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Defenders of the decade, worst trades, fantasy flashbacks – Ep. 340

PODCAST: Roy, Calvin and Warnie announce the defenders for the Team of the Decade.

Technology issues couldn’t stop The Traders catching up for their weekly podcast. Roy, Calvin and Warnie share a couple of beers as well as reveal the defenders for the Team of the Decade (2010-19). There’s plenty of banter as they look at the worst trades of all-time, some stories from the past and some fun with a quiz.

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1:45 – Warnie is bottling his home brew, Calvin is growing grass and Roy has made a purchase to keep him entertained in isolation.

10:20 – The boys live some of their worst trades of their Fantasy careers as well as share some from passionate coaches on social media.

14:20 – Why reverse trades, aka the Heath Shaw rule, was introduced.

21:50 – The six best defenders are inducted into the Fantasy Team of the Decade.

34:30 – Nic Newman is the best cash cow for the bench from the last 10 years, but who joins him?

42:00 – Warnie takes on the role of the quizmaster to challenge Roy and Calvin in Gorto’s 2015-19 quiz.

51:00 – Questions from social media – follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

1:00:15 – Calvin reminisces about what he got up to to terrorise Warnie when they lived together.

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Co-captain of DT Talk since we started this thing in 2007. Best finish was 13th in 2009... that was a long time ago. Follow on Twitter: @WarnieDT



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    April 11, 2020 at 5:28 pm

    Corona virus isolation requires evolution. Warnie brews beer, Calvin has time to contemplate past mistakes, such as, “forgetting to trade”, and Roy can not decide whether to mountain bike or visit the “parish” church or partner swap (That was bizarre)
    My “isolation task” is to listen to 340 (and counting) episodes of the Traders Podcast before either, Warnie’s beer is ready’ or the competition recommences, or Calvin catches a live fish or Roy becomes humble (Unlikely to happen).
    “Warnie’s beer” is currently the favourite to the target date.. My early favoritism for the best episode is E34 where Calvin was up at the lakes and Warnie traded Ablett 3 minutes before lockout and threw the “C” on him. Roy was simply Roy and happily heaping misery (with good humour) on the others.

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      April 11, 2020 at 6:52 pm

      E1. Warnie leaves out Ablett for 141. Roy hopes Warnie falls from grace. /surprise surprise.Calvin picks a Nth Melbourne player in Swallow for his +3. Warnie gives himself the -3.for leaving Ablett out. Calvin dumps on Craig Bird. Barlow arrives with a big score!! Unfortunately it was “free hit round” it meant zero.

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        April 11, 2020 at 7:35 pm

        R2. My memory is not fantastic about this season. if i remember the first 2 rounds affected the player’s starting price in some way. Roy was ranked 8th for the combined first 2 rounds. Warnie had 2379 and still got the GV (Green Vest). i think i lasted about 3 weeks in this season before i bailed. i might have well have been playing the laughing clowns at the Ekka! will still listen to E3 to E6 but it was a putt putt comp that season.

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        April 11, 2020 at 11:18 pm

        E3. Round 2. Roy gets carnage! Green vested with 1757. Warnie stays in the top 100. Calvin settles mid field and gives a +3 to Stevie J and Roy backhands his dodge ball team,
        Calls Scooter Selwood every thing under the sun. Not his best rant but up there.
        One of Roy’s Grade 9 students goes 1st. The interesting thing about this episode is I thought the Traders were starting to settle into the banter “genre” which today makes them such enjoyable listening.
        GV. Warnie 1. Roy 1. Calvin Doughnut.

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          April 11, 2020 at 11:39 pm

          E4. Round 3. Twitter time arrives. Warnie “strutting” in 57th. Roy looking for the delete button and best of all Roy gives Tom Mitchell his -3!!!
          My take from this episode was subconsciously started to think about Cal’s Sale of Hardness..
          Warnie calls Mummy one of the greatest players running around.
          Calvin starts his love/hate relationship in podcasts for Danger.
          GV. Roy 2. Warnie 1. Calvin Zero.
          The boys are starting to beome more relaxed in their presentation.

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    April 14, 2020 at 1:35 pm

    E5R4. Roy tops the round with 2222, Warnie gets vested. Warnie has a minor hissy fit and a major sook lol. The boys start belated bye planning.
    GV Roy 2. Warnie 2 Calvin Nil.

    Just determined this was 2014 and i was still throwing my own hissy with the AFL introducing Fantasy and not the established RDT format and hence i didn”t play that year. Roy gets another vest.
    GV Roy 3. Warnie 2. Calvin Zip

    E7R6 2014. Calvin beats Warnie by a solitary point to avoid a vest. Warnie slides to 770 odd. Roy just ambles along as Warnie and Calvin do most of the talking before they all outline some dubious bye planning. Roy’s rumour mill is reduced to lip reading.
    GV Roy 3. Warnie 3. Calvin Doughnut.

    E8R6 2014. Calvin does the intro to the show immediately telling you who won the week. Roy gets to 5000 from 10k. Warnie slides again! to 1500 odd. Warnie gets the GV and Calvin gloats over his Rhyce Shaw trade in getting him into the 500’s. Warnie seems to have bye concerns. -3 segment sees a meltdown fron one of the boys.
    GV Warnie 4. Roy 3. Calvin Nought.

    E9,10,11,and 12/R8,9,10(bye rounds) and R11. I cannot find these episodes. Not on dreamteam podcasts, google podcasts, apple podcasts or whooshkaa, A little dissapointing as i was looking forward to the banter from these 4 episodes. The bye tears and boasts and the “summary” of how the boys handles the byes.
    So i go into the E13/R12 without a GV update.
    GV Warnie 4.Roy3. Calvin 0. * (*=No GV results R8,9,10,11 2014)

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