownership – Lockout Week

See the top 100 selected players.

1Matt RowellMID574000588.447.25
2Tom PhillipsMID/FWD6020001578.541.15
3Rory LairdDEF/MID7630001799.539.57
4Jacob KoschitzkeDEF1700000038.97
5Tom PowellMID2460000037.02
6Matt FlynnRUC1700000034.65
7James RoweFWD1960000033.83
8Brodie GrundyRUC86700017113.333.43
9Patrick DangerfieldMID/FWD78000017101.832.97
10Jordan ClarkDEF/MID422000369.331.95
11Braeden CampbellMID/FWD2620000030.77
12Connor DownieMID2020000030.17
13Tyler BrockmanMID/FWD1800000029.94
14Tim TarantoMID7180001193.829.15
15Max GawnRUC94400014123.229.11
16Thomas HighmoreDEF1820000028.67
17Hayden YoungDEF337000551.627.99
18Miles BergmanFWD1700000027.72
19Errol GuldenMID2080000026.58
20Zach MerrettMID88400016115.325.67
21Will GouldDEF1700000025.61
22Jake LloydDEF87300017113.924.6
23Lloyd MeekRUC1700000024.35
24Harrison JonesFWD1700000022.53
25Lachie NealeMID93500017122.222.36
26Jayden ShortDEF6940001790.422.12
27Orazio FantasiaDEF/FWD353000548.821.56
28Josh DunkleyMID/FWD7410001196.721.51
29Paddy DowMID/FWD323000342.321.42
30Jye CaldwellMID/FWD502000967.419.53
31Dustin MartinMID/FWD713000169319.24
32Trent BiancoDEF/MID1700000018.68
33Luke ValenteMID1700000016.59
34Chad WarnerFWD196000233.516.1
35Paul HunterRUC1700000015.56
36Will PhillipsMID2660000015.3
37Caleb DanielDEF6760001788.413.92
38James JordonMID1700000013.27
39Sam WalshMID7390001796.313.13
40Riley Collier-DawkinsMID1700000013.07
41Jack MacraeMID86000017112.412.76
42Tom FullartonRUC/FWD170000227.512.45
43Nakia CockatooMID/FWD2430000012.27
44Joe DaniherFWD432000459.812.23
45Jordan De GoeyFWD605000874.511.52
46Deven RobertsonMID/FWD18600013211.51
47Tanner BruhnMID2480000011.48
48Jamarra Ugle-HaganFWD2700000011.47
49Zac WilliamsDEF6260001181.711.21
50Jaidyn StephensonFWD4700001261.111.15
51Zak ButtersFWD5950001577.611.09
52Kieren BriggsDEF/FWD1700000010.78
53Tom StewartDEF736000149610.74
54Reilly O'BrienRUC82800017108.110.3
55Tom GreenMID443000665.310.07
56Ely SmithMID/FWD170000009.89
57Lachie WhitfieldDEF820000171079.85
58Jackson MeadMID170000009.57
59Rory SloaneMID5800001275.79.36
60Caleb SerongMID6360001482.99.29
61Maurice RioliMID/FWD170000009.1
62Connor IdunDEF2210002389.1
63Alec WatermanFWD170000008.98
64Sam DraperRUC454000862.98.49
65Josh TreacyRUC/FWD170000008.42
66Marcus BontempelliMID80100017104.48.31
67Nat FyfeMID7200001493.88.28
68Sam DochertyDEF6760001688.38.2
69Patrick CrippsMID7180001793.88.14
70Lachlan JonesDEF240000008.1
71Andrew GaffMID83100017108.48.03
72Dylan RobertonDEF1700001257.87
73Jack SteeleMID86700017113.57.8
74Steele SidebottomMID/FWD8410009113.27.71
75Will KellyFWD1720001307.27
76Anthony ScottMID/FWD170000007.2
77Jarrod WittsRUC6150001780.17.19
78Dan HoustonDEF6970001590.96.91
79Jackson HatelyMID4860006726.88
80Isaac CummingDEF355000358.36.86
81Josh WorrellDEF/FWD170000006.8
82Jeremy CameronFWD4880001763.66.76
83Lachie YoungDEF/MID276000247.56.67
84Finlay MacraeMID/FWD234000006.62
85Ben McEvoyDEF/RUC4770001662.16.52
86Tom MitchellMID82300017107.46.48
87Jeremy HoweDEF6690004106.56.29
88Nic NaitanuiRUC6530001685.16.25
89Isaac HeeneyFWD603000688.26.18
90Nick HindFWD4090001053.36.14
91Jacob WehrDEF170000006.09
92Riley ThilthorpeRUC/FWD268000006.07
93Dayne ZorkoMID/FWD7530001598.45.98
94Josh HoneyMID/FWD1700001275.93
95Archie PerkinsMID/FWD254000005.91
96Denver Grainger-BarrasDEF260000005.8
97Ben CunningtonMID5030003835.76
98Max LynchRUC/FWD1720001305.69
99Jack HigginsFWD5630001073.45.69
100Oleg MarkovDEF370000652.85.41

Big thanks to Heff from The Keeper League for his help with grabbing these stats.

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  1. Euman

    March 17, 2021 at 11:00 am

    Interesting year The concussion sub idea sounded ok as teams would not exploit it as to fake a concussion would mean 12 days out for the player so teams would only use it if needed. Now the sayings it may include an injury if any type so teams effectively have a 5th bench spot. Example port are 65 in front at 3/4 time So they bring Rocky off say he has sore calf boom there goes your score he’s your captain was on 98 heading for 140 he’s on the bench rests last qtr plays next week just saying

  2. Constantgin

    March 17, 2021 at 11:53 am

    They need to make it if you use sub they have to sit out 12 days like its a concussion otherwise teams will abuse it.

    • Matt

      March 17, 2021 at 12:24 pm

      I’m sure they’ll be having meetings day and night about whether we’re a bot copying a previous post or that we’re an actual person. Either way. I expect “teams are abusing our rules, we better bring hocking back from hid holiday to draw this one up for next yr”

  3. Sam

    March 17, 2021 at 1:02 pm

    More people own Wittfield than the bont. Classic human behaviour

  4. Euman

    March 17, 2021 at 3:21 pm

    Just in sanity prevails to use sub rule the doctor must say player is unable to continue and unable to play for 12 days in order to get sub on for injury. The 12 days for concussion is auto

    • Squid

      March 17, 2021 at 6:15 pm

      Should have made it 2 games. 12 days can be 0-3 games If we get condensed fixtures like last year or coming into the bye….. 2 weeks would be consistent, fair and basically unrortable.

      • Drunk noob

        March 21, 2021 at 12:39 pm

        Should the afl be providing we’ll known expert doctors to do 1st diagnosis on players injured/concussed during games.which would see afl doctors making the call on whether a sub can be activated? My personal opinion is club doctors should not have the responsibility of making calls like this on game day as they will be persuaded to rort the system

  5. Nisssmoboy

    March 17, 2021 at 6:48 pm

    Hey guys .. sorry if not the right thread . I need help filling my league please HL6M645F. Like some tough comp. so, if you think you can bring it ! ;)

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