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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 10

A quick turn around means we need a quick captain!

Alright, alright… he we go again and boy, was that a quick turn around.


This is how it works….

  • Select a gun player and give them the VC.
  • If that players scores well, put a non-playing player onto your ground and give them the “C”.
  • Make a bench player emergency as well.
  • The non-playing captain will score 0, meaning you VC score will be activated and doubled and the emergency player you selected, will also cover the zero as well. The emergency score will not double.
  • If you don’t like you VC score, simply select a captain as you normal would.

VC LINE – 100 (BCV score of 125)

If you are looping, you need a thumping score during these times. As you don’t know teams and which rookies may/may not be playing, you should only be chasing a score that is top notch. The stress related to VCing, is real and it’s nasty. You might even VC a player and then you may not even be able to then collect that score with a non-playing player. It’s tough times.


If you would like to have a chat and a beer (optional) with me, join on Periscope this Wednesday at 7:50pm ahead of the Melbourne v Adelaide game. I’ll be answering all your Fantasy questions as well as watching a greyhound race at the end which will hopefully give us some good luck for the round ahead. Join me, see you then.

Click here to download.


As you know, we can captain a player who has their bye… providing they played the week before. However, we don’t have many options with scores we would ‘be happy’ with. Gaff (87) is the highest averaging player for the Eagles and Tim Kelly (83) isn’t that far behind.

Although these are good scores of BCV: 108.75, we do have much better coming our way.

Although this isn’t a good option for us this week, our time will come when we do get to captain a bye player at the start of the round to lock in their average.

Next week, we have the option of locking in Sydney and GWS players. We’ll chat then.


#1 – Brodie Grundy v Sydney

Over the last two years, Grundy has dominated Sydney and Callum Sinclair with scores of 149 and 150. The last rucks who have gone against the Swan were Marshall (83), McEvoy (57) and Witts (92) and on a whole, they all scored well enough. Grundy has dipped under 65 in two of his last four games though but surely… he pumps out another 120 here (BCV: 150)

#2 – Lachie Neale v Richmond

123 and 162 are his last two scores on the Tigers and he is very stiff not to take the top spot this week. He has picked his game up again with scores of 117 and 102 in the last two weeks but the Tigers can be tough. They only allowed Macrae (114) and Williams (75) to score over 60 last week.

#3 – Clayton Oliver v Adelaide

Ranks #1 based on form with an average of 108 in his last three games ad meets the broken witches hats on Wednesday night. Last week North had 3×110+ against the Crows and Oliver will be in that bracket once again.

#4 – Lachie Whitfield v Essendon

Whitfield sits at #4 based on form and is coming off a nice 119 from 13 marks last week. Essendon are easy to score against at the moment and even the Lions had 8×80+ scores against them last week. 109, 101 and 116 are his last efforts against the Bombers and he even meets them at a ground he has scored 119 and 108 on this year.

#5 – Stephen Coniglio v Essendon

112, 161, 123 and 120 are nasty numbers that Coniglio had on the Bombers in his last four games. Coming off 90 and 103, he should be great again in what looks like a rainy wet game.

#6 – Max Gawn v Adelaide

126 against O’Brien last year and carries a lowest score of 97 since round 2. Going for “scans” is a concern though and this year, O’Brien ranks as the 6th hardest ruck to score on only giving up 65 points per game.

#7 – Josh Kelly v Essendon

Has form of 103 and 119 and even posted 120, 93 and 159 on the Bombers in his most recent games.

#8 – Adam Treloar v Sydney

St Kilda racked up 6×80+ scores on the Swan last week and Treloar has had their measure in the past with scores of 114, 134 and 117.

#9 – Mitch Duncan v Kangaroos

Duncan has hit a ton against the Roos in his last five games. Coming off 104 and 142 when he played them last year, he should continue his hot form again.

#10 – Todd Goldstein v Geelong

Geelong are currently rucking the Blicavs/Ratugolea combo and Goldy should have a field day despite not hitting 100 on the Cats in his last four games.

Do you need a Captain? Then Calvin will help you out. Don't want a Captain? Calvin will tell you anyway. The man who digs deep into stats will help you pick a great captain and give you plenty of Fantasy advice. Follow him on Twitter: @CalvinDT

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