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Gold Coast 2021 Fantasy preview – Ep. 386

PODCAST: Roy runs through his AFL Fantasy Classic and Draft watchlist from the Suns.

  • Roy

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0:50 – Matt Rowell is the most selected player in Fantasy Classic and with good reason.

4:10 – Stripped of FWD status, Hugh Greenwood may be an option for Draft leagues iwth advanced categories.

6:00 – Is there some value in Jarrod Witts?

7:05 – Rory Atkins could be someone to consider.

8:40 – After smashing a PB in the 2km time-trial, the boys like the look of Will Brodie.

11:10 – Draftee Elijah Hollands has some Fantasy pedigree.

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Best 22

B: Connor Budarick, Sam Collins, Jack Lukosius
HB: Oleg Markov, Charlie Ballard, Jack Bowes
C: Brandon Ellis, Hugh Greenwood, Rory Atkins
HF: Ben Ainsworth, Sam Day, David Swallow
F: Izak Rankine, Ben King, Alex Sexton
Foll: Jarrod Witts, Matt Rowell, Lachie Weller
I/C: Wil Powell, Noah Anderson, Touk Miller, Sam Flanders

EMERG: Jarrod Harbrow, Brayden Fiorini, Darcy Macpherson, Nick Holman

Fox Sports

B: Connor Budarick, Sam Collins, Charlie Ballard
HB: Jack Bowes, Jack Lukosius, Oleg Markov
C: Brandon Ellis, Touk Miller, Lachie Weller
HF: Hugh Greenwood, Ben King, Ben Ainsworth
F: Izak Rankine, Sam Day, Alex Sexton
FOLL: Jarrod Witts, David Swallow, Matt Rowell
I/C: Noah Anderson, Rory AtkinsElijah HollandsAlex Davies

Gold Coast prices and positions

AVG (adj)
Touk MillerMID77000080.6100.817
Hugh GreenwoodMID73700077.296.517
Brandon EllisMID69100072.490.516
David SwallowMID68200071.489.315
Brayden FioriniMID64700055.869.85
Lachie WellerMID6210006581.317
Jarrod WittsRUC61500064.480.517
Jack BowesDEF60800063.779.617
Jack LukosiusDEF59500062.377.917
Ben AinsworthFWD5920006277.516
Matt RowellMID57400070.888.55
Noah AndersonMID56200058.973.617
Rory AtkinsMID51000035.544.44
Will BrodieMID/FWD5030004556.31
Wil PowellDEF47600049.862.315
Alex SextonFWD47300049.66214
Izak RankineFWD46500048.760.912
Darcy MacPhersonFWD45700047.959.912
Sam CollinsDEF44200046.357.917
Jarrod HarbrowDEF42800044.85613
Nick HolmanFWD41300043.354.112
Charlie BallardDEF39700041.65216
Zac SmithRUC392000000
Sam DayFWD38200040.150.117
Josh CorbettFWD3740004353.87
Oleg MarkovDEF37000042.753.46
Ben KingFWD36700038.548.117
Connor BudarickDEF35700037.446.815
Sean LemmensFWD35500033.742.16
Jacob TownsendFWD32900034.543.112
Caleb GrahamDEF31800028.635.87
Jordan MurdochDEF298000000
Elijah HollandsMID/FWD258000
Sam FlandersFWD25300031.2395
Jy FarrarFWD2220003138.81
Jeremy SharpMID22100030.538.12
Jack HombschDEF208000000
Chris BurgessDEF190000000
Rory ThompsonDEF170000000
Jez McLennanDEF170000000
Matt ConroyRUC170000000
Malcolm RosasFWD170000000
Patrick MurtaghFWD170000000
Luke ToweyDEF170000000
Hawego Paul OeaMID/FWD170000
Alex DaviesMID170000
Joel JeffreyDEF170000
Aiden FyfeDEF/MID170000
Rhys NichollsDEF170000

2020 centre bounce attendances

Big thanks to Brice Mitchell for his work on these.


The most successful DTer out of the boys prides himself on his multiple top 200 finishes... nearly as much as he prides himself on his guns! The coach of destROY wants you to follow him on Twitter: @RoyDT.



  1. Avatar

    Luke Parker

    January 4, 2021 at 9:47 pm

    Don’t tell me the boys are falling for the age old “smashed the time trial” noise. Brodie is a bit too much to touch unless his preseason is epic and even then…

    • Avatar


      January 5, 2021 at 7:31 am

      Hear hear

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